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2. U S 87 - 8 was forty or fifty bucks. You pay your forty, fifty bucks and listen to a whole lot of...never mind the words. Okay. You understand it. Do you see? Have faith within yourself and know by yourself that there is a greater power within yourself. Draw upon that. And a true master of life, a true guru, can only but help you to draw from within yourself. And from that superconscious or subconscious level bri ngs it to your conscious level, where life could become enjoyable and without depending on some unknown entity. That's what it is all about. Good. Next question. Okay, mother. Okay? Good. SUTRIYA: Beloved Guruji, you have said that we are not the do ers; but if an unkind word comes out of my mouth and I bear the responsibility for it, who has said the word? GURURAJ: Uhuh. You, yourself, has said the unkind word because you do not know yourself, and not knowing yourself you get guided by feelings an d emotions which has no basis of truth. And therefore the word, which is seemingly unkind, is just an outburst of what really exists within yourself. There's a lovely proverb in Chinese that before you say an unkind word roll your tongue inside your mout h nine times, and by the time you finish rolling your tongue in your mouth for nine times, you would have forgotten the unkind word that was there and that was just ready to jump out. So in the whole process of things, you are hurting yourself and also t he object to whom the word is spoken is also hurt. So the best thing to do is shut up. There's a greater power in silence than opening your jaw. The jaw is good for one purpose, is to chew your food and not utter a word that could be harmful and destruc tive to another person. So therefore, in your handbag keep some food with you, even if it's chewing gum, and chew it. Keep the mouth occupied instead of uttering unkind words. And if an unkind word has to be uttered, it has to be meaningful that will hel p the other person, and therein a greater kindness can be found, instead of unkindness. But always give the recipient what he can understand and deserving of. Then unkindness is turned to kindness. If you utter a word to me I would think in my mind, "Oh, my beloved Sutriya, she's so right. She's so right because she means well. She wants to see me happy." So sometimes a smack on the backside is also good. But let the backside be ready before you smack it. There lies the art of life and living. Okay. Next. JAGRITI: Beloved Guruji, you have said to reach enlightenment, hopefully in one lifetime, one should do their spiritual practices, perform right action, and do gurushakti. Could you explain exactly what right action is and how can we know it. An d also, can a burning desire for enlightenment help us to get there?

3. U S 87 - 8 GURURAJ: Very good. Right action does not or is not made up of your mental recognition of the action. Right action is automatically performed where everything is just right. For once you start your thought processes in making something right, remember this for sure, that it is just your own thought processes that are influencing your action. Right action does not require any influencing at all. You just do. You just be yourself. And if you have brought yourself up to the level of your spiritual prac tices, and your gurushakti and all that which goes with it, no action of yours could ever be a wrong action. And the way to judge right action is never to hurt anyone at all. The other night I found a bug in my bed. And I did not have the heart to kill i t. So I took it out of the room and let it go free. Do you see? That's right action. Where the violence within you is gone, and you become kind even to the bug that bit you. That's right action. And it doesn't require deep thinking, at all. Does not require any form of analysis. You just do it and let your heart flow. For that bug is also life. The same life that is within you. And you think, if you want to think, how would you feel if someone came along and killed you? Huh? So what right have y ou to kill that bug? That's right action. That's living. That's doing unto others that you would expect to be done unto yourself. You do not want to be killed. No. So what right have you to kill a helpless little bug? Feel greater compassion for it a nd say to the bug, "Think that you have taken my blood, take some more, you might need it some time. Because I have enough blood in me...hm? So have some more, by all means. And because of my love for you, dear bug, I do not feel any pain. So keep on b iting on and on and on." When you kiss your beloved, and you are in that emotion of being carried away, how many times have you not bit the lips of your beloved? Hm? You have. And no one can deny it. It is the power of your animal passion. So if tha t little insect bites me, I would realize that it is the power of the bug's passion that wants to bite me. Huh? Big deal. Bah! You see? That is what life is all about. For it is nicer to be bitten and learning there from, instead of wallowing in your own personal comfort and having no realization at all. For that is not conducive to your evolution at all. But be bitten more and more and stay awake. Have the awareness that even the bite of the bug means something to me. At least it woke me up from m y sleep. For you're all asleep. That's true. But to be awake, to be alive in your wakefulness, there lies the rub. And if you get bitten quite sorely I'm sure your beloved will rub your leg for you, put on some balm or some ointment, and she will love doing that because you are giving her a chance to express her love for you. And when she does that, you embrace her in a close embrace and make her feel she's so much wanted by you. You see how all these things work together? From the bite of a bug to th e love of your beloved. Huh? And so that is how you can extend yourself more and more, until you find total mergence into the divine. From the bug bite to the divine bite. Ah. Next question.

4. U S 87 - 8 MERRILL: Guruji, could you comment on the role of AIDS in society? Does that have some purpose? GURURAJ: Yes. The world had become very promiscuous, very permissive in its doings, and so AIDS was necessary so that people at least could divert themselves from the extremities of permissiveness. So AIDS is a bl essing inflicted upon the world. It is a great blessing. People do not realize it. So the forces are forever there in this world, to right the wrongs that the world is doing. And it comes in the form of a nuclear bomb or famine, starvation, drought. A nd they are all necessary because we are attracting these things to us. And it is good. But remember one thing, when you have AIDS, add an E to the D and find your beloved aide that will see you through, through the AIDS, by Him aiding you, by giving you a better understanding. Today I could tell you of so many people that discuss their personal lives with me, and they are just damned scared to indulge in the sexual act. The fear of contracting AIDS. Good. It's good. It's a natural way to formulate yo ur mind to capture the essence, the energy of yourself, and to convert it into celibacy. I would be too afraid myself to make love to another woman. I would. And then I think, "Why should I?" What is this inner penetration all about, in any case? It serv es no greater purpose than going to the toilet. Just a release of urine or feces. That's all that it is. Nothing else. So it just becomes an ordinary biological function. I don't know why people go mad about it. Hm? And the world's greatest crimes ar e committed because they go about doing these things. Did you know all the murders and the rapes and all that pre teen porn all that rubbish created by a perverted mind, by a wrong desire. And then you want to find divinity? What a hope you have! Th ere's one way out, though, that you can do: jump into the loo pan and pull the chain. Do that! Do you see. The criminality, the wrong doings in this world...Ahh! [SIGHS] How many people are harmed thereby, and yet you say, "Love thy neighbor as thysel f." Where is the point where you are loving your neighbor? Are you loving your neighbor here at the heart level or lower down? That is the point. So AIDS has come at a good time, to make people realize that all this screwing around is not for me. Import ant. Next. BALDEV: Guruji, beloved one, following up on that... GURUJI: Um huh. BALDEV: Then the maxim... GURURAJ: You've got a loud enough voice.

5. U S 87 - 8 BALDEV: ...then the maxim might become, fear thy neighbor as thyself; because you've spoken that t he church through the years has only used fear in making people scared to keep them under control. GURURAJ: That's it. BALDEV: Then how can, even if this force is necessary in the world, how can the fear ever lead anyone to love? How can the fear of reaching out to someone, maybe even a pure instance, ever lead us to greater love? Doesn't that just sort of condone just what the church has done all these years? And what other major religions.... GURURAJ: True, very true. Religion is one thing that has done the greatest harm in the world, as Vivekananda would say, and it also has done the greatest good. But what hap pened with religion is this, that it became too organized into a money making organization. You go to the Pope and he writes a little note and you will receive salvation. Ah, that's bull. It's not true. And like that in so many other things. There hav e been more people killed during the time of the Crusaders than in this last world war. So what has it produced? When religion could not win people by love, they implanted fear into people to keep them together, to bring them to the church, and therefore the idea of eternal damnation came about. Can damnation ever be eternal? It's the greatest lie perpetrated upon humankind. There is no such thing as damnation. There is no such thing as condemnation. For if the spirit within yourself is filled with th at purity which even your conscious mind cannot recognize, can that spirit within thee ever be condemned or ostracized? Hm? Never! So they planted fear in people's minds. There are two things I might have told you of this before, but to some of the n ewcomers here the two greatest businesses in the world is the life insurance company and the religious company. Life insurance promises you a whole lot of money after you are dead, and religion promises you that you will go to Heaven after you are dead . What a racket! The tallest buildings you would find in any city are owned by insurance companies. The most beautiful cathedrals are owned by the churches. What a racket. Is religion, which actually means to bind you back to your source, that is the m eaning of religion; but that is not what religion is doing. It's taking you away from your source, to fill so called religio us coffers. And there lies the meaning of your coffin. Show me any religion that would promise you an eternal physical life. Not a single one. No one can promise you an eternal physical life at all. Because it would be against the laws of nature.

6. U S 87 - 8 But you can find the eternity within you by contacting your spiritual self, which is eternal and immortal, never born and never dying, beginless and endless. So you see, religion has done a lot of harm to the world. Hm? And true teachers, they've got to struggle for a piece of dry bread, true masters. But yet they would go to these organizations called churches and tithe one tenth of th eir salaries is given to them. For what? So the priests or the ministers could fill their bellies? That's how it works. I've known ministers and ministers and ministers. So many of them. And when they get into a fix they come to me. I don't mind. If anyone we can help with some good sense to guide them to further knowledge of themselves, that is our dharma, that is our duty. But religion is nothing else but a racket. I do not teach religion at all. I would not. What I teach is try and find your self. Lead thou me on, kindly light, one step at a time. That's it. For the light is there. The light is there within you. And your guru acts just as a mirror to see the light that is within you already. And yet, I've nothing against anyone that goes to churches and goes to temples and synagogues. Okay, that's fine. I remember a partner of mine while I was in the film world, and every Friday regularly he would go to the mosque. And of course I used to go and do my appointments and pick him up at the mosque, and as soon as he comes out of the mosque he rubs his hands, " Who shall I catch today?" Is that religion? Who shall I take for a ride today? Is that religion? And yet you have spent an hour in your mosque, praying to whatever you regard to be God, and yet you just come out and you rub your hands "Who shall I take for a ride today?" You see how wrong it is? How wrong it is. Next. NIRMALA: Guruji, this is on oneness. It's easy to feel oneness with you, Guruji, and with others also. But how can you feel oneness with bloodthirsty monsters like Khoumini or Idi Amin, or even your local murderers, wife beaters, and child abusers? Not to mention professional torturers. Yet, theoretically, they, too, are part of oneself or God, and therefore sin less and lovable. In all honesty, how can one withhold judgment from such people and not condemn them for their crimes? [The audio has a portion that is over taped here, but the video is accurate] GURURAJ: True. You will love because you know what I a m and what I represent. And therefore you love me so so dearly. Right. But you do not love child rapists, Idi Amins and Hitlers. You do not love them because it is against your nature. VOICE: I love you.

7. U S 87 - 8 GURURAJ: And yet there are millions of peop le in Germany that loved Hitler, because their nature was to love the evil that was perpetrated by Hitler. Okay. But here you love me because you feel within yourself that I'm nothing else but love. And that love that is within you forms that communion between you and I. So, people never love things which are contrary to their own natures, they just cannot. Yet one can develop oneself, in one's own blessings, to say, "Lord, give this child abuser some strength to change himself." And by having that pra yer within your heart, your thoughts might not reach the child abuser, but it will be more deeply planted within yourself in realizing that whoever there is, I am made of love and I will love all and everyone, whoever they are. For condemnation does not r eside within me. I don't know if I told you this little story. My car got stuck in the center of town and it was a Saturday afternoon. Fine. So three hoodlums came along and pushed me in the recess of a shop window and they took out my wallet, there was about thirty bucks or something in it, they took my wallet and then they started going away. And I shouted to them, " Hey, you guys, you've forgotten my watch and you've forgotten my pen. Please take it." And they came back to return my wallet. And I he ard one saying to the other in the Africans language, [SPEAKS IN AFRICANS] "He's a different kind of man." If I did not show that if you are robbers and hoodlums why only take my wallet? Here's my watch, here's my pen, take it all. Why leave your job ha lf done? And that love made them return to me my wallet and made them realize, at the same time, their wrongdoing. Do you see? But if I had to have in my mind thoughts of hate for the wrongdoer, I would have not been able to achieve what I achieved in t heir hearts. I planted the seeds of love there within them so that they could return my wallet back to me. So that is the secret of life. And who are we to condemn anyone? Are we so perfect within ourselves that we start condemning another? That is wha t the Lord said, " He that is sinless cast the first stone." And who could cast the first stone? No one. Do you see? So we do not condemn anyone, but look at everyone with deep love and compassion that may your life be bettered, for thou knowest not what thou doest. Next question. ROOPA: What is the secret of eternal youth? GURURAJ: The secret of eternal youth is forever be youthful and not think of eternity. Understand that. Forever be youthful for the three score years and ten that you might live . So where is the question of eternity? But the three score years and ten could give you that youthfulness that will lighten up your very being into a beautitude which is the blood brother of eternity.

8. U S 87 - 8 So you do not focus your mind upon eternity at all , for eternity comes by itself if you are feeling youthful enough. And after all, what is old age or youth? Isn't that just a fixture of your imagination? And everyone says that you are young, a s young as you feel. So have the feeling of youth. Feel t hat you are strong. Feel that you are the conqueror of the world. Feel that you are Alexander the Great. Feel that you are Julius Caesar. And you conquer the world. And at the same time you are conquering yourself and saving yourself from old age. You are saving yourself from decadence, into the realms of perpetual youth. Have you seen the little machine that keeps on moving all the time? Hm? The force from the one side carries on and gives momentum to the other side, which in turn gives momentum to this side, and so the pendulum is forever swinging all this time and not standing still. And that is the secret of perpetual youth because you are involved in perpetual motion. It is only when you become idle would you not be in motion, and motion is the thing that gives you all the youth that you require. No one is ever old , no one. You might think that you are old, but you are not old at all. It is just a thought process of the mind [END OF SIDE ONE] ... that wants to stand still, like the pendulum. But you can give the pendulum the impetus of swaying to and fro, and th e left hand side aides the right hand side in its own personalized momentum. And that is the secret of eternal youth. Yes. How old do you think I am? Hm? Would anyone would like to venture a guess? And I promise you you'd be wrong. I am eternal. I w as never born and never would I die. I will discard this body, because the body had a beginning and so it will have its end. But the spirit that is so alive within me (Baloo, don't cry), but the spirit that is alive within me had no beginning a nd no end. It is the secret of eternal youth. But find that spirit first, within yourself, and let the body go to hell. So who cares? In any case it's still going to go there. To hell. Do you see? So finding that spirit within you, the immortality that you are, finding that, you can block the past that will prevent you from going to hell. That is the secret of eternal youth. And as these pop songs would tell you, be young at heart. What do they know about youth and what do they know about heart? Hm? Those b loomin' farts. What the hell do they know? That's just to put a smile on Baloo's face. That's it. You've got it. That is it. Ya. I was told that you are wanted earlier at the dining rooms because there is a big group moving in. So they want you to ea t an hour earlier. Am I right? ROOPA: About twenty minutes. GURURAJ: Ya, so, so... oh, I see. Instead of waiting in the ques. So go down and enjoy yourselves.

9. U S 87 - 8 ROOPA: There's more time... GURURAJ: Yeh, sure. Please. VICKI: Beloved Guruji, I. .. GURURAJ: Beloved Vicki. VICKI: Beloved Guruji, what are allergies, and how do we get them, and how do we get rid of them? GURURAJ: Sit down and become allergic to me. What are allergies and how do we get rid of them? Hm? Right. According to th e common belief, allergies are created by dust and by pollen and various other things where you start sneezing your lungs away, plus other things, or getting rashes or things like that. That is only the outer manifestation of a particular allergy. But re alize one thing, that you are the allergy yourself. For if you were not allergic to yourself you will never draw an outside allergy to you. So we begin by destroying the allergy that is within one. And the process to do this is your own personal thought p ower. Keep on repeating to yourself, keep on affirming to yourself, that I am allergyless, I have no allergies. And the momentum produced by that strong thought will make you immune to all the dust and the pollen and what have you that is around you. So this is finding one's personal immunity. I am very allergic, and my allergy is love. I am allergic to love, which is a good thing. But that same allergy of love can be twisted and tortured and turned to bring about a rash or sneezing or whatever other ph ysiological symptoms. So I stick to the allergy of love, for everyone has his own particular allergy. Hm? If Jammu loves Amita, Amita naturally becomes his allergy. So there are forms and forms of being allergic. But control that thought force by const ant affirmations and positive thinking where no allergy could affect you except the allergy of love and Divinity. That's great to have any time. That is the meaning of allergy. Hm? That is what it is all about. I am not allergic to her because I love h er so much, and love knows no allergies, that is for sure. Do you see? As I love all of you, I mean. That's understood. So no one needs to suffer of any allergy at all. Why does this water seem purple? I suppose it's my shirt that's reflecting throu gh. So your allergies is only but a reflection. But I shift this glass away and I find the water to be so clear, crystal clear. You see the basis of your allergy? Hm? Not recognizing things for its own true worth.

1. U S 87 - 8 RAPID FIRE GURURAJ: Yeah. Okay. NIRMALA: I know you don't believe this process of channeling. Would you tell us, then, what is going on in these channeled messages which are quite different from the person through whom they' re coming. GURURAJ: Very good. There is no thing as channeling, and another being, from outer space perhaps, could never possess you or speak through you. What really happens is this, that you are contacting your own higher self. With all the realizat ions and thought formations from the higher self coming through your conscious mind, and that is all that happens. If you visit India you would find in the villages of India so many, many, women or men that are illiterate. But because of their extreme co ncentration that they have developed, they feel themselves to be possessed by another entity. No other entity could ever possess you. They are too busy finding their own selves, for their own evolution, to take on another birth when the time is ready for them. So there is no channeling. Your voice could change, I could show it to you now, how I could change my voice and make you feel that it is not your Guruji that's speaking to you. It's a simple trick, simple device. But it does not mean that someon e else is possessing me. When I talk to you and you ask me half an hour later what I spoke about, I do not know, because it is my higher self within me that is speaking to you, and therefore the conscious mind does not remember what I have spoken about. A nd if one should be possessed by some channel, remember that channel is not perfect. That channel is still in the process, that entity rather, is still in the process of evolution. So why draw from that which is imperfect? Draw from your inner self, whic h is total perfection. And that is what channeling is all about. There are many things that are untrue but could become fads that captures people's imaginations. Why should they capture people's imaginations? Because the imagination is always seeking thi ngs that they do not know anything about. And then you get these stupid bastards that tell you this is this and that is that and such and such an entity is pouring through me. Lies, lies, lies. And I would challenge any of those channels on any public p latform, even in Carnegie Hall, and I'll give them hell; because they do not know what they speak about. They do not know. Yes, within every person there is a storehouse of knowledge, the knowledge of the entire universe. And you, and everyone of you, can tap into that knowledge and draw therefrom. Which people would think, "Ah, what divine knowledge there is." Huh? That divinity is within you and not in some exterior entity. It is absolute bull. Don't believe in it. D on't get involved in it. I s aw an ad in a local paper where [Lazarus?] was having a seminar at some hotel, and the entrance fee

10. U S 87 - 8 (Oops! Thank you, darling.) [wrapped around mic cord] I think that's about enough. You do that and be closer to my heart. [TAPE TURNS OFF AND BACK ON] [TO VICKI LOWE:] Just tell me you love. VICKI: I love you. **** END ****


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