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2. U S 87 - 65 that all the time and living in the past, which is yesterday. How is that going to help you? That will only bring to you greater mental turmoil, because you are living in the past, meaning yesterday. What happened then and there is gone. Why relive it again? Why should one relive i t again and produce within oneself psychological problems and mental turmoil. Whatever happened in the past is past. Forget the past! Because if you do not forget the past, you will project those thoughts into the future. Then where are you now? Are y ou living here and now? No! You are either living in the past and projecting into it into the future, but you are not here now. But if you li ve in this very moment, which is here now, then you will find joy in life. The greatest problem with psychotics, neurotics, schizophrenics is that they live in the past and project it into the future, forgetting the present. The joy of life is to live in the present. You are with Gururaj now. Enjoy the moment of being wit h your guru, or whatever you want to call me, it's not important. But you are with me, and enjoy this moment that you are with me. But while you are listening to me and your mind is going into the past of Auntie Mary or Uncle John who did this or that, then you are not here, you are somewhere el se. So what is the secret of life and how can one really be in the present? Is to be in the presence of Divinity that is forever residing within you at every moment. And that is ignorance for not realizing the presence that is within you all the time. S o if you feel every moment He is present, then you will understand the meaning of His presence. And what greater present can you have more than that. That presence is the greatest present. And then you will know the moment, that you are here now, and kn owing the beauty of that moment you would find eternity in that moment. Blake made a great mistake I wish he was alive, I would tear him to pieces to find eternity in an hour. I say wrong! To find eternity in this very moment here and now. That is e ternity. For who can measure eternity? Because eternity is timeless. Man's mind thinks in a linear form, from A to B to C to D to E, F, G. That's all I know about the alphabet up to G : God. So people live linearly and not vertically. That's the meanin g of the divine cross. Because if there was not that vertical, how could it support the horizontal? So, the horizontal, which is the relativity of life, is dependent upon the vertical, which reaches up, up, up to Divinity. And this life that we live is just the horizontal bar nailed onto the vertical. So though the vertical rises from the ground, it is pointing up, and that is the center of ourselves on which the horizontal is balanced. So what does the horizontal do? It attaches itself to the vertica l. And that is the realization which everyone has to come to: that this relativity of the horizontal cannot be there without the vertical, and that vertical is Divinity. And so life is combined with the relative and the Absolute. And when man starts real izing the combination of the relative and the Absolute, you find the center within yourself. And that center only requires one nail. Now, what is the nail that brings you to the center in combining the relative with the Absolute? It is your spiritual and meditational practices which is the nail of life! Knock it in! So that the horizontal does not fall away from the vertical. So, here relativity and Absoluteness is

3. U S 87 - 65 combined, where you can live a life in the relative and be so connected to the Absolute. That is the secret of life. So simple. What's that favorite saying of mine? [audience helps] It's so simple to be happy and so difficult to be simple. Danusha was telling us a story in the car while we were driving here. Please tell us the story, it was very amusing. Don't be shy. DANUSHA: He actually likes my jokes. GURURAJ: I do. You know, in America we have the 3L's: life, love, and laughter. Combine those three and life could be so joyful. Come on. DANUSHA: This is the first time I've e ver told a joke in public. GURURAJ: Come on. Do it. ROOPA: You'd better tell both parts of it. It's a church joke and we're in church. DANUSHA: Well, there was this poor man. He had no arms and he was looking for work and he saw an ad in the pap er for a bell ringer at the church and he thought, "I've got to have the job." So he went to see the priest and he said, "Father , I would really like to have this job," and the priest said, "My son, do you really think you're qualified? I mean, let's be realistic." "I know I can do it, Father. Take me up to the belfry." So they took him up to the belfry. He said, "Now how do you intend to ring the bell?" He said, "Just watch, Father, I know I can do it." So he stands back, makes a run at it, mashes it with his head. Stuns him a bit, of course. The priest says, "That was good, but can you do it twice?" He says, "Certainly, Father." He runs for the bell the second time, but being stunned he misses the bell, falls out the window, down to the basemen t, oh, it's really bad. I mean, he's dead of course. The priest runs downstairs, the crowd has gathered, and they say, "Father, this is terrible. What happened? Who is this poor man?" He says, "Well, I don't know his name, but his face rings a bell." T his poor unfortunate has a brother who has no arms or legs. He says, "Father, I have to carry on for my brother. I have to. I want to do it in his memory." The priest says, "My son, I mean really do you think you can do it?" "I have to, Father . For my b rother. Just take me to the belfry." So on a little rolling cart they carry him up to the belfry. The Father says, "My son, how will you ring the bell?" He says, "Just watch this, Father." He gets a head start, rolling along, he missed the

4. U S 87 - 65 bell, out t he window, down onto the pavement. Oh, it was tragic. The crowd is still there, right. The priest runs down, they say, "Father, this is terrible. Two people. Who is this one?" The priest says, "Well, I don't know his name either, b ut he's a dead ring er for his brother." [laughter] GURURAJ: Thank you, Danusha. You see the perspective of life: Two men behind prison bars, One saw mud, the other saw stars. They're both in the same circumstances in the same cell of this prison. And I've been giving lectures in prisons, Laughton Men's Prison and others which was arranged by the Pentagon you have here. This is Washington, is it? ROOPA: No, this is Chicago. GURURAJ: Chicago. But Washington, right, right. I don't know your geography, unfortunately. But I think this must be my thirtieth visit to America in all these 15 years of traveling around the world, lecturing everywhere in 30 odd countries and what have you. Nevertheless, two men behind prison bars, one say mud, the other saw stars. You see, mental patterning, mental conditioning. One could see only gloom, while the other saw glory. So man's mind is so patterned. What do we do then, if it is patt erned because of our past impressions in Sanskrit we call it samskaras what do we do? Simple. We just have to unpattern it. If you have a piece of string tied around your finger, you don't have to cut your finger off, that's for sure. You just turn it the other way and remove the hurtful piece of string, or whatever. So, when man unpatterns the patternings of his mind, then he will find freedom that ties him up like that string that had tied up the finger. Isn't that what everyone wants, freedom? And when you have that freedom within yourself you will find peace within yourself. And finding peace within yourself, you find love just radiating from you. Most of you here have never met me before, but there is one thing sure, examine your heart and you can say yea or nay. You love me. Why? Because I do not love, I am love. And everything is built within you. Everything is there. A little story of mine. This man used to go to a cafe and to buy a tin of soft drink Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and he used t o sit at the table and take out a can opener from this pocket and he used to open the can and he used to have his soft drink. And this was going on for quite a few weeks. The shop keeper, the cafe owner, got quite curious, so one day he

5. U S 87 - 65 approached the cu stomer and said, "Sir, you're using a can opener but there is a pull tab on this can of soft drink. Why don't you use that?" So this customer replies that the pull tab is made for people who have not got a can opener. So what the story means is this: e verything is in built within you. You have the pull tab, and you do not need an outside can opener to find that divinity which is within you. Do you see? So through meditation and spiritual practices you don't need outside sources of can openers. It is all there within you, all the time. Because essentially you are divine, as I said before. Just pull the pull tab from the can of your life and enjoy the contents of that soft drink which is divine, your own divinity. You know, God had a hard time after he created the world and the other planets and he was very tired. So he called his council (I was on the council too) and he said, "I'm very tired, what should I do now?" So someone suggested, "Why don't you go to the moon and rest." But the Lord in his wi sdom replied, "If I go to the moon then there will be an Armstrong coming up there, and we'll have all these rocket ships coming up there and I will still be disturbed." Then someone else suggested, "Why don't you go up Mt. Everest, its quiet and peaceful there." The Lord in his knowledge replied, "Look, I can go up to Mt. Everest but there will be a Hilary and a Tensing(?) coming up there." And then queues will follow after that knowing that I'm there and I will have no rest." Then an idea struck me. I s aid, "Lord, if you want rest after all your creation (and the poor guy was working very hard), I said, "Lord, do one thing, why don't you hide in the heart of man. And by the time man realizes you are in his heart, and by that realization, he will not pes ter you. And you can have rest." Do you see how it works? To find Divinity within yourself. It is there but just to uncover it, discover it, unveil it and th e light is there. There is fresh air outside here. But if you do not open the window, how is th e fresh air to come in? So all you have to do is open the window and the fresh air will come in automatically. And that is how Divinity works. You do one percent, or ten percent, perhaps, and ninety percent will be done for you. That is grace, the grac e of God. You just do your little ten percent. That's all. You invest ten dollars in this lottery of life and you get back a thousand. It's a go od deal, I think! That's all that has to be done. So simple. [Blows nose, apologizes] Runny nose. I suppo se the nose is made to run isn't it? So what! Get rid of the unwanted fluids. Serves a purpose. Everything in life serves a purpose. I wrote an article the other day they publish every month my articles for the Yoga Today magazine so when I said ever ything in life serves a purpose and everything in life teaches us a lesson. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy. Fine. Good. They have their romantic spell and then they get married. And things do not always work out too well for everyone, so they have their fights. Not every moment of the day, of course, but now and then they do have their fights and they do not get along together too well. So in a year or two they separate. Now the sensible person would say to himself, "Ah, how much have I learned from t his experience." The unsensible one would mope and say "Ah, what time has been lost." But the sensible person would say, "Ah, how much have I gained from this experience." Do you see how to

6. U S 87 - 65 look at life? How to look at it sensibly. And then life could b ecome joyous. For is that not what we want? We want happiness. So get out of your nappy and be happy! That is the secret of life. O.K. So we have spoken for 45 minutes. So we'll have a ten minute break to stretch your legs or powder your noses, or wh atever you have to do. Good. And then the second part would be rapid fire. Question and answer. You can ask me anything you like, even how to bake a cake. Right. Any question, anything on any subject. Good. So we'll have our little break then and s tretch our legs. [END SIDE ONE] You're getting the weight of your body in your bums which relaxes the feet. There's another thing, that there are 800 muscles around your two eyes and the most difficult part to relax is the face. When the face is rela xed the body becomes relaxed. So when you meditate, then try and drop your jaw. So when the tension is gone from here from this part it will take the tension away from your eyes. Now as I mentioned, when you meditate always hold your hands together. You can hold them that way or this way or this way, it doesn't matter. You can meditate this way, but that is meant for master yogis, because what they are doing is sending off energies to the world. But you have not got that energy yet. You've got to pres erve the energy, and by holding your hands together you conserve that energy within you and create greater energy within yourself. That is important. The greatest trouble of mankind is stress and strain, and by doing meditation and your spiritual practic es, you get rid of the stress and strain. That is the world's greatest killer. Not heart disease or cancer, but stress. And if you live a stressful life, how could you find that calmness or that peace within yourself, becaus e you are too stressed. And the calmness and peace evaporates, destroys itself. Good. Now let us hear any question you want to ask about anything. Rapid fire. OK. So let's hear. Q: You said earlier about forgetting the past, throwing away the past and being here now, but my th oughts about that were, don't we need to learn from the past? GURURAJ: The past pawst, as we say in English the past can never teach you anything. The past, and being involved in the past, only brings greater mental turmoil. I've studied human minds . It's been a life long search. And what would anyone remember of the past? Only the troubles you had in the past. There would be a few good moments that could be remembered, Right. So I would say to you, "Don't chase the butterflies, because they will fly away. But be still and the butterfly might light upon you." So when we talk of the past, ninety nine point nine percent you will be remembering hurts.

7. U S 87 - 65 Oh, my boyfriend did that, or my friend did this or that or whatever. Because hurts get more deep ly implanted into the mind rather than the good things we have done. And as Shakespeare would say, has said rather, "Good deeds we write on water, bad deeds we write on brass." That is how the human mind works. I've got more Ph.D's behind my name than I could remember, and through various experiments and studies and researches we have gone into the psychology of the human mind. So you never learn from the past, you only bring greater hurt into the present. Forget the past. Let it go to bloody hell! Yes . Past is past, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone. But to live in the present, there lies the secret of life, there lies the secret of joy, there lies the secret of your own personal happiness: to live in the moment. Like here, in this very moment that you a re with me, don't you feel happy within yourself? And when you feel happy within yourself, you radiate that happiness to others, to the atmosphere. That is sharing, that is giving. And then only will you know the Biblical injunction , "Love thy neighbor a s yourself." But if you live in the past hurts of yourself, you do not love yourself. And if you cannot love yourself, how can you spread love to others. Do you see? So it is a quality that every person can develop within themselves. I could add onto th at Biblical injunction by saying, "Love thyself first," and automatically you will love your neighbor. And which goes on to say, "Do unto others as you would expect to be done unto you." So here comes the question of kindness, love, compassion. I've live d through so many lives. I lived in the body of Christ. I lived in the body of Krishna. I lived in the body of Rama. I lived in the bo dy of Buddha. Because when one reaches a level of consciousness, total awareness, then you live in everybody. That is love. So, forget the past. Live now. Here and now. And that is the way life has to be lived. Here and now. Be yourself. Just be yourself and do whatever you want to do. If you enjoy a cigarette, have a cigarette. If you enjoy a glass of wine with your meal, enjoy it. Be yourself. Nothing wrong with it, because it's only physical matter. For example, myself. If I'm invited out and they normally take me to the best of the best restaurants for dinner but even if I'm taken to a cheap little cafe f or a dry piece of bread, I will enjoy that too. I would be very appreciative that these friends of mine have been so kind to take me out. For I know the molecular structure of that dry piece of bread is none different from that piece of roas t or blah bla h blahs. Because it is only four inches from here to there. That's all. After that, it's lost inside and everything is evacuated unless you have constipation. [He laughs] Next question. QUESTION: What if the things that pleasure you, say a cigarette or a glass of wine, get in the way of letting you be yourself?

8. U S 87 - 65 GURURAJ: It does not get in the way at all of being yourself, because yourself is not the body. Yourself is the reality tha t is within you, and that reality is immortal. You know, you've heard of Sir Richard Attenborough, the producer of the film Gandhi? Have you seen the film? Actually, I helped him a bit doing the film. I was in the film business since childhood. As a ma tter of fact, I paid my way through university working in film studios, acting, directing, producing, casting, the works. Right. And just for a laugh I'll tell you how Gandhi spoke. OK. Would you be interested? There was a bomb thrown when he lived at B irla Mansion and there was a danger. And the chief inspector of police went to see Gandhi. Now Gandhi normally had his prayers in the evening. He used to have a prayer meeting, a satsang, huh? So the police inspector says "Gandhiji, you must not go to t he prayer meeting tonight because they are plotting to assassinate you." So Gandhi says (I'll try and imitate him), [with accent] "No, my son, even if they assassinate me, this body's not important, fo r my soul is immortal. They can take this body away, who cares about it? For I know so well that my soul is immortal, and because my soul is immortal, I will always be immortal." That's the way he spoke, although he was educated in England as a barrister. I'm different again. The English people tell me I speak better English than the Englishmen. But yet Gandhi, having spent so many years in England studying law, he would speak in that style: "Oh my son, you must not worry, my soul is immortal, who can kill me. They can kill this body, but they cannot ki ll my spirit, it is eternal." Next question. QUESTION: What about people who have their past effect them even when they don't want it to subconsciously. People who have been like seriously abused, even though they don't know, their past is effecting the m. They come up with fear in situations which.... [inaudible] ROOPA: Say it again but more slowly, loud and clear. GURURAJ: Because I speak English. You speak Americaneese. So therefore I have a bit of a problem. QUESTION: A person who is effected by their past subconsciously, for example a person who has been abused, who comes into having fear for each new person that they meet. They don't understand that it's from the past but it happens to them in the body.

9. U S 87 - 65 GURURAJ: What happens is this. Say for example, when you were 13 or 14 (anyone for that matter, sorry to say you), you got raped. Naturally it will produce a scar, an impression in your subconscious mind. That is the natural process. Now, what do we do about it? What we do is connect th e conscious mind to the superconscious mind, which is the higher mind. So the procedure would be to take that conscious thought and connect it to the superconscious level of the mind, and draw from that energy so it cleanses the subconscious and heals the scar that is in the subconscious. There are three levels of the mind: You have the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind, which is at the highest level which can be reached. You have a hotline from the conscious to the supe rconscious, and when you reach and realize that higher level of your mind, you can be sure of being very near to God. Because the superconscious level of the mind is the personal god, and from there you take a quantum leap into the real meaning of Divinit y which is the impersonal God. The personal god has attributes, attributes of kindness, compassion, as I said before. But the impersonal God is attributeless, formless, and which is the energy which controls the entire universe. That's what it is. So, y ou want to get rid of that scar, that impression, rather, in the subconscious mind. I don't know why they call it the subconscious. That's the wrong term, actually. "Sub" means to be under, but it should mean be above the conscious level, the thinking l evel of the mind. And to reach the superconscious level, what one does is connect the left hemisphere of the brain, which is the analytical side, to the right hemisphere of the brain and allow that right hemisphere, which is th e intuitional side, to penet rate the analytical side. And then you can reach and cognize the value of the superconscious level of yourself. That is the superconscious. Now, in this little head... the brain weighs 2½ to 3 pounds, that's all and floating in fluid. Therefore, we say when a person is not very sane he's got water on the brain. Now, the brain has 12 billion cells, 12 billion cells. And we are only using one millionth part of 12 billion. One millionth part of it. And you say you are a thinking human being? I wish I had Einstein here now. I would tear him to bloody pieces because he only used 8 percent of his brain power. I could tear up his whole theory of relativity. But one thing he did, he also admitted that there is a unified field of which he knew nothin g ab out, because he was not a self realized man. And when you reach that level of the superconscious mind, you would know, or realize, that unified field that is there. For everything is unity. You are sitting there and I am sitting here. Do you think we a re apart? Do you know that there are millions of atoms floating here that are connecting us all together. And knowing the connection that is there one massive unified field and knowing that, I would know your entire temperament, your psychological make up, your biological, physiological makeup. And knowing that unified field, that is how I would individually prescribe your techniques and spiritual practices. Because what we normally do, a form is filled in with some details and your desires. It's very simple, with a photograph. That is

10. U S 87 - 65 sent to me in South Africa. And using your photograph as a focal point, I go into meditation and feel you there, close to me. I would feel your vibrations. Because there are no two people alike, everyone is a unique entity because of their past samskaras, past impressions. And then I would go into meditation using your picture, a little passport size, and know what you are really all about. And hearing your vibrations, I personally work out your techniques. Now, I've got about 800 teachers around the world, but they are the dispensers. I am the doctor. I write out the prescription, send it to my teachers, and then they would dispense it according to the prescription I would work out. For every person individually, I would work out. There are other movements in the world that has lists of 16 bija mantras or seed mantras which they dish out. I was invited once by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. You must have heard his name, the TM people here. He was having a course in Spai n and he invited me. He sent me a ticket actually, I'm a poor man, hm? And he wanted me to take over the TM movement. He said he was getting old and he needed someone like me to take over. And I refused it because I did not agree with his principles, be cause they are commercially oriented. I saw a balance sheet of theirs I think it was of 68 69 where they took in 40 million dollars. Like that. And then, he would make teachers of anyone who could afford to come to his courses. And they could be very unspiritual people. And if you haven't got spirituality within yourself how could you impart spirituality to others? And there are a few more reasons. And I said, "Maharishi, I am sorry. I cannot take over your movement." And I know all these gurus so well. Muktananda who died a few years back (you were with me, Roopa, when we went to his ashram), he had a whole lot of cards printed. Someone asking for a mantra he takes one card and hands it over. Bullshit! That's for sure. And of course, people w hen they went to see him they prostrated themselves. Another piece of bullshit! I'm not a pedestal guru. I'm one with each and every one of you. I'm the same. The only difference is that I've traveled the path and reached the goal while you are still traveling. Some might be 50 miles away from Chicago, some 40, some 20, some 10 but you will still reach Chicago all of you, I promise you that, because that is your destiny. But I don't want you to wait for 200 or 2 million lifetimes to reach the goal. I want us to reach it in this lifetime. It's very simple if you know how, and that's what I'm here for, to teach you. If we had a radio here, and I do not know anything about radio and if I try and fix it myself, I'll mess it up, I'm sure. But to the tec hnician that has studied radio technology for him it would be easy. He'd connect up this wire or solder that wire, whatever. It would be easy for him. So likewise it is easy for me to talk about these things because I have reached the goal. And you that are still on the path, hold my hand and I will take you there. I will not allow you to stumble and fall. All I want to see in this world, I travel about 8 mont hs out of 12 every year, teaching, teaching, teaching. All I want to see is people to find th emselves, and by finding themselves, they will become happy, to enjoy the joy that is really within each and every one of you. If the joy is within each of you, why not enjoy it? And that is why Lord Jesus said, "Be of good cheer." Be of good cheer. It h as a very deep meaning. It means exactly what I've said before, the joy is there within you, enjoy it so that you could be cheerful. And if you are

11. U S 87 - 65 cheerful, you will radiate that cheer to everyone around you. The nature of a flower is to be beautiful. But that's not the only thing it does. It also enhances the beauty of the garden. Do you see how it spreads? So be of good cheer, and let the devil take the rest. To hell with him. Because he belongs there in hell. That is how life has to be lived. N ext question. QUESTION: If we are all sparks of the energy that is God, and we are all together in God, do I hear you say, in answer to her question, you use the word "quantum leap" to a god beyond this God which we have created, which we are? GURURAJ: Right. You are not a spark of God, you are God in reality. Therefore, Jesus said "I and my Father are one." And you are that. Yes. The quantum leap is to leap into the unknown, the attributeless Divinity that has no qualification, that is not quantif ied or qualified. And it is that energy that keeps us all alive. I could not even move my hand without His energy. QUESTION; from audience: Separate? When you say His, this is separate? GURURAJ: That is metaphorically speaking. He is not separate from you. He is you. And this is not a matter for analysis, it is a matter for experience inside you, where you realize I am one with God; and if I am one with God, I am God. That is the supr eme realization. And then, living in the relative world, what do you do? You become the observer of the relative world, and that is why in many of the mythologies Persian, Greek, Hindu, blah, blah, blah they say this is the play of God. So, if it is a play, observe the play. Become the witness, become the observer. And when you can realize that, nothing can effect you. Nothing can effect you. Like the old saying which all of you know, the man was so sad because he had no shoes until he saw a man that had no feet. These are realizations that come to you. There are many ways of approaching it. You can use jnana [END SIDE 2] yoga which is the yoga of analysis, discrimination, deep thought, that's one way. The other way would be karma yoga, do go od, be good. And another way would be bhakti yoga, the yoga of total devotion and surrender to the powers that be. And all this put together, you come to Gururaj yoga, or raja yoga. I just added that in for fun. Raja yoga, the royal path that combines a ll of them, jnana, bhakti, karma, into the royal path of raja yoga. So, by the ancients these paths were created because basically there are only four temperaments in man's mind. Thinking, analysis; bhakti, devotion; karma, action; which leads to raja, th e royal path. Oh, I wasn't just joking about Gururaj yoga. I'm busy on another book. I think I've dictated half of it already to my girls , "Gururaj Yoga for the Elderly." Because we're all getting old, I think. We're not getting any younger. And get ting old is a

12. U S 87 - 65 progression; if you were getting younger it would be a regression. So I'm busy on that new one, and there will be another book coming out early next year, What Really Happens After Death. Was that the title we chose, Chetanji? That's a new one. It will be something very different. I'm sure some of you must have read, Life After Life, written by some doctors. Death After Death? Something like that. Now these stupid idiots called doctors don't know nothing. I beg your pardon, Padminiji, with respects to you, of course. She's like my sister. They say you go through a dark tunnel and then a light comes to you. What rubbish are they talking about! Tell me! This dark tunnel means that the conscious mind is merging in the subconscious min d, which in turn merges in the superconscious mind. So that is your tunnel. And a light comes to you from outer space. Oh, my God. Rubbish! Nonsense! Absolute nonsense! That light which you would see is the projection of that divinity which is within you already, and going through the dark tunnel, that inner light in you projects itself on your path to lighten your path. Do you see? Well, when the book comes out you guys can read it. There is a new book that was published and came out this month. Have you shown them? Try and get a copy. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Vidya and Roopa worked very hard editing it, and you will find some unusual truths in there. Well, I left it all t o them to pick out whatever they liked and edit it what have you. So it would be available at your local bookstore or you can write Vidya. ROOPA: Or they can leave their names with Danusha. GURURAJ: Danusha, yes, of course. ROOPA: Danusha, you would know what radio station Gururaj is going to be on early tomorrow mor ning. DANUSHA: 8:30 on W JOY, and WTAF in Chicago, the Warren Freiburg show. GURURAJ: What show? ROOPA: Warren Freiburg is the interviewer. GURURAJ: Is he well known? DANUSHA: In this area.

1. U S 87 - 65 WHERE DID YESTERDAY GO? (PUBLIC TALK UNITARIAN CHURCH) GURURAJ: ...which means that, which most of you might know, it means that with thought, word, and deed I sa lute the Divinity within you. For you are all essentially divine. You are a product of Divinity. So therefore you are Divine. The veils that cover the mind are because of nescience, ignorance that you don't see yourself as your divine self. That is th e meaning of truth: to find that truth within yourself is the purpose of your lives. And it can be found easily. It is just to remove the veils. Let's use a simple analogy. You have a light bulb shining, and Edison experimented 10,000 times to get that f ilament going. But if that very shining bulb is covered with raps of cloth, the light does not filter through. Those are the veils that does not make you see the light. So through spiritual practices we unveil and take off those pieces of cloth around th e bulb to make the light shine in its total purity. And you are purity, just veiling it with mental thoughts, patternings, and impressions caused in this lifetime or previous lifetimes, if you believe in that. It's not important. Good. So shall we medi tate for a moment? And those of you that are not meditators, what you do now is just very gently bring your attention to your breath. Do not concentrate. A gentle attention to your breath and you will find your metabolic system will lower itself down, y our blood pressure will lower itself, and the galvanic skin resistance, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. OK. Let's meditate for a moment. Let your jaw drop. Hold your hands together, darling lady, always to preserve the circuit. [long pause] Om, shanti, shanti, shanti. Open your eyes slowly. Good. I never prepare a lecture. I always start off by saying, what shall we talk about tonight? So let me hear one of your deep, profound, philosophical, psychological, metaphysical questions and we' ll talk about it. DANUSHA: Beloved Guruji, this is a question from a child: God, where does yesterday go? Do you have it? GURURAJ: Interesting. From a child? Where does yesterday go? Do you have it? This child has a thinking mind into inquiring a bout yesterday. There was no yesterday, and neither is there a future. What I would teach is to live here and now in the present. When you think of yesterdays, it would mean that you are delving in the past. And what result does that bring you? By del ving in the past you will suffer all the guilts of yesterday, and you would be reliving it over and over again. Auntie Mary said a nasty word to you yesterday or the day before or the month before, so you would be thinking of

13. U S 87 - 65 GURURAJ: OK. Otherwise we'll cancel it. [inaudible c hatter about radio stations] Oh, I've done so many TV and radio shows and it's never ending. ROOPA: If some people have questions they didn't ask now, don't they have a call in on that show? GURURAJ: Yes, do that. Call in. Yea. Why not? [more info on show] 8:30 to 10:00? Hour and a half is it? ROOPA: [inaudible comments on program] GURURAJ: I was in Washington on the Tromberg show and then that lady which was also a call in show. You'll enjoy it. Good. Then shall we call it a night? Fine. I never have anything to eat before a talk, so I'm sure they're all waiting. ROOPA: Feed that guru. [tape goes off and on. Probably an unerased tape] **** END ****


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