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1. U S 86 - 6 LAZARUS' RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS RETURN OF BLESSED OBJECTS [MASTER TAPE IS BROKEN. TRANSCRIPT PARTIALLY PROOFED.] GURURAJ: What shall we talk about this morning? ROOPA: Do you want to do these first or after? Later? GURURAJ: Yes, I don't want to get up again now. BALDEV: Beloved. GURURAJ: Namaste, Ba ldevji. BALDEV: Since it's Easter and I understood that you didn't necessarily want to entertain any questions about Jesus specifically in his life, but this question to me relates more to the resurrection information for ourselves, about our resurrectio n which you spoke of yesterday. I've been fascinated in the last couple of weeks in meditation about the life of Lazarus, and you spoke that once, twice, many times perhaps, that he was the only being or student disciple of Jesus to attain an illumined s tate at the time of Jesus. And I was just... we know very little about him and about his relationship with Jesus. And on this day of resurrection could you speak to us.... GURURAJ: Lazarus was the man that was brought to life? BALDEV: Yes. Could yo u speak to us about Lazarus and his relationship with Jesus? GURURAJ: Yes. Yes. Lazarus had sisters, Martha and Mary, and they were in love with Jesus. He was quite a guy, like me you know? [LAUGHTER] And because of that closeness Jesus had with Mar tha and Mary, a great friendship developed between Lazarus and Jesus. Lazarus was a wealthy man and he was a great supporter of Jesus, and of course Jesus' work. And because of these close relationships with the two girls, a closer relationship developed with

2. U S 86 - 6 Jesus and Lazarus. And yet these two sisters were damn jealous of each other. Because many a time Jesus used to pay greater attention to the one and at times to the other. Like me, you know. So, in this relationship Lazarus did not die at all. They thought he was dead but he was not. And then Jesus shouted from outside, "Rise, Lazarus, rise and come out." What happened there was this, that Lazarus went into a state of semi coma, and just th e voice of Jesus took him out of the coma. And people later interpreted that he brought Lazarus alive, brought him back from the dead, which is a total, total lie. And the reason for the lie was this that the Council of Nicene, 432 A.D., I think it was, t hey tried to organize a religion called Christianity. Now, people in those years did not have the high intellectuality that you have. Simple people, peasants and things. Now, how do you convince a peasant? By showing the peasant miracles. And the peas ant is convinced, because he has not the intellectuality to grasp the depth of knowledge. So you perform miracles and they say, "Ahh, great, great, great, great, great." These miracles did not happen. Lazarus was not brought to life. Just from a semi com a got awakened, that's all. But to the people it was put forward that he brought a man to life. Look, with me for example, as many of these people will tell you, miracles happen around me all the time, all the time they are happening. How many of you hav e witnessed these things? Many of you that have been close to me. But actually they are not miracles that are contrived. It is just the spiritual force which is expressed in such a way that it becomes alive. Cut off this plant, all those flowers, and i n one second I'll make it grow again. What is that going to prove to you that, oh, Gururaj, you know, he's a miracle man, or things like that? It means nothing, really. Ya, you will have a sensual perception: ears, eyes, hearing, touching, feeling, blah , blah, blah. Uh huh. But that's all. But how is it going to change your heart? The heart requires far deeper and greater understanding and unfoldment through the teachings of a spiritual master. Jesus never gave any practices to anyone. He just taugh t. And I was told, I don't know how true it is, that in the Bible there are only 24 words really spoken by Jesus. So you see the maneuvering of the founders of the church. Only used him very sparingly and made a god out of him! The son of God! Now, who is not the son of God, you tell me? Everyone is. If you are a creation of the Creator, then naturally you will contain His essence. And by having His essence, you are naturally the son of the Father. How was I created? How was I born if it was not thr ough my father's semen, and therefore I'm part and parcel of my father. It was through his sperm that impregnated the ovum, and that's how I came into being. So that is my father. Now, the same principle applies to that divine energy and yourself, beca use you are born of that divine energy. And because you are born of the divine energy, you are that divine energy yourself.

3. U S 86 - 6 So when Jesus shouted out and people were gathered around, and he said, "Lazarus, wake up," and he did wake up through the power th at was transmitted by the voice and the spiritual force, because Jesus, although being a bastardo like me, was a highly spiritual man. So, what was here at play? Two things. The spiritual force conveyed through the voice, and the voice can be so powerfu l. How many of you have witnessed it with me here? The voice can be so powerful that it can awaken the so called dead. It's an energy given through the means of the voice. So Lazarus, being a great supporter of Jesus, heard the voice, as any beloved wou ld hear a lover's voice, and hear it most probably more powerfully. If I shout to Shamiya or Gomila or Vidya or Roopa, like that they would hear me a million miles away. So these vocal cords were not made for nothing. It's not just a matter of saying, " Oh, I love you and I love you and I love you." Bullshit. It's the actual portrayal of that love which is important, not the words. Yet words have to be expressed through the vocal cords. And if you cannot express words through the vocal cords, then be su re to know you have laryngitis. Do you see? So, Lazarus was a very good man. He was a great friend of Jesus. And then while he was there in the tomb, Martha and Mary cried out, "Why has Jesus not come?" He was a day late. And the reason for this was v ery simple. You phone your doctor this morning and he'll turn up tonight. And you all have that experience. (If you yawn put your hanky to the mouth. You didn't sleep last night too well, I can see.) So the delay was for a specific person so that slow ly Lazarus could come out of the coma. It takes a little time. You can't go into a coma and slip out of it right away, can you? You can't. And so when Jesus came and the crowd was gathered around him and he says, "Lazarus wake up," and so he did. And w hy did he do this? It was because of the love of Martha and Mary, that's why he did it. Not for any personal gain, but for the sake of the love he had for Martha and Mary. I'm giving you a totally different interpretation to what the scriptures tell you . You know, the worst book in the world, the filthiest, rather, book in the world is the Bible. Terribly filthy. You have rap e, you have sodomy, you have murder, you have decapitation of heads, and you have all this business in there. Now, isn't that filth? When we teach of peace in here you just read of Sodom and Gomorrah and all that business filth! But yet amidst all that, if you read some of the lines are very, very beautiful. There's a lot of truth contained in it, but 90 perc ent of it is rubbi sh. And this applies not only to the Bible, it applies to the Koran, it applies to the Puranas, it applies to the Vedas, because they have been contrived. All these scriptures which I have mentioned throughout the world were not actual happenings. You w rite a novel tomorrow, okay, or any novel you might read. Were they really actual happenings, or were they imaginations of the writer? Same applies all the time throughout the world, and throughout that which we describe as scriptures. Our teachings are different. We don't go into these mythologies, these myths. We go to basic truths. What is more important? I mean we can learn something from the myths, okay, because myths were originally created for the

4. U S 86 - 6 peasantry so they could understand some truth t hrough the stories. Like, for example in the Hindu religion, you have Shiva and Parvati and Lakshmi and.... Did they really exist? No, they did not. But what was given through those myths, as I said somewhere, I don't know where, that they are forms of energies that are described and not realities in the form of man and woman. Do you see? Now, the ordinary peasantry will not understand if we talk on atomic, or atomic energies or hydrogenic energies or what have you. But give it to them in a story for m and they will understand it better. And that is why Jesus taught mostly in parables instead of in abstract philosophy. Do you see? Because he was catering for the peasantry, the peasants. That was the reason of the parables. So, Lazarus, too, is nothi ng else but a parable. It's a myth. Just because that old guy had an affair with those two girls, and of course his main cuckoo was Mary Magdalene, with whom he had a child. And by the way, speaking about this, Jesus never died on the cross. He went i nto a deep state of samadhi. Jesus was a very highly developed spiritual person, that is true, but it was only on the cross that he achieved a total realization. And look at the paradox of it all. He said, "Why forsaketh me, my Father?" And yet before t hat he used to say, "My Father and I are one." Then where does the forsaking come from? You see, it is so paradoxical. I would really like to rewrite the Bible. Do you see. He achieved total enlightenment on the cross, where he really became one with t he maker, one with the Father. In other words, he merged into that divine energy. And that was the moment, because of the impact of the mergence, that he went into a coma. And Nicodemus had him removed when he came out of this state. And the first pers on he went to see was Mary Magdalene. And Mary Magdalene looked after him, made him feel well, nursed him rather, and then took him to his disciples. So that is the story, partly, of Jesus. Before the day I die I will be doing a book on the totality and t he truth of these religions, because people are so bluffed by this falsity, by the organizational thing. And the two greatest businesses, I might have mentioned this before, I can't remember, the two greatest businesses in the world is number one religion . There's more money, for example, in the Vatican than the whole of Italy. And so it applies to the Protestants and the... whoever. Okay. Right. And what do they do? They promise you Heaven after you are dead. And the second greatest business, and the biggest buildings owned in any city are by insurance companies. And what do they promise you? You get a lump sum of money after you are dead. So, one promises you Heaven after you are dead, and the other promises you a lump sum of money after you are d ead. Where is the sense? You're dead, your dead! What are you going to do with that lump sum of money? And who says there's a Heaven? Can anyone prove it? The heaven is here and now. It's what you make out of life that becomes heaven or hell for you. And by doing your spiritual practices life can be made into heaven. It would give you more peace and joy and... what else do you want? That is heaven. That is a true heaven. Because there is nothing up there, I tell you. Because I've explored the ent ire

5. U S 86 - 6 universe and I know. Heaven is here. And you can also make it into hell for yourself by all your fears and worries and anxieties and all that. So do not be bothered about the lump sum of money the insurance company promises you, because most times th ey don't really pay you off. They like to grab your premiums, yes. And don't bother yourself with an unknown heaven. How many people have been to Heaven and come back and reported it to you? Tell me. Even Buddha couldn't do it, Krishna couldn't do it, Christ couldn't do it, and neither can I. Yes, I go through the universe, you know, and see all the great beauty of the universe. But then when I come back to myself I find heaven to be within me. That is where it is. Yes, and for example, some churches you pay them a sum of money, and they write a note for you promising you Heaven. I think that's the Papal thing, the Catholic, something like that. Yeh. Yes. So the note you hand over is a hundred times worth more than the little piece of paper they u se you go to Heaven. What man can put you in direct communication with Divinity? No one. Only you, yourself, can put you in close contact with Divinity. No one else. Yes, you would have true spiritual masters that will show you the way: that this way would lead you to the mountain, and that way will lead you to the sea. That's all. And that's all what gurus are worth for, to sh ow you the way. Therefore Jesus said, "I am the way." And what did he mean by that? That "I am the way" means, I am showi ng you the way. And when he said, "No man reaches God except through me," now that statement has been very, very misunderstood. What it really means that reach my level of consciousness and then you can be one with the Father. That's what it means. And reaching that state of consciousness... there's no such thing as a Father. Forget it. But there is that energy. And reaching that state of consciousness you merge into this divine energy which makes the world go round, the universe go round. I'm putting different interpretations to you today on what these scriptural injunctions really mean. So do not be mistaken. Your church tells you you must tithe, give ten percent of your income monthly. For what? For the benefit of the priests? Or is that money s ent to God? [LAUGHTER] It's for their own benefit. Okay, so they will make little bigger and bigger, bigger church, or something, you know. Whatever. And of course most of it is well pocketed, and a pastor or a priest does not have one pocket like me in his vest. Coat? VIDYA: Cassock. GURURAJ: Cassock. He has got so many pockets there: one in front, one in the back, one on that side, one on the other side. So what this means is that they fill your pockets through your expense, through your hard earn ed sweat and money. Why can't they just be satisfied in making a living? I mean they too would have expenses. You know, especially they got to look after the nuns, and some of them do it very well. Yes.

6. U S 86 - 6 So that is where we come back to Lazarus. A weal thy man, a great supporter of Jesus, a great friend of Jesus; and that friendship was formed through Martha and Mary. That's the story. Thank you. I think it's lunchtime for you guys half past twelve. I think I've spoken for more than an hour now. ROOP A: Would you like to distribute the objects before we go down? GURURAJ: Yes, let's do that. Yes. Would you two girls handle that? You know, I have very efficient secretaries, and they're very efficient in their inefficiency. Good. Would you hand out, please? VIDYA: Ramu. VOICE: He just went outside. GURUR AJ: Okay. Right. It was because of the baby. VIDYA: Is Madhu here? [INAUDIBLE] What's the deal with this? ROOPA: This is in case some people want to give their envelopes back. So, for those that do, that is what this is for. Those who want to giv e their envelopes now can do that when they want, and those who want can give them later. Come up later and give them to [?????]. GURURAJ: Ah, there's Ramu and Madhu. ROOPA: Give them to me, I guess. We'll be here pretty late. Jeff? So if you have y our envelope now and you want to give it back now sort of give and receive at the same time put it here. And if you want to give it later, then bring it to me. The Ooo's. Are the Ooo's here? Great. This one. Is there a gold thread there for Jonah. W hich is Jonah's gold thread? Is it this one? RAMU: There's one in a package.

7. U S 86 - 6 GURURAJ: Yeah, there is a package. RAMU: There's a package right over here. ROOPA: Okay. GURURAJ: Good. Fine. ROOPA: [INAUDIBLE] give it back to Jonah. VOICE: That was it? RAMU: That was it. JONAH: What's that one for? RAMU: This is for your mom. GURURAJ: By the way, I think we've got some golden threads in my hold all, so those that do not have one, please speak to Vidya or Roopa and you'll be given one. There's not very many, though. JONAH: Thank you. GURURAJ: [LAUGHING] Thank you. Namaste. Namaste. VIDYA: Priya. GURURAJ: [Merry, Mari? in Sanskrit] Priya. [Merry, Mari?] Priya. [SINGS TO PRIYA IN SANSKRIT]

8. U S 86 - 6 [END SIDE ONE] VIDYA: Jerry? GURURAJ: Come, Nash, smash. It's a knife. It's a very good one for circumcision. [MUCH LAUGHTER] God bless you. VIDYA: Sandhya. GURURAJ: I see you brought your whole treasure along with you. [LAUGHTER] God bless you, dear. VIDYA: Cindy. GURURAJ: This is a bracelet, is it? VIDYA: Bracelet or brass? GURURAJ: No, no, no. This is put on the arm. VIDYA: Bracelet, yeah. GURURAJ: Ah, shit! Do I need Vaseline or baby oil? [LAUGHTER] Namaste. VIDYA: Leah. GURURAJ: W hen were these made last, Madhu? MADHU: I just got them.

9. U S 86 - 6 GURURAJ: She just got them, yes. Good. You know, in about six, eight months time you can throw these away, your eyes will be fine. LEAH: I hope so. GURURAJ: Not hope so! I'm telling you so! [LAUGHTER] VIDYA: Pat. GURURAJ: She keeps her guru waiting. Damn you. PASHYA: [LAUGHING] Sorry. GURURAJ: God bless you. VIDYA: Ty. GURURAJ: Ty, do you come from Taiwan? [HE LAUGHS] God bless you, my son. [VIDEO ENDS HERE] VIDYA: Bob. GURURAJ: What do you do with this, Bob? BOB: It's a tie. [????] tie. Around the neck. GURURAJ: Oh, around the neck. BOB: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Oh, I see. I thought you used it... I thought you used it elsewhere to tie something els e up. [LAUGHTER] Namaste.

10. U S 86 - 6 VIDYA: This... I'll just read what's on here. It says, "Item to be blessed, if possible." Merrill found it. It's inscribe d, MLJ loves HMB. VOICE: That's mine. GURURAJ: Oh, come long, dear. VIDYA: [LAUGHING] Well, now we all know. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Oh, bless you, beloveds. Namaste. VIDYA: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Lorieta. Lorieta. Lorieta, that's your name. God bless you. Lorieta. VOICE: Could you spell that? GURURAJ: L, O, R, I, T, A. Geez, you guys. ROOPA: L, O, R, I, T, A? Lorita? GURURAJ: Lorieta. Sorry. L, O... ROOPA: R, I, E, T, A? GURURAJ: That's right. E. The E after the I ie, for example. ROOPA: What about a translation.

11. U S 86 - 6 GURURAJ: Lorieta means "The grace of Divinity." ROOPA: Mmm mm. My, my, my. GURURAJ: Lorieta. Write it out for her. Lorieta. ROOPA: Harry. GURURAJ: Which hand do you put it on? This one or that one? That one. God bless you, my son. VIDYA: [Anna?]. GURURAJ: God bless you, my daughter. VIDYA: Jagriti. GURURAJ: Come, Jagsi. [LAUGHTER] Oh, my darling, you. I think we know each other for about ten years, is it? Yeah, easy, easy, easy. God bless you, dear. VIDYA: Crystal. GURURAJ: Now, what boyfriend gave you this ring? CRYSTA L: My grandma. GURURAJ: Ahhh, I thought it was some boyfriend. There. Here, here my darling. We're such a close, close family. God bless you. VIDYA: Barbara.

12. U S 86 - 6 GURURAJ: [SINGING] Barbara, Barbara, Barbara, I need a haircut. Barber, you need a hai rcut, will you give me one? Barbara, Bobbi, Barbara. God bless you, dear. VIDYA: Prissy? Where's Praseela? You didn't go for Prissy, huh? PRASEELA: I thought you said "Crissy." GURURAJ: Yeah, I thought she said Crissy, too. VIDYA: I'm joking. Crissy. She enjoyed that name you gave her. GURURAJ: I hope I've it on right, but you can still see the time upside down. It's not difficult. I love you. Namaste. VIDYA: Carol. GURURAJ: Carol, Carol, Carol. What great charm you have. God bless you. VIDYA: This is for Carol's daughter in law. GURURAJ: You take it. That's Laura. My blessings to her. VIDYA: Sutriya. GURURAJ: I don't know her. SUTRIYA: I want you to. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Bullshit. I know you bette r than what you know yourself, because of my deep love. God bless you, dearest. Namaste. GURURAJ: Jesus, who's this!? Roopa, who is she?

13. U S 86 - 6 [ROOPA AND VIDYA MAKE COMMENTS ON IDENTITY OF WOMAN.] GURURAJ: Oh, God bless you, beloved. VIDYA: [INAUDIBLE ] GURURAJ: Oh, it's two hearts. One is a heart and one is a... VOICE: [Blue jack?] GURURAJ: What do you call it? VOICE: [Blue jack [???]. GURURAJ: [Blue jack?]. Well, I'm the blue jack and you're the heart. God bless you. VIDYA: Gomila. GURURAJ: She's very special, you know. God bless you. VIDYA: Jammu, [INAUDIBLE]. FEMALE VOICE: We've been in tight situations before. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: God bless you, my beloveds. Namaste. VIDYA: Jasuti.

14. U S 86 - 6 GURURAJ: There's Jasuti from Anders on. There's Jasuti from Anderson. I understand the Anderson. Jasuti, Jasuti, Jasuti, I love you. Jasuti, Jasuti, I love you. God bless you, dear. VIDYA: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: What's inscribed there? I haven't got my specs on. VOICE: Those are my initials. My initials. GURURAJ: Your initials, ah. Goody, good, good, good. God bless you, dear. Namaste. VIDYA: Tamaji. GURURAJ: Tamaji. Who is Tamaji? VIDYA: Mataji. GURURAJ: Mataji, that's it. My mother. Sorry, de ar. Namaste, darling. TAMAJI: Namaste. VIDYA: Tamaji, this is for Sue Munshaw. It's for Sue. GURURAJ: For? VIDYA: Sue Munshaw. Tamaji... Mataji is going to take it with her. GURURAJ: Oh, I see. Good. Good. Good. Munshaw. Professor Munshaw 's wife. I remember. Okay. Thank you. Namaste, dear. VIDYA: Some strange [fish?] here. [LAUGHTER]

15. U S 86 - 6 ROOPA: Some crocodile or... VIDYA: Crocodile or... VOICE: It's an alligator. ROOPA: It's an alligator. VIDYA: [INAUDIBLE] anybody in this room? [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE COMMENTS] VOICE: It seems to be [INAUDIBLE]. ROOPA: That's right, two little guys. GURURAJ: That's yours, huh? Good. Fine. God bless. Namaste. ROOPA: There's one last little thin g in here and it goes to Vidya. VIDYA: I didn't have a [?????]. ROOPA: I know. GURURAJ: Ooo, you're so [????]. [LAUGHTER] It's stuck to my fingers, I couldn't throw it away. Careful with the camera. VOICE: [You want to recognize her?] [JERRY?]: I think so.

16. U S 86 - 6 GURURAJ: You take a picture or few with the cover on. [LAUGHTER] Thank you, Mark. Beloved. Namaste. Bless you. ROOPA: [Ty?] GURURAJ: This is nice, "Good people." VOICES: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Right. Now, let's see [where's?] a key. I'll show you what we do. Ahh, opens the heart. ROOPA: Are you igniting him? GURURAJ: [LAUGHING] God bless you, Ty. ROOPA: Jeff. GURURAJ: God bless you. May you always be timeless. ROOPA: Joy . GURURAJ: [SINGING] Joy, Joy, Joy. Oh, what a joy you are to me. Joy, Joy, Joy. Oh, what a great joy you are to me. God bless you, dear. ROOPA: And we have two things for Terry. GURURAJ: Ah, goody, good, good. God bless you, Terry. ROOPA: [Ve rn?]. GURURAJ: Ah, lovely. How does it go on now? I think that way. God bless you, son. Namaste.

17. U S 86 - 6 ROOPA: [?????]. GURURAJ: Very interesting. Black background, white letters and red hands. Very good. Let the blackness [INAUDIBLE] this is there disappear, and concentrate more on the red of the hands, because that is the blood the Lord gave for us. So, whenever you look at the watch, look at the hands. You don't look at the black, you look at the hands. Your focus would be on the hands. So, every time you look at the hands think of the Lord. God bless you, my son. ROOPA: Shamiya. GURURAJ: God bless you, dearest . ROOPA: Chetan. GURURAJ: [SINGS IN SANSKRIT] Chetanji, Chetanji, chelaji. Namaste. Namaste. Are we done? And who does that basket belong to? ROOPA: Oh, [INAUDIBLE]. I don't know, but maybe you could take it, Guruji, and find something to [INAUDI BLE]. GURURAJ: No, no, no, no. There's a basket. Put it in the... MALE VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] VIDYA: Oh, yeah. We'll take that back with us. GURURAJ: Yeah, put those on. That's alright. ROOPA: It's an Easter basket, Guruji. GURURAJ: It is. It is.

18. U S 86 - 6 ROOPA: The Easter bunnies have dropped off presents. GURURAJ: Oh, this thing got stuck in my pants. It's pulling my wire. I'm pulling the wire, sorry. VOICES: Who's pulling who's leg? VIDYA: [INAUDIBLE CONVERSATION WITH GURURAJ] We were thinking, since time is short, now we can all go eat and then when you've finished eating we could meet back in the lobby, up here, [????] lobby. And then we'll just finish off over there. Bob, I don't know if it's possible to tape ove r there or not. If it's not, we'll just use the small tape recorder. BOB: It won't matter. VIDYA: [INAUDIBLE] Does that sound good? VOICE: Now, four o'clock is the deadline, so we'll be walking out the door. [BOB?]: If any of you want to stay for this sat sang, I'll be [INAUDIBLE] right after lunch, so come on back here. GURURAJ: I would like to see a few snippets. I think I told you, Bob, yesterday, of your video later. Just a couple of snippets to see how it came out. BOB: Sure. Right here. Any ti me. GURURAJ: Yeah, okay. We'll arrange that later. VIDYA: We'll take the videos home with us. GURURAJ: Yeah, we'll do it at home. I'll be with Vidya for about four or five days, something like that. So we will have time.

19. U S 86 - 6 VIDYA: We wanted to anno unce too, maybe it's already been announced, all of you are welcome to come to Bourbonnais and come to the intensive that's on Saturday, on the fifth. It'll be an all day intensive with Guruji. And it's about a fiv e hour drive, I think. VOICE: I unders tand Bob and Sandhya are going to put up two hundred people in their home, right. VIDYA: Barbara said she could possibly put some people up. VOICE: Joy's got a little toy chest she could put someone in, I think. In Sarah's room. MALE VOICE: Just bring a sleeping bag or whatever. GURURAJ: Well, you can have my room. I'll go into the maid's room. [LAUGHTER] Because after all I am a servant of humanity, so why not in the maid's room? VOICE: That's Saturday? VIDYA: Yeah, t hat's Saturday. So think about coming and either talk to Praseela or Barbara or Joy or Bob and Sandhya, if you would like a place to stay over Saturday night. TAMAJI: And Sunday... VIDYA: Or Friday night, you know, then you could be there early Saturd ay. TAMAJI: And Sunday afternoon in Edwardsville at our house, we will have a meeting to share our experiences at the course. VOICE: So that will be on the seventh?

20. U S 86 - 6 VOICES: The sixth. VOICE: The sixth, right. GURURAJ: What day would I be leaving? [SUJAY?]: The seventh. Monday. VIDYA: Is it Monday? ROOPA: I thought you said it was Sunday. VIDYA: Sunday or Monday. GURURAJ: Monday, the seventh, something. Oh, whatever. You know I don't worry about these little details. What do I have secretaries for? [LAUGHTER] Let me worry about more major things. Namaste. Namaste. Namaste. Do enjoy your lunch. [Rest of ta pe dealt with conversation related to distributing the objects and instructions concerning the envelopes. Most of it is indistinct and disjointed, indiscernible. Mention of golden threads. Ends with Guru singing.] [END SIDE ONE] [SIDE 2 APPEARS TO BE A TAPE OVER OF THE RETURN OF BLESSED OBJECTS.] ***END***


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