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1. U S 87 - 60 COMMUNION GURURAJ: It is a beautiful journey to the Divine. (Your mike is not working. Thank you, may darl ing. Thank you, my love.) I will tell you what happens. This journey throughout the universe... (Are you getting the sound right now?) VOICE: Nothing coming out of the speaker. [DISCUSSION BY VARIOUS PEOPLE CONCERNING SOUND PROBLEM.] GURURAJ: Testing. Testing. Testing. Are you getting any sound now? VOICE: Yes. GURURAJ: It is a beautiful journey throughout the universe, where you traverse the entirety of all existence. You go through all the galaxies, the solar systems and the galaxies, and reach far beyond that to meet with that energy which is inexplicable. Yet that energy is that make my arm lift or my feet move or even make my eyes twinkle. How does one do that? That would naturally be the basic question. And that ques tion is the same question what makes this flower grow. You see how we can bring down the deepest philosophy to very basic levels and just ask "What makes this flower grow." So merging away with the godhead or the source of everything, what a lovely journe y it is. Ohhh. You traverse the universe. You see all the planets and the galaxies, the scintillating beauty of it all shining. You see stars exploding every moment, all the time. And you see stars recreating themselves again and again. Not the explode d ones. But even in the explosion of those stars the flares fly into such a brilliance, for any explosion must have its brilliance. Because explosion explains or expresses itself in brilliance. As you go away into those deeper realms you see them. You s ee stars being created and recreated there. And in its own recreation of itself the universe recreates itself, for the universe is made of two factors: dissolusion and re creation. And then after that lying in between it has a factor of such preservation , which is momentary. For anything that is created must dissolve itself. But there is a period, admittedly, of a bit of self preservation. Take yourselves for example: you are born, you are preserved for awhile as long you can then you are dissolved. Now, the same principle applies to the entirely of creation, because principles are not apart. Whatever principle applies to you applies to all humanity, and it applies to universality, which these doctors and lawyers cannot understand. And I'll

2. U S 87 - 60 challeng e them all on any question. These professors too. Merrillji, for example. And this doctor of... this Ph.D sitting in front of me and this M.A. There and so many others. I don't want to waste my time mentioning names and those J.D.: Doctor of Jurisprud ence, Doctor of Justice. Huh! What do they mean? You know what? [laughter] Must I really tell you? AUDIENCE: No's GURURAJ: Bullshitters that knows nothing of the true meaning of life! For example, this very famous attorney that we have there, by n ame is? VOICES: Louise. GURURAJ: She can ask me any question on law and I'll break her to bloody pieces! [laughter] Here is a big businessman, Chetanji. And there that contractor that builds all those factories and whatever he does. We have wonderfu l people here. There's a computer expert there. There's another psychologist sitting next to him, his wife. What the bloody hell! So ask me anything you want to ask. And you're welcome to it. And our beloved Mary Kay, how lovely she is. And she's lo oking younger by the day though. [blows nose] (I beg your pardon. You know, the change of climate. I'm a bit chesty. Excuse me for that. In South Africa it's very hot and coming here it's so cold and blah, blah, blah, blah , blah. Okay. So what does it matter?) So here is a qualified attorney. There is a very famous lady lawyer there, Louise. There's a professor there. There is a master businessman there. And so many others. And there's that lovely lady friend of mine, right. And I told her one day that there is no death plots for sale. The cemeteries are too full. There's only standing room for sale. [laughter in background] Oh, my beloved darlings, let me carry on. And Danusha, dear, and your beloved husband, right, let me carry on about t his journey into the... [chattering in background] Shut up! Let me carry on. [laughter] You cackling hens. [laughter] Let me carry on with my journeys through the universe and tell you a bit more about it. There's another bloody lawyer sitting in f ront of me, Jagriti. VOICE: [inaudible] lawyer. GURURAJ: Jesus. We have a good crowd, you know. [laughter] And look at that qualified travel agent sitting over there. [laughter] Yea, yea, yea. Yeah. And my friend sitting over there, Gomila's hus band. Master businessman. You know, if you can't make the first million, forget it. Try for the second one, and you'll make it. Good.

3. U S 87 - 60 Now, traveling on through the universe, the hemispheres are so, so beautiful, Professor Merrill. VOICES: [Comments to Merrill] MERRILL: You think I didn't know that. [laughter] GURURAJ: You haven't been there! I'm going to take you with me! You just hold my hand. MERRILL: Talk, talk, talk. [laughter] GURURAJ: We can do it tonight. But where's Mataji. Oh, she's sitting there. VOICE: She might not let him go. GURURAJ: Yeah, she might not let him go. Yeah. [laughter] Right, we go together. Why not? We'll make it a threesome. So, when you tra vel and traverse the vicissitudes of the construction of the universe, there is so much... shut up! There is so much beauty to be found. Everything is glimmerating, glimmering. Everything is scintillating. (If you don' t behave yourself, I'll order you o ut! Shut up!) Everything is glimmering. Everything in the conglomeration of that divine light is forever shining. And through that beauty you float on and on and on and on to find that quietude. When you reach Divinity or God, whatever you want to call it, and you merge away and so much peace there is that could be felt. So, in finding that peace you really find yourself, your true self. Because the real essence is peace. And not finding that peace which you really are, you are at disease. So, the pu rpose of life would be to find that peace that is and never be in dis ease. You see how happy and beautiful life could be? It's very simple. And if you can't find it alone, I'm there as your guru. Just hold my hand, and I shall lead you on. Lead thou m e on kindly light one step at a time. Something like that, is it? One step at a time. But I promise you that you will definitely reach the area of peace and ease. Come on this genius of a lawyer, any question from you? LOUISE: No, I think you've answ ered them all.

4. U S 87 - 60 GURURAJ: There you are. [laughter] That's the way I function. [much laughter] It always seems to happen that people have questions in their minds and their hearts, and even before they dare to ask them, I somehow or the other, through t he grace of our Lord, answer them. Do you see. So, I do not only talk of the mental mind, although they call me a genius, mental genius, or a mental jeanie ass. I don't know. But the heart melts within your hearts all the time. And even before your he art feels anything, I feel it before you and try and express it as simply as possible to explain you the art of life. For your life is not a fart, it is a art. So, take the "f" away. Oh, if I should have a case against you, Louise, I' ll cut you to piece s. That's for sure. LOUISE: That's why I would never take a case... [Gururaj laughs] I will always have you on my side. GURURAJ: Oh, you're so sweet. And we're all so happy that you came along. Thank you, very much. Thank you. LOUISE: My pleasure . GURURAJ: Thank you. Good. And your daughter's sitting somewhere. Where there? LOUISE: Right here. GURURAJ: Oh, there she is. Yeah, right. You know, what's your height? Six foot? ALEEM: One. GURURAJ: Six foot, one. Now me, after all these years we have known each other, you are five foot eleven. But pulling your leg, you have grown two inches more. [laughter] And the same happened to Baldevji. [laughter] Oh, Lord help me. Please help m e, Lord, to pull yourselves out of yourselves and find the expansion of that divine joy which our Lord has given us which is our heritage. You know? Let me tell you a little joke. A few years ago I landed up in Bombay. Right. And a friend of mind had been there and he recommended a hotel called Heritage. Hotel Heritage. So, I called one taxi and I said, "Take me to Heritage." And he didn't know what I was talking about, because I am very English. I speak better English than English people. That's what they tell me. Presumably. Then I called another taxi. I said, "Take me to Hotel Heritage, would you please?" And then a

5. U S 87 - 60 third taxi, I asked the same question. And said, "Sir, we don't know such a hotel." And then I called the fourth taxi. And th en I remembered I had a card with the hotel. So, the taxi driver said, "Oh, yes sir, I can take you, Hotel Herataj [with accent]." Heritage, Herataj. Oh, well. [laughter] With my travels around the world, I've gone through many experiences: language pr oblems and things like that. But what does it matter? Nothing at all. But I do somehow manage to make myself understood. For example, you would say, I am going to the garege. Garege? [HE MISPRONOUNCES GARAGE AND ASKS IF IT IS CORRECT] AUDIENCE: [DIF FERENT SUGGESTIONS AS TO WHAT HE IS TRYING TO SAY] JAGRITI: My father calls him "The Garage." GURURAJ: Very good. I would pronounce it "garage." VOICE: How about a service station. GURURAJ: If anyone needs servicing, you come to me: the master stu d. [laughter and comments] You see, in England they say gareedge. Certain parts of England. Of course, I and my Queen's English would say gaerage. See the difference? Anything we have to do we must always try to do as perfectly as possible according to our ability, because perfection is found in perfecting ourselves in whichever way we can; so why not? But the trouble is this, when we say "why not?" they don't interpret it as n o t , they interpret it as k n o t and they get knotted up. Unknot yourselv es, my beloveds, and find the purity of life, which is forever within you always. You get a case, Louise, and I will... you call me and we'll have a fight, a battle of wits, anytime. And you too, J.D., Doct or of Justice. And the others around here, too. We got so many lawyers and professors and... and a whole lot of bullshitters too. It's fun. Thank you, very much. VIDYA: We have the advanced mandalas this evening. ROOPA: And the midnight special as well. GURURAJ: Right. Now, would you give an explanation on the midnight special? All right?

6. U S 87 - 60 ROOPA: We also... you are going to a meeting on the advanced mandalas tonight. Do you want to do that tomorrow? Or tonight? VIDYA: We are going to teach the mandalas tonight. ROOPA: We are going to teach the advanced mandalas tonight. Many people don't even... GURURAJ: Teach the mandalas tonight, and tomorrow morning I will give you an explanation about it. Meanwhile, you have those printed forms which gives the gist of it . And after you do that tonight, then I will explain any questions you have about it tomorrow morning. Why not that? Would that be more sensible? So if there are any doubts or any questions, let them do it first, so that tomorrow morning I could clarif y it. What do you think, J.D.? BALDEV: Sounds good. GURURAJ: Okay. Whatever you say. Meanwhile, while you are teaching the mandala practice... Where are you putting it up, by the way? VIDYA: We thought we'd use this room. We need some help getti ng it set up. GURURAJ: Okay. Do that and I'll sit in. And if any teacher makes any mistake, I've got my stick somewhere. SANDHYA: Right here on the side. GURURAJ: Um hm. We'll do that, and then throughout the night or in the morning if there are a ny questions to be asked, I will give you an explanation about it. Now, have you got that short tape, that ten minute tape with you? I would like people to listen to it first before you start teaching the advanced mandala practice. VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] ROOPA: [INAUDIBLE] for the people who are leaving?

7. U S 87 - 60 VOICE: No. ROOPA: Yes. There is a bit of confusion as to who is eligible for the advanced mandala practice. They are all confused about it. Everyone. GURURAJ: Right. The answer is simple, you must have done, you know the black one? for a year at least, plus, minus. Right. And from there you progress... I can't see these guys, sit down! ROOPA: Okay. GURURAJ: Right. From there they go to the advanced one. Now, why don't you fellows get that tape and put it on, so that they could have an idea. It's just about ten minutes long ten or fifteen minutes giving a little explanation. Do you think that's a good idea? VOICE: [Inaudible reply] GURURAJ: Yeah, do that now while I'm around. SANDHYA: Would you like me to go ahead and hook you back up again? Or do you want to leave [????]? I thought you were going to leave the room, so that's why I unhoo ked you. GURURAJ: Oh, no, no. That's alright. That's alright. VOICE: Have a cigarette. Here you go. It says, "Jagriti." GURURAJ: Ah, Jaggi, thank you. [END SIDE ONE]

8. U S 87 - 60 GURURAJ: Are you recording there now? TERRY: Yes. GURURAJ: Those that have practiced their first mandala practice, you have experienced the benefits. But that was to get your chakras moving. Because the brain extends itself right through the spine, for you spinal cord is only an extension of the brain. Now, by activating t hat spinal cord and your brain, which those stupid bastards call chakras. It means nothing. So after accelerating the various points of your brain, and brain power... Where's my wife? ROOPA: She's conferring with Jasuti. GURURAJ: About what?! ROOPA: Ah. GURURAJ: Why not in front of me? ROOPA: Well, then you'd have to listen to her speaking and everybody discussing stuff. She wanted to discuss it quietly, separately. Not in the middle of all this stuff. GURURAJ: Bullshit! Do you see ho w your minds are filled with bullshit? That is what I want you to get rid of: bullshit. Why could she not speak to Jasuti in my presence, and I will advise them, because they know not what they are talking about. But in my presence I will correct them to the best of my ability. Now, let's get back to the original subject. And the original subject is when I put you people my friends, my brothers, my sisters through the first mandala practice was to get the chakras bullshit, too but whatever energies there are in your mind moving. And if you have done it for about a year or so, plus, minus, it does not matter. Now, with the new mandala practice I want to stabilize the movement into stillness. So those of who are ready will find that stillness where your hearts would become still, where your minds will become still, where you will find peace and happiness. And every aspect of

9. U S 87 - 60 your lives will find greater beauty for yourselves. I had to put you through the motions and emotions to bring you to stilln ess. And I don't know how the organizers have planned when we are going to do it? ROOPA: Tomorrow. GURURAJ: When? ROOPA: I don't know what time. GURURAJ: You name it, I am there. ROOPA: What do you think, Baldev? BALDEV: [INAUDIBLE] ROOPA: Perhaps around three o'clock? Or two o'clock? Do you want to be there while Baldev teaches, and then you want to watch him teach and put in some remarks? GURURAJ: Yes. ROOPA: Is that it? GURURAJ: Yes. ROOPA: Well then, three o'clock would be a go od time. GURURAJ: No. Make it five o'clock. ROOPA: Okay, five o'clock. ROOPA: Some people will have left by then.

10. U S 87 - 60 GURURAJ: How do feel by that? ROOPA: Many people will have left by that time, because it's Sunday and many people have to go away. GURURAJ: Oh, so then we can start... ROOPA: How about it we move... VOICE: How about if we do it instead of morning practice? GURURAJ: Look, I'm asking your advice! VOICE: Can we do it instead of morning practice? [DISCUSSION FOLLOWS. CONCERN I S EXPRESSED FOR THOSE THAT WOULD BE LEAVING AND THOSE THAT WOULD NOT BE INVOLVED] VOICE: Well, some of us were leaving [????]. ROOPA: No, but those people who are involved in it could go do that instead of the morning practice. MERRILL: Oh, you mean the group chant? ROOPA: Yeah, the group chant. And then they could practice on their own, and then they could ask questions of Gururaj afterwards. GURURAJ: Yes, any question. Any question. Right. So, what time shall we schedule it for? ROOPA: Well, what people are suggesting is that it be... that learning it be done at the same time that the group practice is usually done, which is before the satsang. And then having learned it, they'll still be here for the satsang, at which po int the y could ask you questions about it. (Where's your lighter?)

11. U S 87 - 60 GURURAJ: [Puffs on cigarette] Thank you, my darling. ROOPA: Because many people have to take planes that are leaving in the afternoon, so they really need to do it in the morning. If they d id it... GURURAJ: It's alright, so give me a time! ROOPA: Nine o'clock in the morning for those that are going to be instructed, then they'll be through and they can ask you questions about it during the satsang, the morning satsang. GURURAJ: Nine o' clock!? ROOPA: That's the time for morning practices. That's the normal time the group gets together to do their morning practices. Would ten o'clock be better? Do you think ten is better? GURURAJ: Give me a little time. [DISCUSSION FOLLOWS CONCERN ING TIME] ROOPA: How many people are learning? BALDEV: Right now there are twelve or thirteen. ROOPA: Do they all know that they have to pay money? VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] ROOPA: Okay.

12. U S 87 - 60 MERRILL: How much money? We didn't know that. I didn't know that. ROOPA: Fifty dollars. MERRILL: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: I think someone suggested... Chetanji, where are you? CHETAN: Right here. GURURAJ: You suggested a hundred dollars, didn't yo u? CHETAN: That's true. GURURAJ: Right. ROOPA: We were planning to make it a hundred dollars from now on. But because nobody was warned that they would be coming and would have to pay, what Vidya would like to do, and I don't see any reason not to, b ut the board, the whole board, was to give... GURURAJ: Look, whatever you people want to do is acceptable by me. I'm not interested in your money. VOICE: So, fifty dollars [Inaudible]? ROOPA: Yeah. But after this it's going to be a hundred. It's f ifty dollars just because this is the first course it's ever been given on. Anybody who's lucky enough to be here and eligible. After this it's... GURURAJ: Look, you can give a million dollars, it's up to you! VOICE: [INAUDIBLE]

13. U S 87 - 60 GURURAJ: But put down...that's it, Jerry. You put down a minimum. And if you want to give more, okay, more! It's for A.M.S.! I get fuckall out of it. Every form, let me tell you this, that you send to me, and I work for hours and hours and hours for ten bucks. Ten dollars. Is it fair to me? Tell me! I don't know what happens to the rest. Is it fair on me? Can I live on that? Look, ten dollars can't even buy me a bloody scotch. So, please people, think. MERRILL: I say we raise it to twelve fi fty from now on. GURURAJ: Twelve fifty! [laughter] PANU?: I'm glad I didn't say that. [laughter] GURURAJ: Why not bloody twenty? And I don't even get it! I don't even get it! I've been robbed. Jesus! Half a million in England. I can prove you figures. My international accountants worked it out. VOICE: Price Waterhouse? GURURAJ: And to do your initiations and concentrate and give my whole heart and soul for ten fucking bucks? MERRILL: I say make it twelve fifty. [laughter] GURURAJ: Ma ke it twenty. [GROUP STARTS SUGGESTING DIFFERENT AMOUNTS] GURURAJ: Why not fifty? [LIGHT HEARTED DISCUSSION FOLLOWS] PRIYA: Yeah, we've killed. About time for midnight practice now.

14. U S 87 - 60 ROOPA: Right. Now we've got to do for midnight practice. GURURAJ: We've still got about fifteen minutes. And we can... [DISCUSSION CONCERNING TIME FOR MANDALA INITIATION AND GETTING PREPARED FOR MIDNIGHT PRACTICE.] PRIYA: If we left now we'd have time to change and get into bed. ROOPA: Yeah, right. These people actually have to change their clothes and get into bed before the midnight practice. You know, that's what's [????] done. GURURAJ: Look, the time now is twenty five to twelve! ROOPA: [LAUGHING] Right, and they have to be... GURURAJ: And w e can spend fifteen minutes more ten minutes more together... ROOPA: You guys are going to be together and... GURURAJ: ...to bring you home truths. TERRY: Are you going to describe the mandala practice, because I was running the tape so that people who weren't here could get that. You were talking about the advanced mandala practice. GURURAJ: Right. Have you got the tape on? TERRY: Yeah, it's running right now.

15. U S 87 - 60 GURURAJ: Right. Now, the advanced well, we'll go quickly over this the advanced mandala practice is for people who had done the prelim mandala practice. I mean you've all seen that, the black swirling. And I try to get your swirling going . Now, the purpose of the advanced mandala practice is this, to stop the swirling and stabiliz e you, pinpoint you into total concentration and contemplation through which you will find the greater benefits of meditation. Very simple. Very simple. Where's that sitar. [MUCH LAUGHTER AND CARRYING ON] Where is my wife? ROOPA: Wait. You want to sit down, don't you? Only let's take this thing off. Here. GURURAJ: Right, just five minutes. [singing] Oh, Roopaji. GROUP: Oh, Roopaji. [GURURAJ AND GROUP CONTINUE SINGING] [GURURAJ PLAYS SITAR] ROOPA: Do you want a p ick, or do you want a coin? Alright, where is it? GURURAJ: Oh, give me a coin. TERRY: Wait, we got to find that. ROOPA: [laughing] I don't know what we're doing, but [INAUDIBLE]. VOICE: What are you looking for? ROOPA: We're looking for the p ick. TERRY: The pick. It's that little piece of... GURURAJ: Never mind, it doesn't matter.

16. U S 87 - 60 ROOPA: [laughing] I don't even know what we're doing. He's crazy. [GURURAJ PLAYS SITAR] [GROUP IS HELD CAPTIVE BY THE EXQUISITE BEAUTY OF HIS PLAYING] [GROUP APPLAUDS, HOWLS, LAUGHS, GIGGLES, CHEERS, AND CALLS FOR ENCORE] VOICE: Time for the midnight practice? GURURAJ: Ravi Shankar was a pupil of mine. Nevertheless, I suppose we have to... VOICE: It's ten to twelve. Time for the midnight practice . GURURAJ: Oh, ten to twelve. Okay, we must to that. ****END****


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