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1. U S 87 - 63 INDIVIDUAL BLESSINGS GURURAJ: I don't know what kind of people I have. My very own beloveds, satsang was to start at 8:00 and no one woke me up [laughter and comments] What a bloomin' piece of shitasses I have. [laughter and comm ents] Please in the future if I'm tired and I'm very exhausted wake me up on time, please. VOICE: [inaudible] [laughter] GURURAJ: So what, so what! Doesn't matter at all. But my concern is the concern of the [inviences?] of my beloveds. So wake me up on time, and take me to the church on time. [laughter] ROOPA: Are you getting married in the morning? GURURAJ: Right. What shall we talk about tonight? Questions? [audience whistling and hooting] CHETAN: Beloved Preatamji, sing of the dazzling darkness of ineffable nothingness, of untellable light, sing, sing, thy song divine. GURURAJ: Um hum. VOICE: You had to ask that question. GURURAJ: I shall sing you the song of the divine which is inexpressible by words, but yet even the mind cannot define. So the heart song, though ineffable, still pulls its sitar strings and the sound is heard through your hearts. [unheard ?] through ineffable strings filled with the divine symphony of the song that exists that is even beyond the human symphony of mankind. So sing on and sing on forever more, for they in the you the song will forever sing. Its music will never stop, for it goes on and on even if you and I are beyond that music will forever flow on as the river flows although it does not know, but its flo w goes on and ever on and forever so. Where's my [???] ? And you ask me to compose a song. Stop bringing and taking things away. Leave it until the course is over. [playing cymbals and singing and translating]

2. U S 87 - 63 Where can you go, my love Where can you go my love, For forever you are staying in my heart Where can I [touch?] you for my love [??] but I cannot find you I starte d searching for you I found you inside me How much time have I not spent Looking through the [stars?] And even in the wind of the trees I try to find The sky and the earth I try to find you I got so tired in my search And after [being so tired?] I found that I did not Need to go out, for you were Within me all the time Roopaji, in that hold all of mine there is that collection of poetry for new publication. Would you get that envelope? I co uld show you the stillness of the mind. So there the s tillness of the mind exists where it belongs. Stillness does not come from outside. Stillness in oneself comes from within oneself. That is what all need to find, that beautiful stillness for t he sake of the peace of our mind. Mind is peaceful as long a s you make it peaceful. Peace does not come from outside, peace comes from inside and only expresses itself outside. For if that peace and joy is not found inside, how could it express itself outside? Here I sit amongst my beloveds, totally at ease, tota lly at peace. And I express that to all my brothers and sisters around me. And you cannot help receiving it, because the force is great. And likewise, everyone can do it. And if everyone can express that peace which is also called Divinity, you can expres s that love and peace all around you. [???] published poems [???]

3. U S 87 - 63 ROOPA: [???] you read it out last night, and it wasn't put back in here. You read it to us last night. GURURAJ: Nothing wrong with repeating a poem. This is published in a magazine, "The stillness of the soul." Every time I read a poem it's always read differently. That's of course one of my own works. I know to give you the proper emphasis at different times. [He reads Winged birds of time fly on....] That's one of the ones to be included in my Nobel prize to be awarded hopefully next year. Now, where's the big candle and the small candles? Don't lose any of those poetrys, darling. Right. Have you got a tray to place them on? ROOPA: [inaudible] GURURAJ: A tray to put them on. ROOPA and others: [inaudible] GURURAJ: Chetanji, that [???] prayer, have you got it with you? The one that you [???] Please, please bring it. [general preparations] Thank you, darling. ROOPA: Do you want to light it now? GURURAJ: I'm waiting for Ch etan. Are you guys in your pajamas tonight? VOICES: Midnight. GURURAJ: So what! Is there ever a night or ever a day? Never! It is a misconception. For 24 hours composes the day and we just cut it up. VOICE: Cigarette. GURURAJ: What about it?

4. U S 87 - 63 VOICE: Can I have one? GURURAJ: Yes, come on. Here my darling. VOICE: What you gotta go through to get a cigarette around this place. GURURAJ: Pass it around. Why not! [???] [general chatter] Holy smoke. Now I will need the help of two ladies her e. And two little trays or round plates or whatever. [general chatter of preparation] Will that be all right? OK, I suppose so. Let's make do with whatever we can. Right! Now from the candle you all come up and light your little candles and put it th ere. Where's the tray? Light your candle and put it up on the tray. Standing up. Or if we could have two plates that would be much better. Come on, girls. Woman! [general preparations, laughter and chatter] VOICES: Ohhhhh! [singing and horseplay] GURURAJ: Light your candles from this light and put it on the plate. Come on, all of you. Put it up. That's it. You got t he idea. VOICES: Yay! GURURAJ: Heat the bottom. ROOPA: If we heat the bottom [???] [more chatter] GURURAJ: Heat the bottom so it can stick up. [laughter and chatter several minutes] You got the incense sticks. Put them in the center. VIDYA: How are they going to hold up?

5. U S 87 - 63 GURURAJ: I don't know. OK. That's fine. Good idea. [more chatter and laughter] Now what you girls have to do, I'll give you an example. This is called the arti. OK. You got the idea. [sings] [END SIDE 1] Thank you, ladies. That's called the arti. It has a very deep meaning. It is very devotional. Right. [preparing something e lse. Talking. Directions.] [Sings Sanskrit prayer from arti and interprets] You are the entire Lord of the universe And if I have faith in you you will take my troubles away in a moment Whatever your mind desires is fulfilled by you, Lord Happiness and pl easure, prosperity will come to my home And you will destroy all the troubles of my mind You are my mother and father Who else can I go to There's no one apart from you So who could I hope for but accept you You are the complete Lord that resides within me You are the Lord of the universe and master of all of us You are the ocean of mercy and you are supporting me I'm such a [fool?] Lord, Help me and get me [out of this?] You are the existence of everything. Be merciful to me to find your existence Who e lse could I ever expect to meet? And even with my small mind I try to approach and worship your feet And you are too such a great friend

6. U S 87 - 63 And you are my protector. I pray for your mercy And forever and forever I fall at your feet All these mental turmoils and stupid desires, take them away Take away my sins For this I pray And increase my bhakti, my devotion to thee And accept your child's service to thee. That's what it means. It's a [loose?] interpretation. Thank you, Chetanji. You see, this is devotional. This comes in a section of bhakti yoga, where you are in bhakti and totally devoted. That is one part of the yoga. But it is very beautiful to be devoted, to surrender oneself to Divinity. It's nice. It's nice. It's goo d for those that are mentally so inclined. For there comes a time in anyone's life, especially when they have problems, to offer themselves to the Lord. For by that offering themselves [???] Take away my problems, please O Lord. I cannot bear it anymore . You help me. Good thought. That was the meaning of the arti [waving?] of the lights to these two young ladies [???] [waving?] the light to Divinity. Comin g from one light. And we lit our little candles from the one light of Divinity and offered th ese little lights of ours to Divinity. It's symbolic, I suppose. But it has great meaning and depth if one can understand it. Good. ROOPA, what was our next program? ROOPA: The next part was you were going to have them come up and you were going to tou ch their forehead. GURURAJ: Oh yes, anoint them. Yes. Yes. ROOPA: We were also going to give our gifts as we come up [???] GURURAJ: Please remind me of that. OK. We do that. [???] [general preparations] Where are the golden threads? ROOPA: T here are only three. Vidya has them. She's going to be sure you have them available. [general preparations]

7. U S 87 - 63 GURURAJ: I've got a very good organizer although they are very stupid too, sometimes. Come, my children. God bless you. Ya. OK. [we hear him say "God bless you," but there is no way to know what is happening or to whom he is speaking] [something happens maybe tape was turned off and on. He says: "of ourselves. And that is why you love love." [AUDIO TAPE ENDS] [THIS IS WHERE THE VIDEO TAPE BEGINS] GURURAJ: [to Ancila?] Why do you love me? [ANCILA?]: Because you are love. GURURAJ: Good answer. I asked her why do you love me and she said, "Because you are love." That is what we have to recognize in everyone. This recognition comes from a deep understanding of ourselves. That is why you love love. [looking at her] I've got it all. Twenty seven years old, although you look like 17, what does that matter. You're keen on going to deeper studies, and you have physical frustrations. Right? I could read everyone just looking at their faces. Don't even need to [???] This l imb of yours it has been giving you some pain recently. We'll fix it now in a moment. Just let me have a few more puffs. I also need some relaxation, don't I? Because to go through 35 40 people, it's a lot of energy poured out. So let me relax a littl e, my darling. You can... wonderful hands you have. Vidya, Roopa, make a note that she has potential healing abilities and she must be made a healer. We'll start off the problem and get her to the advanced a while later with some practice. She is also t o be appointed a teacher, a prep teacher. Make notes 'cause I could never remember things. She'll make a wonderful teacher. You'll impart so much joy and peace to the people you teach. You've got her name down, have you dear? Ancila. Why do you think I gave you your spiritual name on the first day I met you? Because I could see what you're worth. (Give me a sip of that rubbish, Vidya. I just want a sip.) ROOPA: We're just repeating various advertising slogans [re: soda he's drinking] GURURAJ: Talking, talking throat gets dry. So just a sip of that rubbish. What a wonderful marketing point. To manufacture a soft drink and call it rubbish. They'll all go for it. VOICE: [inaudible] GURURAJ: No, name is registered. We'll just call it "Rubb ish." So let's have a can of Rubbish. The master of art and fart. OK. Let me pour this rubbish out. Come my darling. Kneel. Oh, she wants to sit on my knee.

8. U S 87 - 63 ANCILA: Are you OK? GURURAJ: I'm fine, my darling. [blesses her and massages sore leg] Your menstruation is not too regular. But it will be regular now. And if you need more regulation, you know the number of my room. Ah, my daughter, I love you. Keep well. Namaste. ANCILA: I've been having this back problem...[laughter] GURURAJ: [to Priya] Who's she? I don't know her. [sings Tera bina...] How can I live? And without you how could I know life? [blessing] To hold, to hold the sweetest lotus in the hand, what a great joy it is. God bless you. Namaste. [to Sunita] What time are you a nd I going to bed tonight? SUNITA: I've got to leave soon. GURURAJ: My daughter. Why do you love me? SUNITA: You're my way out of here. GURURAJ: What? I didn't get that. [audience clarifies] [singing] Talk to me of life and life. For your life is my life. At our first meeting I fell in love with you. To be able to love and express love is the greatest gift of life. Remember that. Fee l it sincerely and in purity and express it in purity too. Shall we go to bed now? SUNITA: No, you've got to bless everyone else. GURURAJ: Don't touch me lower down. God bless you. Namaste. [to Lilavati] [inaudible] How many years have we known each other? About 10. It's so wonderful to know that even after 10 years we have not fallen out of love with each other. Bless you, my darling. God bless you. Namaste. [to Jeff] My sonji. What's your height?

9. U S 87 - 63 JEFF: 10'6". GURURAJ: If people ask me, I say 5'6" plus 7 and ½ inches. Measure it. Has anyone got a ruler? VOICE: A yar dstick. GURURAJ: It could be [80? 18?] inches, I don't know. I'm a funster. You know that. Like to make an innocent joke. Love you, my son. Keep well. Namaste. [to Ramu] Kneel. That's better. I love you, Ramaji. [such joy?] [to Sandhya] Who's th is bloody woman? [hugging rubbing particular places on her back] You have lower back pains, huh? It's gone. Cured. No problem. I love you. There's one thing I want you to do is kick Bundus' backside 3 times a day: morning, noon and night. Thank you, my daughter. [singing to Harry] Oh, Harryji...[group joins] My son. Oh, Harryji [singing with group]. [to Terry and Margarette] Who are these two guys? I don't know them, you know. [singing Terry's name. Audience joins] [same to Margarette] [au dience tells him it's their first anniversary] Wonderful. Is it? God bless. God bless. May you live a very fruitful and happy life. Prosperity. Those are my wishes for you. Now who's Annie? Ya. Here is Annie and there is Versary. But remember one m essage in life, that be Annie and be Versary but never be adversary. Ahh, I'm always a teacher, teaching with words, love and loving all the time. And so, as Gandhi said [with accent], "Oh, my children, why must you worry? Life is immortal. Life is so im mortal that I could never die, ever." Do you want to hear how Nehru spoke? Pundit Nehru? You're not getting tired, are you? MARGARETTE: Yes. We can't kneel long. GURURAJ: Come on. Here's a pillow there. Now, pundit Nehru was educated in England a s a barrister. The way he spoke, [with accent] and I've been with all those guys, "I will tell you this one thing for sure [laughter] that you British must quit India. Quit India and go back." Meanwhile, he was having an affair with Montgomery's wife, Ed wina. Edwina was Montgomery's wife. Not Montgomery, Mountbatten. Sorry. So he said, "You Britishers, you have captivated India. You must quit India," but not Edwina.

10. U S 87 - 63 Now, one of the other leaders of India, Sardar Patel, I used to be with them all. H e had a stern look on his face [laughter] "I want the freedom of India. I want that freedom. And all these Maharajas that control 500 600 provinces (including my father, of course) I want them to quit that and we will provide jobs for them to unite Indi a." [laughter and applause] Muhammed Ali Jinnah, the father of Pakistan and the bloomin' bastards. His last day he lived on I told you somewhere he lived on scotch and cigarettes and he was dying. But this bastardo Gandhi could not wait. If we had waited 3 months more, because Jinnah was dying, we told him this because I spent a long time with Gandhi, and with Nehru and with Patel and all the other guys, blah, blah, blah. If we only had to wait 3 months there would be no partition. And that partit ion in the name of non violence killed millions of people, the refugees coming from India to Pakistan. When Sir Richard [Attenborough?] produced his film he sent me a copy of his book as well. And a record. Because I did advise his and help him in getti ng that film together because I knew the whole background of everything. I actually was part and parcel of the plot (why don't they go to bed) in the assassination of Gandhi. We knew why we had to do it. I studied journalism under [???], the assassinator of Gandhi. And because of that I had to rush away from India and go to South Africa. It has served a purpose. So what. So my darlings, on your first anniversary may the Lord's blessings be with you, and I love you. Namaste. [to Lynn] Take off your glasses, please. Sorry I haven't got a light [looking in her eyes?] When last did you have your glasses changed? You need to go to an optometrist as soon as you can. The prescription here, according to your eyes, are not right. You do require reexamination. Don't spend money on frames, these are lovely. They suit your face . But these lenses have to be changed. Do you have any problems in reading? Longsidedness, is it? God bless you, love. Namaste. [he coughs, they get water. He says: the silver chalice] [to Marieta] How many years do we know each other? You are lo oking just as young. Beauty is not only facial. A person can have a pretty face, and all these actresses, but they are totally empty. True beauty comes from the heart, which shines through the face. As ugly as I am, people call me beautiful. I don't k now why, but I think I have an inkling the secret: that to be pure of heart, that heart just shines through the ugliness. Look at this stupid face of mine. I used to be a handsome boy. But true beauty shines through and makes you beautiful. That is wha t you are. I love you. Bless you my darling. Are we done for the night? [to Jerry] I'm going to make your hair grow.

11. U S 87 - 63 JERRY: You'll make a lot of money for AMS with this one. GURURAJ: I'm going to tell you a little secret in a few moments after I fin ish with my son [video ends, but immediately goes to final satsang the following morning] ***END***


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