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2. U S 87 - 30 want nothing from you, nothing. Just a piece of bread, perhaps, and to pay the mortgage, lights, th e house, the telephone, so what. And even if I do not have lights in my place where I live, I will think to myself, "What do I need this electricity for when I am light itself." Good. Question please. QUESTION: I believe life is joyful. I'd like you to talk about the purpose of suffering because I see it as us resisting. What is the purpose when we have to suffer? GURURAJ: There is nothing in life which is suffering. It is our very resistance to that inner joy that consumes us in suffering. And th en we go through the misery of life, which is not supposed to be there at all. For life, when it becomes an offering, then there's no place for suffering. But yet this stupid human mind takes us away in realms that in the first place should not be. Yet the mind can be used as a wonderful tool. For the various functionings of the mind can be used to produce greater strengths within you. You can take a knife and kill someone with it. But in the hand of a surgeon he will save a life. It's the same scalp el, same instrument. How we use it, how we use our minds, that is important. Use it to murder someone, or become the master surgeon and save another's life. Next. TERRY: Beloved Guruji, can you speak about lying and deception in relationships and its e ffect on our spiritual unfoldment. GURURAJ: You could never ever deceive anyone else. The greatest deception is that yourself for you are deceiving yourself. For trying to deceive someone else, the truth surely will come about. And then you'll start f eeling so so guilty. Because that guilt would be there, that you have tried to deceive someone, or tried to lie to someone. What meaning is there? For life to become meaningful, one has to have some discrimination. And in discriminating the various fac ets of ethics or morality, you would find oh, beloved, I have been so wrong. And when that realization dawns, you will admit to yourself that I have been wrong, and that is the point where your progress will start. I have so many patients and clients, mos tly in the psychological and spiritual sphere, and then I get people who are deeply troubled because of alcoholic disease. It is a disease, and many experiments have been made on this. So in the consultation I ask one question: do you admit to yourself t hat you could not live without a drink? And when that

1. U S 87 - 30 RAPID FIRE ...impart true wisdom to you, to impart love to you, to impart peace to all of you, and yet crack a couple of jokes and laugh . Why not. For those that are new here, the Ameri can Meditation Society stands for the 3 L's: life, love and laughter. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy laughing, enjoy loving. And at the same time, enjoy life. Right. For after all, remember one thing: there's only one certainty in life, and that certainty is deat h. So while still living, enjoy it. Good. Now, whichever question, whoever wants to. Sir. won't you want that mic there? QUESTION: You had discussed danger to the universe. Even a person who is not enlightened can see this from the arms build up. Could you explain this? GURURAJ: We are in '87 now so we've got 13 years till the turn of the century. Between 2000 and 2050 we are facing great calamity. That is why to prevent this calamity with nuclear energy and all that, that is why I come to thee, my beloveds. That is the main purpose of me taking life again. We are facing this. But it can be averted if people can start to learn the essence of love. For when love exists, hatred does not exist any more. And with this power politics we have, it is ruining the entire meaning of existence. So our meditators here and the hundreds and thousands of them around the world have found the meaning of loving. And in the loving, with their personalized spiritual practices they are not only being given understanding, but also the tool s of what life is all about. I'm a very sickly old man. I had an open heart operation, as my close ones know, I'm diabetic, I've got cancer. You can throw the whole medical book at me. Yet I travel around the world eight months of the year to give peace and love. That is my mission in life. At the age of four, I ran away trying to find God. Then af ter so many months, my parents, very frantic, were seeking, seeking for me, and they found me in a little village street. Then at about 15, I think, I ran away again from home, wanting to find myself and I visited guru to guru to guru to guru, trudging thr ough the Himalayan snows and begging for a piece of bread. I'm not like your commercial gurus you have in America. They are nothing else but businessmen. Rajaneesh, 97 Rolls Royces. I can't even afford a bicycle. Maharishi, shitass, I challenged him a nd I gave him hell. In 68's balance sheet which he had to submit to IRS, 40 million bucks. And yet me, these pants was given to me by some chela, these socks, this shirt, the shawl. All given to me. I need nothing at all. Just a piece of bread. These girls were telling me that for the past three days I had not eaten until of course my beloved Harryji... I enjoyed it. So this is me. This is my life. I

3. U S 87 - 30 admittance comes from my patient, then the patient starts realizing, because now he has become truthful to himself. To admit your fault is to be truthful to yourself. And when you are truthful to you rself, you will start doing something about it. I have hundreds and hundreds of cases of drug addicts. On last course I did something where I took my blood and poured it into a glaws glass I'm becoming Americanized and taking my syringe I took my bloo d and put it in a glass of water, wine, whatever it was, I never remember these things with water and said to the person, "Drink this now. And every time you pour yourself a drink you will be drinking my blood." The person chucked it like that. There's one of our family not here never mind, we don't want to mention names another I gave the same treatment too. They don't drink because every time they look in that glass, they see blood there. For who wants to drink your guru's blood, huh? [Laughter] Beloved, come here. This is a practical experience which I'm going to give to Mary. [Silence] Look at her face now. So calm, so peaceful. God bless you. MARY: Thank you. GURURAJ: Do you see how a true guru works. And no one in this world has the right to call himself a guru unless he has found himself at one ment, atonement, with his Father. That is self realization. All these shitasses in America ripping you guys off. I could go through a whole process, but it would take too long. Just a lit tle demonstration of the peace, the love. Good. I think it's time for one of you guys to get me a slice of bread. [Rest of tape is from Saturday, p.m.] **** END ****


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