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1. U S 86 - 9 SPIRITUAL FORCE AND PRANA GURURAJ: I gotta do my job. A qualified M.D. has just proven to you how the pulsation just stopped and the palpitation of the heart went away. Do you see the benefits of meditation? And it's only through the spiritual force that I live. As most of you know, I had an open heart operation, by pass, as we call it, severe diabetic, cancer, bladder which is incontinent, and all this plus, plus, plus. And yet I travel seven, eight, months a year around the world. "How do you do it?" people ask me. You do it by spiritual force. That is the greatest force in the world. And when you reach a level of spirituality, you can be assured, very well assured, that your life is lengthened. Vidya and Roopa will tell you I eat so li ttle. I don't need food. I live on prana. And what is prana? Prana is life force. That life force sustains you. I can be buried in the ground for thirty days without food or water, and yet come out healthy and alive. That is spiritual force, not this psych ic rubbish, that's nonsense. Forget it. But the spiritual force is a godly force, and that Divinity you can activate and bring into your practical life. That is spiritual force. The spirit is forever existent. It is always there. But what humankind requires is how to activate that which lies dormant in you. Please wake up, my beloveds, wake up. Don't be in the sleep that you're in now. For your whole lives are made, is made, rather, in sleep. Can anyone of you tell me now that you are awake? No. You are asleep. And because o f that sleep, the awakening is not there. For to sleep and to be awake are contradiction of terms. You are either asleep or either awake. What I am trying to tell you and teach you, be awake, be aware. How many hair have you on your head? Tell me. VOIC E: Not very many. GURURAJ: I will tell you. One thousand four hundred and eighty two. Now count them if you like. You're very, very beautiful. I must put you in one of my films. So, what we are talking about is awakening, to be awake, to be aware . To be aware not only of your surroundings, but to be aware of yourself. How do you become aware of yourself? Is through your spiritual practices. Twelve billion cells in this little brain box, and I've said this before to you, that you are only using one millionth part of twelve billion. Now, from that example how much are you aware? Awareness can only come through the brain cells which you use, can only come through spiritual force. And they open up those brain cells that makes you more and more a nd more aware. So the spiritual practices must not be neglected. If you wish to neglect them I don't force you. I can only guide you and tell you about it. If, for example, mmmmm, there, whoever, starts a business, your business will become more success ful

2. U S 86 - 9 if you are more aware. Then your decisions will become right and you don't make mistakes. Because they would all just flow through you, natural. No effort is required. For the more you try to bring effort into your life the more it will fail . So, through meditation and spiritual practices, life becomes effortless. It is a pity we haven't got art paper here at the moment and paints. I wanted a large one, and I could show you, demonstrate to you, that within five minutes you have the finest picture that you could see. And many of my paintings are exhibited in various art galleries. And this comes without effort. Do you see the example I'm trying to give you? Talking to you, my beloveds, I'm not making any effort. Professors do. They prepare lec tures and blah, blah, blahs. I don't. I sit with you, with my family, and just flow to you. That flowing requires no effort at all. Now, that is how life has to be all the time. That in every activity there is inactivity. That's what the Gita says. P erform all actions in life, but let them not be regarded as effortful actions. But let the actions just flow. And that is how you will release all the stress and tension that is so much gathered in you. I will release those stress and tensions in a seco nd from you. For you do not need to suffer it. Why, my beloveds, when I love you so much, that you should have those stress and tensions? It is not necessary. And I will teach you now the art how to release those stress and tensions. What you do when y ou feel stressed. You do pranayama your four, sixteen, eight, huh, those that are meditators, right. Those that are not meditators do the bastric pranayama. Let us all do it together now. [PANTS] Panting like a dog. [PANTING] Okay. Do you know with in half a minute or a minute, whatever it was, do you how many toxins you've released from your system, huh? And by releasing those toxins you get rid of stress. Don't you feel more relaxed now? Yes, yes, yes? So, whenever you feel stressed, do bastric pranayama and it release toxins that has accumulated within your body. And you will find a beautiful relaxation coming, hm, doctor? Right? Good. So, in the process I don't want any of you to become self realized, but I want each and every one of you t o become happy. Self realization will follow when you are awakened enough. So, don't make that the goal of your life that I want to be self realized. Rather have the goal in your life that y ou want to be happy. And happiness can only be found by sincer ity, honesty, truthfulness, faithfulness to each other, worshipfulness, meditation, spiritual practices, and your own personal prayer. But remember one thing, that your prayer can only be effectful if your mind is calm, and meditation makes the mind calm. What's our time, darling? VOICE: Quarter to three. GURURAJ: Quarter to three. Now, people suffering of insomnia and other problems, when you go to bed, then take your mantra to the navel area and picture it as blue, any color blue, it doesn't matter , light, dark, gray, depending on your mind,

3. U S 86 - 9 it doesn't matter. And you close your eyes and you bring your mantra to the manipura chakra, which is the navel area, and you will go off into a deep sleep. Now, can you guys stretch your legs, if possible? Yo u can twirl it in whichever way you like. Just twirl your toes. Okay. Now, take your right hand. Right hand, not two. Now, stretch it up as far as possible. More, more, more, more, more, more, it's going higher and higher, more, c'mon, c'mon. Don't b e lazy. More, more, more, stretch it, more. Now, you do this with your fingers. Do whatever, right, but your arm must be high, damn it! [LAUGHTER] Do I have to stand up? Now, we do the left. [LAUGHTER AND REMARKS] C'mon. C'mon. Up, up, up, up, up, u p. Touch the ceiling. Get your fingers loose. Get your fingers loose. You got your toes loose now get your fingers loose and get your arms moving. Now, everyone stand up. It's okay, love. Now, turn and get a central point. Okay, you got it? Fine. Now, you turn again and you'll reach a greater central point. Try it. Okay? Do you see the difference? That's right. That's the idea. Now, ju st swirl your shoulders. That's it. Okay. Now, necks. Swirl necks, swirl necks. Many of you find a creaking sound in your necks. That is the nerves coming from the vertebrae to the medulla. Loosen it up and do it every day whenever you can. Right. Okay. Sit down, guys. Ahhhhh. Now, you can relax a bit. Oh, sorry darling. Thank you. I'm a master of yoga and I've simplified the whole method so much that any person can do it from the age of eight to eighty. Now, the little exercise we did was this...[GURURAJ AND PERSON IN BACKGROUND BLOW THEIR NOSES] I always... uh ho we're doing it together, good. VOI CE: I was just following instructions. GURURAJ: That from the vertebrae, you know there are nerves leading up to the medulla, this portion here, right. And most people have them very stiff. Therefore when you do that you find creaking sound. Now, tha t blocks the nervous flow from the brain cells to the entire spinal system. Now, the spinal system is a continuation of the brain. So, therefore , if you do this once a day or so, even while you're working you can do it. They might think you're mad, but so what? [laughter and comments] Do that. Right. Now, the other little exercise which we demonstrated was this, that you turn your back, which controls the lower back, right, and you do not have the habit of practicing it more. So, I gave you a demonstr ation that first turn your back and get a central point, which you're looking at, and then try it again. And you went beyond the first central point. That means it' s giving a greater exercise to the lower back, and many people around the world have troubl es with their lower back. They have pains there and many other problems begin from there. So do that once a day or so. It takes a minute or two. Even while you're working in the kitchen you can do it, or at the office or whatever. Or even if you go to the toilet, you still can

4. U S 86 - 9 do it. The bastric pranayama will take you away from thoughts that are negative, such as worrying thoughts. So, when your concentration goes on the worrying thoughts, do bastric pranayama and those thoughts will disappear. It's very simple, very simple. You see, many of these so called gurus try to make things [baby chatters] (yes, my darling) many of these so called gurus try and make things complicated, which are not necessary. I simplify them totally for its maximum benefit. I could give you the same talk in a very technical way, but what purpose would it serve? Nothing at all. It will serve no purpose. I could repeat this same talk in a very, very, technical manner, having so many Ph.D's, and blah, blah, blahs. But, no, I want you to understand what I'm trying to say. I want you to feel in your heart what I'm trying to say. For words could be words, but the force and the power that's imparted by a true guru is far beyond thoughts and words. They penetrate the heart an d once the penetration is there, like impregnation, the baby is born. You do not need to abort it. But that baby of love, of understanding, is there. It's given to [END SIDE ONE] produce like for like. That's important. True understanding, proper at titudes, proper practices as prescribed by the master, that is what we need and life would become so much better and better. Don't you want that? Don't you want that? You are doctors and dentists and professors and secretaries, and name it. Don't you w ant that peace, don't you want that love, don't you want that serenity? That is why I come, to give you some understanding, for those that could understand that serenity. And as I've said before, it's not only the verbal teaching, but it is also the spir itual force. Spiritual force that's imparted to all of thee. After you leave this evening, after today's function, you will feel so much at peace. You will feel so much uplifted. Because that is what a guru does: he uplifts, he brings peace. Listening t o my voice that girl nearly fell to sleep over there. Relaxed. Aha, there's the idea. How can you be relaxed? If I take the tension away from you then only could you be relaxed. And doctor Padmini will bear me out on that. So life is fun. But see it to be fun. I don't know why they spelled fun f u n. They should have rather spelled it f u m, not n, m, fum, which rhymes with bum. So stop being bloody bums! Idiots! Get some damn sense in your head! [pointing to baby] He's got more sense than what I'v e got. [LAUGHTER] Right. Look this is, that's a joke, you know. [LAUGHTER] VOICE: Let me know when you're serious. GURURAJ: I'm not a funster but a bumster. A fumster. So, be happy all of you, and my blessing goes to all of you. Can we have a glass of water, dear? Good. Unfortunately I can't move around, but come, bless you. [LONG PAUSE ON AUDIO] [BEGINS INDIVIDUAL BLESSINGS WHICH ARE SEEN ON VIDEO]

5. U S 86 - 9 GR TO MARY ANN: God bless you. GR TO TERRY: God bless you. GR TO CHELA: Is something wrong with your feet, darling? Bless you. GR TO ROSHAN: God bless you. GR TO CHELA: [kissing her] [to Vidya] Don't you be jealous. [to her] God bless you. GR TO CHELA: [qui etly discusses a physical problem] God bless you. GR TO CHELA: [removing her scarf and putting it on himself] God bless you, darling. Namaste. GR TO SUSAN: What's your name, darling? Susan. Sunita. That's your spiritual name. Sunita, my darling daughter. You must not cry, my darling daughter. Come to your father's arms. [Holding her. She cries] When life lacks love [????] then tears of joy flow. God bless you, my darling. ROOPA: What does Sunita mean? GR: Sunita means "that which gives rays of the sun to the world." That's Sunita. GR TO CHELA: Oh, my cuckoo. How are you, darling? [Removing her necklace, putting it around his neck and returning it] God bless you, dear. GR TO KARUNI: Hey ya ya. God bless you. GR: [Baby fusses. To baby]: Om om, om, om. Ha, look at him. Om, om, om, om. Hey, mister, here, here, here, come. Oh, my baby, my grandchild. Huh. Bless you. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Fatty bums. Hold my hands. That's it. [Sings to him ] Ok. That' s it. We've danced enough. Good.

6. U S 86 - 9 GR TO CHELA: [getting on floor with her] GR: You can be very serious and go into very deep philosophy, but that must not stop you from having fun. For that is the essence of life. If you're too serious all the tim e, then where's there going to be fun. Huh? And don't you live this life for fun? And fun means, as I said before, it's a play. Why have tragedies? Have the comedies of life. For to be tragic is destroying yourself. But to enjoy the comedy is to rest ore yourself [sings in Sanskrit] Do you know, dear heart, that meeting you is something so great and you're a part of me? [SINGS] Without meeting you how can I live? [SINGS] How far can I go without you? [SINGS] For how long I've been waiting for you. [SINGS] So now you've come into my life in Bourbonnais. [SINGS] I walk and I walk and I walk but where can I go? [SINGS] There's only one place I can go to. [SINGS] Only to Bourbonnais. [SPEAKS IN SANSKRIT] This is what I can talk of life. [SANSKRIT ] I've fallen and I've stood up again just for you. [SINGS] [GETTING UP AND DANCING] Come, come, come. Walk with me. [SINGS] And this is the talk I can give you from my heart. [SINGS] [GURURAJ SINGS AND AUDIENCE CLAPS] VOICE: Now sing it in Engl ish. GURURAJ: Thank you. [APPLAUSE AND LAUGHTER] This guru is a bastardo. [LAUGHTER] I can make you laugh and I can make you cry and yet between the laughter and the crying I will give you the most profoundest knowledge in the world that no scripture could describe. Our teachings are beyond all scriptures of the world. And that is why you love me. If you understand me, of course. Now, nose blosing time. [BLOWS] [LAUGHTER] Co respondent. I'm gonna sue you. [LAUGHTER] VOICE: It'd be my pleasure. GURURAJ: You see, life is such great fun, as I said before, but just don't stick to fun. Make it funny also. Right? And then you will have a lovely little bunny. [LAUGHTER] Yeh, right. I've got more anointments to do, blessings? Thank you, doctor. [TO CHELA]: God bless you, dear. VOICE: God bless you, too.

7. U S 86 - 9 GR TO JOY: Aha, ey, yi, yi, yi, yi. God bless you, darling. JOY: Thank you. GURURAJ: [SINGS IN SANSKRIT TO BABITA]: [END VIDEO TAPE ONE] Whenever, whenever I think of you there's so m uch pain in my heart. [SINGS] Your heart and my heart is the same heart and never forget that. [SINGS] Yeh, quarters. [CONTINUES SINGING] Never forget that, my love. Do you know I think most of you people know that, as I told you before, I acted, dire cted, produced, script written about over forty films. Would you like to suggest any subject on which I could give you an act? [SNAPS FINGERS] Like that. You know when I was a young fellow I used to be quite handsome, but today I'm so old and ugly, you know. VOICES: [VARIOUS REMARKS] GURURAJ: Where's my stick? You've got it somewhere. Right. Suggest some, do you want comedy, do you want drama, do you want....? Drama, I think. We had enough comedy already. Right. [PRIYA]?: We want Krishna and the [???????]. GURURAJ: Oooo, that doesn't sound like drama. That's more a song. VOICE: Life and death. [PRIYA]?: That's dramatic. [LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Okay. Okay. Ten to four. [SANSKRIT] Who said I'm going to die? [SANSKRIT] Who said I'm going to live? [SANSKRIT] What is the difference between life and death? [SANSKRIT] That life and death is one. [SANSKRIT] Do you want to live or die ? [SANSKRIT] That may you live forever. [SANSKRIT] But remember that if you want to live, live with love. Because in death you would not know the difference at all between love and death. But in life you can know what love is. For love itself is life. [SECOND VIDEO BEGINS HERE] Don't you know that my children? That love is life, and also that life is love. What do you want me to give you? Must I give you life or must I give you death? Death

8. U S 86 - 9 comes to you by itself. You bring death upon yourself. But I, your guru, gives you life. A life to live and a life to love. Another subject. [APPLAUSE] Anything, anything, anything. I compose on the spot. I never prepare anything. SANDHYA: Baby buns. VOICE: What is it she said? SANDHYA: Baby buns. V OICES: Giving blessings to the rest of the world. Giving blessings to the rest of the room. GURURAJ: Yeh, we got to do that. [LAUGHTER] Get on to that because six o'clock is chuck out time. VOICES: Check or chuck? GURURAJ: Chuck out time. No, n o, that's not a subject. VOICE: Butterflies. Butterflies. GURURAJ: That's a song. That's not a dramatic subject. [SINGING] Once I knew I was in a cocoon And I emerge as a butterfly. And as a butterfly I flew and flew To the most beautiful gardens I could find And which I knew. So, let me be the most beautiful butterfly With so many colors and hues. So, let me be more beautiful So I could attract more beautiful flowers

9. U S 86 - 9 That they could be. I'm a butterfly flying through the sky. And I want to settle, I want to settle, On a beautiful flower and suck her dry. [lines are mine. S.J.] GURURAJ SINGING: Ta ja ja ja ja. Ta ra ra ra ra ra. Hey ja da heh heh ra. Cha cha cha. P RIYA: [INAUDIBLE REMARK AND LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: The master is always a master. There are fifty two facets to a person. And if all those facets are polished, then it becomes like the sparkling diamond. So you become versatile in everything. [TAPE GLIT CH. AUDIO MAY HAVE BEEN SHUT OFF THERE] I can sing, I can dance, I can play the fool, create comedy, create tragedy, teach the greatest philosophy, metaphysics, philology, blah, blah, blah, shitology. And of course I forgot the last one, guruology. VOI CE: [COMMENTS] GURURAJ: Right. Next blessing. GR TO MARGARETTE: God bless you. GR TO SUTRIYA: Who are you? SUTRIYA: Nobody. GR: I don't know you. SUTRIYA: That makes two of us. [laughter and applause] GR: Very good, wasn't it. Come on, get up here.

10. U S 86 - 9 SUTRIYA: Oh, ok. GR: Do you want a demonstration in kissing? VOICES: [LAUGHTER AND YA'S] The pranic kiss. GR: Now you see, this arm must be put that way, and face tilted, and then this hand must g o there [laughter]. Now, let's not make it a deep one [laughter]. Now, come, my darling. God bless you, dearest. Namaste. VOICES: [INAUDIBLE COMMENTS] GR TO CHELA: Oh, mommsy darling. GR TO CHETAN [PICKING UP CANE AS IF TO STRIKE HIM]: [LAUGHTER AND COMMENTS] God bless you. Namaste. GR TO CHELA: Oh, beloved. Bless you. GR TO SANDHYA: Sandhyaji. God bless you, dear. GR TO PADMINI: Oh, my dear sister. [sings prayer] Namaste, [ben?]. GR TO BABY: He's also saying the gayatri mantra. GR TO GOMILA: Who are you? Come closer. [looks at her lengthily but doesn't speak. Kissing her] God bless you. [rubbing her shoulder] Getting pains in this side? Or is it through the other side? Or is it through the backside? God bless you, dear. GR: Are we about done, Vidydaji? GR TO BOBBY: Open up these buttons. Right. That's enough.

11. U S 86 - 9 Who's son is he? Has he ever complained of a murmur, dad? Get it checked. God bless you, my son. God bless you. You can button up again. You don't need to walk around naked. GR TO AARON: Ah, namaste, my son. GR TO SUE: Do you find pains there? No. Good. It's all right. You must have your eyes checked. It's important. Try and do it as soon as possible. Namaste. GR TO TY: Can anyone get a spo on for me? [checking his throat] Do you get a pain in your throat sometimes? That's what I suspected. God bless you, my son. You see, a master physician can just look at a person's face and know their problems. I told him that he gets pains in his thro at and I just wanted to double check it. You see. GR TO BYRON: I can't see without my glasses. Quite a handsome guy with his suit, isn't he. BYRON: My wife dresses me funny. GR: God bless you, my brother. GR TO MERRILL: Oh, Merrillji, I love you so much. I just want to see the top of your chest. You see, a person's spiritual development has many signs to it. And by observing these signs you can surely know how spiritually developed a person is. And of course it's an art. It's a science and an art combined together. Let's take, for example, our Vidya. Eight, nine years ago, or is it ten years? VIDYA: About ten years. GURURAJ: About ten years. When she met me she had pig eyes. VIDYA: I knew he was going to say that.

12. U S 86 - 9 VOICES: [REMARKS AND LAUGHTER] GURURAJ: Pig. p I g. And now she has such gentle, gentle, eyes. That's what meditation does for you and can do for you. So, it's important. New people that are here who are not meditators, I would really suggest, I can never force anyone into anything, but I would suggest they should start meditating. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating, as I always say. Try it. If you don't like it, lump it. And you will see within a few weeks what great benefit it wil l bring into your lives. You'd just be amazed. There's so many meditators here and you can ask them about it. And how it has benefited their lives. So, nothing ventured nothing gained. Try it. And with us in our group here, in Bourbonnais, you call i t Bourbanaus, which is wrong. It's Bourbonnais. It comes from French. I know more about your town than what you know about it. Where does the word Kankakee come from? VOICES: [VARIOUS RESPONSES] It's an Indian name. GURURAJ: That's right. That's true. [SINGS TO ANNA:] My beautiful brown eyes, I love you. God bless you, darling. GR TO PASHYA: We have to turn the other way around and sit there. Are you all right? [hugging her] What's your greatest desire in life? PASHYA: Oh, God. [LAUGHTER ] GURURAJ: Oh God? I didn't get that. VOICE: Her greatest desire is, "Oh, God." GURURAJ: Oh, God? Why, "Oh, God?" Rather say, "I offer myself to thee, O God." "Oh, God" is a total misinterpretation. It's an expletive? Yeh, right. So, you get a ngry for something and you say, "Oh God." [laughter and comments] Rather say, "I offer myself to thee, O God." And that oh must be a soft oh. O God. Do you get the intonation? O God. It becomes a plea to God. It becomes a prayer. Not, "oh, God." B ullshit. Because everything that

13. U S 86 - 9 goes wrong in your lives, as you might have experienced, I'm sure, you say, "Oh, God!" Or you might say, "Damn it!" No, [softly] O, O God. That's the way to do it, my darling dear. That's the way to do it. [END AUDIO T APE US 86009] **** END ****


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