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1. US 87- 25 COMMUNION GURURAJ: Now for those of you that have come for the first time on a course, let me just give you a few words of explanation. Most of you that have been around me for 10 12 years know all about it. But what happens in t he communion practice is this, that I merge away into Divinity and become one with Him. Tonight I'm going to give you a special practice of not knowing Him only, but also of Her. The manifestor and manifestation. I don't want to tell you more. You'll experience these yourself... The intangible God in his tangible form is the greatest blessing that you could ever receive. For what is the meaning of blessing, huh? Blessed am I, my beloved Lord, for receiving me. That is blessing. If anyone of you say to me, "Bless you, my Gururaj," what do you mean by that? Who are you to bless me? Have you got that divine force and power to bless? To he who is so powerful and in his humility he remains totally powerful. So when I merge away into that Divinity, which I might have spoken about many times, perhaps, I go through the entire existence of the created universe. I see the solar systems and the planets and the galaxies, and yet in the pulsations of the solar systems and galaxies and what have you, I become one with the pulsation of the entirety of creation. You travel on and on and you see all the beauty around you, the scintillating glory of all creation. And then you still go beyond it all. And you merge away in the beauty which was never ever created at all. For creation requires mind power to make creation possible. But when you go beyond mind power, then creation ceases, and all creations are only creations of the mind that exists within thee, my beloveds. For reality goes beyond creation, because the very word creation involves mind power. Thought forces produces the creation that you and you all are be. But to go beyond that thought force, you merge away into divinity which is non possessed of any thought force. For if divinity would involve itself in thought processes, it would become limited. Because all thought processes are none else but limitations. But to reach that which is limitless, and to merge away in that beautiful beauty of that which is limitlessness, that is self realization. That is realizing the reality that exists forever within thee, my beloveds. So we move on, step by step, one step at a time, that's enough, I don't mind, until you reach the final step which is step less, and merge away into total beauty of reality. For whatever you think now to be real is not real at all. It is your imagination that makes you think that all this around you these slippers which my Beasley bit to pieces. And yet for Beasley, remember one thing: biting these rubber soles and this here and somewhere more too, I think for Beasley it was reality. For Beasley enjoyed the fragrance of my feet. [laughter] But I want you to go further and further and further and

2. US 87- 25 enjoy the totality of reality, and then you children of mine will merge into me. It might be a long way to go perhaps. It depends what kind of machine you use to reach there. It depends upon you. So you can take the slow boat to China or the fast jet to Japan to my mother. Realize one thing for sure. That you are all children of divinity. That you are born of infinity. You, God itself, you and your Father are one. Come to this realization and stop fucking up your lives, will you. Have the thought in your heart forever that I and my father are one. Forever and always together. Then where is the separation? See, I've improved upon your bibles, huh? For who created the first Bible. I'll give you a guess. So tonight we've journeyed very far with you; if you've had any perception, you have gone through the entire universe, the entire universe, and traveled with me through the scintillating stars. Scintillate scintillate, carbuncle nebulae. What it really means is twinkle, twinkle, little star. What it really means is this, that why make your lives complicated in your carbuncle nebulae. Look at star and sky twinkle, twinkle. And why not? Just look up in the sky and say twinkle, twinkle, little star. For if you are there, I am there too, in your twinkling. Your twinkling lies within my heart. Your twinkling is there that makes my heart twinkle in the love and loving that I have for you. So twinkle little star, never mind how far you are. But yet I Know for sure within myself that there is no space, there is no time, and there is no distance. And within that one very moment I’m there with you and twinkling inside you. [To Roopa]: Come here, my daughter. My darling, you have been crying. God bless you. For you have to some extent realized of the eternal truths that I am speaking about. ROOPA: I'm just twinkling. GURURAJ: Remember beloved, one thing, that tears must never be painful. But add ecstasy in your tears to make it joyful, huh. That is how it works. That's the secret of life. ROOPA: You're the ecstasy in my tears. GURURAJ: I love you all so, so much. Just love and love and love. And neither would I question the meaning why that I should love all of you. Because the very act of questioning the meaning of why will detract from the very beauty of that which is love, and love does not require definition; it just is. So I could tell this beloved daughter of mine, "Don't ask m e why." But I can truly say I love thee, blessed one. Lovely.

3. US 87- 25 Through our courses I've given you very deep secrets of life. Think about them. Listen to the tape again and again because in their first grasping it becomes a bit of a rasping. But as you go deeper in listening to your beloved's words, the rasping disappears and there comes a grasping that was produced through million and millions of years. And I think the strawberry is fine. Please help me, my beloved ones, to love you more and more again and forever more. For my love for you will forever remain endless because it was beginless. Realize these truths and you will find life becomes so happy. And in that happpiness you will find that kind of joy that could produce none else but joyfulness. Isn't that simple. Huh? Good. Now after tonight's merging away, if there are experiences you have had, tell me and I'll explain you what they mean. So whoever wants to start, just start it off. It doesn't matter who starts at all, because I will give your starting the greatest start. MERRILL: Beloved Guruji... GURURAJ: Beloved Merrillji, you have lost the words because you are existing now in loving. Right? I could read your mind. MERRILL: But my experience, usually I see you disappearing. This time I saw your features disappear and you looked like me. I saw me when I saw you. Can you explain that? GURURAJ: It's a very simple explanation. It means one thing that, although I have a different form to Merrillji, but in the spirit's welling we merged together and we found no separation at all, only the oneness of that one spirit that dwells within me and thee all the time and forever together. So remember this for sure. Your appearances do not matter at all, because appearances change all the time. You appear and disappear and reappear and you ah, shit! But when the spirits find that union together and convey this message to my Anne when the spirits can merge, no separation can there be. For in that very mergence you find the emergence of the beatitude of yourself and you become consumed in the fire of love that will always exist between you and me. That's the meaning of it. Next. Somewhere there, I think.

4. US 87- 25 MADHU: Guruji, I saw a beautiful lilac color in your throat area and in your heart and all around your beads. And it would sweep toward me and then it would start again so that it was almost a circular motion it was almost as if it came in waves of heat and then it would start all over again. GURURAJ: Come here. Sorry, dear. My arm is lame. The heat you felt within yourself is a consummation of the love that dwells within thee, my darling. And the mind functions in various forms. The mind can interpret itself in words, in symbols, in colors. So while I was in communion you saw something so deep, deep, deep there somewhere in your mind of the beautiful lilac which showed the purity of your mind. I thank you. Next? LYNN: Beloved Guruji, I saw you get terribly old, like you were 80 or 90, the flesh falling away, very old. GURURAJ: Beautiful, beautiful. The only thing, not 80 or 90, but you've missed out so many zeroes behind it. If you write a check with so many many zeroes, it will mean nothing unless you put the 1 or 2 on front of it. So, my beloveds, what can I tell you of myself? I mentioned before, beginless, endless. I have no age at all. For age is a measurement of the mind. Do you understand that? But when you are merged in the spirit within thee, then where is the age? You are ageless because the spirit itself is ageless. That's a very good experience, dearest. Is that the first course you have come on? Second. I'm glad you came. So good to see you, really. Come here. What is her name? VOICE: Mary Ann. GURURAJ: Come, my beloved. You have no question to ask me. But without your asking it, I will answer. The question in your mind revolves around your emotions. Right. Now what the bloody hell are we going to do about it? Tell me, Mary Ann. Look. When you have any emotion disturbing you, go to the bathroom and have a motion. And just chuck it off. For that must never ever trouble you. Never ever. As long as you have the kindness, the blessings of our Lord, where the hell he might be, I don't know, but I know He exists within me. When you have that, why be involved in emotions. Because emotions have so by parts. They have feelings, hurts, Ok. I can carry on and on. So you and I, Mary Ann, my beloved, are not going to suffer any pangs or any pains of any emotion at all, and remember every emotion is created by yourself, by your thinking. So fuck the mind. If that is possible at all, I don't know. I love you, my darling. I love you so much. Nice to see you. There is nothing to worry about in life. Worry is just mental creations. You see. Worry has great

5. US 87- 25 blood brother. Because when you worry about something you're mixing yourself up in your worry. But the blood brother is forever there to lift the burden away and to make you feel, [???] forever and ever. Your tears, my beloved Mary Ann, my tears. I feel them very deeply. God bless you, my beloved daughter. God bless you. Here comes the master mind. PRIYA: Hardly. Bapuji, when I was watching you changed into an amorphous blob. But now the top of my head feels weird, and somewhat numb. I think you blew my mind. GURURAJ: How can I blow your mind when it's blown already. And ask that Roshan son of a bitch son of mine. Now when the mind is blown, what do you do about it? That is the $60,000 question. We start by saying my mind is blown. Then I would start analyzing why is my mind blown. These thoughts and emotions also have a connection far lower down. Now, if you take yourself away from the emotions that revolve in other areas lower down and lift them up to in the emotion of devotion, of Divinity, then you'd be blowing away the stinking fart, the stinking wind, away from your mind. For you will then be dwelling in the divine. That's how it works. She's lovely isn't she, Mary Ann. She's so beautiful. Give me a cigarette. Woman. Ask me any subject you want to ask about. [END VIDEO TAPE] GURURAJ: Namaste, dear. This arm is lame. DANUSHA: Tonight I kept hearing the OM sound that had been playing before. I thought the tape was still playing until I realized it wasn't, and that it was a very low sound that just went out and out and out. GURURAJ: Beautiful experience. What you have heard was the anahata sound which is composed of which means the soundless sound. What you have heard, that is just a verbal representation of it. But what you heard, and remember this and remember it well, anahata, you have heard the soundless sound, which is your true being. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. God bless you.

6. US 87- 25 [To Sunita] And you what's her name? I'm trying to remind her of it. This teacher teaches in so many ways. You are limited to five cigarettes a day. And five means five, not six. KARUNI: Beloved Preatam, at the beginning, waves of darkness were going into you. And at the same time you were glowing and your face would change shapes, and between each change it would go back to your face, and each change you became brighter and brighter and that continued. GURURAJ: What a wonderful experience you have had. Let me explain to you the meaning. Within the realms of relativity there will be light and there will be dark; and yet, both of them, light and darkness, only reflects itself upon each other. So how can darkness exist ever without there being light, and how can light exist without there being darkness. How can this light burn there without casting its shadow. So if we would talk of Eastern mythology, you would find Rama repr esenting light and you would find Kali representing the darkness. And yet the two of them merge creating something else. One of you guys wrote a letter to me once: Gururaj Ananda Yogi, G R A Y. So you see how I combine within me the light and the dark, which is a combination of relativity and Absolutivity. New word for your dictionary. So my prayer for all of you, my beloveds, is this, combine them together. Don't only function in the light. That is far beyond. Ok. It will come. Don't function entirely in darkness, but combine them both, Absoluteness and relativity to form that beautiful gray. Have you not seen it in the sky? The clouds of the gray that have come about from that vast blueness with its own reflection with water vapor rising and showing you the beauty of the water vapor and the blueness of the sky into the combination of divinity. Remember one thing, for sure, that guy which we call Divinity is not far away. He's here and now. You might not even recognize him. Perhaps he might just be sitting here, around here. Surely some day you will. What's the time, darling. I might just need a little food in my stomach. What do you think? This body has to be sustained for it to carry on teaching, teaching, giving of my love, [tape jumps]. Perhaps this body requires one slice of bread and even half a slice is enough. Vidya! Vidya. You have been gone on so far away into a very deep depth within yourself. God bless you. For I could lead you, all of you, perhaps, I don't know how many could reach there. But if I could lead you within your real self this life of mine will be worthwhile. OK. As the chela worships the guru, the guru too worships his chela. Always. And I've said this before to you, the mutuality exists. The mutuality exists, for the togetherness of relativity and Absolutivity is none else but mutuality. Find that.

7. US 87- 25 Now, where's my hairdresser? Now, I want you to design my hair in a different way. There's no comb here. But let me give you a rough idea oooo, this hand has gone lame. You see I would like this curl to fall down here and curl up... would you love that, darling? Something like this and that curl and that was my famous one when I used to be a film star. I had this one falling down there. Where are you going to find a bastard guru like this? Come, darling, give me half a slice of bread. VOICE: The midnight practice oh, oh. GURURAJ: [to sock] How did this get yellow? ROOPA: Doris says Beasley was visiting during your communion. GURURAJ: Well, one thing I know, Beasley that's our wabbit in Dresher, and this rabbit has the habit of peeing on her feet. Right? Oh, it is so much fun being together. So much fun. Sharing my love with you, perhaps giving you some knowledge, some wisdom, whatever. But it's a sharing together with these beloveds of mine. Ten, 12, 15 years ago you never knew that your Preatam existed. But within that short period of time, you'll soon find the eternity of the eternal and that melting away, I in your heart and you in mine, we'll find Divinity. I promise you that. ROOPA: The midnight practice. GURURAJ: Thank you. If I don't have these girls around, I ...right. Now tonight we're gonna do the midnight practice. What this means is this, that quarter, 20 to 12, 15 20 minutes, you be in your rooms and meditate and I will be in my room and I'll be meditating too. And you will go through different kinds of experiences which people around the world hundreds of thousands, so it's nothing new to me. Right. So I will be meditating in my room and you will be meditating in your room, and tomorrow morning make a note in case you forget of the experiences you experience. Now I don't want to tell you what you will experience because I do not want to influence you. But you might find your room filled with light, you might find me to be physically present there, comforting you, kissing your eyes and holding you very close to me, in our Lord's name of Divinity. No physicality. I can't do that anymore.

8. US 87- 25 **** END ****


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