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1. U S 86 - 46 GRANTING BOONS GURURAJ: Ten past twelve. What shall we talk about today? ROOPA: ...people have who asked me... Can't we move that around? [Speaking of the microphone.] CHELA: It'll record. ROOPA: It'll record? Ok, then... GURURAJ: [Tapping on the micro phone.] African drums. See you guys were going great guns with your rasa dances last night. I could hear the sticks, you know. Sorry, I had so much work to do, or else I would have joined you. Good. ROOPA: These are some questions left over by people who aren't here. This is from Jammu. "Beloved, Gururaj, you have said that there are sometimes deep truths hidden in mythological stories. Please tell us the true meaning behind individuals being granted boons of invincibility or other favors by specifi c gods or personified energies after performing sacrifices or austerities or meritorious actions. Also, how can we be granted similar boons in this day and age?" [laughter] VOICE: We have a few other little ones if you want, but otherwise we can just stick with this... GURURAJ: We haven't got much time. We'll see. Now that is a fallacy because no so called god has time to grant you boons. The only person that could grant you a boon are the living gods that surround you. And their boon normally comes from a sense of deep love towards you, and that is the greatest boon. Now this invincibility you would find in some of the Puranic literatures, in the Mahabharata, and other ancient scriptures, that many of them have been translated in Engli sh. But they sound very, very foolish. And having been rewritten from the spoken word, a lot of misunderstandings have taken place and misinterpretation. For example, when they say a god... there are no other gods, by the way. We are the gods, here an d now.

2. U S 86 - 46 There are other planes of existence, yes, which I have said before, that would have people with a more highly developed personality if you wish to put it that way that has a more acute hearing, better sight and smelling and all those things th ey do possess. There are planets, which I have also mentioned many times, where people can communicate without verbalizing their thoughts. And this we have seen demonstrated in so many of our satsangs, where people would sit around and have a question in m ind and even before they asked it the question is answered. So it is nothing phenomenal. So there are no gods sitting up there in the clouds. And in any case if they were sitting up in the clouds, I feel sorry for them. They might catch a cold or someth ing like that. But it has a symbolic meaning: that when a god grants you the boon of invincibility, it means that the spirit within yourself is invincible. It cannot be conquered. When a god grants yo u the boon of immortality, he tries to bring to your attention that you are immortal, and this life we have is just a passing fancy. We come today, go tomorrow, and we make such a big deal out of it. But it is so piddling. No big deal. We're just passing through. If you pass through a road to reach the hi ghway here, you won't even remember going through that road, or was it the same road that you came up. So what is so wonderful? You're just on a path. But what would be wonderful when you achieve that invincibility where the senses and the ego self canno t conquer you, you are invincible. And the same applies to the realization that I am immortal. The body passes away but just to take on another body in a given space of time, as we would measure time. In another dimension it would be just a flash. But n ormally some people do say and I think it's a lot of guesswork on their part they say that you get born again after forty years you die. Some say after thirty years. But many statements can be made that cannot be proven or disproven. So we just take th em as they are. And people of blind faith would just take them. Highly intelligent people like you would not just accept it, you want to know. You want t o experience that you'll be born in forty years time. So that also depends upon you if you want to be reborn in ten years or thirty years or fifty years or in a hundred years time. That depends upon you. It depends upon the patterning of your mind which you have created and are creating in this world in your waking, living so called living state of life. And you can predetermine by yourself that in such and such a time I am going to be able to review all my lifetimes, and in such and such a time I will be born again. And you will. Bu t that requires the power of concentration, contemplation, medita tion, and that which goes beyond the normal forms of meditation. There are further meditations, and as the students progress, I will be teaching them more and more about it. But you've got to pass a certain stage first before you enter the next stage or otherwise you will not understand what you are doing. So you can predetermine that. To give you an example of myself, I can tell you the exact minute, hour, date, month, and year when I will shed this body. Do you see.

3. U S 86 - 46 How does that come about? It does not depend only upon precognition. It depends on... when you are in the subtle form, when you have left the previous body. All the avataras that need not have to have a body know how much they can accomplish in that given span of time for which they wa nt to live, how much can be given out in that span of time, and how much the world requires. If in your tea, you're used to taking one teaspoon, and if you put in two or three teaspoons, your tea would be ruined. You won't like to drink it. It's too swee t. So you yourself can predetermine your birth and your death. Now we do know that the body is subject to death and decay. Life, decay, death, the body is subjected to it. Yet, it is so apparent around you that people keep on living. They're old. They' re old, decrepit, some of them just like vegetables, and yet they live. Because when they were not in the vegetable state, when they had not become vegetables, they had predetermined even before they took the bodily form of how long that they are going to live. Now the misconception in many religions, such as Islam, Muslims, they say that there are two things for definite. They say that your marriage partner is predetermined for you, and the other thing they say is that the date of your death is predetermi ned, and all people subscribe to that. When a person has a bereavement at home and you go and pay your respects, condolences, what do you say mostly? Ninety percent of the time you would say, "My sympathies." And in that is included that: "It is not our will; it is divine will. It's God's doing. God needed him, so he had to go." God needs no one! And He does not determine your death! And He does not determine your birth! You determine your birth! You determine your death! Do you see. Then this whole area of thought is around predestination, that things are going to happen, and it is predestined because of divine will. Firstly, Divinity has no will. Will requires a mind, and Divinity has no mind at all. It's a neutral energy. The electricity y ou bring from the water into these lights here, does the electricity determine to come and shine here at this particular spot? No. You are determining it. Electricity is floating around all over this whole complex and all around the world. And the whol e universe, it is floating around. It is there. But you determine where you want your lamp to be. So predestination by another force falls away. Predestination is only valid in what you yourself predetermine. So you can predetermine anything. Tom is a building contractor. A very beautiful man at times. And at times he can lose his temper also very quickly. But then of course his wife understands and caters for it. Oh, Tom is a bit, you know, loony today. So, let it be. Tomorrow morning he will be okay. That kind of thing. And it applies to everyone. It applies to everyone. But the wife does not lose faith in the husband, never. He's my husband, and that is that. And why is he my husband? Because I predetermined that such and such a man, with such and such a moustache, and such and such eyes and such and such other parts of his anatomy [Laughter] was predetermined by Tina. Tina? Tina? Tina? By Tina. And that is how they got together. It was no accident. No accident at all.

4. U S 86 - 46 Accidents only come about when you try an experiment. Then it's not only an accident, but a damned catastrophe which is far reaching. It's like dropping a pebble in the pond and the ripples go out and out and wider and wider and wider. Do you see. So therefore the s aying which people so little understand, that you are the master of your destiny. Look how lovingly Tina puts her hand on his thigh there, on Tom's thigh. Do you see? These things are predetermined by ourselves. And that is the meaning that you are the master of your destiny. You can guide it in any way you like. Let's go back to Tom. Right. He's building a house or one of the military camps, or whatever you're doing. You will, with the assistance of an architect or whatever, will plan the pipelin es and where they should go for the minimum use of material. Because it's no use having your bathroom here and the toilet right up top there. Look at the amount of extra tubing you would have to have. I know nothing about building, but you get the idea. And I think I am right there. So you try and put that toilet near the bathroom, if you have the toilet and the bathroom separate, or else you put the toilet in th e bathroom. Now look at all the tubing you're going to save. And that also applies to ele ctricity when you join up all those tubes in the ceiling, and you know where your plugs or whatever you call it, sockets, plugs, I don't know names. You know that by putting it in such and such a way I'll be using less material, less labor. Using less ma terial you'll be saving costs. Using less labor you'll be saving costs. Now who has determined that? Not that divine will people talk about. You have determined it. For your own salvation which means savings. Do you see? So these things are there. A nd the boons, according to the question which is said, the gods grant boons upon you. Why should he grant a boon upon you and not on me? If they were real gods why must they be... why the devil must they be so unfair? So you see how the devil comes in? Oh, by the way, Tom, I've got a message for you. In the next year your business is going to increase by one hundred and twenty five, one hundred and twenty seven percent. Yes. In the next twelve months. You have determined that, not I that am giving y ou a boon. No boons. Nothing for nothing, and very little for five cents. That meditators don't understand. They hardly make me afford my damn air fare over. No, but that's besides the point. So hundred and twenty five to one hundred and twenty seven percent in the next twelve months your business is going to increase. And that has been predetermined by you yourself. It might have not come to the conscious level yet, which it will. But it has been playing on the subconscious level of your mind and I can see it. And it will happen, but of course, a little effort is required, too. Now some people do tend to become lazy and does not want to make effort. Like my darling daughter sitting over there. She's sometimes lazy. Who isn't, in any case? Right . That reminds me of a little story where this chap was traveling through a forest, and he laid down under a tree to sleep. You know, there are no ready made beds like they would have here in Bishop's Ranch, El Del De Pisco something.

5. U S 86 - 46 [Laughter.] I don 't know Spanish. But I believe the translation is The Bishop's Ranch or something. So nevertheless, this fellow was lying under the tree and the desire he had in his mind before he fell asleep that, "I wish I could have a ber." Now ber is an Indian word for a lovely fruit. You don't get it in this country because only it requires certain climates to grow that. It's purplish in color. It has a pip in it, and it is very, very tasty. So the next morning he had this though t in mind next morning he woke up and opened his eyes. And to his surprise he was sleeping under the ber tree, this fruit tree, and he could see a luscious, ripe ber hanging just there. But then he started thinking again. He says, "Now I've got to get up and pull off that fruit. Wh y can't that fruit just drop right onto my lips?" [Laughter] You see? So with determination and predetermination some effort is required. So here because of your thought forces... he just slept... there were other trees he could have slept under, but h is thought forces drew him to sleep under this tree where this ripe fruit was just there for the picking. And now he is too lazy. He wanted it to fall all by itself on his lips. And that hap pens to people. That happens everywhere. Do you see. So no bo ons are granted at all. No. What you could call a boon perhaps is a true master's blessing. That you could call a boon. Not specifically directed, but just the force of that gurushakti, that spiritual force, will turn all the wrinkles i n your mind to t hink in a proper way. Do you see. So you are the thinking part, you are the machine. And the true master, he is the one that cranks... you know those old time motor cars where you had to crank it to start the car? He just cranks. His arm gets stiff s ometimes, but he doesn't care. What is this one arm when I can, you know, sacrifice it for thousands? One arm less. So what? And when this one gets too tired, he uses the other one. And if not, he might invent the self starter button. He tells you now, you start the motor car yourself. Then he sits back and has a hang of a good laugh. But first he was dependent on me to crank up his car, but now he has got to start it himself. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Good laugh, yes. Do you see. But he makes it very eas y for you, that just by turning the key the car starts. Or by just pressing the button. Some cars, I mean perhaps of the fifties, you had to press a button to start the car. Turn ignition, press button, car starts. Turn key, press button, car starts. Change gear, voom. Off you go in the direction you want to go. Now sometimes a car does not want to start. Why? It's also the same story of that lovely fruit on that tree. When last you checked your battery oil, or battery water, distilled water or wha tever they have nowadays? When last did you have your car serviced? When last did you have things greased? When last did you have your wheels aligned and the air that goes into it, air pressure? Right. And I tell you one thing, and which all of you do . That you'll have the air pressure checked of four wheels, and seven times out of ten you forget the spare wheel to have that pressure checked. Am I right? SUJAY: How about ten out of ten?

6. U S 86 - 46 GURURAJ: That's even better. You forget that. And then sometimes on a stupid road like this that comes up here you'll get a puncture. And then you look for your spare wheel, and you find it flat. Now was there any outside will that determined your spar e to be flat? No. You didn't take heed; you didn't take care. So if the garage attendant could fill up with air four wheels, you ask him to do the fifth one. Or here I believe you do those things yourself and pay less. Right. Do you see. So that is a s far as boons go. There is no boon granted to anyone by any god. The boon is granted to you by yourself. By your own thoughts. By your own desires and how powerful they are. If you have that burning yearning desire you can conquer the world. If Alexa nder the Great could conquer the world at the age of twenty two, why can't you conquer a small little life and keep it in harmony with Divinity, if not yourself? So the secret is very simple. And to repeat, as far as the guru goes, he cranks the wheels of the car for you so it starts if it is stuck. Right. And then of course, when he sees that you need more he'll give you the starting button. And he'll give you the key by turning which the car starts and makes things easier for you because now you, thro ugh your effort, has bought a car which can start with the turning of the key. Or otherwise you'll still be stuck with that cranking of the engin e. Do you see. So it is your effort. Of course, the master helps in your effort. But the determination has to be yours, and that is no determination comes without predetermination. "Pre" means before. So you plan it beforehand, convert it into determination, and make the effort. So when it comes to these mythological stories of things, you know, you get grante d boons of this and that nature, you know, invincibility, immortality, great wealth. Forget it all, it's a myth. Just a myth. But the inner meanings, to repeat again, is this. It makes you realize the stories, the mythological stories that you are immo rtal, you are invincible, and nothing can destroy your invincibility. That is what the interpretation of it really is. And then, you know, you find some foolish people, without trying to make any effort at all. Now for example, I was sitting here, and my ankles are swollen because of all this traveling and what have you, the air pressure in the planes and that. Swollen. So I was sitting there painting. If I did not make the effort of stretching my legs, the pain would still be there. So in life the s ame thing happens in every area of life. Remove the painful areas. Remove them. Some effort is required, yes. If you can make effort to eat holding the fork in the wrong hand, as the Americans do, you know, cutting it here and shifting it over to the that hand and then that way if you can make that effort to eat, then you can make effort in everything. And that's all you do is eat! Look at the forces within you that digests the food, that assimilates the food, t hat gives you all your blood cells the energy, and to build up your muscles so that you could walk and talk and feel energized. Only thing you do is put the food in the throat, not in the stomach. You can't do that either. You can't put the food in th e stomach. It goes down by itself. You masticate your food, and it only goes down to here. And then all the juices take

7. U S 86 - 46 over. That takes it down to the stomach. You see how little... What I am trying to tell you is how little you have to do straighten your lives. Just a little effort, and the rest just follows. I write poetry, and Kavita she writes very beautiful poetry. And I think last night, yesterday evening here, I said keep on writing, develop that talent. You have talent. I know poetry. I used to be an editor of a journal on lit erature, religion, and philosophy for many, many years. And you could regard me as a good judge. You have talent. Carry on with it. It requires a bit of effort. Don't wait on inspiration. Ninety nine perspiration and one percent inspiration, because without the perspiration the inspiration does not come. Do you see. So these are basic truths, and they work. For example, a sage is angry with you. Right. And the anger of a sage is always well founded, although he does not carry it in his heart. It is there for the moment and then gone. But it sets forth a vibrational force. And if your mind is strong enough, you can avoid that force. But your mind is not stronger than the mind of the sage, or else a sage would not be a sage, and you would not be you. Do you see. Many times you find the sages doing things which you can't understand. Here is a little story which you might have heard of. In the forest the guru was sitting around the fire with his chelas and they were having a discourse. There is a difference between a lecture and a discourse. Discourse is when a half a dozen of us get together and we discuss things. That's a discourse. But what I'm doing now is giving a lecture because I'm the only one talking. Right. Discourse is an interch ange of ideas. That's a discourse. So this guru was sitting around the fire with his chelas, and all of a sudden he took out a burning piece of wood and stabbed it in the arm of one of his chelas. So the arm burnt. It had a burn mark. Everyone there w as aghast. He says, "Guruji, how can you do such a thing! You have burned the man, and he is in pain!" So the guru first said, "Look, I know what I am doing!" They can be damned arrogant sometimes when they get pestered too much. Not that they would wa nt any rewards for it. And not that they are not welcome. But he carries on doing his work. And so after a lot of pestering he replied that, "This chela who is a beloved of mine, as you all are, was destined to die in a fire because he had predetermined that brought over from samskaras of a previous life. And I've averted that by burning his arm which will heal up in a week. Far better than him being burned alive in a fire." Do you see. So these gurus are funny people. They know exactly what they ar e doing, all the time. Never underestimate them. If you are foolish, they will act foolishly with you. If you are sad, they will make you laugh. And if you are very happy, they ca n make you sad also. They say, "Ah, this girl is flying a bit too high. Clip its wings a bit. Yes. So they could get stronger to stand that high flight, otherwise they will tumble." So it's a good act, a good deed, by clipping those wings a bit. Not a bad act. You see. So therefore they are very difficult to understand. But their anger is never lasting. It comes. Because it is not their nature to ever to be angry or to have any contempt for anything or anyone. Their nature is made of love. So there is no place for contempt or hatred or anger. Do you see.

8. U S 86 - 46 And so in th e same Hindu mythologies, according to the question, you find some sages burning up someone alive just by shooting his hand out. Forget it. There's no reality in that. But being a myth, it has a symbolic meaning that just by his touch, just by his glance , he does not burn you up, but he burns up the wrong tendencies that you have within you. And he sees that you are now ready and just require that little push to burn up those tendencies. If he sees the tendencies are too heavy, he can't do it immediate ly. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, none of them could do it. Krishna's entire race was destroyed in a drunken brawl. And in the end he was shot by the arrow of a hunter and he died. Christ, the most despised man on earth, was crucified, and now you pray for hi m. Now! The time you when had to help him, did you go to his side? No. Now you pray to him. What sense is there in that? It's blasphemy, I tell you! Not prayer ! Prayer is service, honesty, sincerity. And for the goodness not only of the guru but fo r all. That is real prayer! Prayer activated. Do you see. Zoroaster. The same thing. Buddha. The same thing, so many times he was being poisoned. [Dayananda Sarasvatri?], a great sage that lived here in the twentieth century, he was poisoned so many times. Literally speaking, poisoned. There are many kinds of poisons. But, Swami Dayananda suffered it. He fought very hard against the caste system of India. He brought about many, many reforms. Do you see. So serve, do your best for yourselves acc ording to advice given through the love of the spiritual master, and practice them. That's your part of the job. If the engine of the car is rusty and not starting, he'll come and help and give it a pus h. A crank or whatever. And funny enough, it's alwa ys cranks whose cars need to be cranked. Do you see. Ah, you're pointing at your watch. I thought I would talk for half, twenty minutes, but it's gone nearly an hour. Start flowing, you just flow on. You can't stop the growth of this flower if you leav e it in its natural state, unless you are cruel enough to cut it. What good has this flower done here, for example? Not that I do not love flowers. I love them. I like t he beauty of them. But you have murdered the flower, cut it off from its roots, to make the place look nice and because of your love, that Guruji loves flowers, that's why you did it. A lesser evil for the greater good. Good principle if you have to make a choice. Do you see. Well, it's been so nice with you all this week. And of co urse some of you have been following all the courses and the other activities we have had during this American tour. It's been about five, five and a half weeks. Perhaps it would be about near six weeks. I don't keep dates. I leave that to Vidyaji to l ook after the diary. And so I'll be seeing you soon again. And it's been very, very nice being with you. It brings great joy to me, boundless joy. And like the waves of an ocean that keeps on flowing in its own joy, or the cooling waters just flowing m akes you feel cool and good. It makes you realize that within you is contained a greater power than what you would ever think of. But it is inside you, and everywhere around you. Start with the inside first, and the surroundings will take...

9. U S 86 - 46 ***END** *


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