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2. U S 87 - 19 So see, I can take cats, rats, any shit and I can put into a poem that you can remember and think about. Another? TERRY: Mountains GR: What about the mountains? Tell me. TERRY: Their beauty and grace. GURURAJ: Ah. The mountains will forever be ther e Because the volcanic eruptions of the world pushed them up. To become the mountains with form If you can find true love within yourself, Your mountains will be pushed automatically And what mountain am I talking about now to thee Depends upon your own personal interpretation Which I am not going to interpret for thee. So climbing up the mountain and reaching that beautiful height Where have I really reached? Nowhere, not in the mountain but just within me. For within me lies all the height that was orig inally created by me. So why should I not strive to where I belong Within the heights of myself For is that not the place where I should really be So we create imaginary mountains, and yet Forgetting the heights of that which is

1. U S 87 - 19 GR TELLS HIS LIFE STORY [ON SAME VIDEO AS 87018 BUT DIFFERENT AUDIO] ...write the lyric and whatever, with me it just flows, flows, flows, flows together. So after having our lovely satsang tonight, I hope it was lovely, I don't know, and neither do I want to know because I never remember what I talk about. But it's also to make you feel happy, joyful, to give you a little entertainment. So the night that you will spend tonight will be happy. For that is the happiness that I will wish for you. The greatest master in the world will always be he who, with every word, composes poesy. That is the master. Unfortunately that is not me. Suggest any subject and we'll have a quickie. Then you guys can have a rest. Rest, please, in your beloved's heart. For there is the only place where you can find true rest. For if you do not find it there, your life is lost. For always find him to be very near you and yet eve rywhere. Right. Any subject. I'll compose a short one. Quickie. Sometimes quickies are nice. What are we talking about? I don't know. Come on, come on. VOICE: What about cats? GURURAJ: Who said that? Cats. What about rats. [Lines are mine. S.J.] The cat can never exist without the rat How about that [laughter] For the rat is there to provide the substance of the cat But yet going throughout life I have found So many cats that were in human form And they were nothing else but rats. So the n I said to myself, do I need rats or the cats to devour me But let me be in finding that love so sublime Where there are no rats and neither cats But only the greatness that lies within myself And in my Divinity.

3. U S 87 - 19 within you. And finding the height that is within you There could be no Alps or Everests ever And even the Himalayas will disappear For you have been there once upon a time And return back to find the height That has always been there existing within you So, our belov ed lord, let me reach there For I know all creations, all the heights and the love have forever been there All the time because you were there all the time. Learn one lesson now and learn it well. That love yourself, and loving yourself, love your brot her man in this vast family throughout the world. For any time you want to go anywhere, it's just to phone me and I'll pick up the phone and say such and such is coming. Look after my beloved chela. And they will do it any time, all the time. Do you se e that all of you have become the instrument of creating this whole worldwide family, and your contribution has been very, very great to help this little me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Go to bed! I love each and every one of you equally. It is onl y the train of life that it pass from one station to another, but the heart that exists within ourselves knows of only one station, and it is called the heart station. Namaste. **** END ****


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