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1. U S 87 - 59 COMMUNICATING THE FULLNESS OF THE HEART or (BECAUSE YOU CALLED ME) GURURAJ: Chalo....c, double h, a, l, o. VOICE: I think you mean c. h. double a. GURURAJ: Chela wo. Okay. VOICE: Chela... GURURAJ: ...wo. W O. VOICE: Chela wo. Uhuh. GURURAJ: Right. That's enough. VOICE: I'll say. GURURAJ: Thank you. I've gotta teach my children so many things. It goes on for ages. Now, you're going to loosen up your tensions. I'll start it off for you and you carry on. And I will do the impr ovisations. Hode chalawo, hode... c'mon, move. Hode chalawo...get the tension off your shoulders. Hode chalawo, hode chalawo, hode chalawo, hode chalawo, ho...row my boat. Hode chalawo, hode chalawo. You just carry on with that I'll do the improvisati ons. Hode chalawo, hode chalawo, hode... get it from the shoulder blades. Hode chalawo, hode chalawo, hode chalawo. Row my boat. Hode chalawo, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Hode chalawo, laaaaaaaaaaaaaa. [CONTINUES IN THIS MANNER] Hode chalawo. BACKGROUND VOICES: Hode chalawo. [Group sings while Gururaj improvises.] GURURAJ: Loosen up your shoulder muscles. Come on! ahhhhhhhh. Vidya, you're not moving your shoulders enough. ahhhhhhhhhh. Louder. Louder. Louder. ahhhhhhhh.

3. U S 87 - 59 psychologists and psychiatrists in m y little change pocket. I don't know if I have any change. No, I've none. So that is where the guru plays the greater part. The therapist or psychiatrist can only understand the workings of how your mind is working, and he looks at the troubles of your mind only! But has he got the ability to see the goodness of your mind? Has he got that ability? He has not! He only looks at the troubles of your mind so that every week after week you consult him so he can make money. A true master, a true guru, do es not do that. Now I have so many psychologists in the room and psychiatrists and doctors of psychology and that. And can anyone answer this question now? What do you know of the human mind? And they will surely answer me they know nothing. They go by book knowledge. They study Adler and Freud and Jung and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay. What have they gained? Nothing! True knowledge can only be imparted by one who is self realized within himself. And that, not as a psychiatrist does, but he d oes that with that spiritual intuitional ability which he has through practices of many, many lifetimes, perhaps. Who knows? And who want to know? It's not important. Every action performed is known by the effect it brings about, and if the effect comes into being then the action is worthwhile. Otherwise we are wasting our time. It's just a job. Like a plumber or a carpenter or a doctor or a psychiatrist or, you name them all. That is not serving humanity. As a carpenter makes a living, as a plumber m akes a living, so does the man of the mind called a psychiatrist make a living too, and yet he knows not what he is doing. Bring me a hundred psychiatrists and psychologists here in this room and I will kick their bloomin' asses very fast that they would not even be able to answer me. So your spiritual practices and meditational practices, which are personally prescribed to you in accordance with your own vibrations, your own make up, emotional make up, feeling make up, heart make up, spiritual make up, yo ur cosmetic make up, is prescribed individually. And it will give you great, great comfort. That is for sure. I know. Being told by m y friends that consult me in psychology and psychiatry, they've been telling me that a client goes to them for two year s, three years... huh... for what? Because they do not know their business. They do not. But they know the money business. Ahh. Shall I give you a demonstration now? Come here, my darling. Come here. Sit down, dear. Is there any space here? I'll giv e you a very quick demonstration of what I'm talking about. Darling, if you would sit back and lean here and face the crowd. Right. Demonstration of spiritual force. [ALEEM'S HEALING. EDIT OUT BEFORE SELLING]

4. U S 87 - 59 GURURAJ: I'm changing her entire nervous structure by a touch. Now give us a running commentary of what you see, dear. Talk, don't be shy. We're all a family together. WOMAN: [????????] purple dot. GURURAJ: Purple dot. Yes. Um huh. It's expanding. Right. The dark that surrounds you, is some black. WOMAN: [inaudible] GURURAJ: Um huh. Um huh. Right. And now in that purple dot there will be a pinpoint of white light. Can you see that? You do? Good. And now? WOMAN: All light. GURURAJ: All light? What color? WOMAN: Green li ght. GURURAJ: Um huh. Should be. And that white is getting more whiter and expanding. Do you see that? Good. And now? WOMAN: Gold. GURURAJ: Gold. Yes. Right. That gold will dissipate itself into that white and become like pattern. Do you see that? WOMAN: [inaudible] GURURAJ: Right. It would be. Do you feel much calmer now? How would you put it in degrees? Sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety percent, or more? Hm? How much? Hm? Ummm, just mention a figure. [Laughter] Come on, mention any figure so I could analyze the depth.

5. U S 87 - 59 WOMAN: Two thousand twenty two. GURURAJ: Two thousand twenty. Oh, my God! My darling! [PERIOD OF SILENCE] GURURAJ: My darling, sit there in front of me and face me. Thank you. When I speak to my family they're not only words, because every word I say is a fact. And at any time anyone can challenge me to demonstrate the truth of which I'm sayi ng, as you've seen now in these few moments. That is the mark of a master, a truth giver, and a lover that loves all, all the time. Do you think I've just met you seven, eight, ten, twelve years ago? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'v e known you all f or thousands of years. Thousands of years. Your first name is? ALEEM: Aleem. GURURAJ: Aleem. Of course. I've such a bad memory. I don't know. I would never forget a face but it comes to names, I... With hundreds of thousands of people around the world it is not really very possible to remember every name. Many times I even forget Vidya's name and Roopa's name, and I say, "What's her name?" What I know of is the heart and not the name. Everyone's heart I feel. So why should I bother my brain, a lthough I have none, remembering a name? Just let me feel with a heart to heart. That's important. Man does not live by the brain. Remember that. The brain is an instrument to use, to find your bread in life, your avocation and occupation. Why don't yo u put up that stupid clock of yours instead of it clicking off every hour? Whoever's it is. But when you can communicate from heart to heart, that remains forever. Because the brain can forget, as it should be forgotten. Otherwise it would create great er turmoils and psychological problems there. I really wish I was brainless. For let me rather, Lord, function through the heart and spread every tissue and every drop of its blood to all and everyone. And that is the way to find the true joy of life. The true joy of life can never be found through the brain, because the brain as we know it today, and very few of these stupid psychologists and psychiatrists know about it, it's no wonder that they come and consult me when they have problems. That is no t the aim and goal of life. I think I said some night, somewhere, I can never remember anything, if you ask me half an hour later what I spoke about today I would say, "I don't know." But I know of one thing only: how my heart, in the fullness of its lo ve, flow to each and every one of you. Not only when I'm with you, but even when I'm thousands of miles away. Just give me a call, not necessarily on the

6. U S 87 - 59 telephone, mentally, and I will be in connection with you anytime. Like many of our beloveds here w ould verify. Immediately I receive your telepathic message that's a stupid word of course I receive your soul message and we do something about it. I go into meditation and we do something about it, and transmit from the master transmitter, the divine symphony to cool your mind and heart. Your trouble... what's your name again? I can never remember. Aleem, Aleem, of course. Aleem. Do you want to hear of your troubles? Shall I tell it to you now or shall we do it privately? Your problem, number one , is frustration. Right? Okay. Number two. You feel that you have not achieved what you wanted to achieve. Right? Number three. Sexual deprivation. Right? [laughter] Ya. By that I mean that out of every ten times you make love you only have three orgasms. Am I right? BACKGROUND VOICE: [??] taking the fifth. GURURAJ: Are we on number four? [pause, laughter] Sometimes you resort... are you writing that? VOICE: Oh no! We don't want to hear about her [??] GURURAJ: Sometimes you resort to masturbation. VOICE: Unlike the rest of the population [laughter]. Unlike anyone else in the room. GURURAJ: But the answer is simple. Just call on me. I could be thousands of miles away.... VOICE: This isn't fair, Preatam. Her mother is sitting right there, listening to all this. GURURAJ: It's all right, and I promise you, and I promise you I will titillate your clitoris so you could sleep peacefully. But there are deep meanings, I'm making jokes of course, you know that. There are deep meanings to uncover or discover the reasons of her depressions and her frustrations. And, of course, this is not meant for a public talk, as you know. [Laughter] Okay. But it is meant more in my offices where we could really sit down and go into deeper details. What number are we at? VOICE: Number five.

7. U S 87 - 59 GURURAJ: Your menstruation is not regular. Are you writing that? You see how I could just see through people? [Laughter] Amazing grace. VOICE: Is that what you call it? GURURAJ: Take care. Six! VOICE: Now we're getting personal. [laughter] GURURAJ: Do not search for love. Full stop. The day you stop searching, love will find you, that is for sure. It is like this old quotation of mine: if you chase the bu tterflies they fly away. But if you just be still that butterfly might light on you. Seven! There is someone in your life... (thank you my son, thank you very much. What a darling you are.) There is someone that you are interested in. Am I right, moth er? LOUISE: I don't know, but I'm listening, I'm hanging on every word. [laughter] GURURAJ: Good shot! LOUISE: Please proceed. GURURAJ: Full stop. But do not be interested in him. Come on girls, must I wait so long? VOICE: We're ready. GURURAJ: Oh, then say uhm, or something. Repeat that last line. VOICE: There is someone in your life you are interested in, but do not be interested in him.

8. U S 87 - 59 GURURAJ: By not being interested in him he will become more interested in you. Do you see, my darlings, the psychological process of how the human mind works? It also teaches you the meaning of non attachment. You're not writing! VOICE: Yes I am. I'm getting this list here. GURURAJ: It will also teach you the meaning of non attachment. An d when you are non attached every beauty of life becomes attached to you. What time do you guys have to go for lunch? VOICE: Twelve thirty. GURURAJ: Twelve thirty. So we've still got fifteen minutes. Any questions from anyone? I could carry on lec turing... PRIYA: How do you become non attached? GURURAJ: The best way to become non attached is to learn how to pull your leg behind you and kick your ass. You will have to work on that. This darling, of course I'm joking and having some fun, but it is a very, very, vast subject. It's a very vast subject. Nevertheless, we're joking and having some fun together. Do you see the whole principle? Just by looking at a person's face you could read their whole mind, their souls, their spirits, their bodi es, their hm... Tell me one thing now, why are you sitting with your hands together? No, no, no, no sit as you are. Why? No, that's not true. Comfortable that's one of the aspects of it, but it is a greater sign of self protection. I'm talking of bod y language. I sit this way. I'm open to everyone. I won't unzip my pants, of course. You know that. ROOPA: Thank you for not sharing [laughter]. GURURAJ: It is very good, very good. Because the main purpose of a woman's life is self protection b ecause underlying self protection is the principle of self preservation and security. Women are basically insecure. They're born to be that way. So therefore they need a spouse... VOICES: Ooooooooo [and other comments]

9. U S 87 - 59 GURURAJ: ...to provide them, or help them, to provide them, or help them to find security. [coughs] (Oh, pardon. This bloomin' chest of mine. One of you girls must come and rub my chest for me. I hope we have some ointment there.) Now, women being c alled the weaker sex, that's what they say, okay, meanwhile they become the bosses later on, you know. Instinctively they feel themselves insecure, and therefore they need a spouse to provide them with security. And this security does not mean a beautif ul mansion and a house or a big bank balance. What it means, what it means is the security of being loved. I think approximately I've got sixteen thousand women around the world that loves me intensely. VOICE: Brag, brag, brag. GURURAJ: A rough gu ess. Perhaps more, I think. Why? Because I return, I translate their yearning into love so that they could love me. Now is that not, without any physical contact, oh my god, how can I go fucking around with sixteen thousand women around the world all t he time? It's impossible. And I'm getting old, you know. I'm not so young any more. Of course I'm joking, having some fun with you guys, you know that. So, the true master, to the receptive disciple, gives his inner self, gives his love, even without t ouching her at all, and she feels it. She feels that there is a force greater than me which is love, and love is God. Understand this, my beloveds. Love is God, and God is love. In spite of us joking around and having the comic relief there's a lot of t hings you must understand what I am talking about. Ah, look at that lovely smile on her face. Lovely darling, lovely. That's what I would like to see. A beautiful smile on the face of all my beloveds. That is what I'm here for. To make you love, to m ake you live, and to make you laugh. Laff. That's Americanese. We've got five minutes there. Right. I find a poem coming up. Shut up! I find my heart beating I find my forehead sweating And I ask, what is this caused by? And asking of the cause the answer comes by How many lines have you got there?

10. U S 87 - 59 ROOPA: Four. GURURAJ: Four. Next stanza. I have discovered now that it is your love That brings this heat, So sweet that I sweat And become wet With tears flowing through my eyes In love for thee H ow many lines? Huh? ROOPA: Altogether ten. GURURAJ: Ten. ROOPA: Six in this last stanza. GURURAJ: Um huh. Next stanza. When I look at you With eyes filled with tears Yet the lips keep on smiling To make you smile too And you wipe my tears With your snotty hanky But that, too, I enjoy For you are my only joy How many lines have you got?

11. U S 87 - 59 ROOPA: About four or eight, depending if they are short or long. GURURAJ: Shit. Is it a sonnet? ROOPA: It certainly is. That's right. It's perfect. GURURAJ: Have we done it? You must mark them off, one, two three, four, five, six. ROOPA: We do. GURURAJ: Ah, you do. Then why do I have to question you? ROOPA: Your poetry is immeasurable. [laughter] GURURAJ: Next page. A quicky. Okay. I like my quickies, especially early in the mornings. My poetry is immeasurable Because I am immeasurable For if I was ever measured in worldly terms I could never exist here and now I come from an immeasurable wor ld Beyond comprehension And yet I have no pretension of why I came To the small tiny planet, size of a grain But I came; because you called me And I came because of my love for all of thee [lines are mine. S.J.]

2. U S 87 - 59 VOICES: [applause] Yay. GU RURAJ: I have not named as Gururaj Ananda for nothing. [laughter] I give the Ananda, the bliss of life, to all of you; and doing that I'm sharing my heart with all of you. I'm not used to speaking to thirty, thirty five people. My largest audience was thirty thousand on Chopati Beach in Bombay. But still, as the old parable goes, Jesus ran a mile to find one stray lamb. So why should I not do it? It is my duty. It is my job. But I do wish that with proper advertising, proper publicity, and someone putting some effort into work, we will have a far bigger crowd. They could sit in the other room listening through a... what do you call those things? VOICES: Earphones? Ears? [laughter] GURURAJ: Earphones. Good. After having a little fun, this mor ning, let us get into some serious business. Question please. Come near to my heart, my darling. BALDEV: Beloved one, this question is somewhat appropriate after our introduction. At the airport in Washington you said, how would you ever get along without us guys to get you from place to place to assist you in these airports. Roopa and I said, "Whe re would we be without you to guide us?" Lots of laughter. Then we asked, "How did we get into this mess together?" And your eyes twinkled with joyous mischief. So we ask again, how did we get into this mess together? GURURAJ: Thank you. Whenever a p erson feels that he, he or she, [coughs] (pardon) is in a mess, what do you do with the mess? Go to the bathroom and clear up the mess and do dis mess yourself. What does this mean? That you clean yourself up from the mess that you yourself have created. So get rid of the diarrhea and change your pants. And... (oh, there it is. Thank you, dear) and by clearing the diarrhea that you have created yourself through bad diet, meaning bad habits of life, I'm not necessarily talking about food now, and by cle aring that up you will become demessed and dismissed through the troubles you, yourself, have created unto you. So what we have done in our lives has to be undone. That's the only solution. You can do it by yourself. You can go to your psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists, but how much can they undo for you that you have created for yourself? They try to give you certain explanations subjected to their own personal understandings. And I could put a million

12. U S 87 - 59 **** END ****


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