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2. U S 87 - 28 GURURAJ: Now my beloveds, keep reaching on, for the true destiny in your lives has not yet been found. So reach out in the vast blue skies. And there in the vastness of the blu e sky, you will find yourself residing there in your own personal vastness. That is where I want to lead you. To make you realize that you are not a little puny being. I want you to realize one thing, that you are vast, vast, vaster than the sky. And re aching there you will find the solace and the peace that had forever been with you. So beloveds, why go through any suffering at all. Because you are not made to feel sufferings. You are made to feel love, and in that love's joy you find yourself totally offering in the vastness of the sky and you will not even ask why. The master poet in the love he gives gives not only of his poetry, but he gives of his own life to mix in the poetry of your life. For your life is non apart from the poet's poetry. Under stand that. Someone else would like to contribute? Today's our last togetherness, and whatever. What a wonderful [?????]. JASUTI: Yesterday afternoon with tea, while you were doing your paintings, the following words came to me that I wrote down. I cal l this "As the Guru Paints." As I sit here watching Guruji painting, I am suddenly caught up in the energy. Suddenly I see at least part of the process: Guruji starts with a clean sheet of paper and focuses his attention entirely upon it. The incredible decisiveness of which colors and brushes to use is as though the paper is a single chela. He uses whatever tools he has available at the time to color, shade, and change the chela. Sometimes he uses smooth, loving strokes. Sometimes he says he has to "m ess up" the picture before continuing. He uses his chelas as co workers. The chelas become his tools to help create the picture. The chelas are getting things ready for the master's touch. As chelas do, we try to second guess what he wants and how he s hould create his picture. But he always does as he knows it needs to be done. Sometimes pain overtakes him, but he only gives momentary notice to it. He then gets back to his work of creating the picture or the chela. He is offered temptations food, conversation, etc to leave his work, but he knows what he must do. As I watch, I yearn to have this picture. Then I realize that I have the lesson, which is more important than the picture. A s Guruji closes his eyes to overview his painting before conti nuing, I close my eyes to meditate. It is now that I realize that I am the picture. GURURAJ: Realize this for now, for many of you might not be in California and many of you might be there too, I know that. I've gone through the lists and seen who's goi ng to be there and who is not going to be there. But do remember one thing, if you are not coming to California, I will forever be there in your heart, living, loving, enjoying the beauty that r esides

3. U S 87 - 28 within thee, for thou are naught else but the beauty o f life; and when you can start to realize the beauty that is within you, you will find the wisdom of the wise. So lead your life in love and loving. With what I have gone through, I have found it no problem at all to know the value, to know the meaning of this little life, and that vast loving. [Sings to Sutriya.] So many names to mention. I can carry on for two hours. But yet, the essence is this, the essence what you all must realize, Pingalaji, what you have to realize is the essence that only lov e exists and nothing else. The rest is bullshit. Learn to love without any affectation. Learn to love in the beauty of loving itself. For love itself is a beauty within its elf. So when you find that little secret within your heart, Karuni, you could on ly stop loving but becoming love itself; and when you become love itself, you find added meaning to life, because life, itself, is love, itself. And when you find that love within you, then surely you will find your guru and your God forever residing with in you. Always. Just for the asking, that's all, just ask. It's there. But you need a little preparation to prepare yourself to make yourself worthy of asking, for he is forever there, always. Good. Anyone else? Darling, would you do that? VOICE: [ about mic cord] Oh, what a tangled web we weave. DANUSHA: Beloved Guruji, first I would like to share what Tom told Babita when she asked him how he had liked the course. He said that for him it had been like watching a beautiful patterned carpet that w as already woven being unrolled a bit at a time before his eyes. I wanted to share with all of you the experience that I had last night. It was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had. When I left the room I sat back down and then I left the room but I felt as if there was a little generator right here in my chest just pouring out heat. And I loved all of you so much. You were all so beautiful. I would look at people and you were all so beautiful. And it didn't have anything to do wit h the way you look. You were just beautiful. And this morning when I woke up, the first thing that I thought of was about that experience. And I realized that just that few moments of being that close to merging with real love it had done that to me. A nd it made me also realize that it is incomprehensible for me to imagine the love that Guruji feels for us, which must be a hundred times more than what I felt. Thank you. PINGALA: Guruji and Danusha, I'd like you to know that my experiences in this course have been similar to what you felt. You've made it so clear to us that you love us all equally, and what that has told me is that how can we do anything less with each ot her? That tells me that it teaches us how to love each other. If you can love us that much, how can we do anything other than love each other more and more. And I found that the little things that bother me about those

4. U S 87 - 28 individuals the first thing that comes to mind is how can those things bother me if my guru can love them? How can I not find it in my heart to love them? And I think that all of us have felt in this course a different kind of closeness with eac h other than we felt in other courses. An d I think it's been because you made it so abundantly clear to us that you love us all so equally. Thank you. GURURAJ: The reason you have found this course different and more powerful is not because of me. You have grown up in your understanding to un derstand me. So it is a matter of your perception, and I, your beloved lover, would like more and more and more, forever more to make you perceive the true meaning of perception so I could take you away from life's deception. I have not progressed. [lau ghter] I'm a self realized master of the universe, believe it or not. Who cares, in any case? But I want you, my beloveds, to have some idea of yourself, and finding that little inkling, perhaps, of who you really are, will find yourself progressing, ev olving, to the realms of my father in his total vastness. That's where I want you guys to go, and even if I have to give the very blood of my heart, I will do my best, giving that blood so at least you could realize the beauty of soaring through the skies of divinity. OK. Anyone wants to contribute anything? Yes, Mother. TAMAJI: Beloved Gururaj, back in February I was in the living room at home and at that time you were having course in Cyprus. That was Monday afternoon and I was... GURURAJ: Before you carry on let me tell you this, that I was conducting a course in Cyprus but my thoughts were with my mother. TAMAJI: Nevertheless, I would like to describe it. I was standing in the living room alone and suddenly you appeared in the room but in tin y tiny shapes in the lotus position. That size was of course nobody can see atom size but that was the size. However, you were in millions, zillions, trillions, and it's not just in the room, but all over. And then all the Guru raj started moving around me. It's a vast, vast area, and this atom sized Gururaj with the trillions and then I was in the center completely still. And then all the Gururaj started moving around with such force, but complete silence. And then when I look away you're there but i n a nowhere. It lasted about half an hour or longer. And I realized that you stay within me, and love is nameless. Thank you. GURURAJ: Thank you, Mother, thank you.

5. U S 87 - 28 Carry on. You've covered the glass of life giving water. But also cover my heart with your love forever and ever. Someone else? ROOPA: You're going to make healers. GURURAJ: Please hand these out. Would you girls take over. You do it for me. My hand is lame, darling. [Passes out blessed objects] [Gururaj sings and plays cymbals] W herever I look and search I see the vastness, the blueness of the sky and do not get involved in the clouds. And not knowing the meaning of its existence and why the clouds should exist. Ah huh. The clouds has to exist to bring rain, and that rain bring s me the food that grows as grain. So at the same time, remember this, appreciate the vast blueness of the sky and never discount the clouds, for they, too, have a purpose. And this discovery will make you combine the clouds with the sky in that divine e cstacy. Good. Now, you guys have to go for lunch. Oh, sure, sure, sure. That will be easier. I'm getting old, you know. Who are they? Joy. [initiates new healers.] [To Joy]: Face me. By the power granted to me by the power that has forever been existent and through its very force of its existence, I impart to thee, beloved Joy, the healing forces within you. Help mankind. Help them, darling. Put your hands in mine. OK. Sattyam, shivam, sundaram... [he and Joy repeat it 3 times.] Sattyam is truth; shivam is Divinity; sundaram is beauty. So may your life be forever combined with God and [???]. God bless you [???]. [To Karuni]: Don't close your eyes. They might be a bit too powerful for you. The power of the Lord is granted to me, I impart this power unto thee. Use it wisely and help humanity. [They repeat sattyam, shivam, sundaram. Audience joins in] [He says them again.] God bless you, my beloved. You have been imparted with a great power [????]. GURURAJ: Now, so the course ends a nd I could only say that it has been such a great pleasure being with you, my beloveds. What little understanding, knowledge, wisdom, or the spiritual force that might have been imparted to thee, remember it's not me, it's that guy upstairs somewhere. And recognizing the value of that guy upstairs, always develop within yourself total humility. Do that. And life will become better and better and better. Always. For the true meaning of

1. U S 87 - 28 GURURAJ WITH CHELAS GURURAJ: Sit there. Talk about the love you have for the guru. ROOPA: I have no love for my guru. The love for my guru has me. I never had it, it always had me, and I'm growing into it. Because it's bigger than I am I can't say anything about it any more than a leaf could talk about the tree, except to sa y it's nice to be on this tree, and all the phases from being a little tiny bud to going to different phases and then falling off and budding again... I've been through many of them over and over again as the tree grows its fruit. The fruit gets better every year. So what can I say? There's nothing to say. Invisible sap, and I'm an obvious sap [laughter[. GURURAJ: You sap. ROOPA: It's taken 11 years to grow into a partial awareness of the love that the guru has always had for me. And I was remembering this one morning the first day when I had met you, beloved one. It was in London in 1976. You had just arrived to start your tour, and I didn't know what to make of you. Right from the very beginning you were very unusual and not my idea, at first, of the person I'd been looking for for 12 years. So as I was waiting at night it was around midnight in London to catch a c ab, my mind was full of doubts. But I heard a little song way deep inside me, and I brought the song up to awareness to see what it was, and it was a song that was popular at that time. And the words of the song were, "Loving you is easy cause you're bea utiful. Everyday of my life, I'm so in love with you." That was the first response you evoked in me, even though I didn't know what to make of you. And it's been the same for about ten or 11 years now. It continues. And you've brought me into an awaren ess that I cannot know what love is. So I might as well give up into it. GURURAJ: Good. Let's give our Merrillji a chance to say a few words, if you wish. MERRILL: Ah, can't much improve on that, actually. It's the same feeling. It's unknowable. My sense is that it's impersonal... it's surprising because I used to think it was warm, protective; but it's beyond that, it's just what is. Ah, I don't know. I don't know what else to say. Except, of course, I'm like Roopa. It's a state of beingnes s I'm reaching for, growing for. Words have nothing to do with it, really.

6. U S 87 - 28 humility does not involve the ego self in which you are so mixed up. But true humility is just surrendering to your higher self in total love and loving and in giving, sacrificing yourself for the benefit of all those around thee. Immortal truths, immortal secrets, untold secrets, but they are not secrets, really. The realization of these truths I give thee is the secret that you do not want to find within thee. Therefore, it remains a secret. So my beloveds, thank you very much for spending these few days with me. It has been a total joy in experiencing your love and extending my love to all of thee. It's a mutual business. That's what it's all about. [audio ends but video continues] Perhaps on the next course I will discuss with you the mutuality of this business called love. It's a lo ng subject. Make a note, please, darling. Good. Have I left out any duties of mine? ROOPA: Not in any way. Not in the least. **** END ****


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