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1. CAN 87-8 Gururaj. Now on every Course we have a session called Rapid Fire. Now of course those that are new here might not know but what it means is this that you ask me one question and I could go on for hours and hours, you know delving into the question. So a Rapid Fire means that everyone participates and asks the question on any subject. That’s not important at all and a short question, short answers. Good. Anyone can start off. Questioner. Does consciousness live on? Gururaj. Consciousness never dies. It is eternal and it forever lives on. Even when you leave this body the consciousness remains because the constituents of your consciousness is your personality. It constitutes your Samskaras, your karmas and you your entire being and why it lives on is because until you become self-realised - come here you, sit here, take your shoes off, damn it. Are you ready - did you wash your feet this morning? Voice. Oh yes. Gururaj. Oh good. Right. (Laughter) Ah this guy he’s a terror. Consciousness always lives on to repeat again, to bring it firmly into your mind that consciousness always lives on because it constitutes your entire personality. Your entire emotional makeup, your entire feeling make up, your entire mind structure that forms your consciousness. So when this body is discarded, that consciousness will always be there because that consciousness that is there, will reconstitute your next birth. So it’s a process of carrying on all the time until you reach the finality, until you reach total self-realisation where your consciousness merges into God consciousness, unity consciousness. That’s how it works, my mother. That is how it works, mother. Voice. Thank you. Gururaj. By the way thank you for ironing my shawl and things. You have been so, so very kind, thank you. My thanks to you, I’m grateful. Voice. ...........contact with soul .......(Inaudible) Gururaj. Yes. Consciousness is constituted by your mind, your body and your soul. Now the question to be asked, what is your soul? Your soul is the entire being, your entire makeup. That is your soul which is far different from the spirit, so

2. CAN 87-8 contains your Samskaras, your karmas but the spirit is pure. So the goal is to reach the purity of the spirit which is indefinable only experienceable. So your consciousness to repeat again, so you can remember is a mixture of your body, your mind and whatever constitutes your personality. That is the soul. And consciousness is connected by your soul. So, we have to get rid of that soul that constitutes your personality because it contains the elements of the ego within yourself. And once we get rid of that through our Spiritual Practices, you reach the purity of yourself which we call the spirit within you. Be regular in your practices and you will find the difference. You will be able to discriminate between the soul and the spirit. The soul is an admixture of your Samskaras as I said before. It contains the entire mental thoughts of you, your Samskaras, all your shit. That’s your soul but the spirit is pure and that is where you must aspire to and you wil l reach there. I want you to reach there in this lifetime, as I might have said before not in two hundred million lifetimes, now, now, now, now, now, now. Questioner. That one consciousness it just seems to me that being around Preatam or Gururaj meditating has me got to feeling as if I see myself in others more and more and more and certain people in my life you just recognise them and just seems to be there is the one consciousness it always stays and I keep finding so many people that we are either real close to the same consciousness or the same stage of consciousness if there is only one like you said. Is that right or is that wrong? Gurural. Wrong, because there are different states of consciousness. Voice. Right Gururaj. Right. And the deeper you go within yourself and the deeper you find your realisation within yourself, there occurs changes in your consciousness. How conscious are you now? Tell me how many petals there are here in this bowl? Tell me? Voice. .................. Eight. Gururaj. How conscious are you then? Ask yourselves this question? Consciousness constitutes the greater and vaster and vaster awareness and the vaster and vaster awareness you find within yourself, the greater and greater your consciousness increases. How conscious are you of yourself tell me? How many pubic hairs have you do you know? How many hairs on your head do you know? How many of these things Billy boy have you got on your bed, do you

3. CAN 87-8 know? Where is your consciousness? That is important so you start off on the primary stage of personal consciousness and lead yourself up through your Spiritual Practices to human consciousness and from there to world consciousness and from there to universal consciousness. And after you reach there, you merge away into Divine consciousness. And you might ask what is Divine consciousness? Must I tell you this? You’ll be surprised. Divine consciousness means no consciousness because then you have transcended consciousness. Consciousness is a product of the mind my beloveds. But to go beyond that even to the extent of universal consciousness, you reach the stage of that void which knows of no consciousness and then you find total peace, peace that passeth beyond all understanding. You see, Mother? Because understanding involves consciousness. So you proceed from consciousness to subconsciousness to superconsciousness but there is still a step further to go into the field of non-consciousness and you merge away into Divinity because Divinity is not made up of thought. It is made up of something which I cannot describe to you. You have to experience it. You have to experience it yourself, I can only guide you there that’s all. I’ll tell you another secret now, that what we regard to be all is nothing at all. You don’t know where you came from and you do not know where you are going to. So accept this idea you came from nowhere and you are going nowhere. But meanwhile while you are living here, enjoy it in all purity. When I say enjoy life I don’t mean doing things that are improper. I mean doing things that are proper and that are pure for you, for yourself. And life will become more enjoyable. I since the age of fifteen when I received enlightenment I have never known a moment of sadness at all. I think I am stretching your brains too much. Relax, relax, light up a cigarette, come on, come on, carry on, you know me. Voice. ...... people here Gururaj. All these people here, so beautiful my darling, so lovely, so loving and I find that all round the world really, in England, America, in Spain, Denmark and blah, blah, blah round the world they all love me. And do you know the secret why they all love me? Voice. Because you help............... Gururaj. Because I am love. Voice. It will sink in one day.

4. CAN 87-8 Gururaj. Perhaps. I don’t normally teach to thirty people that’s here, it’s not even worth my while. I won’t even cover my bloomin’ air fares. But I teach for generations and generations to come. Voice. ................. (Inaudible) Gururaj. Yeah sure put this on you, that’s better. Voice. ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. (Laughs). Put it closer, that’s it. Yeah. More comfortable? I love joking and meaning nothing by it you know that, you should know me by now. Voice. I do...................Mother over here she doesn’t like that. Gururaj. She doesn’t, so what. Come and cuddle me tonight and mother me, okay then you will love it more (Laughter). Hey come on give me a... Damn you. Voice. .................. (Inaudible) Gururaj. This son of mine he was six foot two but with my teachings he has grown a bit more. He has become six foot four. Two inch growth that’s all I want. I don’t want more. Your imagination not mine because I could recognise the growth pattern and the totality of your beauty, I recognise it. You look after him my daughter, a great man that one but he must get off his bloomin’ arse and do something about things. A great fellow, so loving. Oh when I receive his letters I read them over and over and over and over and over and over again. So beautiful. The poetry that flows from his heart, the love, the sentiment, ah it’s too wonderful. Look I can’t store all letters I haven’t got space enough at my home. There’s tons and tons, two thousand letters a month - where the hell am I going to pack them not even having a Secretary. I think one of you girls must come and live with me, a special guest room for you you’d enjoy it and Ma’s cooking. Vidya and the other guys that has been, Jammu and they will tell you too, superb. You would never eat food like that ever again. You would be spoilt that’s for sure.

5. CAN 87-8 Nevertheless the point I was trying to make is this that the letters you write to me keep a copy of it. They are treasureable because so beautiful. And one thing I found with my meditators people that could not even write one sentence coherently can compose beautiful poetry that you would find. With our practices they become so creative in the par ticular lines, field in art, literature, plus, plus, plus, plus. And yet with our practices you look so much younger, so muc h more vital. I thank God for that, I thank our Lord for that. Because one you approach closer to Divinity, all these qualities develop within you. You become more perceptive, more thinking, more vital, more beautiful, more younger and all that. Carry on with your practices my darlings, carry on, carry on, it’s good for you. I’m not going to be too long with you anymore. My, well, guys like me they are so soft, but you carry on and I have special people that will look after you. Now what time is our teaching programme, teachers’ meeting. Voice. Seven o’clock for the healers and teachers. Gururaj. Healers and teachers I want them all together. .Okay. Voice. Seven o’clock here. Gururaj. Right. Here at seven o’clock here and then we will start our Satsang at eight. Voice. You wanted to do Initiations tonight. Gururaj. Tonight we will do it all together. I am tired I was sitting up ‘til four o’clock this morning talk to people my room was full and of course you know you all pop in, no problem. No problemo! Voice. We could get general group together at eight we were just talking about teaching the Purification Practice ................ a lot of people here that don’t know the Purification Practice yet. Gururaj. Right. Now get someone to lead that right. Meanwhile we have our meeting at seven o’clock right and while you are teaching the Purification Practice I can go for a pee. (Laughter) Right. Do that organise that. Next question my beloved. Anything?

6. CAN 87-8 Questioner. Guruji, ..................(Inaudible) Gururaj. He was a shit-arse (Laughter) question answered. Next question. Questioner. Guruji, what if anything is the relationship between sexuality and spirituality? Gururaj. Very, it’s a big subject. Why don’t we save that for tonight, remind me because I can’t do justice to your questio n in two or three minutes. So make a note to ask me that question because I forget you know. Right. The relationship between sexuality and spirituality. I will explain that to you tonight. That could be the subject of our lecture tonight. Okay Kevin. Right. Fine. Questioner. Guruji, ..... Personal God ..... or is there a pain and resistance in a person that means...... Gururaj. No it’s not so. Spiritual growth is always associated with painful growth and the reason is very simple that to empty yourself of all the karma and the Samskara there would be pain and because of that pain you find spiritual growth. It’s like a dirty pot I mean you ladies would know, you would have to scrub it, it’s painful to the pot. And because of that cleaning process of the pot, the spiritual growth comes about. So life is not so easy as you think. You think this Guru sits here with his bloomin’ cane and waves a magic wand and takes all your troubles away - fuck off. I will show you the way, yes, fine, but you got to do some work yourself. You got to scrub your own bloody pot to cleanse your, (Coughs) pardon I beg your pardon, to cleanse you dirt away. How can I come to clean you bloody potties everywhere round the world. If you shit in a pot you clean it yourself and then I come with a syringe or what do you call that shower thing with some detergent in it and cleanse it for you. But you got to make the effort first. Oh yes I show you the way but you’ve got to d o something yourself. Don’t expect this poor bastardo to do everything. Okay. Where is my hankie darling, somewhere, yeah, got it. Thank you very much. What time do you have to go for lunch by the way? Voice. One o’clock Gururaj. They can wait. Is having lunch more important than your Master? Right. Okay. Thank you.

7. CAN 87-8 Questioner. Guruji, ... Years ago you spoke of spiritual pride and how on the path spiritual pride ...... and perhaps I think at the time I was asking you was spiritual pride the most difficult thing for the ego to go through especially near the end? Comment about that. Gururaj. Yes I’ll give you the answer now. (Gururaj starts playing with cymbals and chants in Sanskrit while using cymbals. You got your answer, understand it. Next question. Questioner. Can you explain ...................... (Inaudible) Voice. What does it mean when we have ......................process of .... Gururaj. Very important question. Your Guru does not come in your dreams unnecessarily. He comes in your dreams for a purpose. There are three stages in which a man exists at the present moment until they reach the first stage. It’s the waking stage, the dreaming stage and the sleeping stage and if you have enough devotion, now the dreaming stage is composed mostly of the subconscious mind and if you have enough devotion he comes while you are in your dreaming stage he comes to change the reaction of your subconscious mind to make your active mind more possible and practical and positive. That is why that devotion is required and then he’s surely there to appear. I’m talking of true Gurus not these bastards, bastardos and he comes and he changes the mechanism of the subconscious, removes so many karmas from the subconscious so that your lives could become happier, more positive as I said before and bring you to realisations of who you really are. That is the purpose of creating dreams because a dream is a combination of various factors of your present life and your past lives. They get together and form a story and the Guru intervenes. That’s my next series of films that I told you to bring your thinking processes into its right perspective. That’s what a Guru does to a genuine devotee and if the devotee is just a bloomin’ curiosity monger he can go to hell, I don’t need you, you need me, remember that always. What do I need you for, godfathers I can get for I’ve been offered so many Professorships in so many fields, philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, philology and shitology as well. Give me a cigarette darling I’m getting tired now. What the hell must I live such a poor life for, when I can earn fortunes. You hold it damn it, closer to your cookie. I’m always making fun you know me (Laughter) meaning nothing at all thereby - fun a laugh, why not? You don’t want me to be serious all the time do you? Of course not your mind can never stretch that far I know that. So in between we have a little relief. And that relief once a week or twice a week is necessary.

8. CAN 87-8 Questioner. Guruji, at times I have a limited concept about being successful on a material plane as well as the spiritual plane. I wonder if I could work to be the best on both levels, on the spiritual and the material. Gururaj. Yes. Very good question, very good question. Life is constituted of two things, the relative and the absolute. S o the true combination of success in life is to combine both. Be successful on the relative level and at the same time have that mind there established in the absolute and with the combination of the two you will find one thing for sure that the absolute will be supporting the relative. Remember that, remember that always. Very good. Very good. I think we still have five or seven minutes more, another question if you like. Questioner. We had the midnight meditation ..............happened ..... there was a cross and it was on its side and then it burst into flames and the cross piece of it went Gururaj. The horizontal or the vertical Questioner. Yes. I’m gone here Gu ruraj. No, this way or that way, horizontal, right, okay. Questioner. .....together made a.................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Very good, very good, beautiful experience. You were burning up the horizontal, that one, and consciously or subconsciously you were burning up a lot of karma. Because in that state you were realising that the most important thing is not the horizontal. The most important thing is the vertical which represents Divinity. So there is an innate desire within you - why are you crying my darling? Voice. I’m laughing. Sorry I didn’t mean to Gururaj. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, cry, cry, damn it. People just learn to damn cry. Where is that ashtray? Is it still on your cookie? So had this innate desire to rid yourself of any guilt you have my darling to burn up that shit of the horizontal and to be merged into the vertical that leaves one up. So that was a very good experience dear, very good, I’m glad for you. I’m very glad for you.

9. CAN 87-8 Voice. ..........(Inaudible) And you saw me covered all with gold I know. Voice..........felt my eyes ...tried to open my eyes ..I couldn’t open my eyes.....(Inaudible) Gururaj. You then because our Lord’s presence through me you had left your body and you floated away. That is why you could not open your eyes. Thank you my darling, Pushpy, great experience., wonderful. That used to happen to me when I first started off as a boy of fifteen, where I couldn’t open my eyes and I just floated and floated away. And even now, even while talking I just go away into a totally different state which in Sanskrit is called Turiya. You have your three stages as I said before, waking, dreaming, sleeping but the fourth state is called Turiya, where you transcend all those states. So that was a great experience Pushpy, it was a great experience. Good. I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m very happy. I forget myself - why can’t you look after me, idiot? I think it’s one o’clock and of course we could sit around talking for hours and hours to explain so many things to you and I’m sure you have to go for lunch you’re an hour late I think aren’t you. Good then we shall now adjourn. END


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