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2. CAN 83 - 1 9 the ability to project the minds outside themselves and then look back upon themselves. They call it out of body travel, which is of course nonsense. It is just a projection of our own minds that can turn around and look at itself and look at the physical part of the body. So people want possessions in the form of material things. People want possessions in the form of personal beauty which is really not there. Pe ople want possessions in the form of love of which they know nothing about, for it is only the integrated person whose mind, body and spi rit could function holistically, c ould function in a together ness, only that person can love. I was invited to a conference in Las Vegas on holistic health and I tell them that people are treated, the body is treated separately, the mind separately and the spirit is totally ignored. But the doctors and psych iatrists and physiologists etc. that were on the panel of speakers with me, they started realising it is not only the body to be treated, the main part that has to be treated would be the Unfoldment of the spirit. So how does one do that? For without doing that, one would always be hankering and craving and becoming attached to things. In last night's talk I tell little story of a man who was on his dying bed. He was past 80 so the wife was in the room and he says, “Where’s Peter? So the wife says, “Peter’s standing on your left - hand side,” “Where is John?” “He’s standing on your right - hand side,” “Where’s James?” “He’s standing at your feet,” So when the old man was just about to die heard this he got a bit of strength in him and he lifted his head and said, “If all of you are here, who’s minding the store?” You see the possession. The dying man who’s to be gone in a minute or two is still so a ttached to his business, his store. Now that is a sense of possession even at the time of death and these possessions, this sense of attachment is what follows on after the body is dropped and then in the process of evolution, these possessive ideas would carry on and because of that, births takes place, birth and re - birth and re - birth until you become totally non - attached to the world around you, to be in the world and yet not of the world . That is the secret of happiness, that is the secret of life and th at goal consciously or unconsciously , everyone wants to reach. So the antidote to possession would be giving. You give and you give and you giv e, you give your heart and soul for a noble ideal perhaps, but you give your heart and soul first to that inner being that is within you , the real self or in biblical terms, the kingdom of heaven within. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven within and all e lse shall be added unto thee. So the primal search should be that which will get rid of one’ s sense of possession. Now possessions or non - possession rather does not mean poverty. You have the necessities of life and you work for those necessities. For exa mple the Lord’s Prayer says, “Give us this day our daily bread,” and you pray that every day; you don’t ask for a week’s supply which would be possession. This young lad was asked, “You pray every day and ask for your daily bread, why don’t

3. CAN 83 - 1 9 you ask for a month’s supply so you don’t need to pray every day,” So this lad that was asked the question replies, “If I ask ed for a month's supply, I would not be getting my bread fresh every day.” You see so a lthough there are necessities in life, but possession is not the secret of joy or happiness. Now what is giving? What do you give really? When you give a poor man something, how long is it going to last? If you give a man a plate of food, in a fe w hours he will be hungry again, if you give a man some money, in a week or two it will be all gone, but if you give the person wisdom, that wisdom goes eternally. Now it’s not necessary for you to have wisdom to give wisdom, what you give is love and not a love tha t is surface, not a surface love. That’s something that is so deep within you that projects itself to the heart of the other person and that is true giving. You know the story of the “Winner’s might”? That is true giving. I remember I was busy in a project in South Africa for a community there; they were building a complex, temples, a hall and a school for art and various vernacular studies. So one man comes along to me and says, “I'm prepared to donate 50,000 towards this project that the society, this particular society ha d started. This was years ago, but he says, “On one condition, that you put a plaque outside in the grounds that Mr So and So has given this amount for the erection of this project, ” so we refused it because he was not giving, he was trying to perpetuate his name. So that is not giving. See, now who can really give? Not the person whose mind is filled with desires , who is filled with ego inflation, such a man can never give, but an in tegrated person can give. Now by integration, as I said, we mean to function i n totality where the mind, body and spirit functions in wholeness and this can be easily achieved by meditation and spiritual practices in a very scientific, systematic method an d in every talk I do say one thing that you do not need to change your lifestyle. If you are a Christian, I’d like to see you a better Christian, if you are a Hindu, a b etter Hindu, a Buddhist a better Buddhist. Meditation and spiritual practices has nothing to do with your belief system and as you become more and more integrated, you will understand Christianity better, you will understand Hinduism better and when you understand your own belief system better, you will start understanding all other religions better and find the foundation, the basic truth that underlies all religion. You will find the being. There was a deer in the Himalayan mountains , he’d ran around – it had a very – it smel t something very nice, a fragrance and he ran around and around chasing this beautiful fragrance and then at last it was totally exhausted and lied down, he found that the fragrance was on his own naval, the Musk deer that his where the musk perfume comes from, from one’s own naval. So everything is in within you, yo u do not need to search outside. You might perhaps need a guide to show you the path, to show you the way and that is what gurus do, shows you the path, he does not shine the light upon you, but he shines the light upon the p ath so that

4. CAN 83 - 1 9 you don’t stumble and fall, but you have to walk with your own feet. Religions and all theologies say you come with your burden and you have to lighten the burden. What do we mean by burden? By burden we mean all the impressions of the experien ces you have gained through many – many lifetimes perhaps, if you believe in that, or even in this lifetime. There are hereditary factors as well, and that causes the burden which the sanskritist or vedic students would call Karma, you’ve all heard this wo rd. Now through the actions and experiences of the past, so many impressions have been embedded in your sub - conscious mind and as everything else in the world has to find expression, everything expresses itself and in the same manner, the sub - conscious too has to express itself. If you look at the clouds, they express themselves in rain, if you look at the flowers, they express themselves in fragrance. If you look at the grass outside, they -- it expresses itself in this beautiful swaying eternal dance , the wind t oo plays its beautiful symphony, the leaves of the trees . So everything is celebrating, everything is expressing itself in total joyousness . But man does not. Why? Because he has reached the stage of evolution where he can think. That’s the only difference between animal and man. Biologically everything is the same, the only difference is that at this stage of evolution, he can think. Now thinking can be used in the right way or the wrong way. Thinking can be used in the ways of possessions; thinking can also be used in the way of giving. Giving of one’s self, expressing one’s self. A true artist expresses his – expresses himself in painting, he can’t help it. A poet writes poetry as an expression of himself , a musician his music. In the mind of the true artist he is not after any possession although every labourer is entitled to his labour , as the scriptures would say. But deep within himself is not interested, h e is lost there, totally absorbed in the giving of himself. For you could never separate the composer from his composition or the poet from his poem. That is true art, that is true poetry, that’s true music. So thinking can be used creatively. And how does one make one’s thinking creative is by diving deep within oneself. We function only on the conscious level of the mind which is a very small fraction of the totality of the mind, very small fraction. The rest remains dormant because out of the two billion cells in the brain, only 1 millionth of that is used, the other cells are dormant. And through spiritual practices, as the cells are awakened, more and more of the mind can flow through for there is only one mind, the universal mind which is the primal manifestation of the manifestor. So as one does spiritual practices, more and more of this mind filters through. How does a poet compose a poem? He does not create a poem but he can take his conscio us mind to a far deeper level within himself and thus attuned himself to all the thoughts that are floating around in the universe for nothing is destructible. The very words I'm speaking to you here now wo uld be reverberating for ages and ages throughout the universe. Any actions performed, any words spoken by anyone is forever there. It is indestructible, for a thought too is a thing. What the poet does, or the musician is tunes his mind, takes his mind to a finer, subtler level where he makes contact wit h all those thoughts that are floating around and he attunes himself to those thoughts and brings

5. CAN 83 - 1 9 them down, filters them down through his conscious mind and he writes his poem or he composes his music, and the quality of t he music or the poem or the poetr y depends upon the clarity of his conscious mind. How do we find the clarity of the conscious mind is very simple. Through systematic and scientific ways, as I've told you, you lead the conscious mind through all the layers of the sub - conscious mind and then to the level of the super conscious mind which is clear, clear as a clean pane of glass and the light of the absolute shines through and shining through it overpowers the light, overpowers the darkness of the sub - conscious mind and it come through to the conscious level of the mind and by coming through to the conscious level of the mind, it is in turn interpreted by his daily actions. So when people try and modify the action s consciously only, then they could do some good perhaps, but to a great measure it would cause certain repressions and inhibitions in the mind. Today something good is done you think, but the basis has only been the conscious mind. So it is a shifting around of certain energies and that which has been repressed will definitely express itself again in some other form. But if the mind is clear and e very action is spontaneous, then that is right action and in spontaneity there is no wrong action at all, all actions would be beneficial to one’s self and to the environment. So the very idea of possessi on is a great blockage to spontaneity because the id ea of possession natur ally would contain deliberation, pre - meditation, I want to possess this which you can’t. Man marries a woman or a woman marries man and of course the idea comes about that I possess a Jill or Jim or John, you cannot – you cannot posse ss. You can become one with your spouse but never -- you could never possess your spouse , you could never even possess this chair, if you possessed it, you would take it with you when you shed your body, that you have to leave it behind. But the oneness that you can create by lack of the sense of possession is what is with you all the time and bein g with you all the time, you find no separation. Possession involves a duality, the I and thou concept, a duality and it is only duality that causes all fraction. When two hands will clap, but one hand cannot. So it is because of duality friction occurs. F riction is caused by the conflicts in the sub - conscious mind o utwardly expressed in our actions and thoughts and misery results. It portrays the purpose of life. The purpose of trying to find that deep oneness, for that is the only way out for if you find oneness with everything around you, then only could you say and really practice the injunction, “Love thy neighbour as thyself.” But before, to precede that, you got to find the meaning of those words , “Man know thyself.” Then you ask the questions, “Who am I? What am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go to?” Who am I? I am divine. What am I? I am the substance of divinity. Where have I come from? Nowhere. Where do I go to? Nowhere, I am here and now.

6. CAN 83 - 1 9 Take the word nowhere and separate the word, just shift the W to the left, “now here”, be here now, now here. Possession woul d imply living in the memory of the past, some experience a person might have had, person might have gone through poverty and want s to possess for security so it also implies insecurity and not having any possession s, it also implies inadequacy and then when you don’t live in the past, you project your mind into the future, what will happen tomorrow, what will happen next week, next year? Will I lose my job? Will I be able to pay my mortgage? Will I be able to buy those things which my wife asked me for? You project all those thoughts into the future, but never in the present and if you are not here, then you must be somewhere else. And then here also not all there, you see, total insanity. I said the other day, 99.9 % of the world’s population is insane. For to have sanity is to be totally balanced and that balance ca nnot come by intellection, rationalisation, you’ve heard me speak of the left hemisphere of the brain and the right hemisphere of the brain at other talks perhaps, some of you have been there. Left hemisphere of course governs rationalisation, evaluation , verbalisation, but the right hemisphere of the brain, the intuitive quality of the brain ; that is more useful and conducive to your happiness which amounts in knowingness. There has to be, through spiritual practices there comes about a greater synaptic control where the neurons will be firing in the right way at a certain higher rate of vibration and that is how consciously you’d feel the peace within, the peace that passet h all understanding. Yeah, that is what spiritual practices do for you. Possess not and be not possessed. Always the giver, giver of love, but you have to know yourself that I am love. I was telling people I do not love someone, anyone, I do not give love, I do not love, I am love and spontaneously it emanates from me and the recipient feels it automatically because I and the receiver are none other but myself. So that too is a fallacy, giving, possessing a delusion and giving is a fallacy when one reaches that stage of evolution where all is regarded to be one. I find no difference between this chair and myself, it’s the same molecular structure that is there th at makes it this chair a c hair and the same structure functions within me, as the saying goes, “If you can find the inner workings of a grain of sand, you will know the workings of the entire universe. ” So if the entire universe is contained in a grain of sand, how much not more so within you that are – are partially conscious being? You might be the living dead, they might still a part liv i ng there. So what we want is awakening, what we want is awareness, awareness, not sectiona l awareness like the sectional title deeds you have in your apartment buildings, yeah but a total awareness. A panoramic view of the universe that I and the universe are one, I have the whole universe in the palm of my hand, eternity in a moment as Blake h as said, eternity in an hour he said, his calculation was out. Should be an eternity in a moment, for that self - realisation is in a second all the spiritual paths taught by masters are just but preparations like preparing a candle and preparing matches, bu t to light it, it’s in an instant and then the beauty that you will realise after you find that equilibrium

7. CAN 83 - 1 9 or self - realisation that you had always being self - realised and when you walk the path, the spiritual path of self - realisation, you look back and yo u see that “Oh my god, I and the path are one! Where did I walk to? I've been here standing still, I've not been walking, I am still. ” That is the realisation that has to dawn, not by the intellect, the intellect helps, it helps to rationalise, it helps to con vince one of such things, but like food, we eat food, it is not only to digest the food, there the story does not end, it must be a ssimilated of every drop of your blood and then you find the strength. So it is assimilation of th ese eternal truths. What is your reward? Your reward is total joy and happiness where the entire world could fall on top of your head and you won’t bat an eye lid, lose all the possessions you have and still be totally -- totally happy for you have now reached the stage of reality. You’ve pulled off the veils of your mind and now you do not think in the terms of possessions but you say, “Ah, the entire universe is mine although I don’t have two cents in my pocket to rub together, but I own the universe. And if I own the universe, to whom shall I give it to? When a ll is mine and I am all, I am of all, ” you s ee, that is the mastery of life. That is through spiritua l practices, you – these realisations dawn upon you and not only spiritual practices, but t hrough the teachings of masters, you look at life in a different perspective. Yes, you might see everything yellow around you if you have jaundice and these things are not yellow, the chairs are red, they ’ re not yellow, but because of jaundice, everything seems yellow. So you go to a doctor, he treats your eyes, treats your jaundice and things assume, it’s a real form again to you. You see, so you're jaundiced, you look at the world through jaundiced eyes, you look at the world through coloured glasses, spectacle s , and we make a spectacle of ourselves. There was an optician’s assistant and she — they took her only two glasses to make a spectacle of herself. That’s what we do , intoxication . Good, why not be intoxicated and not in the humdrum things of the world, but the intoxication of being where total purity is produced within us and when total purity is produced within us by ourselves for we are essentially pure, then everything around u s will assume a purity, everything would be pure, you would see nothing wrong , even in a murderer or a rapist you’d see something good always and then you could love a murderer, the rapist, the thief and loving equally as you would love a holy man. So you rise above the law of opposites, you rise above the black and the white, then the polarities by which this world functions ceases for you a nd all merges into that on eness, you are off the seashore, the ups and downs of life and you stand in the centre where all these still. Does the scriptures not say, “ Be still and know that I am God ”? We used these words, god and whatever you want to call it, because language is lim ited. These are labels. The real self that is you has to be realised. A diamond covered by dust is spar k ling mill ion carat diamond, if not more, covered with dust. The dust has been – has to be blown off. Just a little gust of wind is required.

8. CAN 83 - 1 9 So spiritual practices does not require effort at all. The simplest things are very beautiful. There's a very favourite sayin g of mine that it is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple and teachers are those -- spiritual teachers are those th at tries to take by giving you different perspective s and tools which are the spiritual practices to take, remove away the difficulties. People find life to be problematic, really there are no problems, and if there is some temporary problem, remember the solution is inbuilt into the problem for no problem can exist without its solution and resolution. Do you see? Right and anything which is a problem is created by our patterned minds, conditioned minds, those samskaras as we call it in Sanskrit imbedded in the sub - conscious. Unfortunately the psychologists and psychiatrists have not reached very deep into the human psyche, or the human mind, they are still at the fringe of this vast ocean which is called the mind. Yeah, so there's no hope lost really. You have a hotline that could be led from the conscious mind to the super - conscious layer and draw from that infinite source of energy so that you become saturated with that light and there would be no place for darkne ss. No nascence , ignorance. Man suffers because of ignorance and ignorance, an ignorant person can be a highly educated person, could have half a dozen PhDs behind his name, but in this field he could be very - very ignorant, for his education perhaps might have created such an ego that blocks him from his real self, not in all cases, but it does happen. So ignorance does not involve the brain. I was travelling through India , trudging through the Himalayas and through all the various villages seeking, searching, trying to find, because I knew there’s something far beyond. I ran away from home when I was young boy and my parents found me and then when I was about 15 - 16, I ran away again and again and again and again, searching, seeking , seeking, there is something greater than me. Me, who am I ? What does this mean? That was the question burning in my mind. I came to this village and in this village, at the end of the village there was the village potter. Here pottery making is regarded to be an a rt, but there in India and especially the backwards, the villages, they – every village has his potter and he makes these pots because most of the foods are cooked not in aluminium, we call it aluminium in English or enamel pot so what have you , there they have these clay pots and I was watching this man working on his spindle wheel, there's such a brightness to his face, a glow, such calm, such peace as h e – as if he was merged in the pot. In the clay, he and the clay were none - different from each other. He was just giving shape to clay and he was the clay. So I sat down to talk to him. He couldn’t answer any of my question s , but I did not need an answer. After a while I realised that his very presence was the answer for he radiated a spiritual force, he radiated a joy, he was a realised man and a totally balanced. No possessions had he, he made a living making clay pots which at that time would cost 4 Annas which is about 4 cents each and I meant to stay there for an hour or so, but I sat there with him for three days and I shared his dry bread wit h him and I learned this from him .

9. CAN 83 - 1 9 There was a time when I was teaching around in India and under the big banyan trees in the shade, those of the people around, around there would come and sit around me in the shade and I would not say a word, sit still a nd as they left, I could watch their faces , they’d lit up. If I could do that, you can also do that for there is no difference between you and I , it is the same universal force that flows that oneness. That oneness and that oneness in this world, a speck of dust compared to the vastness of the universe and 4000 million people living in it thinking that they are the cat’s whiskers. Ego, and it’s the very ego that wants to make you give selfishly, a very few people ca n give unselfishly. And it’s the same ego that wants to make you possessed - grab, love - grab, money - grab, this - grab, that - grab, that all the time. Now what to do with the ego? Many of these philosophers tell you that you must annihilate the ego and that is an impossibility . You cannot annihilate the ego, it is there , but you can clarify the ego. The ego is, to use an analogy, like a rubber, opaque, you can’t see through. But through spiritual practices, you stretch that rubber until it becomes more and more transparent and clear and then that inner light shines through the clarity of the ego, for even the highly realised man like Krishna, Christ , Buddha, Mah a vir, Zoroaster, they all had to have at least 2% ego or else they won’t be able to function in a body. They’ll be totally unconscious of themselves . They got to have a little bit of self - consciousness in order to exist in this world . They got to have it . But as gold, you co uld never make a gold ornament, a ring or a necklace or a bracelet with 24 k arat gold, you got to add 2% alloy in it or otherwise it’d be too soft. Pure gold is 24 karat and we can never make jewellery from it, it would be too soft. Don't strive for perfec tion, but strive for balance minus 2%. There was this guru who went on a long trip and with his ashram, his monastery had beautiful gardens and he left this one man in charge, one of his devotees, he says, “Look I'm gone for six months and you look after the garden.” So this devotee try to ma ke the garden as perfect as possible and six months went by and the guru came bac k and he looked around and he saw everything was just perfect, not a blade of grass was ensconced. So what the guru did, he went to the dustbin and took out some dirt and threw it around on the path, the devotee was shocked and he said, “Guruji, I've worke d all these time to make this garden more perfect than perfect and what are you doing?” So the guru replies, “My son, if you want to live in this world, you must not be totall y perfect.” Have that little imperfection. Christ was not perfect, neither was Kr ishna. Don’t be taken in by the stories written about these master s a 100 – 200 years after they were dead. Jesus used to wine and dine with the Pharisees and the moneylenders, Krishna had his 1600 gopis that he used to run around with in the gardens of Vr indavan. Buddha after attaining enlightenment he stayed in the palace and gardens of Am a ravat h i, the courtesan. Ah, but the Gita says, “First be established in self and then perform action and all those actions would be non - binding. Those actions will not create samskaras or impressions in your mind, because now you

10. CAN 83 - 1 9 have become totally free. ” If you rub oil over any object, say a piece of iron and you throw water over it, the water will just roll off. You're not bound by it and that is how you can live in the world and yet not of the world. That is the secret. So enjoy, enjoy life, enjoy the joy which is life, for life itself is a joy. But we prefer death don’t we ? And live the living dead. That is the so called tragedy, but then again, it is something from which we could learn. Trials and tribulations, according to the interpret mind, there ar e no trials or no tribulations in reality. It is the interpretation of your mind and by going through these trials and tribulations when you look back in retrospect, you’d find that all those anxieties I went through were totally unnecessary. Now how much not more so for the person that has achieved that equilibrium , that has achieved everything that the heavens would give ? I'm u sing those terms metaphorically, that comes from heaven living inside. Nevertheless this minister was speeding along the road and a traffic policeman stopped him. He was supposed to do 30 miles an hour and he was doing about 60, so naturally as everybody would, the minister start arguing with the traffic policeman and said, “ Look you have no speed traps here and I don’t see any radars or things about, how can you prove that I've been doing 60 and not 30?” So the traffic policeman says, “Sir, you were being timed by the helicopter up there, do you see?” So the minister said, “O h well, then I must accept it, anything that comes from above, I accept.” (Laughs) So these abilities are in view all the time. I have a very favourite story I think I've repeated it many – many times, there was this one man who was very fond of soft drink s in the cans and went to the shopkeeper and bought this can of soft - drinks and sat at the table and took out can - opener and opened it and drank his soft drink. He went there the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day, and he did the same thing every day, a few weeks passed and the shopkeeper became very curious because those cans have that little thing that you pull and the can opens and you can have your soft drink. So, because of the curiosity of the shopkeeper, he asked this man “Sir, t here is that little thing there that you pull and you can have your soft drink, why do you use a can - opener?” He say s, “Well, that little thing that you pull is okay for people who do not have a can - opener.” You see, we are looking for can - openers outside of us when everything is built into us. We have all the tools and fellows like me only come around to remind you of the tools that you al rea d y hav e and show you how to use them and give you the understanding that now is the time. I want to be happy, you say it to yoursel f but that wishful thinking is not going to help without you consciously wanting to do something about it and if you don’t consciou sly do anything about it, then how can you benefit? Good. So that goes as far as giving and possessions. You don’t need anything, a material things to be able to give. Give your heart, discover the heart first before you can give it, by heart I mean the c ore of your personality and once you find the core of your

1. CAN 83 - 1 9 Gururaj: Fine, good. The gist of the question was in giving and pos sessions . What does man really possess? The answer would be nothing and the very idea of position stems from one’s mind which could put one into greater and greater illusions and delusion s for the very idea of possession brings about in one those qualities that are contrary to all the theologies of the world. To possess, one necessarily must have some amount of greed, avarice , lust, covetousness. I remember a lovely story I read some years ago, Les Misérables , Victor Hugo , and there he says to one person that life is made to give and not to take. And yet because with the sense of possession, we think we are enriched. So all th e wealth possessed by one does not make one richer , but poorer. Poorer within oneself and we suffer the consequences of that poverty and the consequences are unhappiness, misery, lack of balance, lack of equilibrium and that is why we are not centred withi n ourselves. But the giver would have other qualities in him, those that opposes the one who just wants to possess. I said the other night in a talk that we come with nothing and we go with nothing and that which is in between is but just a gift. Is a gift for possessing or is a gift for giving? By possession, people normally think in mater ial te rms, normally in material terms and the more one has, the more one wants to possess. There’s a story of Akbar, a great king in India and he wanted to find the happiest person in the world, so he sends his Prime Minister and with the Prime Minister legions of armies around the world to find the happiest person. So as they went round from country to country, n aturally they would approach the rich people first, there was not a rich man that was happy. So trudging along everywhere, they could not find a happy person, and while Birbal, the Prime Minister returning, he had to cross a river and there on a rock was s itting a man, so happy so exuberant, so joyous, filled with bliss, ecstasy and Birbal was a very brilliant man and after a lot of questioning he really found that this man was happy, but this man did not even possess a shirt on his back. So if you want possession, find that possession within yourself for it is only the fragmented person that is deluded thinking that if I have a little car, I’ll carry on with it, but if I h a d a Rolls Royce, I would be happier. I always say the quest of man is for happiness, everyone, everyone i s seeking happiness in his life, no one wants misery or unhappiness, but the path they choose is an outward path and the outward, external path which they choose for mundane things leads them to greater possession. And the mind is so patterned through ages and ages of lifetimes and lifetimes perhaps, that the greatest illusion suffered by man, they delude the mind that the more I have the mor e happier will I be. Now no one denies you to own mansions or Rolls Royce ’ s, but in what sense do you own it? Do you own it in a sense of possession that it is yours? Nothing belongs to you. Even that which you call your body is not really yours . If you can project your mind from out of your body, and look at yourself, you ’ d find a very ugly person. Yes, now that is the experience of many who have

11. CAN 83 - 1 9 personality, the spirit within have automatically , without you consciously trying, it gives off this love, this peace, this joy to anyone you come across and all of you have experienced this, you go into some home and you don’t like to stay there for five m inutes, the atmosphere is such, in another home you want to sit down fo r an hour, you feel comfortable, the atmosphere is there. So what I'm trying to point out to you is that everything is e manating all the time, all the time there’s an emanation from everything and everything is full. Do you think these chairs are empty? They’re not, they ’ re empty of people, but they are full in themselves. It’s a full total chair. You see, out of view thing s. Someone says tonight oh it’s just a handful of people and you come from so many thousand miles and guruji, I say, no , that doesn’t matter, it’s not important. Didn’t Jesus, even go to all the trouble for just one lost sheep? It doesn’t matter, that’s fine. Good. That’s more than an hour, do you want to break or shall we carry on with questions and answers? Carry on? I think so, yes. Good. Now we normally have a – if it was a larger crowd we would have a break and we ’ ve had questions and little break and then questions and answers, but seeing we’re just small little intimate family here, we could’ve even gone to a tea room and sit around a table and had tea toge ther and just chatted, really. Good. Questions? Anything you want to talk about, please do ask. I got some old jokes here. This man died in hospital and he went up there to the pearly gates, so St. Peter was there and he says, “My name is such and such ,” so St. Peter, you know in this computerised time , he used computers up there as well, so he pressed the buttons, this man’s name and he couldn’t find it. He says, “No, your name is not on this list, I think you must go to the other side w here it’s a bit hot, you know it’s cool here. ” So this man says, “No sir, I've lived such a beautiful life, I've been giving off my heart all the time, I never worried about possessions or anything, there must be something wrong. Would you try again?” So of course St. Pe ter went to the bigger computer and pressed the buttons and he saw the answer, “Yes , ” he said, “Your name is here, but you are not due here for another three years. But by th e way, who was your doctor?” (Laughs) Questions? Tell me why is this called Britis h Columbia? Because Britain rules this place or something? Nevertheless whatever that might be, I don’t know your history, but the British flag is like taxes, red, white and blue. So when you think of taxes you see red. When you pay them, you get white and after you pay them, you feel very blue. Questions? Yes. Public: < 1:06:05.1 > Gururaj: Uh - huh, a quickie.

12. CAN 83 - 1 9 Public: Life on earth is pre - requisite to total integration, why are the re relatively few enlightened individuals existing on earth? < 1:06:19.5 > Gururaj: Yes, as I said before, life is a continuum. Mind, body and spirit is a continuum. On the other side where there is only the mind with all its impressions, the individualised mind, like a bubble in a pond is the bubble that individualises it. It’s only the mind and the spirit that energises it is in another plane of existence. But as everything needs to find expression, you have to take on a body or otherwise you are not total. Therefore on the other side there is no evolution at all. There is evaluation, you eva luate on the other side. What birth you are going to take? And t here you can’t bluff yourself. You're totally honest in that evaluation and you ch o ose your parents. You might have to wait a while before you find the right genetic and chromosomic combination, something like that, to take birth. There are two kinds o f people that don’t get born too soon, the very evil, because there are not such evil people in this world for them to find the right combination and the highly evolved person where there are very few, very highly evolved people in this world and whe n you talk of self - realised man, it is – you can count them on your fingertips. Good next question? You play the piano don’t you? Oh yes, you're a concert pianos, umm – a chap with a black bag knock on a ladies door and he said, “I'm a piano tuner,” so the lady who answered the door says, “But I don’t call any piano tuner.” So he says, “No, madam I know that, but your neighbours did.” (Laughs) I always keep some jokes in stock you know waiting for questions to come. I find another one. Oh yes, this lady went to an Indian reservation, reserve – reservation, yeah, and she went to the < 1:09:41.3 > shops and a ll these and she found a piece pipe, and just a bit rusty and old and she thought, “Oh I found something, it could be very valuable, ” and there was an inscription in it, on it you know in one of the Indian languages, so she wanted to know what it was, it could be thousands of years old and could be very – very valuable . So she rushed around everywhere in the little town to find an interpreter, translator that could read this. So she found one person and says , “Please read this for me and tell me what it means. ” So this man says, “Oh that’s very easy, ” it says, “Smoking is hazardous to your health.” Questions? I'm gonna run out if you don’t start asking me questions . Oh this couple, they had all their bags packed a nd they were going on a holiday. So they arrived at the airport and they checked oh yes everything is packed, all the bags are there, so the husband says, “We should’ve brought the kitchen table along with us.” The wife says, “Why the kitchen table?” So he says, “The tickets were on the kitchen table.” (Laughs) Yes, ma’am. Public: < 1:11:30.2 >

13. CAN 83 - 1 9 Gururaj: Yes, if you are inclined to be a vegetarian, please be vegetarian, food is light and perhaps your constitution would be more conducive to vegetarian food. If you are a meatarian and your constitution could stand it and you want to eat meat, there is nothing wrong in eating meat. Fine ! I was saying to someone the other day that an Indian scientist, I think his name was Rao, he discovered a heartbeat in a cabbage. So everything is life. Some a higher form of life, some a lower form of life, but until they reach the thinking power, all foods are good if they are nourish ing and not harmful to yourself. Vegetarian idea originated in the east, but yet all their gods like Rama and Krishna, they all ate meat, they used to go hunting deer and of course after that they used to have a barbeque, I don't know if they use barbeque sauce or what that time, nevertheless they used to have a barbeque. Vegetarian ism, that idea only cam e about during the Brahmanical times when they had the temple sacrifices and so many animals were slaughtered. So teachers like Buddha and others came ar ound propagating vegetarianism to stop this unnecessary sacrifice, unnecessary bloodshed. Another reaso n , during the time of the great king Ashoka, India was mainly an agricultural c ountry and they need the cattle, the oxen to plough the fields, you know the wooden ploughs, they never had tractors that time and those animals were necessary. The cow was nece ssary because every part of the cow can be used, the dung is made into patties and dried and used as fuel, the skin for shoes, leather, you use a milk to feed people, so because of economic reasons, they forbade the eating of animals but people don’t abide to laws so much so very cleverly it was introduced into tradition and it became part of religious beliefs. There is absolutely nothing wrong, whatever suits your constitution by all mea ns and when you grow out of it and you don’t desire it, then don’t eat it. Nothing wrong with it. Yeah, and as a matter of fact, it’s only 10% of people in India that are vegetarians, the rest are meatarian s and I know some of the most spiritual people that eat meat. I've been to various ashrams and like the Ramakrishna ashram and others where they serve light meats like chicken, fish and things. So by all means do, do, do. You see it’s very easy for a person to become a faddist, movements that are going around in America where they say you mustn’t smoke, you mustn’t eat meat, you must become a celibate and all these various things. I say, “What are you doing? Indoctrinat ing yourself into things that you really don’t want or could flow into spontaneously , creating more harm to yourself than good. So the refore, just be what you are, ” I said last night that people tell you be like Krishna, be like Buddha, be like Christ, no, I s ay no, don't. When you reach that level, okay, you will become Christ automatically, and you will realise, I and my father are one automatically. I say be yourself , be yourself . You know that bring about greater balance within you. There are levels of bala nces until you reach the subtlest balance where you merge away into divinity and everything that is around you, it’s beautiful , beautiful . Um - hmm

14. CAN 83 - 1 9 Public: Guruji, your teaching the – the format and as been and is presently is sort of a question and answer situation < 1:17:02.0 > as the years go by do you see this format < 1:17:07.4 > Gururaj: My format? Public: Right . As we come in and go in satsangs and < 1:17:17.3 > question and answer period which is always v ery wonderful. But I was wondering the other day, will this continue through the years or do you < 1:17:25.4 > Gururaj: I fun ction totally spontaneously. For example tonight if I would have just felt like sitting here going into meditation, you will still have some spiritual experience without me saying a word. I hope that time will come when we can do that. It will, it will, pe rhaps not to the masses, but to some. For it is very easy to pierce into another person’s soul and it just requires love. I spoke for everything and everyone around you and it can be tangibly felt and this is what I tell the psychologists and psychiatrists and doctors and we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of them throughout the world where we are that do our practices and listen to my philoso p hies and things like that and I told them that i f you develop that integration within you r self through spiritual practices, you w ill find more effective healing , yes. I do healing when it is totally necessary, I do not put myself out as a healer, I do healing. And it is just by a touch where it transmit an energy, as a matter of fact we did some experiments in Cape Town at the Groote Schuur Hospital with Professor Lynn Gillis who is not only Head of the Psychiatric Department there, but also head of the Psychiatric Department at the Uni versity of Cape Town and we experimented with plugging on electrodes with 16 of them, you know round the head, we’ve attached the – the squiggles changed when a person was ask ed afterwards and examine later a great difference was there in their health and we’ve done about 150 - 200 cases and Lynn feels that we should do at 500 so he could publish a paper on it for there is an energy , a subtle energy which modern science hasn’t got the equipment to measure. There is the subtle forces, energy that can be activated and transformed to bring about a balance in the subtle body of the person which in turn translates itself into a physical outer body and correct the wrongs that are there in the physical body. Oh yes, or you could call it alternate medicine, what have you? These are the force that is t hat power that can be activated and you won ’ t be activated by the voice where just by listening to a voice you feel calm, you feel cool, you feel relaxed and it has nothing to do with hypnotism. Yeah, it’s an energy that’s given off, not

15. CAN 83 - 1 9 only the words, but an energy that go with the w ords and so we have not reached, science has not reached the to tality of what all energy is about, they don’t know. There and subtler and subtler forms of energies that they know nothing about . Like electricity we have these lights burning here, but they can’t tell us what electricity is, like that , but with the technological progress, they will soon find out many finer and finer forms of energies, but that will have to be combined with the opening up of the heart, if we want some measure of peace in this world, and that’s my mission, to open the hearts . I don’t use can - openers. This man was dying in hospital, poor fellow and the doctors and nurses forbade him not to see anyone, they wouldn’t allow any one in so he begged and cajoled the doctors and said, “Please I must see my partner, I'm on my deathbed, I'm dying . I must see my partner, please bring him.” So after a while they said, “Okay, for a few minutes only.” So the partner co mes in and he tells the partner, “Look my friend John, I'm dying, I've just got a few minutes left, but I've g ot a confession to make to you and if I don’t make this confession to you, my soul will not rest in peace.” So he says that for the past three yea rs, the dying man says, “ The past three years I've been stealing money from the company.” So the partner replies, “Yes, I know . Who do you think poisoned you?” (Laughs) Yes, questions? Public: Guruji, < 1:23:37.4 > Gururaj: Yes. Public: < 1:23:46.3 > Gururaj: Yes, great reformers have come and gone, Dayanand, Saraswati, Krishna, Christ, name them and they could never reform the world collectively, but people could be transformed individually for don’t units make up the whole? So the more the individual progresses on the spiritual path, the more his heart opens, he would have some effect on the environment around him. My favourite saying is this , it’s the nature of flower to be beautiful, but that’s not the only thing it does, it also enhances the beauty of the garden. So therefore we concentrate or apply ourselves to ourselves first, charity begins at home. Talking of nuclear energy, last November I was invited to Boston, I specially flew over. They had sort of this think tank there, they invited people from various countries of the world and the theme was, “An international business leaders’ conference on h ow to bypass the nuclear threat for world peace , ” that was the theme and we found that there will never be world peace, there will be a hot war, a cold war t hat man, by becoming integrated, can find peace within himself and as the poem of Rudyard Kipling g oes, “If the whole world can go crazy around you, but yet you preserve your equilibrium, ” that’s what we are after. To bring the whole world at peace and change the whole world’s

17. CAN 83 - 1 9 crutch or the wall you lean on, but you answer your prayer yourself because you would be conditioning your mind in such a way that you will attract whatever you pray for. There was a pretty girl , she was very lovely. She came to my centre in Cape Town and she told me, she says, “Guruji I've got one problem, all the men I meet are very loving to me, but they only have one thing in mind, jumping into bed, that’s all.” So I start chatting with her, analysing her thought processes, I told her, I say, “Do you know the trouble is yours. You are -- because of your thoughts that you have in mind , you are attracting that kind of people to you. So you are the magnet for the filings.” And when I gave her certain practices, where it won’t try to change a thought patterns and she was diligent and she did them and after that, she attracted not men that just want to spend a night with her, but she attracted real – real good friends, she’s married now and very happy, they have two children. Yes, you see, so there again it’s a conditioning of the mind, can be conditioned in a certain way and it can be cond itioned in a different way. So you answer your prayers, no one else. Your own forces of energy within yourself that you draw upon bring mixed things conducive or not conducive to you. That’s the secret. There’s no one up there sitting in the clouds on a throne with a long beard saying, “Oh I'm listening to the prayer of Jean or John or Jill, whoever. Now let me see can I grant it or not.” That energy is a neutral energy and it favours no one, no one is favoured. It is how we use it and I always say it’s like electricity, you leave the electricity to a refrigerator, you find coldness and you lead it to a heater and y ou find heat. That is the same energy, how we use it and that is why you have what we call free will , your own thinking mind. If that free will, your own thinking mind could flow with nature, then automatically it is joined with divine will where it just means a more subtler and – and higher and a more forceful energy. That's all. So we use a lower energy with free will and divine will is a higher subtler, more powerful energy. So next? You know we talk of god and god helping you and this that, this man were never, you know he was walking – walking and every time he used to gaze behind and there were two sets of footprints. It’s an old story, I don't know if you know it, there were two set of footprints and then when he got into trouble, there was only – and he – and he glance d behind, there were two set of footprints, god was walking alongside him, but when he was in trouble and he glanced around, he only saw one set of footprints, so he complained to god and he says, “But you’ve always been walking besides me, if I could see y ou and I turn around from the two sets of footprints, but when I got into trouble there was only one set of footprints,” so god tells him, “Yes, there was one set of footprints and that was the time I was carrying you.” See if we can find another one here . You know fat fellows have to be good natured, fat fellows have to be good natured because they could neither fight nor take flight. Never fight and never take flight, but flow, flow, this beautiful – beautiful manifestation of the

18. CAN 83 - 1 9 manifestor, just flow with it. Be yourself and flow. No effort in flowing , lot of effort in fighting. Lot of effort in fleeing, being in fight, just flow. Good, it’s past 10 now, do you think you wanna carry on? No, you still have an appointment tonig h t ? Y es, yeah okay. Shall I just put this on the table? Good.

16. CAN 83 - 1 9 mind, no one in history has ever done it. Oh yes, and of course, talking of nuclear bombs President Reagan, in his office he has a button and there were 500 missiles pointed at Soviet Russia, so one day by accident he tripped the switch and 500 of these missiles went shooting out to Russia, so he gets on the hotline to the Kremlin and the person that answered the phone on the other side, he asks, “Who can I speak to to say I'm sorry?” (Laughs) Public: < 1:27:04.7 > Gururaj: Yes, yes, prayers are very important, but prayers have lost their meanings nowadays. People don’t pray to god, they do business with god. They say, “If I get this job or my son passes the exams or I get this house that I'm after, I will donate a $100.00 to a good charity.” In other words it means, “God you do it first and I will do the donation.” Why not you do the donation first and let him do his job afterwards. If you're go ing to a cinema, cinema, you got to pay first. You don’t know what the -- how the film is going to turn out to be, you pay first and you come in and on top of it they switch off the lights. They put you into darkness. So who do you pray to? You use god to pray to. In other words, you use an outside force to pray and so that outside force becomes a crutc h that you want to lean on, a wall to lean on because you feel weak within yourself. Therefore you need something to lean on and after all, what is god? Is he just a mental concept? A mental concept perpetrated upon your mind by various theologies which are nothing but business organisations, churches and things, they do good work in a certain way, by all means, where need ed , keeps the community together , and c hurches have become more of a social thing than anyth ing else. You know those, there’s some good in that as well. The best -- one thing to remember is this that when you pray, you will never get what you want, but you will always get what you need. Yeah. I want a million pounds now, I won’t get it, but I wil l get my piece of bread that I need. You see, so prayer has force but prayer must never be selfish , and then when do people pray? When they get into trouble , so they think prayer is a cure for the troubles. Prayer should rather be a preventative and prayer is good because prayer is based upon a certain belief system you have because of a concept you believe in and if your belief is strong enough, by all means your prayer will become more and more sincere. But still remember that you are praying as a crutch to get rid of your troubles. Now it has its therapeutic value. It does calm the mind, it has its value, as well therapeutically, yes it’s good, do pray, but if you meditate first and in that meditation, the thoughts, prayer is thought, and in th e meditations when those thoughts arise, the calmer mind , those thoughts become stronger , they assume a greater strength and anything that is thought about with a greater strength based upon a calm mind or coming out of a calm mind naturally must have its results. So who answers your prayers? Not the


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