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1. CAN 87-5 Gururaj. Sleep matters nothing to me at all. It is just to give the body a rest. That’s all. Because after travelling thousands of miles now, two Courses in Cyprus and Spain and England and now in Canada this body gets exhausted but what does that matter at all. All matter is constituted of the mind and mind does not matter. For what is the constitution of the mind? Is it not only a finer form of matter? Who’s spitting? For when you realise this principle that mind does not matter then matter will not take cognition of the mind. For all your cognitions come from the mind and transforms itself into matter. What is matter? What is the material substance of your self? Have you ever considered that? It is only your thought forms that formulates matter. So when we get rid of thought forms remember the mind does not matter and neither, the matter produced by the mind would not affect the mind. So you become independent within yourself. Voice. ............... (Inaudible) Gururaj. So what we have to do is this, is combined mind with matter because mind creates matter and the matter is the creation of the mind. I’m so sorry we were late tonight and my lady love never has the heart to wake me up, so we are a bit late. So what? How do you measure time and space, that is the question? What conception do you have of time? And what conception do you have of space? Nothing at all. Oh if I had Einstein here sitting next to me I would pull all his pubic hairs out. That’s for sure. I give you ideas that have never been told before. But I will give you ideas that have been untold, for I could combine within yourself the essence of time and space. And combining time and space what I could give you is timeless space. Ah hah. Understand this very well please. For time is measured by space and space is measured by time. What is the difference I want to ask you between time and space? You can only know space by time and you can only know time by space. There is the differentiation that you guys have to uncover. To me, the humble me have no time, have no space. I’m just me, timeless, spaceless and merged into Divinity which is timeless and spaceless remember this. Sunita come here? Sit with me. Okay. Now who is Sunita tell me? I’m not asking you, shut up. Is she timeless or spaceless? Voice ................. spaced ...(Laughter) Gururaj. No, she is a creation of Divinity. And all creation of Divinity, realise this, has no time and neither space for they are universal created by universality. These are the great secrets, secretness, secretness, These are the great secretness of life. You find that Divine Divinity in practical living and yet you recognise universality. She’s a little shit. But I would worship her as a Goddess because I don’t see her as a shit, I worship her as a product of Divinity. And that is how you can love and love and love and love and love and love. For essentially tell me what’s your life? Do you want a

2. CAN 87-5 couple of bucks? Do you have a bloomin’ job? Wrong. The first realisation is to find yourself, your Divinity. And I find it in everyone, just using my daughter as an example. I’ve never ever touched her, ever. I mean she............as my lady love will know because there is nothing I would hide from her. I am giving you an example of the Divine flow of love without any attachment. None. I could sleep with her tonight if I want to and she would not say no. Voice. I think Vidya might kick me out Gururaj. Vidya might kick you out I know but I would not ever do that. This brings us to the boiling point of total purity. You can be so close. Why not? But have that purity. There is no lust. Oh shit my balls are itching. Voice. Well I can’t touch you either, Vidya Gururaj. I won’t allow you to. Don’t you give me any bloody Aids. (Laughter) Only joking you know that. My beloveds the true meaning of life lies in your own sincerity, in your own honesty, as I have repeated over and over again to you that you could hold a beautiful girl like this in your arms and still maintain your purity. Learn this, learn this, learn this please. Go through life in all the vicissitudes of life but remain pure and preserve your purity. I have so many, a dozen women here at least that would love to jump into bed with me. I know that, I read their minds (laughter) but not me. Never. I have my one Goddess and that is all I need, nothing more. Because I worship her, not you. (Laughter). Now if you understand me correctly I am talking of things that might be beyond your understanding but it should not be beyond it. Ah hah. Here is the secret, in understanding do not beyond it but be in it and remember that. Be in the understanding and love will take loving. I’ll give you an example now. Kiss me darling? What has this created in me, nothing, nothing at all. If I was lustful it would have given me an erection. No, no, no. I’m giving you a demonstration of the love for a father to his dau ghter. There you are. There is the answer. Because there is no sensuality, none at all, but there’s so much love to which I would give you all. Where are you going to find a Guru like me darling? Voice. I don’t know. In my mind. (Inaudible) Gururaj. I think we should find a bedsitter where we could live together. Vidya will shoot me, that’s for sure. A bit of fun is necessary. We don’t want to get serious. In these simple words I am trying to give you the understanding of life. If yo u can understand it please try. It will help you a lot in life. That’s it, that’s the one. Lower it down damn it, not higher up.

3. CAN 87-5 Voice .............................. (Inaudible) Gururaj. That’s the back. I think it’s time to relax for five or ten minutes then I can carry on. Vidyaji, look after me, damn you. Right. Light one for me. How about you guys also lighting up. Look enlightenment. How about you darling come help yourself and get hold of a nice place somewhere. Relax a bit I don’t want to stretch your minds too much. Relax with your father. Have a drag, come on Voice. ......... Never. ............ Inaudible Gururaj. Right. Okay come on, light up. Voice. Are you comfortable? Gururaj. You rub my bloomin’ foot. Right. Okay. Where are you going to get a Guru like this bastardo? That’s nice, not bad. Carry on you guys, come on don’t be shy, it’s your father with my children. Come on light up if you want to. What the hell are you shy for? I’m not a pedestal Guru as I told you before, I am your lover, I am your beloved, I am your Father and I care. A I want all you to be comfortable in my caring and in my sharing. I can sit up on high pedestal and pour out a whole lot of shit. I’m not interested in that. I am interested in your hearts and your souls and how I could open them. Yes. That’s what I do and this tall son of mine sitting over there, son of a gun. That’s all I want. Want you all to be happy, joyful, enjoy what life is all made about. Do you know what life is made about? Absolute shit. That’s life. Look at the manure that goes into the ground, it’s grown into food. You eat that food, so essentially you’re eating shit. So are yo u not shit? (Laughter). Now here is the whole point that my Lord Divine I am nothing else but shit. When you admit that you submit yourself being a piece of shit which you are. You ask the Lord leave me as a piece of shit but take the stink away (Laughter). Oh you’re cuckoos. Voice. ........................ it sounds a lot like Christianity (Laughter) Gururaj. I don’t teach any religion. I teach only the basics of life. You shits, can’t you understand that? So there is a little secret I want to tell you about and it is this. Take the S away and become a hit instead of a shit. Because you are destined – you can the other foot now - sorry darling, are you alright? If you take the S out of shit you become a hit and be a hit because you are that. Eventually it’s only you that has added on the bloomin’ damn S to make yourself a shit.

4. CAN 87-5 Why, please tell me why, please tell me why? Do you know what that S stands for? Samskaras, S for Samskaras. Remove them my beloveds, remove them through your Spiritual Practices. You will find life – pardon - totally different. Once you take the S out of the shit, you’re a hit. And that S to repeat again are nothing else but Samskaras. Would you remove this here somewhere and my specks as well and this shit also. And you lady there I am trying to find her now with a green dress, behind you Terry. Come here, come here. Sit here my darling. Will you put this somewhere. You are very beautiful. You are. I am not looking at the beauty of her lovely face. No. That’s wrong. That would bring upon lustful feelings but I’m looking at the beauty of her heart. Lovely. Thank you my son. Now always look at - what’s happening - always look at the beauty of, always - ah shit (Laughter). By the way this cover is wrong for your face. Voice. ....................(Laughter). Gururaj. A bit lighter would be better. Oh my God if you have to rub my back Jesus you will scratch it to damn pieces. What happened to that bloody mike, I can’t hear myself anymore. Voice. Hold on a second. Gururaj. I think I can hear myself now. Get your nails shorter. This is nothing else but pure vanity and I tell my Goddess always do not indulge yourself in vanity. Good it’s nice to be fanciful but this dam red is too bright to match your complexion - a lighter, lighter shade and shorter. Right, you’ve got the point. Look I’m very fun loving, I do not mean any offence. You know that. The art of love is based on one pivotal point. Be love become love and everyone will love you. Is there anyone here in this hall that hates me? No, no, no, no. You can’t just stop loving love. It’s not this stupid body weak, diseased but let me hold on, my dear. You cannot stop loving love. Become love and the whole world loves you. And I’ve got hundreds of thousands of Chelas through the world that just loves me. Why? Why? Because I am love. That is why. And here is a greater secret remember., take away why is a question but just be I, I, not the small little ego ‘i’ but the big ‘I’ that exists and resides within you. Do you see? Now when you have that recognition of that great I then the why disappears and you become that Divine I, the big I. Then one thing will happen is this that your ‘I’ will disappear because your ‘I’ discriminates while the big ‘I’ knows of no discrimination at all never. And as I am demonstrating to you my daughter here I could hold her so close to me father and daughter. You see? You see the difference. Can you recognise the difference? Some other person would have any other kinds of feelings but not me. Never. Never. My beloved lady looks after me because of my heart problem but there

5. CAN 87-5 is never any form of indecency. We sit together and she loves caring for me and I love caring for her. Remember this please, my beloveds that life through lust could never by an ecstasy but life through love is a divine entity through which you could enjoy that Divinity, ecstasy. Remember that, please do. I’m not going to be too long around anymore in this world as I told you the other day I can’t remember. But remember these words. They will help you so much in life. Look at this very beautiful woman, she is so beautiful and yet there is no desire in me to say come up to my room and let’s get into bed together. No. No. She is my daughter. There is my mother sitting over there, there, sisters, brothers, no desire but just pure, pure love for the togetherness of father and daughter. Are you comfortable darling? Learn these things, please do learn them, do learn them. Do learn them. I am teaching you of purity where you could have the companionship and friendship and remain totally pure. You can ask the ladies that look after me, ask them, anyone of them and there’s not a single ounce of impurity, none. It’s not necessary but you have to develop to that stage where you can do that. For example this pretty bitch here, I beg your pardon I could sleep with her every night if I want to but no, no, no, she is my daughter. What have you got? Voice..............(Inaudible) Gururaj. ...........my daughters are my daughters, my mothers are my mothers, that’s my life forever and always. That is the Master, the true Guru who can be so, so close to his Chelas in total purity. You talk too bloody long I think. Right. Sujay will you take over your duties which I asked you to, the golden threads please? While you’re doing that, let me compose something. Give me any subject, any subject, come on, come on, come on guys. Voice. Purity. Gururaj. I’ve been talking about it all night. Anything else? Okay I can combine a whole lot together while my son Sujay is doing his duties. Every day you help him okay. I am too weak to do it myself so I have given over the duty to my son and daughter here. Voice. What ...................... getting the golden thread, come up one at a time Gururaj. Stand up. She’ll show you, she’s used to it. (Gururaj starts to sing in Sanskrit). These are all blessed by me but I am delegating my duties to my children. (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit). Your life, your love and my love has

6. CAN 87-5 been one for many, many ages and they will always remain one through many, many ages more. How I can forget that when you are there with me. How can I forget that? (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit). Your love and my love, (Singing) Your love and my love will forever stay together. Stand I can’t see my darling. Sorry dear ........swollen...... (Inaudible) Voice. Guruji, we are doing the Midnight Practice tonight. Gururaj. Remind me just now please I’ll forget. Voice. Midnight Practice tonight. Gururaj. Yeah, yeah, I’ll explain that after this ceremony is finished. Good. Oh by the way if anyone requires any healing just consult Sujay or my six foot four friend son there, sitting over there with his black jersey and he’ll see to you guys. I can’t handle too much anymore I’m not so well, I’m sickly. So look contact my sons and of course our Hugh there and Bina and Chetanji and this my Phillip. Are you done yet. Oh come on you’ve made a list haven’t you? Right. Good. I’ll empower him with the power and Chetanji there. Look I don’t talk names because I am very forgetful. Sorry Voice. My name, Gloria Gururaj. Gloria. Mr. Photographer I would like you to take a nice shot with me and Gloria. Focus your camera better. This pole might be in the way, because she is so, so beautiful. Yes please do. Vidya are you busy there? Sorry darling give me a cigarette. Voice. One left. Gururaj. Is there one left only oh my God. Light it up for me? Don’t go away ..........for you. Thank you darling. Ah come on, it’s like having a pee that’s all. Come here so we can share the ashtray together. Sit down. Thank you dear. Oh rub it. Voice. ...............(Inaudible)

7. CAN 87-5 Gururaj. Don’t rub this thing here. Voice. We are having the Midnight Practice this evening you will be talking about it. You may want to do it tomorrow is to continue with the ...............maybe do that tomorrow. Gururaj. Look we’ll do that tomorrow but we could do the Midnight Practice tonight. Now let me talk about that a bit. Very shortly I will make short. I don’t know if my brothers and sisters and my children here in Canada have gone through the Midnight Practice but very briefly I will explain you what it is. I will be meditating in my room and about quarter to twelve to twelve, fifteen minutes you sit in your rooms and meditate and I will be there with you. This we have done with hundreds of thousands of people round the world and you will have some experience. You’ll see me physically there in your room where you feel the presence or your room with light up. Look I don’t want to go into details. You can tell me tomorro w about your experiences. This is a small demonstration that I’m not far away from you. I might be living thousands of miles away but I am with you always, all the time. So we call it the Midnight Special - thanks to my Secretary to remind me of it, my beloved Goddess. So from say quarter to twelve ‘til twelve, okay fifteen minutes, meditate or do your Gurushakti Practice or whatever you want to do. Good. Fine. And I shall be there present with you and you can tell me about it tomorrow what you would experience. In other words what it really means, to put it in very short terms, is that I am not far away from my devotees, I am there. I might be living thousands of miles away but call on me and I am there always and all the time. Try it out tonight, you’ll see, you’ll see what experiences you’ll have. Different people with their different frames of minds or their psychological make-up will experience it differently but we can discuss that tomorrow. Very sorry I went off into meditation, very sorry. That’s me, I just float away. Good. So we shall end this evening now I think. I’ve been speaking long enough. Good. (Gururaj chants Jai Ram and everyone joins in) Carry on. Right guys. That’s for the night. Okay. END


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