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1. US 87- 52 FINDING THE MEANING AND PURPOSE IN THE WEB OF LIFE ...and you will see me covered with lilac as the talk goes on. It's a very high spiritual color. You'll see that, especially on Thanksgiving day. May the lilac flowers bloom in your hearts. Namaste. Good. What shall we talk about? [taking a drink and referring to water glass] The silver chalice. JAMMU: Beloved Gururaj, please tell us on both a practical and a philosophical level more of the meaninglessness and meaningfulness of the web of life in which we find ourselves. GURURAJ: The web. You must try to get me a bigger chair. I can't fold my feet properly here. If you can. I'm sure there must be a sofa somewhere around here. Try. Try if you can, otherwise it doesn't matter. ROOPA: Do you like this chair better? GURURAJ: No, it's alright for now. Life is both meaningful and also meaningless. It depends on how you look at life. If you find life to be meaningless, then it will become meaningless. But if you find life to be meaningful, then you will find ways and means by you viewing your life to be meaningful. What is the definition of being meaningful? It is very simple, that you are full of meaning. Where does this meaning arise from? This meaning comes from purposefulness of life. And if you find that your life has a purpose unto itself, then you will become purposeful and therefore meaningful. Now what is the purpose of your life? What people normally do they get up in the morning, get to the bathroom, and do all the s's, which is... never mind. You know. [laughter] Then they go to work, they come home, they have dinner, they go to bed, and they might have their relationships with their spouses or wives or whatever, and then go to sleep again but just to wake up again the next morning and repeat the same routine. So. Is that the purpose of life, to follow a shedule schedule, you call it schedule, don't you, a schedule, routine, day after day after day, 365 and a quarter days of the year? Is there any great purpose in that? Of course you have to go to your office or to your factory or to your school or whatever work you are doing. And how do you do it? Not with happiness. You find it a bore after a little while. It stops becoming exciting. While the real purpose of life is to find the excitement of life where every moment becomes so precious, so wonderful, so joyful. That is the purpose of life.

2. US 87- 52 So we are missing out the most important ingredient in the soup of life; because you are in a soup, that's for sure. Add a bit of spice in the soup. That little spice would add to the joy for you to appreciate and enjoy the soup more. It'll make it taste better, depending, of course, on your taste. So we can add meaningfulness to life by making life more joyous, or otherwise we can make it meaningless, where you just exist. That's meaninglessness. But adding that extra little bit to the soup of life you would enjoy it and thereby making it meaningful; because the very enjoyment of existence and the joy itself is meaningful. Don't look for anythin g else. Not necessary. Make life joyful, and in that joy you will exude it to all those around you and make their lives joyful too. So you go to work in the morning, fine, and you enjoy your job, whatever you are doing, and you come home with a lovely smile to your wife, and you hug her or kiss her. Won't that make her joy feel joyful too? So you see your joy is forever expanding. It's like throwing a pebble in the pond and it has this rippling effect all the time, to all those that surround you. You must watch me, and those that travel around with me will verify what I'm saying to you now, that whoever I meet, total stranger, but I will put a smile on his or her face all the time. Why? What is the secret? I don't contrive it. I don't plan it. I’m spontaneous all the time as you all know. But the joy that exudes from me effects the other person and they become joyful too. So that is meaningful, it is not meaningless because you are adding love and peace to the world. How nice it is to see someone smile. They could be sad but just a look, perhaps just a word, would put a smile or their faces and make their day. That's meaningful. But if you walk around with a long face, so sad, it would be meaningless to the purpose of your life. Why were you born in the first place? You were born to learn of life and evolve. But, in the process, if you bring joy unto others with just a smile or a kind word, you will evolve faster. So you see how much you could benefit. You benefit only by giving of yourself, not by receiving. So give, give of yourself, it does not mean money. Just a smile. A friendly word. I went to the bank the other day before I came over to ask for an overdraft to pay my way. And the teller, I looked at him, smiled at him, and I said, "Oh, that's a beautiful tie that you've got on." Just that one little word made him feel happy. Made him feel important. That he is not worthless. Just by saying what a beautiful tie you've got on. Do you see? It's a simple example. It could be done in so many, many different ways. Do you see? It made him happy. Actually in the afternoon he phoned me and said to me, "Your overdraft is granted." So by just one kind word and a smile I got my overdraft, and I was not being selfish either. Do you see how it works? Spread that love and spread that kindness and it will always rebound back onto you. It is so simple. For example, Lorietta, she sent me one of her latest books which she illustrated with the bears, so beautiful, exquisite. And when I went

3. US 87- 52 through the book I found there was so much joy in the face of the bears. Do you see? And what was the joy? Not only in her beautiful illustrations, but the joy was portrayed from her heart into her paintings, into her illustrations. Now, when you look at a book like that, for example (sorry I am using you as an example, Lorietta), it would bring joy to you, because it is not only the illustration that is involved, but the joy of the artist that's involved in the illustration which you can feel. You see, the range is so vast. If I sit here with a long face, would you feel joyful? You won't. But if I sit here and talk to you with a smile on my face, it'll make you smile. Because I am sharing my inner joy with all of you. There are about thirty people here, Vidya? VIDYA: More like thirty five. GURURAJ: About thirty five people. I do not see thirty five people here. I only see one person who's none else but the reflection of myself. That's all I see. I don't see faces I just see blobs of light. The light of divinity shining through you all . Some a bit dim, some a bit brighter and some a bit more brighter. And that is how you extend your inner joy to everything that surrounds you. And that of course is a misnomer; nothing surrounds you. All is in you. In the heart. That is the meaningfulness of life. Meaningless only comes about when you find separation. Baldevji has gone into meditation already. Oh, by the way, don't call him Baldevi. Baldev! Because when you say Baldevi, devi is feminine. Baldev is masculine, and he's a man. Man of the world. Charming too, I think. [laughter] The meaningfulness of life is always portrayed by deep love where you regard everyone to be yourself, even your enemy. Love, as the scriptures would say, love your enemy, even more than your friend. Because the love between friend and friend like Sujay and Harry will always be there. But love your enemy even more and that makes life more meaningful. So meaninglessness comes about in not recognizing the meaningfulness of life which I have described. So if you are born into this world, why be meaningless? You were not created or manifested or whatever you want to call it, to be meaningless. There must be some meaning to it. The only thing that we have to add to the meaning of life is the fullness of life. So then life is meaningful. How do we add the fullness to life? And it is needless for me to repeat again that it could be very easily brought about by regular spiritual practices and meditation, where one starts knowing oneself, and then you will know that life is meaningful. Because meaningless implies emptiness, but we want fullness. And that will make everyone happy. Yes, it will make everyone very happy. And you will never regret why you were born. The question around the world has often been asked of me, why was I born, who am I, why am I here? These questions come from ignorance, because they do not know the meaning of life. Why was I born? Was I not born to learn more and fulfill

4. US 87- 52 myself with greater knowledge and wisdom. Why am I here? That is the very reason that you are here, to find the meaningfulness of life. And where am I going from here? Nowhere. But that nowhere is everywhere. If you understand the meaningfulness of life and then when you leave the body, you will say to yourself I've learned a lot, so help me Lord. You will say to yourself, I've learned a lot because I've found greater meaning of what life is all about. Not the day to day routine things that you keep on doing: come home, have dinner, fornicate, or whatever. That too, of course, is necessary. It preserves a certain kind of sanity, which you need, because you have the animal instinct in you which has to be expressed. But what puzzles me is this, that even with animals, they have a mating season, while stupid humans do not. Do you see? When one forgets the time and tide... there's a time to work and there's a time to play and there's a time to do other things in bed. So we require a regulation. We require some form of discipline, at least, to regulate our lives in such a way that our lives become meaningful. For example, if you sleep with your wife, why do you do it? Tell me. Is it just for some kind of release, like going to the bathroom and having a pee or a shit? Huh? No. That is meaningless. But be together with your beloved and just flow into her where she does not exist anymore and you do not exist anymore, only love exists. And that is the true flow of life, which is meaningful. And you find the fullness of the love that wells up within you. What a great joy. I also make love once a year and some years I forget. So we find meaningfulness of life in so many ways. I've pointed out different aspects of it. Everyone thirsts for love. They want to give love and they want to be loved. But unfortunately they go about it in the wrong way. Bodily contact for physical release is not love. Those are the primal instincts people have since they evolved from the animal kingdom. Did you know, by the way, that plants also make love? The pollen going and making the plant grow, that is also love making. Animals, of course, do as you know. You must have seen dogs and cats and horses doing it too. But man has misinterpreted the concept. To be born into a human life is a precious gift from divinity, very precious. But what do people do? They abuse it by regressing back to animalism. And yet animals, as I have said before, have so much control. They have their mating seasons, and even bitches dogs, lady dogs, bitches also go in heat at certain times. But man, people, seem to be in heat all the time. And that is why life becomes meaningless; because we lack the discipline. How many times have I not heard of the cruelty (who's this guy, I seem to like him?). How many times have I not heard of stories, and with these hundreds of thousands of people that are consulting me and they are talking this that and the other, they even want to make love while their wife is menstruating. Couldn't there be any control for those three or four days or five days or whatever? So there when you do that, you are expressing animalism. You don't need it. It's just a mental conditioning. Do you see?

5. US 87- 52 So to repeat again, if there could be greater discipline in our lives we could really become human. Why must we revert back to all these forms of animalism and make life meaningless? By some form of discipline one can definitely make life meaningful, and that's what we need for our own happiness. That's what we need. So people try and find happiness in doing all kinds of weird things. But that does not bring happiness. Temporary, little, teeny weeny happiness is no real happiness at all. Happiness is something that must last and endure within ourselves. So it could make us become more and more joyful. Then of course, we start worrying about things so much which are unnecessary. A man was ill and he went to see his quack, his doctor, they're all quacks, by the way. Because I have so many doctors that come to consult me about their patients for physical problems, psychological problems, psychiatric problems, biological stuff, and blah, blah, blah. So he goes to the doctor and the doctor writes out a prescription for him and seals it in an envelope. And the doctor tells this person, you go to the nearest cemetery, which was just half a mile down the road, and you sit on a tombstone tomb, is that what you call it here? And then you open the envelope, not before that. So he obeyed his doctor. And he went to the cemetery and sat down on a tombstone and he opened the envelope. And what the doctor had written on this prescription was this: "Look around you and there are so many, many graves. They are dead, and you will end there too one day, so stop worrying about it." Unnecessary fears, unnecessary; because the only certainty in life is death. Do you see? So why fear it? If it comes it will come. Today, tomorrow, five years later, ten years later. So what the hell. Because you might land up in hell by worrying. But if you stop worrying you will wind up in Heaven. Because that is where you really belong, in that haven of bliss which we call Heaven. It's all here and now, by the way. It's how we live our lives. If we live it meaninglessly, it is hell; if we live it meaningfully, it is heaven. So march on, Christian soldiers. And march to the haven of bliss, of peace, of love. Onward Christian... how does it go? [Singing "Onward Christian Soldiers." Group joins ] GURURAJ: There's my sword and I'll slap your asses with it. It's 45 50 minutes, hm. Wisdom and I'm also very fun loving. Remember always our three L's: life, love and laughter. That's it. You've got it. **** END ****


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