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2. CAN 88 - 5 So , for example if I was picked up < 0:10:20.8 > I am conscious of the < 0:10:26.7 > I don't take sugar, right. I'm conscious of < 0:10:39.7 > it, ri ght. With a little example you are in conscious of everything, I'm conscious of – might be even conscious of spiritual life, I am conscious of that camera and I'm conscious of everything, I'm conscious of every one of you, my beloved s < 0:11:20.5> yes, yes, everyone will have to find that consciousness < 0:11:35.6> everyone has to be conscious on one consciousness because it might be the – the < 0:11:51.8 > to be conscious of your consciousness. Now what is your consciousness constituted of? There co mes your analogy where you say, “My mind thinks this and my heart feels, what must I do about that? And what must I do about this?” There comes the power of discrimination. < 0:12:35.4 > and how you with the discrimination that was given to you , are you < 0:12:49.5 > what do you have to be? And of course we follow in our scriptures whatever < 0:13:01.1 > it is the guideline < 0:13:16.3 >. The script is with you, your thought that can decide within yourself that < 0:13:43.4 > all the philosophies and theologies and all those scriptures of the world, whatever, why not? You must, I encourage you to read out or listen to whoever that you can. Do that – do that please, because that will make you appreciate our < 0:14:16.3 > but you are the final person to decide your own existence and what you want to do. So how you < 0:14:42.2 >. It is simple really, I don’t give any < 0:14:56.0 > and sometimes in your decision of what you have to do, you have to create an incision in your pre cision. What this means is this that the incision means cutting with a knife, something like that, right. We decide on a certain factor and then we < 0:16:07.3 > true for us or for our surroundings. We create an incision and we say, “Hey boy, stop.” That is the incision and that is what the master surgeon of love is telling you now. So no one can help you live . A guru can only guide and give you contents of the reality of your life, but your true reality is yours. It’s you personally that could decide -- decide upon. Yes, < 0:17:37.3 > have you got any question for us? Public: < 0:17:43.7 > Gururaj: Sure, sure – I don’t -- Public 1 : < 0:17: 45.6 > Gururaj: Oh that! (Laughs)

3. CAN 88 - 5 Public: Go ahead if you want to anyway. Public 2: Right. Gururaj: Um - hmm, why not. Public 2 : Why not. < 0:17:59.4 > If you reflect on the statement the mind never exist in the present . It’s only – it’s only power over or draw our attention out of the present moment. Gururaj: Very good, thank you, the mind never exists in the present, the one that is not realised will have the complete control over the mind, therefore the mind would exist in the path < 0:18:43.0 > open mind through ou r spiritual practices, the mind could estimate its existence in < 0:18:58.8 > . So here we have the key factor < 0:19:10.2 > the mind is in the present because any though t you are thinking now is not of the presence of this particular moment present here, but the projections of past and future leads you the way from the < 0:19:42.0 > . Now what shall we do < 0:19:49.9 >. Now there is one way < 0:20:17.8 > the mind would be the present without going into past or into the future < 0:20:28.4 > use to say “Shut up.” (Laughs) Well , that’s not easy to do < 0:20:52.6 > . Right, what we do is if you centre your mind on your spiritual practices, on your mantra for example, whatever is given to you, right, then you find the mind centring on that -- on that particular practice or your mantra or your < 0:21:32.2 > but centre your mind that its wavering < 0:21:43.6 > and you are then the centre. It is the mind that have its wavering. Now people try to control their mind s < 0:22:06.0 > true right, but with this method of centring it, right, through the mantra given to you or your spiritual practices every day, then the entire energies of the mind gets filtered to one point , you become one pointed and that is how you can < 0:22:43.2 > the mind from wavering around creating < 0:22:50.4 >of the world is the mind jumping from here to there to there to there. Now this ca n be controlled by stopping – by stopping the wavering and as I said a month ago < 0:23:30.6 > that is given to you, it is real. Right, < 0:23:53.9 > then my mind is thinking of you < 0:24:12.6 > or worrying about what time he gets home, this that, < 0:24:22.1 > . All the energies are involved in spiritual things and if the energies are < 0:24:56.8 > to one point, or the other things, all the other matters would < 0:25:10.7 > and when one has that one pointedness, you can become < 0:25:16.0 >. Now that is one of the basis of < 0:25:29.8 > No one can be t ruly successful if they d o not have the one - pointedness or the concentration of the mind and what they are doing. Right ! < 0:26:01.5 > in your love life, in your profession, jobs, whatever. So the

4. CAN 88 - 5 people that require a lot of concentration in one - pointedness < 0:26:46.3 > and then through that one - pointedness, we can reach further ahead into the one - pointedness of divinity. You see how it works? If we got the < 0:27:12.3 > yes, and I could talk of abstract things < 0:27:36.6 > not the abstract things. Right, who wants to know how many galaxies there are in the real or how many suns and moons are there. We want to know, < 0:28:16.1 > our relationships with our wives and < 0:28:25.8 > (Laughs) and our wife and our children or all our relationships and communication, right what the practical -- I could talk to you on many < 0:28:53.9 >. It’s nice to know that you think < 0:29:12.2 > I do not deny that, I feel < 0:29:17.9 > and how we relate it through our lives. < 0:29:33.6 > relationship, your love and < 0:29:48.5 > okay then we can have a break for five minutes and I don’t mind . Okay right < 0:30:21.3 > . Public: < 0:31:05.6 > Gururaj: Sorry. Public: < 0:31:11.4 > We could either give you another question. Yeah? Okay. What is the relationship between a manifest and the unmanifest guru? Gururaj: (Laughs) What is the relationship between the manifest and the unmanifest guru? Right, the unmanifested is abstract while manifest is concrete. Now how many of us would ever be able to appreciate the unmanifest if you don’t have manifestation? How can you know of the sweetness of sugar if you just heard of sugar unless you have < 0:33:01.6 > that is the diffe rence of the unmanifested reality and the manifested reality. So you all need the manifestation in some form or the other of that which is unmanifest. Could anyone ever know who got < 0:33:58.2 > it is a concept every need shall be given to us by < 0:34:06.3 > for all our religions in the world < 0:34:13.9 > bla bla bla, okay. Right ! < 0:34:24.2 > unmanifest in a manifest form of the human being that can relate to you that you smell and feel and touch, the reality of the unmanifest. Good. So therefore < 0:35:07.7 > because why just live in a conception of things you do not know. Do you know god? Do you know what he is or really exist or whatever – do you know that you do not and no one can rob you of that ? That you could know a man does bring th e < 0:35:57.4 > that is why our lord Jesus < 0:36:12.5 > that message bec ause you do not know the father, never forget it. No one can contradict me on this, I w ould challenge anyone on this, but if you can know the existence of a Jesus or a Krishna or of a Buddha you can bring the divine messages of love . So forget that which is unmanifest, but think of that which is manifest ed th rough divine energies or whatever. The re

6. CAN 88 - 5 it by courage all the < 0:52:16.8 > but I c an only shine and light up the path < 0:52:39.3 > could walk < 0:52:46.0 > shine the light on the path so that you do not stumble and fall in the darkness. So whatever beliefs systems you have and whatever < 0:53:11.9 > I've never encouraged any systems anyone wants should follow as many others have done, I < 0:53:37.2 > if you are a Christian become a better Christian, if you are a Buddhist, become a better Buddhist, if you are a Hindu become a better Hindu, < 0:53:48.7 > for your own personal < 0:54:00.6 > as the old saying goes, “ All river s coming from a distance < 0:54:12.7 > whatever system you follow or your own personal ideologies, whatever, but sure know – do know that it has < 0:54:55.7 > one life time, two lifetime, 200,000 lifetimes (laughs) < 0:55:18.1 > Okay, if we do have another day in the morning < 0:56:16.4 >

1. CAN 88 - 5 Gururaj: Okay that sound -- Public: Yeah I know. Gururaj: (Laughs) Thank you very much. What is the meaning of the < 0:00:47.3 > that should be indicated. Now the thoughts of people is this – is this that they try to separate the essence from life and it is no separation at all because life is composed of essence itself, but without the essence of some energy < 0:02:15.8 > So how could there be any separation? Could we find the < 0:02:26.8 > the essence of our trouble and the essence of our life. Right ! Now if we can just think of an idea that I am the essence and I am the life, how beautiful that must be? By meaning it, these two concepts together in unison and say ing I am the essence and I am < 0:03:25.9 > . So if we can find that in ourselves , that I'm different from the essence that gives me life to start realising divinity within yourself or yourself cannot exist, your life cannot exist without the essence and the < 0:04:20.0 > the essence cannot exist without your life. It is a beautiful combination and this thing that composes what life and living is all about. Right ! So here , on the one hand we have essence and in the other life, right . Fine , now the definition of life is should w e have a body < 0:05:06.8 > and things like that, < 0:05:16.3 > I'm sure you all know that there are < 0:05:24.1 > in your body that you do not control < 0:05:35.6 > you will know more about that than what I do. Yeah, fine . How many breaks do you take a day? Are you conscious of that? How many words do you speak a day , are you conscious of that? How many times you go to have a < 0:06:00.1 > are you conscious of that? You are not. So in the physical form, there are certain ene rgies that compel you to < 0:06:19.6 > conscious thought within you that compels you to do it and y et you are not conscious of it in true sense of the word that why not nothing, yeah no nothing wrong with it. Yet you're talking < 0:06:56.1 >. For example you went to the loo this morning with out the < 0:07:09.8 > do you know consciously how much urine you have excreted? No, < 0:07:28.2 > you don’t go there for a release of a pressure in the bladder but < 0:07:43.4 > every drop of the urine that you have e xcreted then you know what you are about. Now this is an analogy < 0:08:03.3 > that you know yourself, know your thought through every physical means, in everything that happens in our daily lives < 0:08:25.6 > experience in entirety . Right, if we cannot experience it in moment of anything we do, like going for a pee, for example, then you are not experiencing yourself totally or in totality. But any action we perform in life must be unity conscious of this and by having that consciou sness , I’ll tell you what will happen, it is this that any mistake , any faults you have done or whatever would be corrected by us because you're conscious of it and if we are not conscious of every action of ourselves, how can we correct it in order to < 0:09:59.9 > on on on ? < 0:10:05.9 >

5. CAN 88 - 5 < 0:37:17.6 > is a manifestation of the manifestor. If we can only view it in that way, you will find that everything is you know < 0:37:37.9 > divine work. Do you see? So let us recognise the manifestation before we go into abstraction of the manifestor. It’s because manifestation is so important. Look at the age in your beloved, your wife, husband or whatever. Look at her or him whatever, and see that oh boy, truly divinity, what they call divinity is < 0:38:36.0 > and the true worship of god is true worship of man or woman of course, w ith the < 0:38:57.0 > that there is a divinity residing in you and my beloved Jean and John whatever you are and I worship you. That is divinity , that is the < 0:39:26.1 > of divinity because you do not know the concept of god < 0:39:32.0 > that I do know one thing but < 0:40:04.9 > and if he < 0:40:15.1 > to her, you would find that this nature of godliness in her and vice versa of course. Don’t you take advantage of < 0:40:28.1 > This is the point < 0:40:39.0 > is this that let us find divinity in daily learning. We see divinity all around us in all our friends and famil ies, what have you, instead of trying to seek it somewhere in the c loud , because if you seek it in the c louds , you ’d be living in the clouds, that’s not practical isn’t it? < 0:41:20.7 > rubbish! Find divinity in practical life, find divinity in all your friends and your beloveds < 0:41:41.8 > and think that there is something there, some energy there which is great and good and I love you for the good and greatness that is in you and I love you for that, I love the good and the greatness that is there and that is how you will find the meaning of divinity. Yo u see, < 0:42:26.1 > of a goddesses , a lovely beautiful goddess and I'm sure < 0:42:56.2 > all nonsense! Don’t believe in the < 0:43:18.4 > myths and mythologies that there is the truth and the truth only within our self. That is truth of ourselves – (clears throat) pardon me — and truth < 0:43:53.7 > interpretations you know < 0:44:12.7 > somewhere that two of the richest companies in the world is insurance, n umber o ne, that promises you a lot of money after you're dead an d n umber tw o is religion that promises you heaven after you're dead. < 0:45:05.6 > this is the way the world goes on my beloveds , < 0:45:38.8 > whole load of money after you're dead < 0:45:38.8 > that is the heaven is yourself and that heaven is within yourself. < 0:46:56.5 > I hope I am not offending anyone < 0:47:08.0 > is a fact my beloved , is a fact < 0:47:29.2 > and all these bla bla and everything < 0:47:45.4 > that is the kingdom of god . < 0:48:30.7 >some of these guys I've heard of they go in the Himalayas and < 0:48:59.9 > I've been to all of that and < 0:49:04.8 > so all these – you know so many things have been < 0:49:46.8 > so many things , unfortunately many people in the world are so gullible < 0:50:01.3 > nothing, that is nothing for you at all. You cannot do anything for yourself by your own self - realisation. You don’t need me , for example, as your guru you don’t need me < 0:51:02.8 > bit of knowledge hopefully. Of course everyone needs a guide, a child who -- a child needs a teacher, you know, to < 0:51:28.7 > only have guidance. < 0:51:59.4 > meanings of life that on that you could explore further


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