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1. U S 87 - 54 AWAKENING THE INNER LIGHT GURURAJ: We must try and buy one. What shall we talk about tonight? Question. VOICE: We have two questions and one of them is in a note book that Vidya went back to get. If you want to wait we can wait for the second question as well, or we can go wi th just one. GURURAJ: Why not? Get the ball rolling. [REMARK. COULD NOT UNDERSTAND.] GURURAJ: Come near to my heart darling. The mike is here. VOICE: Joyce has a question she's going to ask you. JOYCE: Beloved Guruji, there's a famous picture o f Christ knocking outside a door with a light, asking to come in. And it has always seemed to me that it's in reverse. Isn't Christ inside, knocking to get out? GURURAJ: [VIDEO BEGINS] Though the Christ is within you, He's also out of you trying to en lighten the light which is within you already. So what we got to do is differentiate the inner light with the outer light, which in reality is the same . The light He brings to you is the divine knowledge and wisdom He brings to you to awaken the inner li ght within you. The inner light is forever awakened but you do need that stimulus of that which you regard to be outside you to awaken the inner light that is within you. For the outer light and the inner light has the self subsistence. For your in ligh t cannot exist without the outer light. So therefore the outer light and the inner light forever exists within you. But the problem is this is to see the light, the outer and the inner, which form a perfect combination that is there always within you. No w, how do you find existence of the light, the outer or the inner, for both are the same? How do you find that existence of this light? There is only one way. When you allow that light to shine within you. Then you will find no differentiation between the outer and the inner. For the Lord is forever existing within you. It is our fault entirely, not to recognize that fact that He is there with His light mixed within your light all the time.

2. U S 87 - 54 Now the question would be, how would you find that inner li ght that is there and always there? It is only by communion that you would find that divinity within you. Where you will start recognizing that this little individual light is empowere d by that universal light, and in its combination you would find yours elf to be that divine light. It is there all the time. And I've said before, it is because of nescience, of ignorance, that we do not cognize the divinity of that Lord's light that is withi n us there all the time. Now what is the method? What is the sec ret? The secret lies in total self surrender that the inner light within me is Your light. So we merge our little light into the Lord's light, or the universal light. And there we would find the convergence, the confluence, of the rivers flowing, of the Ganges and the Jumuna meeting together. And that is how life works. If you find the convergence between your little light to your [bigger?] light, which is your beloved or vice versa. You merge into that light and Preatam remains no more. Roopa or Vidy a remains no more, or Angie remains no more, for in that confluence we become together and in oneness. So that is the meaning of converging the little inner light within ourselves with the divine light of the Lord. For He is ne ver apart from us. For with out His electricity our little light bulb cannot burn. You are a little light bulb. But imagine to yourself the force of that electricity that comes through and makes that little bulb burn. So whose light is it in reality? The littl e light cannot burn w ith the force of the vastness of electricity. So where should our concentration be, on the bulb that burns, which is temporary, and it could fuse out? But the concentration of the mind should be on the electricity that is forever there, indefinable. So h ere another question arises. If electricity is not but pure energy, then is that pure energy not God? Of course He is. For that energy of divinity makes your little lamp burn. So the greatest attention is not to be paid to the little bulb that burns, be cause it could fuse. The filaments will burn out as it does. The greatest concentration of energy should be on the electricity of love. And that is how life works. It is a matter of emphasis. Where are you putting your mind to? To the mundane value of the little bulb, or to the greater value of the electricity which no scientist knows about as yet. I will explain that to you la ter. That makes this little bulb burn. And if its filaments are not right the bulb will fuse. It is not the fault of electricity, but it is the fault of the filament, which is you. Keep the filament in good order and shape, and the electricity of life will alway s shine through. All the time. That is the whole secret of life. There is nothing else you need to understand. Now, how do we keep the filament of life in good order so it keeps on functioning? It is through our spiritual and meditational practices. Th en the filament will keep on going, and that divine force of electricity will keep on flowing to lighten your life. And through lightening your life you will reach enlightenment. But we have to get that bulb going all th e time. We pull the fuses and make it dead. What are the fuses that makes it dead? Hm? Our lifestyles that destroy the

3. U S 87 - 54 fuses. So your bulb burning here is connected, the light here is connected to the fuses. It is so simple to go to a garage. It will cost a few cents, of course, to b uy a new fuse and get your life, your light, burning again so the universal force of electricity will start flowing again into the bulb of your life. So you spend those few cents to buy a fuse. Hm? I'm sayin g this metaphorically. The very fuse is an ad justment of yourself. So fix your fuses and get rid of your con fuses. Huh? It is so simple, so simple. But people try to find difficulties in simplicities. I remember when I was in hospital and ther e was a young doctor there, lady doctor. And they pu t me through the various scans, cat scans and that thing down the throat, and all blah, blah, blah, blahs. And she told me that they are looking for bigger things that could be wrong with yo u and ignoring the simple things. And it was so simple. They ju st had to prescribe insulin to me and the job was done. And that is what we all do in life. We lose ourselves in finding bigger things and we lose the simpler things of life. So let us reverse the project. Let us look at the simpler things first. And if we do not find the answer in the simpler things of life, we can always progress further to find the difficult things of life. But what they do, all those specialists to whom I am a consultant, they start with the bigger things and then come down to the simpler things. Now you call that medicine? You call that therapy? You call that treatment? It is absolutely bull. Start with the simpler things of life, and in every asp ect of life, start with the simpler things of life. Because life is very simple . Only we with our mental thoughts try and make it so complex. Which is not necessary. You have a little headache. Okay. A small little aspirin, or Atan... what do your call it? [audience makes suggestions] Tylenol, right, could cure it. And you ge t rid of your headache with a bit of rest, you lie down, take your Atanol. But if your guru is around he can just touch your head and your headache is gone, just like that. [finger snap] But, no, they don't do that. They try and delve into deeper proble ms and say, "Oh, this is migraine." Then they go the whole psychological process in finding the cause of migraine when one tablet of Atanol could cure the headache. You see the process? It's a lousy stupid business. They want to make their bucks. So th ey complicate matters more and more for you. These complications are not necessary. These complications are not of your making. But they are the makings of the medical professions, and I have so many psychologists here, and lawyers, and what have you. When the solution could be so simple: take one Atanol and lay down, and your headache is gone. Why go into all the therapies of migraine and mental disturbance with various nerves of the brain misfunctioning. Bullshit! I know it all. Come here. Come h ere. Yeah. Rub my feet darling. Do you see? Now. The point of the matter, the point of the analogy is this, that people tend to create there's another word to bring up more, more, more, more. Amplify! That's it! Amplify their problems when their pro blems do not need to be amplified. Life is very simple. And it is only the amplification that makes it difficult.

4. U S 87 - 54 So you see how problems can be solved in life. So if you have a headache, for example again, say "so what!" In fifteen minutes or half an hour with an Atanol, it will disappear. You do not need to run to a psychologist or a psychiatrist for that. Try it out. I'm giving you a very simple example. But this happens in every area of our lives. So you are making a toast for your hubby dear i n the morning before he goes to his office, and the toast burns because you had to take the baby to the loo. And the toast burns. So, okay, we can always give that slice of bread to the dog and put in another slice of bread in your toaster, unless of cou rse you have an automatic toaster. Make another slice of toast. And if the second slice of toast burns, then what do you do? [LOTS OF COMMENTS AND LAUGHTER: Take an Atanol, etc.] GURURAJ: If the second slice of toast burns, you hug your hubby and say , "Sorry my darling, I'm a bit out of sorts today. So when you reach the office, go to the restaurant and buy yourself a sandwich." [laughter] Now what would happen here is this, what would happen is this, that although you've burned two slices of toast , which you did not intend to do, firstly the baby wanted to go for a poo, and secondly you wanted to go for a pee, too. So the second slice burnt up. So you say, "Darling, I'm so sorry," and you hug him. And on your way to the office pick up a sandwich. I'm so sorry. But tonight when you come back home, I'll have a beautiful dinner prepared for you. Because I know when you come back from the office you would be tired and it is my duty to feed you. [Laughter and comments throughout.] And that is selfis h. It is my duty to feed you, but within your subconscious mind you know that he is feeding me. So it's a two way street. Why not? One serves the other. But when things like these happen, we have to take things in good humor. And if you take things i n good humor, you will not develop a tumor. [laughter] Do you see? Do you see my beloveds? Do you see my beloveds the beauty of life and how life can be taken as it comes? And when you can take life as it comes, you enter the area of the acceptance of life. None of you here could ever say, "My life is happy." So what do you do about it? You accept that which comes. And when you can learn to accept that which comes, you will find for sure, and I promise you this again and again and again, that when yo u can accept life as it comes, life will become more joyful and more peaceful to yourself and those that surround you. So we start with ourselves in acceptance, and by we having the attitude of acceptance we become acceptable to all those that are connecte d to us. Because the very idea of acceptance creates the atmosphere of acceptability. So your husband or wife does something which is not conducible, you accept it. And because of that acceptance your husband will accept you more and more. And that is how a greater communication is formed. That is how love grows more and more towards each other, bringing greater joy to each other.

5. U S 87 - 54 I have spoken for over an hour I think. Yeah. What's the next program for tonight, dear? [Inaudible reply] Uhuh. Okay, okay, okay. Now I want you guys to relax. Light a cigarette, if you want to. Here I've got some here if anyone wants one. Please do share mine. These are very special. Just relax. Chuck off your shoes if you want to. Stretch your legs, if you want to. Do whatever you want to. You can lie down on the ground if you want to. Do whatever you want to. [Tries to light lighter] If one of you guys go to the shops tomorrow get me a throw away lighter. Jesus, this is getting out of juice. VOICE: Sunit a, catch. SUNITA: Here, how about this one? Ooh, that's a bit high isn't it. GURURAJ: Who gave this? SUNITA: Sujay's torch. GURURAJ: Can I use this? Is this from... SUNITA: Sujay. GURURAJ: Sujay? Thank you very much, darling. I suppose we could dump this one. It's run out. There's a special way to light a cigarette. Let the cigarette dance in your hand. [Another lighter appears] Don't be shy. You're with your father. Oh! I' ve got two! Wow! Jesus Christ. If you want to, light up a cigarette. I just want you to relax for a few moments because I'm going to put you through a different kind of experience which we have not done in America before. You see, my darling Indira, I 'm not a pedestal guru. [laughter] I'm one of the people, of the people, and for the people. That's our American motto, isn't it? Don't sit to near my lady. If you would like to help yourself to a cup of tea or some f ruit or something, please do. I just want you to feel relaxed. Yeah. Come on. Carry on. SUNITA: Jasuti, can you bring this closer? JASUTI: Sure.

6. U S 87 - 54 SUNITA: Thanks. Do you want a cup of tea? [END VIDEO SIDE 1] GURURAJ: Okay we do that. Thank you, my darling. [LOUDLY] Maggie! Com e on! This thing is being recorded, isn't it? Huh? Okay. Here is a lovely poem written by Angie, which she just gave to me. Let me recite it to you. VOICE: That was Karuni wasn't it? GURURAJ: No Angie gave it to me. VOICE: Oh really. Okay. GUR URAJ: That's right. And I'm regarded to be one of the world's best reciters. That's what they say. I don't believe it though. All gray day, my love, Oppressed by low clouds and three skeletons Black and scratching I wonder when, I wonder when Love ends or begins But it is forever, even as here is now I only have to look to find you And after a thousand obstacles have flown Like blackbirds over winter fields I recognize your seeds scattered everywhere To Angie. [APPLAUSE] Don't tape over it. Because you will never find a better reciter than me. [GURURAJ RECITES] [lines are mine. S.A.] And yet when blackbirds fly through windy skies I could still see the background of white clouds

7. U S 87 - 54 And midst the flu ttering of the blackbirds I never fail to see the whiteness of the clouds For I am covered with love that surrounds me And as I feel covered with this love All my turmoils disappear from me I hope and I do see The turbulence of the mind just flee For I kno w that you are always with me How many lines is that? ROOPA: Nine, ten, or eight. Depending on how you cut it up. Let's call it nine. GURURAJ: You have to cut it up. Right. We make it into a sonnet. Turbulence are the birds that I saw Black winged flying through the sky of my mind But now the sky clears up, and untroubled I am For the sky has become clear to me How many lines? ROOPA: That could be fourteen. GURURAJ: Fourteen. Well, that's a sonnet. Good. Tonight I'm going to give you guys an experience. I think we could put these bright lights off. If you can? Huh? Right. In the later stages of Buddha he never used to speak. He went into total silence, which is different from our communion practice, and in his total silence all those that surrounded him was transformed within themselves. So this will take, it's ten to ten, this will take about fifteen minutes. So I'll be going a way. The total silence of the soul. Don't... no attention. Just a simple gaze, as we do in our communio n practice. Watch. You can close your eyes now. Right. And you will find some experience within yourselves. This is the power of gurushakti. ROOPA: You said a gentle gaze and you also said close your eyes? Or that's what we're confused about. GURURAJ: Uhuh. Sorry. Close your eyes and rest. Be relaxed. That's all. Fifteen minutes, huh? So all you guys can rest after that. [VIDEO KEEPS GOING]

8. U S 87 - 54 GURURAJ: In talks there are words involved which also carries a spiritual force. But in the si lence of our meditation, the full impact of the spiritual force is imparted to the chelas, the devotees, friends, or whatever you want to be called. And even in that silence you might have gone through certain experiences within yourselves. You can tell me about that tomorrow. Because the silent meditation, as Buddha did, imparts his entire mind and spirituality to his beloveds. That is the experience I wanted to give you tonight. If you would like to discuss it tonight, by all means do so. Or if you want to tomorrow. Whenever you feel like it. Would anyone want to say anything? So we could end up at half past ten, I think. It's ten past ten now. C'mon, c'mon you guys. Don't be shy of your father. JOYCE: I felt a great sense of energy flowing t hrough me. A great sense of spaceless energy. GURURAJ: Yeh, very good. Very good. Anyone else who wants to say a small thing? INDIRA: It was nothing and yet it was everything. GURURAJ: Nothing is everything. I'll tell you a story which I might h ave told somewhere in some country. The chela went to the guru and asked the secret of life. So the guru said, "You see that tree over there? You pluck the fruit from that tree." So next morning the chela came back and the guru said, "Crack the little fruit." He cracked the fruit and there was a seed in the fruit. And he said, "Now you crack the seed." And the chela did that and found nothing in the seed. So the guru explained, "That which you found nothing is the everything that made this fruit g row." So everything is nothing and nothing is everything. It sounds paradoxical, but it is true because present science has not found the sub, sub, sub, sub, subatomic matter which creates everything. And in the nothingness of that seed there was everyt hing in there that produced the seed that produced the fruit which produced the tree and on and on. Ever on. Yes. Very good. Very good. Mother, very good. Anyone else want to say anything? It's your turn to rub my feet now. Come up. Sore and swollen because all this air traveling. DANUSHA: I felt a tremendous sense of peace. Like being cradled in black velvet.

9. U S 87 - 54 GURURAJ: Now, what you experienced there, without even you telling me, that black velvet was very vast. Am I right? It would be. You traversed the entirety of the universe. That vastness of the universe. And trevailing through the vastness of the universe you felt that tremendous peace within yourself. Very good. Anyone else? Yes, please, Maduji. MADHU: First of all I saw a blue light with circles and they would come at me, at my forehead, with an intensity, and then the blue circle turned into green and then it turned into lilac and then everything opened and there was a... just tremendous, I can't describe it, but it was peace. It was almost a sound that was so silent that it felt good and made my ears fell good, and then there were two or three or four personal messages. GURURAJ: Very good. The blue circle first opened up the center of your pineal gland. And then the green was a healing power going through you. And then what was next? Sorry. MADHU: There was the lilac. GURURAJ: Then the lilac opened your heart more and more. So therefore you felt that beautiful peace within you. And then of course, having a mind, so many thoughts, I think about four, if I can judge it correctly, right, went through your mind to bring some clarity into the mind. Very good experience, my darling, Maduji. Very good experience. Good. Good. Namaste. ANGIE: I also experienced the blue colors and the vastness and they swirled. And sometimes they were just splinters of white light. GU RURAJ: Very good. Very good. The blue colors were a clarification of mental thoughts. I'm talking about you specifically. Sometimes it applies differently to different people. Right. And then you see the white which nullified negative thoughts from your mind. And the white specks you saw there affirmed it, confirmed it, and stabilized it. So those thoughts that were flowing in your subconscious mind will not come back again. Yes, sir? TOM: Just as you were chanting om shanti I just had a fleetin g, sort of a mental image of like a wall. A brick wall. In pink.

10. U S 87 - 54 GURURAJ: In pink. Hm. TOM: I didn't really quite understand that but I had the same image this afternoon at the gong meditation. It's as though I were coming back and just happened to see that. It doesn't seem like a barrier, but it seems like a strange thing to see. GURURAJ: Now. During the day, whenever you have time, try and knock out one brick out of that wall. And then slowly that wall, which signifies a barrier, will collapse . And you will find greater and greater clarity. You do have clarity, of course, but you will find much more clarity by having that wall broken down. That wall is caused through certain psychological inhibitions. Whatever you would like to call it. I do n't have words for it. But just knock one brick down. That's all. You start with that. And the entire wall will collapse so that you will feel freedom. For that is actually what you are seeking for. You're seeking for freedom and release from your menta l thoughts, from yourself. And you want to be you want to feel free like the bird, as I composed in this poem earlier on, and fly the skies. Do it. Just knock out one brick. Yes, my darling? CHELA: [heard in part] Incredible pressure right here. Ka leidoscopes of green, yellow, blue and lilac. And right before you said "om" the pressure was unbelievable. The blue's and white just spread. It was really great. GURURAJ: Wonderful. The pressure was caused for one reason. It was opening up your aj na chakra. And because of it's gentle opening of the ajna chakra, it's this one here, you know that, you're a teacher, you should know, opening that up you felt that blue and the other colors floating, not into it, but through it. And now look at her face . Look at the calmness there now. It was a release of tensions that were built into you. So it was a very good experience. Very good experience. Bless you, my darling. Bless you. JAGRITI: Guruji, is it possible... could anything have happened if yo u didn't really experience anything because I really didn't experience anything? A little pain in my right shoulder. GURURAJ: Sorry? JAGRITI: Just a little pain in my right shoulder. GURURAJ: Your right?

11. U S 87 - 54 JAGRITI: Shoulder. GURURAJ: Hm. Yes. Is that not an experience? What happened there was this, that you were soon going to develop fibrositis, in your right shoulder. And that is removed. You won't suffer it. Is that not an experience? JAGRITI: Thank you, Guruji. GURURAJ: There you are. Anyone else? We've got five minutes more. [SINGS] Give me five minutes more. How does that song go? No, give me five minutes more. Right. If you have no more questions.... ROOPA: There is no question but there is a present ation. Terry was going to present something, but we have lost Terry so Mataji is going to present something. GURURAJ: Oh, Mataji. MATAJI: I present for Terry. WOMAN: Terry is taking care of the children so... something you might be interested in. [H e is presented with a sitar.] GURURAJ: Oh, oh, no!! ROOPA: It's not a gift. It belongs to someone else. He borrowed it. It's on loan. GURURAJ: Okay. Right. Right, right, right, right, right. ROOPA: Someday we're going to get you your own. MA TAJI: From Terry. Wait just a minute. ROOPA: There they are. Terry's the one who found the friend.

12. U S 87 - 54 MATAJI: He called many, many people to find it. GURURAJ: Oh Terry, bless your heart. MATAJI: You have to tune it first. Anybody have scissors? GURURAJ: Yeah, I'll have to. I'll do that after we get this done here. Put on the lights. Yes. Fine. Thank you. [PLAYS ] Ravi Shankar and I used to play the sitar. He calls me his master. [laughter] TERRY: Is that wire on there? Is that causing a ny problems? ah, see that wire, that's what's causing it to be... GURURAJ: Oh, is that what it is? TERRY: Yeah, take that out of there. MERRILL: Would you like a pick, Guruji? GURURAJ: No, no. I'll use my fingers. TERRY: Guruji, he was just a f ellow from the university, from Pakistan, and I told him that we were coming up here and he said we could use it for the week. So it was real nice of him to do that. GURURAJ: Very nice of him. [PLAYS] [AUDIO ENDS VIDEO CONTINUES.] [Terry helps him tune sitar.] [Audience general talking and commotion.] [He plays sitar and "composes a new raga." Playing continues on video.] **** END ****


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