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1. US 86- 33 IN THE STEWPOT ...three years ago and when I told him "you write under the name of Labsang Rampa." Nevertheless, he knew about Tibet and he wrote very interestingly. Of course there's not much truth with the body of a lama and becoming a lama, but the ladies like him for his writing, his fantasies, and of course one book which they like very much was a book he wrote on cats. They like that very much. Good. What shall we speak about? ROOPA: This is kind of a group question. Ninety eight percent of everyone here on this course has been feeling the burning or cleansing effect of the gurushakti which is very powerful. We call it being in the stewpot of the guru. How do you be in the stewpot, but not of the stewpot? GURURAJ: Stew more! I'm not here to be stupid. I'm here to cleanse your minds and souls. I could very easily come and pat your backs and say, "Oh you're wonderful." No. I would say "You're a jackass," and yet say it so lovingly that you'll say "Yes, Guruji, you're right. I shall not try to be a jackass anymore. I'll be Jack. That's good enough." What happens on a course is this, that things that are hidden within you that has not come to the surface, with the atmosphere and the shakti that flows, those things come to the boil, to the surface. Like I explained to you about making clarified butter or ghee where you boil it so that all the dirt in the butter comes to the surface. And of course you scrape it off. And this is what happens in the presence of a real master, where you feel cleansed, as if you've taken a lovely bath. And after the cleansing a beautiful calm flows. But have all of you noticed one thing, that although the cleansing has taken place, you all felt a deep steadiness within your yourselves. Am I right? Do you see? Now I have awakened, with the help of God, to make you feel that steadiness within and let the dirty water run out. If you have a jug, a pitcher, or a mug, and there is dirty water in the jug, then what you need to do is put it under the faucet and the dirty water will come out and eventually the clean water would be there in the jug. That is the process of the spiritual path. Remember I have been saying this to you many times that you have lived many, many lives, and what you are today is the sum totality of all the lives you have lived and all the karma that you have gathered, all the samskaras, the impressions, and that has made you what you are today. That has molded what we commonly call your personality. So through our practices and being in the presence of a true master, you remold your personality. A change takes place within you. And depending upon your own spiritual clarity you will find those experiences. There are one or two, I am aware of all things and it hurts me a lot because there is always love and compassion, that one or two ladies were not feeling too well emotionally. That has nothing to do with me at all. The power is given, and the electric switch is there so

2. US 86- 33 you can switch it on, switch it off. My job is to give and to cleanse, to wash. Bring your dirty linen, I'll wash them for you. It requires a bit of scrubbing, okay. And that little scrubbing might hurt a bit. Therefore, I give you these talks so that you could change your attitudes, and by changing your attitudes, things will not seem difficult as they would seem to you because you are lying in the mud. And I am scraping and brushing that mud off you. That is my mission in life. You use a stiff brush and sometimes it hurts. So use it gently and it won't hurt so much. But remember the final result. Look at the fruit on the tree; if it's green and hard, you wouldn't like to eat it. But when it ripens, ah how sweet, how delicious. So you are all on the path to find that sweetness, that deliciousness of the fruit of life which is actually the fruit of God. And you are the fruit of God! Ripening, ripening, ripening. Nothing comes overnight. And as most of you that are knowledgeable will know, things do take time. In the spiritual world or even in the realm of Divinity, there are no miracles. I've explained this to you before. Many people have come to me because they were in trouble thinking they've tried all psychiatrists, psychologists and the other kinds of "ologists," and when they can't succeed there, they come to the guru and they expect the guru to wave a magic wand. And everything is gone and over. They want a million pounds but instead of planning, scheming, working hard, formulating some kind of business to earn the million pounds, no! They want the guru to wave a magic wand so the million pounds falls in their lap. That's what people want, and that desire must be destroyed! Nothing comes for nothing! And very little for five cents! So, our path is very well modulated, not making it very difficult for you at all. But very scientifically based that it could go to your innards, your heart. It could put new grooves in your brain wherever the grooves are rusty. So as Swami Vivekananda, a great sage who lived at the turn of the century, most of you have heard his name or read his books, said, "The spiritual path is for heroes." And with that, as I told someone during the week, I said the spiritual path is for heroes , yes, and he also said, "Wake up, arise, and stop not till the goal is reached." But with that I would add, "Be brave." For it is for your own good. If you don't do it now, you will still have to do it in another lifetime. So why extend the agony when it can be done now here. Why procrastinate? It just adds on more muck, more dirt. Then a few ladies who are very sensitive, very good hearted, wonderful, and things came to the fore in their minds because of extraneous circumstances; they perhaps got mixed up with their own inner feelings and beings, the environment they might be involved in at the moment, and it came to the fore and made them feel a bit uncomfortable. That happens, but it is always for the better. It is always for the better. You're not going to wear a dirty shirt all the time, you've got to wash it. And then, there are others again, like Mataji, Tamaji, that came to my room this morning and chatting a bit while I was doing little odds and ends, and she said she had the most powerful, powerful experiences. It is a pity that time is running out (quarter to one) or else I would have asked Mataji to say a few words to you.

3. US 86- 33 So, different people, because of their different background, different environment, different circumstances, different experiences do find things differently. But I can assure you it is all for the better. All for the better. It is to your benefit. And if I did not have your benefit to heart I would not travel thousands and thousands of miles a year to reach people. I can go and start up a business, why can't I. There was a time when I was the director of 28 companies in my business days. I can do that, but no. My guru gave me a mission and that's what I'm doing. You see. It is such a pity that charges have to be made, because these people don't give us food for nothing, they don't give us the place for nothing and they have to be paid. And of course there are air fares to be covered, the phones and stationery and postage stamps, you name it. How much goes in organization. I don't come to you for any benefit for myself. No, I come for the benefit of others. And through the love gifts that are given to me because I have children at university, and I've got to provide for a family, and I wish they could live on love and fresh air. So thank you very much for the gifts tha t you have given with all your heart and love. Never ever give me a gift if it is not with your complete heart and love, because I would feel it immediately. Don't feel it a duty. But feel it. Feel the love, do you see. My mission, and all that I'm concerned of, is your benefit. And most of you know I've had an open heart operation, I'm a severe diabetic, having to take injections every day, I've got a cancerous problem as well, but I'm going to live outlive most of you because to me life and death is the same, and I've got full control over it. I'll keep on teaching and teaching and teaching. Ramakrishna, another great sage whom you have heard of and read of, said that in this lifetime if I can only take one person thyself realization or illumination, I have done my duty. But I'm going to take the whole bang lot of you with me! To that illumined state. But be steady on the path, that's all. You have To go through the path you have to walk. You have to. You feel tired, I'm there. Put your hand on my shoulder, I'll carry you when you’re weary. Yes. That's all part of my pleasure. Not work. There is no such thing as work the irk is gone from a work along time ago already. Do you see. So it is a joy, and remember it is always for the better. Develop that understanding. Make it an affirmation. And whatever happens, I'm not here with you every day, whatever happens in your life, it could never be totally smooth; even if the mighty ocean can't be still all the time, do you expect your little body to be still all the time? The ocean has its waves and it has its still, calm days, and that's what makes life. That is motion and without that very motion you will not be able to exist. It is that very motion, that gives you life. For life, the prana, can never stand still. The prana moves all the time as the vital force, the breath of life. You see, according to the scriptures, (are you crying again, my darling? Tears of joy. Nice.) you know that old chap up there must have made some mistake in creating Adam. Because he only breathed life in Adam. Why didn't he create the pair and breathe life in both of them? So life could be lived much more happily in that prana, that breath.

4. US 86- 33 I can point out to you it's a pity there's no time the major problems in people's lives and go into deep detail about it. And there are not many major problems. We have the habit of magnifying things. If you come to the basis, the problems are very few, and I will show you how to master the problematic areas where no problems could exist. It requires some effort, some little effort. And you'll see, having a proper understanding and even having a proper understanding, you'll just automatically feel joyous. In a very stuffy room where the windows have been closed for a month, for a whole month, for six months, where the windows are closed and where the room has become more stuffy, just open up those windows and it doesn't take six months to take that mustiness away. By opening the windows, the mustiness goes away in fifteen minutes, half an hour. And yet it has been building up for six months. That's what I do is take your mustiness away that's been gathering through all the lifetimes in the quickest, shortest possible way. And it is pleasurable. Good. Now, time is going on. I have done these analyses of your perceptions and intuitions. Remember one thing, that of course your perception or intuition of the other person would naturally be colored by the observer's mind of the object. So it would reflect partly what you are and also partly the observer that is perceiving. So you would very easily be . . . these things take a long time and it took me an hour per sheet of paper. Because I've got to look into the perceiver's mind, and then through the perceiver's mind. I've got to look into he or she who is perceived. What conjunction has taken place there. What are the mechanics of the perception, and how open the object of the perception has been, at that moment, to flow totally so the perceiver could have greater clarity. And how much clarity has there been in the perceiver. So there is a lot of things involved, that's why it takes a long time. So now if you two ladies hand them out, you know all the people. I personally would like to hand them out myself, but of course it doesn't matter. You'll find some of them typed, but of course Vidya who is my confidante and secretary, so whatever she has typed is totally, totally total confidential. You'll find a lot of insights in there that you might have not realized before. Now don't give the wrong ones to the wrong people. The name's on top so you can't make a mistake. One more minute dear, I know you're looking at your watch. You must give it to me, I'll keep it in my pocket and return it to you when we are finished. Well, its been such a great, great joy to me to be with you. You know that very well. And I have shared your love, your feelings, and everything that goes with it, because you are non apart from me. I find you totally within me, and may you find me within yourself. And be happy, be happy. And you could, it's not difficult. Become independent, stand on your own feet. We are all grownups, we're not little babies any more that requires a mother to change the nappie. You can be happy by being independent yourself. And that is where you will reach. Now a short prayer in Sanskrit for peace. Let's take a minute before we end this course.

5. US 86- 33 [Sings prayers in Sanskrit.] May the peace of the whole universe that functions in all precision, may it descend upon you all. God bless. **** END ****


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