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2. U S 86 - 45 GURURAJ: No, no. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. We've only got one night left. ROOPA: Okay, this is from Sujay: What is spiritual healing? How does it differ from the other forms? GURURAJ: Um hm. Give that to me. ROOPA: Alright. Well, the thing is written on the back unfortunately, is Joyce's question. GURURAJ: And you can have... Oh, right. Now you know Sujay is not shy. Now he was healed this afternoon by one of the teachers which I had taught and empowered the power of healing. Good. So he did the healing, and Sujay... I don't know what time the healing was set for , but something just clicked there. And I went up to Rajesh's room and the healing was going on. So, Sujay, I think it would be nice of you to describe some experience. It could be an encouragement for other people. You'll be helping others. SUJAY: Well, one thing. Whenever I do anything, it's never done in half measure. It's either, you know, we go for it or nothing happens at all. But when Rajesh and I were in his room and we were going through the healing process, part of which in this certain part of the healing technique, is putting the hands over the eyes and then seeing, you know, what's happening. Well, one of the things that I saw was... it was like my awareness was projected, you know, away from my body. And there was a phenomenally be autiful, golden haze that, you know, that covered... it's almost like it stretched from one end of infinity to the other. And once I was going through that haze, it was almost like a mist clearing. And afte r the mist cleared, it was like being in the mid dle of the universe looking at hundreds of millions of stars, you know, just brilliantly, you know, just like dots, like diamonds, you know, all hung in space. And there was a... it wasn't black, it wasn't a black space. It was almost a livid, deep, dee p, deep purple, you know, like a royal purple. And all these stars were hung in there. And the mist would fade in and out, and other colors would superimpose in different patterns. But always this golden mist would cover my field of vision. And after t hat again the mist would clear. And all of a sudden it's like being suspended like a drop in the middle of an immense ocean of stars. And I remember one of the things that, you know, when I was going through this, I just kind of burst out. I says, "Rajes h, this is absolutely beautiful!" And it was... it wasn't seeing it. It wasn't a visual image in the mind. It was being there. It was being a part of it. It was quite beaut iful. So that's what it was.

3. U S 86 - 45 GURURAJ: Thank you. Rajesh, would you like to e xplain it, or shall I? [Laughter] Well, you see Rajesh and Jasmini, as well as Ken and Phyllis, too, after they do some initiations and get used to the flow of that divine energy flowing through them, that they would be able to impart that to the person that requires some healing. Now, the conscious mind can only conceive of things in three ways. One, auditorily or verbally. Two, by symbols. Like Jung's archetypal symbols and all that. And the third is color. Now all these colors which Suj has seen g ives the picture of the mind, you know, how the brain waves [????] better, etc., brain waves are functioning. And due to excess of tiredness or some other reason, whatever it could be. We've had healings with people that have thirty years of migraine and that were cured just like that. So it actually means a balancing up of energies. Now a medical doctor would use a stethoscope, you know, and the usual things they do. They plunk that thermometer, you know, in the mouth, and dab you with that stethoscop e, and then take your blood pressure. It's a lot of show, you know. They've got to do something because they charge you fifty, sixty bucks for a consultation. Right. Our method of spiritual healing is to see where the imbalances lie, and by coordinating the various factors of the mind, because the mind is the province that governs the body. And I've said this many times that the mind and the body are not things apart, that one is at a subtler level of the mind, while the body is at a grosser level. So I 've got teachers around the world who have been trained by me to do the healings. And they, too, one day will reach a stage where they, just by a glance, would be able to heal. Do you see? Now we of course in our family everywhere we don't specialize in healing. Our specialty is to lead man to God and make them realize how unified they are with Divinity. Einstein tried very hard with his Unified Theory, Unified Field, but of course, he couldn't succeed. Because that's a field that goes beyond mathemat ics; it is beyond the beyond. Now what happens is this, that there are two kinds of healings: one is magnetic healing, and one is spiritual healing. Now in magnetic healing the healer imparts his own personal magnetism. Look. everything is vibrating in the world, and so is the healer vibrating. And he imparts his vibrations to the person which might give temporary relief. Like if in your motor car the battery is flat, so you get someone else's car and hook on your battery to their battery. What do the y call it? A jumper. A jumper cable. It gives you that little boost. But there is one great danger in magnetic healing, and the danger is this, that with imparting a person's personal magnetism, he is also imparting not only some positivity which he ha s in him, but is also imparting the negativity he has in him. That's magnetic healing. Good. Now spiritual healing is something totally different. A certain practice is given to the healers whereby they just become a hollow reed. Totally hollow, as an i nstrument, a flute or whatever. And they are taught the ability or given, rather, the ability because I empower them for that ability so that universal energies and forces go through them to the person that is to be healed. And we've had all around the world as in England also, as these English people will tell us we've had so

4. U S 86 - 45 many fantastic results which the doctors can't understand. Perhaps a few cases might help here. Vidyaji, would you like to talk of the lady that had breast lumps and cancer? Someone that worked with you, someone... Here, say a few words. To give you an idea. VIDYA: There was a woman who was a therapist that worked with me in my office. And one afternoon she turned up on my doorstep very upset. And it just so happened tha t Gururaj was in town. She was unaware of it at the time. And she said she had just been to the doctor, and the doctor had said that she most likely had breast cancer, and they wanted to do a biopsy. And so Guruji did a healing on her. Actually he didn 't even touch her. He used an unusual technique and imparted a healing to her. And she went back and asked to be re x rayed. When they got the x ray results, there was nothing there at all. The doctors scratched their heads. They said, "We don't under stand this at all." Because they were all ready to, you know, do surgery. But she was very pleased with that. [Laughter.] Needless to say. GURURAJ: Do you see the mercy of Divinity? How wonderful it is that He has given power to humans to be able to use His power to help others. Anyone else with another story? So many things happen. What about you, Roopa? Talk about a little baby that was... I think it was Madhu's baby. ROOPA: Madhu's baby? GURURAJ: Yeah, or whatever else you want to. ROOPA: Well, there may be some people here who know this story even better than I, but I remember it. And that is what happened with Madhu's first son, Jonah. What happened with him was that he was born, and the colon... It was the colon, wasn't it? T he large intestine was not fully formed when he was born. And so the doctors told her that he would have to have a... what is it called when you take out the colon? VOICES: Colostomy. ROOPA: Colostomy. He would have to have a colostomy. And for the rest of his life, he would have to excrete everything through his belly button. They would hook him up, eventually, with a permanent fixture. So he would go through life with a bag on his abdomen unable to function fully. And Guruji said to Madhu under no circumstances was

5. U S 86 - 45 she to allow the surgery to take place. He said, "We will give him a healing, and we will regenerate the cells that have not finished forming in his colon, in his large intestine." So, I think Madhu went back for a second opinion, t oo, to the doctors. They all said he had to be operated on. And she had to wage quite a war with them. But, anyway, she brought Jonah in for a healing. He got his healing. And he was... the rest of the cells regenerated. In fact, Jonah took in so much spiritual force that he grew very, very rapidly and is still very large for his age. He just went boom. JAGRITI: [Inaudible] ROOPA: Yeah. He's a huge boy, and he's only five years old. Jagriti says he's Paul's size. Not quite. But anyway it was co mpletely and totally unexplainable by any other explanation except the one that we know, which is Divinity, spiritual force. Otherwise, whenever I see him, I'm just amazed, because he's a very, very strong, booming, healthy boy. And if not for Guruji's in tervention, he would have gone through life with a bag on his abdomen. So, that's that story. GURURAJ: Oh, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cases like these happen where someone was reminding me of it the other day where a woman in England that was in a wheel chair for thirteen years... Rajesh? RAJESH: Olive. GURURAJ: Olive, Olive. She was in a wheel chair for about thirteen years and couldn't walk at all, couldn't even go to the toilet on her own. She had to be wheeled to the bathroom. T hat's in Preston Preston, England? RAJESH: Yes. GURURAJ: Preston. The our man who leads the Preston group is a doctor, is a dentist, a specialist dentist, rather. RAJESH: Graham. GURURAJ: Graham. Graham? JASMINI: Hurst.

6. U S 86 - 45 GURURAJ: Oh, Graham Hurst, that's right. I never remember names, you know. A face I would never forget. And Graham Hurst had a very large waiting room which could accommodate as many people as are here. And I gave the usual satsang. And then I called Olive into his dental surgery, and I did a healing on her legs and brought her out walking into the room. It's not me. That fellow up there. And not only that her daughter was getting married...? JASMINI: Yes. GURURAJ: Her daughter was getting marri ed and she walked to the church for her daughter's wedding. Yes. Which was quite a distance away from her home. And what... Rajesh you tell about this agoraphobic lady... RAJESH: I told that yesterday. GURURAJ: Oh, you did. Good. Fine. And like t hat there are so many, many cases, but some of these are quite memorable. Quite memorable. Even our [Darinji?] had a healing once many years ago which helped him a lot. And there were three doctors on the course who could do nothing. Right? Good. [Re reading the original question.] "You have said that the major problems in people's lives are very few. Please tell us what are the major problem areas and how to have the proper understanding." Firstly, there are no problems. But, we, with our minds, t end to call them minor problems or major problems. But in reality there are no problems at all. Whenever a person is confronted with a so called problem he must remember that a problem only comes about with a solution built into the problem. So with ever y problem there is a solution; it's in built. And it is through our proper understanding of the problem that we can draw out the solution which is embedded in the problem, and that would make the problem dissipate itself. Good. This occurs many times as far as the mind is concerned, as far as the thought is concerned. And of course, thought is the creator of problems, be it mental or be it physical. So how do we understand thought? That is the problem! How do we understand thought? When you think of a certain object, or you think of yourself faced with a problem, our minds become so emotional within the problem itself that we lose track of the solution that is there. So when a person quietens his mind through our meditational practices, you will find that the problem the solution will just come about in every sphere of

7. U S 86 - 45 one's life. For example, a person has to pay rent and hasn't got the money by the end of the month. Now, in a quiet state of the mind, the solution can be found. I'm sure he could go and approach the attorney who is ejecting the summons... who is sending the summons for ejectment can be approached. And mostly, they won't just throw you out unless you have been very, very naughty, making promises and promises and not fulfilling them . So the responsibility of your problem lies upon yourself. The next thing you would resort to when the attorney refuses is to go to a relative or a friend and say, "Look, I need to pay rent. I need two hundreds bucks or whatever." I don't know your c urrency too well. And so this good friend says, "Okay, I can lend it to you. When can you pay it back?" So because you are desperate now and you don't want to tell him a long time, you say, "I'm going to pay it back to you at the end of the month." So you get that money from Paul... (I beg your pardon) Right. You get that money from Paul and you pay the rent. So now you are safe. But, meanwhile, you've promised Paul that in a month's time you will pay it back. But now the end of... Now, in the mont h you have done no effort at all in order to earn the money. One can always get a sideline job. Remember hard work has killed no one! And I'm used to that. During business days I used to work twenty to twenty two hours a day. And I suppose that is what gave me a heart attack, excessive exertion. And being in show business, plus being a director of about twenty eight companies, you must know the pressure. Thanks God to the meditational practices I could do, so that I could survive to this age at least. Fine. So the extra effort is required to pay off the backlog, but you don't make the extra effort. For example, if you are working ... Say a lady is working in an office as a typist, there is nothing wrong for her to take on a job as a waitress and earn a few hundred more. She has to pay Paul. She must think of Paul. Yes. But no, she doesn't do that. So now she has this commitment to Paul, and which is a problem now. Then she couldn't gather the money to pay Paul. So she goes to Sujay. And Sujay b eing a soft hearted, little S.O.B. [General laughter] Son of the Blessed. You people take things wrong! S.O.B.: Son of the Blessed. If you were not the son of the blessed, then you would not be kindhearted. Right. So, of course, a nice sob story her e, and Sujay, even without asking Vidya [Laughter] would lend so and so the two hundred. Fine. And then when Vidya finds out, then Sujay's in a problem. [Laughter] So she takes the two hundred from Sujay to pay Paul. You see? So that is how the probl em cannot be got rid of. Because what you are doing, you are just extending the problem all the time. And then, of course, to fix up Sujay, she would go to Ken. You know. She would tell Ken, "Look, Ken, you know they are threatening me again." Or to Ja griti, they are both lawyers, "Look, they want to eject me."

8. U S 86 - 45 And you know, the law is such a funny thing. You know, I've just got to do the Roman Dutch law which will take me six months and qualify as an attorney. But I don't want that. Because when I s tudied commerce and accountancy, I did most of the legal subjects. But, then of course, I'm not interested. So she would go to Jagriti or to Ken and say, "Look, this chap wants to chuck me out, and help me some way." So now when it comes to legal thing s, you can always get postponements and postponements and postponements through many, many ways. Am I right? Good. Fine. And then you can always get doctor's certificates. You know, a person can't appear in court, and then you get another postponement . Right. But the problem is not gone. So this person is wasting time going to Paul and going to Sujay and going to Peter and going to Ken and to Jagriti. Wasting time! While the solution is so simple. Get another sideline job, earn that extra few buc ks, and pay the debt! Do you see? This example shows you how problems can multiply themselves itself getting the solution. Now the major areas of problems in people's lives are love, money, and guilt. Those are the three major areas. Now those three ma jor areas have so many divisions. Right. Money, economics. So you can have so many different kinds of problems in that sphere of economics. Oh, there the shares are dropping. Fine. The dollar has dropped. The South African rand has gone to blazes. T hings like that. And that adds up to further problems of how you are going to pay your merchants or your debts. Do you see? So in other words, for example, if you give me one dollar, I'd only get thirty cents of it. Do you see? I've got to find the ot her seventy. Do you see. So that's one area where the major problem lies. Of course, there are solutions. I wouldn't go to Paul and borrow a couple of thousand bucks or to Suj or to Ken there. No. [SHORT PIECE ON TAPE SOUNDS AS IF THIS TAPE WAS TAPED OVER] GURURAJ: Then the great problem of love comes about. All people in this world want to love and be loved. That is the basic desire in everyone. And it comes to you from childhood. Since you were born it has been there. Because when you are bor n, the mother loves you so much, which she should. Right. And as you grow up, the love is extended more and more. Right. Then you have friends, and you find that companionship and that love with your friends. Okay. Then when the boy grows over a cert ain age, the father takes him with for fishing which is an expression of love and things like that. So that is a problematic area for people. Because there lies as in economics there lies the non fulfillment. Because a child has been brought up in so much love that when he or she meets a boy or a girl, they get afraid to lose the love of the spouse. Because they had it all the time in their lives. And when they get afraid of losing the love of the person that you love, and then because they are afraid,

9. U S 86 - 45 fear develops. Now with this fear all kinds of thoughts start running through your mind. You could become extremely jealous. Right. Becau se of that you could have a nervous breakdown. You can go through a neurosis, psychosis, and all those connected with it. You can become an alcoholic and start with the bottle. Or you can go prostituting. Do you see how so many relatives all these thin gs have. Look at all the relatives of economics, money. Look at all the relatives love has. We're talking of problematic relatives. So one brings about the other, and the other brings about the other until it becomes so, so big so you can't even face yo urself. Do you see. And that is a very big problem. I have found in my experience with travels around the world that ninety percent of people that do our practices have not come to me to find God. They come to me because of the problems in life, and that the guru will solve the problems for them. I refuse no one. For what is the physician? He is not there for the healthy, he comes for the sick. So they come with problems, and as they are solved slowly with proper explanations... Not like these psycho analysts, you know. They know nothing of the mind. We go deeper than the mind itself into the very core of the heart. Into the samskaras, the deep impressions even of previous lives, where those problems have started and just gaining momentum now becaus e of the style of living, of thinking, and of the environment. Do you see. Psychologists haven't reached that stage yet. One day they will. Hopefully. Do you see. Then we come to the problem of guilt which is the greatest disease in the world. The gr eatest problem I have is how to rid the guilt that is in people's minds. They have done something wrong. There has been no saint who had not been a sinner. And there is no sinner who cannot become a saint. We understand that too, too well. So therefor e, everyone is accepted with open arms, never mind where they start. Even if they start with a love problem or economic problem or, you know, a sense of guilt and things. They can be started from there and led onto the path of Divinity. By leading them onto the path of Divinity, their problem ceases. And with love there are so many problems. I just mentioned jealousy. There could be something called incompatibility. There is no such word in my dictionary. There is no such thing as incompatibility. There is such a thing as misunderstanding, yes. Misunderstanding, but not incompatibility. People talk of incompatibilities, referring mostly to sex. That's quite a large area. It is a large area. The whole universe has come about through compatibility between the various forces that constitutes nature and the universe: earth, fire, air, water, ether. These are the five basic elements. They might seem opposing to each other, but they are compatible to each other. So there's compatibility throughout th e universe. It is only the human mind that thinks that two people are incompatible. Many times a woman sues her husband for divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty. There are three major grounds for divorce, as these attorneys would bear me out. One is desertion. One is unfaithfulness. And the other is... desertion, unfaithfulness and cruelty. Those are the three. Am I right, Ken? Those are the major grounds in the lives of two people.

10. U S 86 - 45 But if they study that, if they find an understanding to that mental cruelty that inflicted upon you. Right. Now the inflictor might mean very little by it. It might be something very big, but let us take the general norm. It could be very little, bu t our minds, being problematic, normally make molehills into mo untains. And therefore, the problem grows larger and larger and larger. And then with the love problem one also finds things like non support, because they are dependent. And yet everyone can be totally independent. Do you know, as far as women goes, sa y a man goes to work, and he brings home a certain salary check. Now you count up the woman's work. She does the cleaning, which is forty dollars, I believe, in America for half a day's work. Right. Then she does the cooking. And you hire a cook and se e how much that will cost. Then you hire a washer woman and see how much will cost. And there are so many we can enumerate. And then looking after the husband. And you know, we men always exaggerate things. If it's a little headache we scream our heads off. You know, making such a big headache! Do you know why? Because they want attention, more attention. That's why they do it. While a woman can suffer more and not complain, really complain unless it's really, really severe. Do you see. So all t hese are problematic areas. And then the things we have done in life. That's another large area. Things that might have happened when you were sixteen years old, and now you are thirty six or forty six or whatever the case might be. But that happened a t the age of sixteen. It's still working on your mind. You can try to forget it, but you can never forgive it. So to forget and to forgive not others, but oneself. Because the guilt is within yourself. Then only can that problem be dealt with and gott en rid of. I have treated many cases where a woman comes to me. She was in her mid thirties, and she tells me that she's totally frigid. And that used to cause problems, not only to herself but also to the husband, because her husband always likes to se e his wife being satisfied. As he is satisfied, I mean if he loves his wife. Otherwise he is nothing but an animal, you know. Lust. Not love. Always wants to see that. But when the woman is frigid, then the husband feels a bit down hearted, or he migh t feel small. Then he develops feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. You see how this problem goes on because of guilt? Now what that poor girl that is now in her mid thirties had done at the age of sixteen, was she met a boy and had sexual relationship s with the boy. And she felt very guilty about it, because she was brought up in a family that was very strict. They used to regard things like that to be the vilest sin. And the churches also throw it into [END SIDE ONE] the heads. And the schools throw into the heads all the time. So it would be quite natural for that girl when she grows up and gets married to suffer of the guilt and become frigid. Do you see. Unless she marries a very brilliant husband that could see through the causes of the frigidity and defrost her. [Laughter] You see. So all these things are possible.

11. U S 86 - 45 Now before I started talking, the first thing I said was that for every problem there is a solution. The solution is built i n. And no man, no woman needs to be frigid, and no man needs to be impotent at all. It is just through some particular experience that the man becomes, you know, physically incapable, which is not necessary. Right. So let's get back to this woman. Then I explained her all this. You know, had a few sessions with her ah, sessions in talking [Laughter] yeah, probing into her mind. So don't misunderstand me when I say that I had some sessions with her. [Laughter] Mind you, that would have been the easier way out. [Laughter] SUJAY: The direct rout e. GURURAJ: Yeah, that's right, to get rid of her frigidity. But of course, I don't do such things, I'm too holy. [Laughter] I've got nine holes. Nine apertures. Two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, a mouth, and hmn [Asides and laughter]. And the two apertures at the bottom, below the waist. Right. Nevertheless, when I explained her that the feelings of guilt are senseless. And she must have a heart to heart chat with her husband, or bring her husband into the office. And I counseled them both. And her frigidity disappeared. Because she gained an understanding the cause. Do you see. Right. Then men that felt impotent, I've dealt with cases of that nature as well. And there's no man that needs to be impotent at all. Because the structure of a man is such that he could be seventy years old and yet be normal, perhaps not as supernormal like me [Laughter] but could be normal. That is also based upon... (laugh, why not?) Right. So that is also based upon some sense of guilt or something that ha ppened in his life. Now to talk about this... we're all grown ups, you don't mind this, do you? As a matter of fact, people find it very enjoyable when I go into intimate details. [laughter] So this person comes to me and tells me, "Gururaj, you know, I'm impotent, and I can't perform whatever with my wife." Right. So we went into the causes of things. And what happened with this case was this, that in his younger days perhaps not in his very younger days, his wife might have gone for a holidays wh o knows he met up with a prostitute. And that stupid prostitute made fun of him, telling him that he's got a very small... you know what I mean. And that was so implanted in his mind that he just became impotent. Do you see? And after explaining him th e various details of things and this, that and the other, and telling him that it's not the size or the shape, you know, that matters, but the technique to a certain extent this plays a small part the technique to a certain extent, but the most important part is this, that you fill your day with expectations that tonight I'm going to reach home and I'm going to do this and that and that! [Laughter] So he has committed the act already throughout the day. No wonder he couldn't do anything at night. [Lau ghter] Do you see. So I explained to him that the flow between man and wife must become naturally. It's a flow. It's not something you

12. U S 86 - 45 plan. But just beaflow. What's wrong with the living room carpet, for example. Nothing wrong. No. [Laughter and c omments] You're in so much... you're in so much ecstasy, you don't feel the hurt. [laughter] Right. So I explained all these things to him plus many, many more things. For example, I mean you don't time these things. If you time it then it's not a flow . Right. But just to use as an example, you're going to have relations, make love with your wife at ten o'clock. Right. VOICES: [Laughter and comments] It's ten thirty already. GURURAJ: [Laughing] Right. So, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock, it doe sn't matter. It depends on what shift he is on. He might be on the night shift, or he might have to get up at four in the morning to reach his job. Nevertheless, time doesn't matter, because these things are in reality timeless. And it produces a sense of timelessness in you when you are in that vast orgasm where even time explodes as you are exploding. SUJAY: Sounds dangerous. [laughter and comments] GURURAJ: So, I asked him, "What time do you reach home from work?" He says, "Oh, round about half past five." So, I said, "Well, that is the time when you reach home you start making love. You hold your wife close to you. You kiss her. You joke. You fondle while she's still busy preparing the dinner." [Laughter] You know? Right. SUJAY: And if she burns her hand on the stove and blows your whole scene. GURURAJ: No, no, no. You put the stove off. So you start from there until twelve o'clock. Okay. You start from there and, you know, that loving cuddle and kiss and this, that. And a woman love it. While she's busy and you're talking of stoves, while she's busy at the stove, you know, stirring a pot or pan. [More laughter and comments] She's stirring her pot or pan. So while the wifey is stirring her pot or pan, you start stirring something else, by hugging [laughter] her arou nd her belly and kissi ng the neck. Now, I must show you which part of the neck is the best to kiss, the most erotic zone. Do you see. Then playfully you have, you know, your dinner and a glass of wine with it if you drink or whatever. And then of course, you can always jump into the shower together. Nothing wrong with that. SUJAY: Or the hot tub.

13. U S 86 - 45 GURURAJ: Yeah, hot tub, too. It's very pleasant. She rubs your back and you rub her back. Nothing wrong. Husband and wife. And then you go to bed and just think of Gururaj . [Much laughter] VOICE: [Inaudible] [Uproarious laughter] SUJAY: It works for me. GURURAJ: Now, what I am trying to tell you... You can do gurushakti, it relaxes you. Same thing. Now, what I am trying to tell you is this... VOICE: Would you d iagram this on the board? GURURAJ: Yes, I will. You know if I was not... I was telling someone, joking with someone that because of my guru's injunction that I must, you know, become a spiritual teacher, a guru, because I was born to do that, that's my destiny, or else I would open up a school, a school of love. Yes. And the special advertisement to men would have been, "I'll teach you everything there is to know about it. Bring your own partner so I can demonstrate." [Uproarious laughter] So, neve rtheless, you see, and then explaining to this man what sort of makes him feel impotent. First, this fear that he won't be able to, you know, and things like that. And that just doesn't work that way. So the message is this: to be totall y natural. And with whom could you be more natural than the woman you are married to. Be totally natural. Don't try anything. Just be natural, normal. Just be. If there are no little kids in the house and no one, there is nothing wrong with both of you running around the house naked and chasing each other around the settee. [Laughter] What's wrong with it?! That's all the fun of it. VOICE: [Inaudible] [Laughter] GURURAJ: Vidya, you'd better move your chair. VIDYA: There are kids in the house.

1. U S 86 - 45 WHAT IS SPIRITUAL HEALING / THE PROBLEMS OF LIFE GURURAJ: ... And as you teach people the preparatory technique, you will find that your life will become mo re and more peaceful. You will evolve so, so much faster. And the analogy I always use is this: that when you water the garden, the water cleanses the hose pipe first even before the water reaches the garden. So in teaching the preparatory technique you will feel so pure and so beautiful inside you. You can speak to some of our preparatory teachers here of the wonderful experiences that they go through teaching the prep. And once you start feeling the energy flow going through you to the person that you are initiating, then you will become full teachers that will give the entire techniques. And the third stage would be to heal people that are in trouble, that are ill, that need that comfort. And with your vast knowledge I've talked to Phyllis and as we ll as to Ken that you do have a deep grasp of the human personality. So even the counseling with the healing would also help a lot. You're two people that has that kindness of face, that personality which could inspire people, inspire them into the ways of righteousness. So, God bless you both. Because when I initiate a preparatory teacher, it's the most important part of my life, so that I know through you our teachings will be promulgated to so many others. So, namaste. Namaste. [To each in turn] God bless you both. ROOPA: We have two questions that maybe you could combine. GURURAJ: Sure. Sure. VOICE: [Inaudible] [VIDEO BEGINS HERE] ROOPA: Okay. Here's one. You have said that the major problems in people's lives are very few. Please t ell us what are the major problem areas and how to have the proper understanding. GURURAJ: Um hm. Very good. ROOPA: I think that's enough, we can stop there.

14. U S 86 - 45 GURURAJ: Well, it's nearly half past ten. It's been an enjoyable evening. And of course I'm not only a guru that imparts divine wisdom to you, I impart gurushakti to you, impart peace to your minds. But I can also laugh with you and make you laugh, and I can cry with you and make you cry for your own benefit. You see. Good. ***END***


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