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1. US 87- 15 THE MISCONCEPTION THAT WE ARE MORTAL ...So everything in the progression of life, everything from its minutest value will progress in its own evolutionary form to greater and greater progression. Is that not what you really want to seek? You want to start from the top? But, my beloveds, start from the bottom and slowly and slowly reach the top. For if you could really recognize what is at the bottom and what is at the top you will find that there is no difference. For what is down below is also above. Good. Let me hear any of your profound, deeply philosophical, metaphysical, psychological, shitological questions, etc. Let me hear what you want to talk about. ROOPA: Beloved Guruji, would you please speak to us about how the misconception has started within us that we are mortal. GURURAJ: If you regard yourself to be not mortal, that is the greatest conception that you will find in becoming mortal. For who says this to thee, my beloved, that you are mortal when you are the product of immortality. And when you are produced from the essence of immortality, where could mortality really exist? I watch my Mataji doing the painting, and just with a flourish of a hand she creates that immortality. So then I would ask myself is my mother not possessed of immortality? But only...[pause] that is non conforming to mortality. For that which does not conform to mortality will naturally be immortality. So it is a total misconception within your mind, because in the first place you are misconceived. It was an accident and you did not know of it. Have you really studied within yourself when you have given birth that the very conception of your child came about through conception? Was it not a misconception? And in the misconception all the accidents come about. So what are you? The very product that leads away from conception to misconception. And you have missed the point in your misconception. Tonight, knowing you so well, I want you to be totally relaxed within yourself. And to find that total relaxation within yourself, you will find that tomorrow morning there would be greater power in your laxation. Only Mother understood me. So become relaxed within yourself and there could not be any laxative, for laxation within knowing yourself is how you will find yourself to be totally relaxed instead of having constipation. It is so simple. Get me my cigarettes, darling. I want you to relax. I wonder who brought me a shit lighter like this. It does not suit me. People in their lives do not even know how to light a cigarette for their beloved. They light the lighter and press it to the face, not even realizing that the eyebrows can be burned. But how about lighting over there and bringing it closer. For in that closeness you will find her, and

2. US 87- 15 yourself, and the meaning of whatever exists between herself and you. [coughs continuously throughout.] Light up a cigarette and relax, dammit. [laughter] The true master of life is he that could bring you down to what you are instead of the pretense that you try and exist to be. That is the mastery of the master that could love and love and love forever and making you feel that there is none else existent except you and me. That is finding the unity of existence. That is finding the unified field where each and every atom combines in singing that beauteous song that I will forever remain you, which in your essence will forever remain me. These are the realizations that must come to man. These are the realizations that is found. And surely you can but give it a little effort, perhaps, through the help of your little stupid ass guru. But forever know that you can find within yourself the divinity which makes you a man. Where are those cymbals. What do you people do with these things? Light up a cigarette. Share it with me. Relax! For fuck sake, relax! I can speak in your language [much laughter], and at the same time I could teach you to speak in my language. No spoons, nothing. Fuck all. Why don't one of you guys run up and get my prayer book and I'll sing a hymn for you and some forks and a glass! Forks are spelled f o r k s. So don't misinterpret me. [pause] The beauty of life does not revolve in the beauty of life. The beauty of life is to find the beauty of life. So the true beauty is not in the beauty of itself, but the true beauty is in finding it so that it could become yourself. [to Panu]: Take off your shirt! [laughter] PANU: There are people watching. GURURAJ: Let them! What the bloody hell! How do I get this off? [General stripping routine and rowdiness, laughter, stripping music, comments, etc,etc.] [Prayer book arrives]: This I composed... shut up! PRIYA: You really need these sun glasses. Can I take a picture of that? GURURAJ: Sure, why not. We're having fun. Where's that hat? Roopa: That was the last course. GURURAJ: I composed this at 14 or 15. [Sings in Sanskrit interspersed with a line of translation.] [lines are mine. K.S.]

3. US 87- 15 Lord give me your darshan, your presence, So that my mind could feel the peace that is within you So the pain of my body could never be heated up. And so that you, my Lord, can never forget Let my heart keep beating on and on Where else can I find you except in the beating of my heart. [To someone in audience laughing] "You’re a stupid bitch! Stop laughing while you’re listening to the Lord's Prayer! You're so great, so wonderful and I'm just a child asking for your mercy Make me mad in your divine light so that My mind could always exist within thee Please give me the sense so that my mind could become mindless And so, so desireful only of thee [To Karuni]: Laugh idiot, laugh more! Come here! Sit here! I've got to teach children... love, lovey. You sing the rest, OK? [now duet] Give me the comfort of [???] until there is No desire left in me except for thee And in the remembrance of you there could be no suffering that could exist within me For I am none else but melted within thee. For you are the only one Wherever I look I seem to find you

4. US 87- 15 And the tears of my joys just seem to flow For I, my Lord, have found you forever within me. Rub my feet, they are sore. This is the secret of life, that those that are not understanding, you produce the understanding within themselves. [Sings with cymbals] The brightness of your eyes is none else but the brightness of my eyes And in your heart I will always stay. Please do remember the loving that has been pouring Although life has all its seriousness, do remember one thing, that take away that seriousness and become happy. Always. For that is what you are. You are happy within yourself and the only thing that is lacking is the realization of the happiness. That which you are, really are. Realize it. Realize it. Now, Roopaji, will you take dictation [inaudible]. Panuji, sonnyji, can join us together. During this week while I am lying down you will come and sit around my bed and we will discuss all kinds of things. You can ask me anything you want to questions you would not ask in a public satsang. Being together as a family you can ask me anything you want to. Woman! That should be on that side [referring to cufflink]. You've got to teach these blooming women how to do things right. [To Vidya]: So remember one thing and remember it well, that there is nothing else in life if you and I cannot forever dwell within ourselves. For that is the way how I could express my love for thee. Find this divinity in your lives, in your husbands and your wives, find that and life will become so beautiful that without knowing how to flow, you will just be flowing and glowing into the meaning of eternity. Remember that. Always. I want to see each and every one of you here to be totally totally happy. Because your happiness is my happiness, your sorrow is my sorrow. So let me not suffer, my beloveds, but help me to offer myself in your joy that knows not of the morrow, but only knows of the scintillating beauty of what life is about, and then we can stand up on the hilltops and shout, "I love thee." Do you see. So fucking simple! Can't be serious all the time. [He continues talking but is away from the mic.]

5. US 87- 15 **** END ****


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