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2. U S 87 - 20 MADHU: Beloved Guruji, parent ing seems to be the most difficult challenge a chela can encounter in life. It's almost like living with a houseful of little gurus on a daily basis. How does one deal with the emotions that these little ones pull fro m us, and at the same time set an exa mple of love for their spiritual growth? GURURAJ: Beautiful. Those little gurus that you have mentioned in parenting or being parents are not pulling anything away from you at all, but you as a parent are giving them whatever you can, according to your own personal capacity. A child, in reality, never demands anything from a parent. Not a true child who is well brought up. If you have spoiled brats , yes, they demand, but if a child is properly brought up, a child will not demand anything from you, but will always be giving you the sense of love and loving and caring and sharing. That's what a properly brought up child does. But if you bring up brats, then you will find the bloomin' demands. I was staying in one home recently, and my god, the damn noi se. This one shouting to that one and that one shouting to that one. It was like a zoo. I had to close my bedroom door. Although not to be rude I did not close it too much. Is that the right way to bring up a child? Your duty had been because of your necessity or your need or your love or your lust to bring that child into the world. But now what is the solution? The solution lies in your hands so that the child can be taught not to be rude to their parents or their guests or whoever's around. I've s een these kids so many places that would shout and shout and shout their bloomin' heads off, making everyone's life a misery, and especially a master guru like me that requires total silence i s not found, and I'd rather go and sit in the toilet where there 's greater silence until I pull the chain. Is that the way you bring up your children? Tell me, tell me. Is that the way you bring them up? Very wrong. Because when the parent has no culture, how can culture be imparted to the child? Explain me that! The father will go shouting around from morning till night. Is it any wonder that the children of that father will go around shouting and shouting and shouting. So the fault is yours, not of the child. Because you, not having had that culture imparted in you, could not impart that culture in your very child or children. There's a lot to be learned from this. Remember that. It will hurt some of you her e, but I don't care a damn. I don't need you, you need me. So sometimes if I kick your asses it's f or a purpose, for your benefit, not for mine. In any case what does it benefit me really. Can hardly cover my bloomin' air fares coming here. Or anywhere else, for that matter. So, every fault you find in a child in your parenthood is nothing else but a reflection of yourself. A child is like a little flower that you have to nurture and make it look beautiful and grow beautifully. But if you are not beautiful within yourself, how

3. U S 87 - 20 can the flower become beautiful? And then grownups blame everything on th e generation gap. Ha. Who creates the gap? Not the child, the parent. They all say the child produces the gap. It's wrong. The parent produces the gap. For not knowing how to bring up the child, or instill culture in the child, the sense of decency. I go and stay in a home, for example, and the bloomin' kids make so much noise it drives me crazy. Thank God I have got enough patience to be able to stand it. Can those parents not teach those children that Gururaj is here so don't make a noise because he is a man of silence? But they don't because they are not silent within themselves. And then you want to blame the children and say that they are the cause of the generation gap, when you yourself are the greatest perpetrator of bringing up your child ren the wrong way. No wonder that in so many countries, including America too, there is permissiveness, promiscuity, pre teen porn on every street corner. You encourage your children to see TV. And what do they see on television? Every American child is subjected to 13,000 murders per year. Did you know that? And you are subjecting your child to that. So when they grow up and become degenerate, do you blame the child or do you blame yourself? Just imagine every little child subjected to 13,000 murde rs on the TV box. Switch off the damn TV and give the children a certain time when they, too, must have some enjoyment and go to the video shop and get something suitable for them that they could watch. And even your nursery rhymes: Jack and Jill went up the hill to get a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after. I don't know what's wrong with your educationists. Huh. Is that not bullshit? Is that not violence? Where poor Jack had to fall down and break his cro wn and Jill come tumbling after. Why not Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. And there, where the water was, so many beautiful daisies and flowers were growing. So Jack and Jill picked some of those flowers and brought them home t o mother. [laughter and comments] Do you see, your entire system of education is screwed up. The whole teaching in your homes of the children is also screwed up. You know why? Because you are screwed up in the first place. That's why. So the real value of education is not to teach the children the 3 R's, which are necessary of course, but to teach them the inner self, the beauty which they are within themselves. That is the truth in all the educational factors in life. Reading, writing, arithmetic, huh ? How far is that going to get you? You read and you write and you add up sums, the 3 R's, as we call them. Reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. I don't know how they lost the "a" in arithmetic, because losing that "a" they are negating 'rithmetic and cal ling it a rithmetic. Uh huh! Teach them not arithmetic, but rhythm of the free, beautiful, divine flow of life. Then you'll be teaching something worthwhile. That is how the child will grow up and become a better child. I've seen a young girl of 12 13 shitting out the father and mother and shouting her bloomin' head off. Is that the way we were brought up? Definitely not. That's for sure. But yet we have forgotten all that and bring up our child differently. And the excuse we give is this, that we h ave to give our

4. U S 87 - 20 children independence. How can you give them independence? You can't, because you are starting from a false premise in the first place. For you, yourself, do not know the meaning of independence. Examine every moment of your life and you will find yourself to be dependent on someone or something or whatever. And then you talk of independence. That is the meaning of parenthood. That is the knowledge that one must try be you successful or not, but you have tried your best to plant into th e children so that at least if the child doesn't grow eight petals at least it might grow four of them. Still something achieved. The totality of the flower does not depend upon the amount of petals it has. The totality of the flower is there by the bea uty and fragrance it sheds. And it cannot be counted by the amount of petals. But it can only be calculated, counted, and appreciated by the beauty it sheds and by its own personal fragrance. Good, Next question. Sir. BALDEV: Beloved one, we were t alking this morning at breakfast about the same subject and we were talking about our parents and we were talking about the choices we made to come to our parents. It seems to me that it's like a vicious cycle, what you say, because we were taught what w e were taught, and I don't really feel personally that we were taught and brought up a different way. We were brought up just as screwed up, and we chose parents who taught us behaviorally just as screwed up examples. So how do we break the cycle? It's a vicious cycle. More and more as I live I'm almost glad my son died because I would have just passed on the same cycle to him. But he only came for three days, so he got out of here. So how do we break it? GURURAJ: By using a screw driver and turning it the other way. You get screwed up because you're turning it that way. Try turning it the other way and you unscrew the screw. That is the secret of how to unscrew your children. Three years has passed wh en my little grandson was born and died three years? BALDEV: Five years. GURURAJ: And yet, that memory of something that was inevitable exists in your mind. So was the child screwed up, or are you now still screwed up? BALDEV: That's what I just sa id. GURURAJ: Good! Say it again! That you are screwed up!

5. U S 87 - 20 BALDEV: Then none of us should have children. GURURAJ: That's not the question at issue. If you can't produce a child so you can't. There are so many millions in the world that produce the ir children. China has... huh... one billion, India has 900 million... BALDEV: And the world's in great shape. GURURAJ: It is in a great shape. Only you screw it up, therefore you do not find it to be in a damn great shape. Come here and bow down a nd I'll put you into shape. BALDEV: Good. GURURAJ: [Kissing him] By loving you. Not by smacking his ass or his face, but by showing him deep love because he is screwed up and we're all going to do our best to make him unscrew the screw, even if we have to use nuts and bolts. God bless you, my son. [pause] I do not like to talk of myself, but I've not found any single politician, diplomat, and members of royalty that I have not p ut them in their places within two seconds flat. Who are they talking to? Who are they challenging? What do they know about life? If they knew something about life, why have they come here? You come here because you know fuck all about life. So what a stupid misconception that the world must not have children because you r child died. It had to die, and you had no control over it. How many millions of children do not die every day of the year? How many millions? Do you know anything of the mortality rate in the Third World countries? Do you know anything about that? How many millions of children die all the time? But because of your personal attachment that you have created a child that why must my child die. Perhaps you were not fit enough to create that child. Become a man. Then you are fit enough to give birth t o a wonderful child. Otherwise you are nothing else you just might be a damn homo or a sexual pervert or whatever. There might be something wrong in your testicle glands. Or whatever. Talk to the doctors about it. Get yourself examined. I don't need to answer that. Although I can answer it better than any

1. U S 87 - 20 WHAT IS GURUSHAKTI RAPID FIRE GURURAJ: Namaste beloved, you look so pretty this morning. But put on skirts, not pants, in the presence of your guru. SUNITA: What is this force gurushakti? Please tell us how it transforms our little self into the whole, or if not, what can it lead u s back to? GURURAJ: If you want the definition of gurushakti in verbal, analytical terms, you will not find it. Because it is a form which is indefinable. It is a form of grace that's imparted to you by the powers which be which represents itself throu gh your beloved one, in our case your guru. It is a force and a power that has no mechanics at all. And the beauty of it lies in the very factor of it being non mechanicallyness. Without mechanics. It is something, as I've said so many times before, it is an inner force imparted in the form of grace. Now is there anyone present here who could define the power of grace? For grace has no definition. For in all definitions there is a beginning point and an ending, so you are defining. And in defining, y ou are defining your mental processes to be able to understand it. So if you cannot understand God, how can you understand grace, which is gurushakti? But through the power that be, you can experience the depth, the force, the power of gurushakti [comment s with Vidya and Terry about PA system] So the solution to the grace of the microphone is to use another one and let the microchip use itself in the phone. For that gives it its power for the microphone to work. Now you define to me the mechanics of how a microphone works. What do you know of the silicon chip that contains so much power? Or this watch, the quartz, the quality that keeps it operating all the time. Many times this question has been asked to me. Guruji, define gurushakti. The very question er of such a question is a bloomin' aws ass, sorry. They have to experience to know it. What is the reason of defining sugar or salt when you have not found the power yet to taste the sweetness of the sugar or the saltiness of the salt. What sense is t here? But I see what's on your mind. You're looking for instant miracles, instant coffee, instant pudding, instant shit. That's what you're looking for. But to find the true value of gurushakti comes slowly, gradually but surely, and you start experi encing it yourself. Come here, girl. Kneel in front of me. Look at me. Now very momentarily, because you're not ready for that experience yet, I will make you feel the power even in that one little glimpse of gurushakti. Don't touch me too close. [Paus e] A deep calmness has descended upon you just by a momentary touch. Am I right? I want it to become permanent in your life, my beloved. Permanently it must be there. Do you see how my boss works through me? Huh? Next.

6. U S 87 - 20 doctor or psychiatrist. But it's not my job to do that. My job is to give you love, comfort you in your miseries, show you the path of life, show you the beauty of life. Hm? So if you're a homos exual that by some means or another your wife conceived and the child died within three days, whose fault is it? Blame yourself first. Blame yourself first. And whatever has happened has happened and that is the past. So I'm not going to mope over some thing that happened five years ago. Why should I? Huh? Because you are living in that bloomin' past. You're not living in the present. Live in the present, damn it. Live where you are! I can tell you the troubles of each and every one of you, even without you asking me. Because I could read it in your forehead, so to say. So don't talk shit to me that the world must not have children. That's rubbish! Because you couldn't make a child survive do you blame the entire world of 4000 million people t hat have children? Who are you, in any case, to pass such judgments upon the world's population when you yourself are nothing but a piece of fuck all. That's what you are! What great achievement have you made? What have you created within yourself? Ex amine yourself. How successful were you during your school days or college days? Hm? So you become an artist, you become an architect, or whatever. Show me now the success you have made of yourself! Show that to me now! You have not made any success of yourself! You could not even look after your father or your mother or your wife or you r children. You call that success in life? No wonder so many wives walk away from their husbands, and vice versa. And those poor guys have to be blamed, but no one blames himself and say, "I must have been the cause of this." Find some sense, I beg. And if you cannot, come to me and I will give you sense into your heads. I say these words with love because that stupid bastard of a son of mine does not know the meaning of respect to a god on earth and he talks shit to me that why must the world have child ren, and why must his child die in three days. It's your damn fault for firstly having been a damn homosexual, and I've got your letters to prove it. So I don't want any bullshit from anyone at all. Ask me a good question, something enquiring about the m eaning of life and living. And I'm prepared to give you the answer. You think you can bullshit your master? Forget it! I will see how much you respect your master when you put an envelope on this bloomin' pedestal. I would like to see that, what you d o for your master. **** END ****


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