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1. CAN 87-4 Gururaj. Remind me what I have to do because if I don’t have her around with me I’d be lost because I only live in the moment. There is no past and there is no future. People must realise this, there is only the present. Because most people - I can’t hear myself put that a bit louder please - people have the habit of living in the past and they project the past into the future and they forget the present. What is more important to you? The past, the past is gone and the future might never come, but to be able to live in the present. Where are you now, ask yourself that question? You are in the present and the present is the most important moment that has to be considered. I am now in the presence of our family together and I am - oh shit - I must try and get myself some new clothes. And I am living here with my family and with my Guru in our presence and this is the present. And if you realise this fact in life you will live in the presence. And what is that presence that you live in? The presence of Divinity which guides your present moment and makes you live in the present which is a great present given to you by Divinity. Divinity is not in the past and neither in the future but the present is now and Divinity is here now. And when that realisation dawns on you, you will find yourself to be a much, much better person. That’s for sure. When you live in the past you’re involved in your worries ‘Oh I’ve done this, and I’ve done that and I’ve done that’, you mull over it and you lose the moment of the presence and then after that you project it into the future. ‘I’m going to a party next week’, right, you say that to yourself. Now the party is only next week, next week on Saturday but from now on you are thinking what kind of dress you’re going to put on and you devise this and you devise that and you go shopping to look so beautiful. But everyone is doing that and you will be surprised there will be five women there, for example that will have the same kind of dress. So where are you? Rather be undressed and bare yourself totally to Divinity. And when you bare yourself your mind, heart and soul, to Divinity, then you are living life, otherwise it is just stupidity. You are stupefied because you do not recognise presence of life. This is the moment you are living in. Look around you. Look around this room. What have you noticed in this room? What, what is your awareness of that Divine essence? The essence is here and now within your hearts. So that is where you belong. Nowhere else, nowhere else. The past is past, the future is unknown. But this is here you live in this present moment and enjoy this present moment for that very enjoyment of the present moment is to recognise the Divine essence that is within you. So why beat round the bush and go from here to there, to there, turning around and round in the past and the future when you can just go to the garden and capture the present. A beautiful rose is growing round there in the garden but you beat round the bush of life and ignore the beauty of that beautiful rose. So why can you not be one with that rose? Be one with the rose and there would be thorns, accept it because that is life. But where’s your concentration, where’s your mind on the thorns or on the beauty of that lovely rose? That is the idea of life. That is the true living of life.

2. CAN 87-4 Observe the thorns, why not? But if my life is lived well then the thorns will not prick me. Because my attention will not be on the thorns my attention will be on the beauty of the rose. So look at life in this way and observe the beauty of the rose and not the pricking of the thorns. There again we come to the subject of mental attitude. Where is your attention? On the thorns or on the rose, think about that. You’re looking very beautiful this morning dear. Good. What shall I talk about today? Question? His profound philosophical question is coming up. Questioner. Beloved Guruji, how can yearning the fire of love coexist with the peace which passeth all understanding? Gururaj. Very good. The whole perception is wrong. Love is not yearning because when you yearn for love you are seeking a certain possession you’re wanting. Love is not wanting, love is giving, so yearning cannot be there. True love can never be associated with yearning and when that concept disappears of yearning for love then you will experience true love. True love does not want anything. True love is not a wanting, true love is a giving. So where is the yearning, but yet in what you have said yearning is necessary primarily. For without yearning, these are the stages that one passes through to find true love. You still got to yearn first before you can earn. Take the Y away. You yearn for true love and then the yearning stops that is the time you earn the true value of love. To repeat again love is not wanting, never. Love is giving and you give of yourself because you can’t help it. You’re giving, giving, giving. My Pushpanee loves me not because she yearns but because she just gives of her heart to me to my heart in total purity. That is the secret and by that you’ll pass and find peace beyond understanding. Understanding is created by the mind. But we do not want to interfere with the mind, it is shit. Love does not come from the mind at all. The mind is too analytical, we analyse things and say ‘Ah this is nice and that’s not nice, or this is fine and not fine and not fine’. But the heart does not analyse. The heart just gives. I love you all not with my mind, I love you all with a heart which does not analyse anything. You might be the greatest sinner in the world, I don’t care a damn, only thing I know is this that I love you without any analysis. That is the secret of becoming closer and closer to that Divinity. Divinity does not analyse. Divinity is just but an energy. Now what we as little humans have to do. By the way I don’t belong to this planet, I am from somewhere else. Love knows no analysis. Divinity never analyses, it is just there in being. It is just there all the time giving, giving and giving. That is the way you find the peace that goes beyond all understanding. Understanding is a quality of the mind, but peace is a quality of the heart. The mind will never give you any peace because the mind is filled with all kinds

3. CAN 87-4 of complexities and all kinds of conflicts. But when you go inside here there is the peace which passeth all understanding. So what do we mean by understanding? It is analytical. You understand this or you understand that or you understand whatever bull. Peace does not need that. Peace needs no understanding. Therefore we say to repeat again the peace that passeth all understanding and that peace is within you. It is there. You’re born from peace, you must live in peace and you must leave this world in peace. (Gururaj starts coughing strongly). A change of - I beg your pardon, a tissue? I beg your pardon sorry. I’ve got a bad chest. So - you haven’t given my eye handkerchief darling. Now let me tell you another secret of life that peace has nothing to do with understanding. Nothing at all. As I said before understanding is analytical and you try and analyse and work out your computerised mathematical problems, not important. That peace is felt here within and it is gained by your Spiritual Practices. Be regular and you will find that peace and when you find that peace you will be so much at ease within yourself. That’s what you need. What is understanding? So you read Fifty, Nifty, Schopenhauer, Spencer and Cant and all those bullshitters that try to analyse and analyse and analyse. But what peace have they found, nothing. I have studied their lives and they were the most disturbed people in the world. I don’t know if I told you that while travelling around, I might have talked about this in some lecture, I can’t remember anything. For me the moment is the moment, nothing else. And here through this village I met this village potter. He was making his pots, clay pots which is by the way better than all your aluminium, aluminium, how do you pronounce it? Voice. Aluminium Gururaj. Aluminium and food cooked in those clay pots are far, far more tastier, I can assure you that. I know I talk of experience. And so I saw this village Potter turning out his clay pots and I sat down there watching him, the beautiful serenity. He had no knowledge at all, no education, ordinary little Potter but his very presence was emanating that deep peace although he had no understanding of all the Scriptures or anything. He was very poor and we had one chipati together, chipati Indian bread and I sat there for three days with him. He had a little hut to live in. I slept on the floor, I don’t mind just to be in his presence. I asked him teach me something and his reply was this ‘I know nothing’. Yet he had everything which was peace that passeth all understanding and in that peace I found so much knowledge in his peace. Because through the mercy of our Lord I absorbed some of his peace as you are absorbing my peace. You see? So what is greater, ask yourself? Peace is greater than understanding. In today’s modern world of course we do need

4. CAN 87-4 understanding which is true because our minds have become very analytical and we want to know the reason for every thing. Now I’ll tell you something else which might be surprisable, which might be surprising, do not be reasonable become unreasonable, which means without reason, not unreasonable that’s a wrong word I’m sorry, non-reasonable where all the different kinds of understandings gained is nullified and then going beyond the mind that keeps on reasoning and reasoning and reasoning disappear and then you reach the peace that passeth all understanding. (Gururaj coughs heavily) Thank you Mother. Thank you. So in order to find peace (Coughing) you have to go beyond reason because reason can only befuddle you. Reason is questioning and one question will breed half a dozen other questions, and the half a dozen other questions will breed another dozen questions. And so what happens to you, the mind becomes more and more befuddled as I said. So rather seek within and you will find the peace that passeth all understanding. That is the secret of life. Because up to now all of you here have been involved in reasoning working out problems, that’s all you’ve been doing. And do you know the solution of one problem creates another dozen problems. It never ends. So how far does your understanding go? Nowhere, it goes nowhere, but peace, ah, ah that is something different, where there is no reasoning, no questioning and just being oneself. And that is the goal of your lives to be at peace. Is that not what you want? Everyone desires it but they do nothing about it damn it, stupid asses. So find that peace that goes beyond understanding. I can only guide you to it. I can show you the path but you still have to do it yourself and your Spiritual Practices will help you I know, I know, through hundreds and thousands of people round the world, I know. I know. It gives them the ease of peace and then if you feel very hard up you can always release the P in peace and go to the toilet. Good. Now you guys relax a bit. Relax light up a cigarette or something. Just relax and think, think, think, think. I give you these moments of five or ten minutes of relaxation so you can think. Thank you darling. Thank you. And then we will carry on after that. What time did you go to bed last night Maxi? Voice. ...................(Inaudible) Gururaj. And what time did you get up this morning, Maxi? Voice. About eight o’clock. Gururaj. Did you have breakfast?

5. CAN 87-4 Voice. .................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Good. Oh serve them some juice or cool drinks or tea or something. Pushpanee have we got any tea or something there or cool drinks? No you don’t have. Okay. Voice. ...........(Inaudible) Gururaj. No, no, no, I’m thinking of my family. Voice. We offered them tea Gururaj Oh you did good, good, good. Okay. Remember my words, remember them, think about them, it will do you good. That would be a path to find peace through understanding. So understanding is also important. It’s a step on the path to peace. Understanding brings you the right perspectives in life and to have the right perspectives brings you peace in life. When you have wrong perspectives then peace becomes a disease. So, to have true perspectives is very important. So, one step leads to another. Have proper understanding of life and surely that will help you with your Spiritual Practices and the power that our Lord imparts through me to you all will help you to find peace. That is for sure. Isn’t God great? He sure is. Repeat Isn’t God great? (Group answers) He sure is. Isn’t God great? (Group answers) He sure is. That’s it you’ve got the idea. But now we are not talking of words. It’s nice to have that as an affirmation, it’s nice. But the realisation is important he sure is, that is important and once we have that realisation we proceed from a mental understanding to the result that he sure is and that is peace. If you could really understand my words your life could be transformed in a day. It would. I don’t only teach by my words, no. I teach by my life. If you look at me very closely you’ll find me so much at peace. You would. Because I found that. It took time but I found it and this is what I’m giving out to you,, my peace through the grace of our Lord. Voice. ................(Inaudible)

6. CAN 87-4 Gururaj. Beautiful, beautiful, my peace I give unto you . Very good. My peace I give unto you. But there’s another side of the question Mother that you must always remember, my peace I give unto you, but you have to be receptive to receive it. If you are not receptive it’s like water off a duck’s what do you call it? Duck’s tail? Voice. Water off a duck’s back. Gururaj. Water on a duck’s back. That sounds better. You have to be receptive to accept it. You can have the strongest seed but if the ground is not fertile the plant won’t grow. Make your grounds fertile. You can make love to a barren woman and she will not conceive and yet your seed is powerful. It’s the same analogy using it in different words. Become fertile by your Spiritual Practices and you will conceive that seed of Divinity. So you’re right mother, my peace I give unto you and you can only gain some benefit by it if you are fertile, if the land is well cultivated. Then that seed wi ll grow into a beautiful plant or whatever. That’s important. So make yourselves fertile and you can do that easily if you are regular in your Spiritual Practices, I promise you, I promise you, I promise you. And my words is gospel truths. Not my words it’s His words, I’m nothing, I’m a shit arse. I think I’ve spoken for about an hour now. I’m getting tired and I’m not too well in health unfortunately. How do we undo these things now? END


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