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1. DK 78 - 3 Gururaj: Now what is the difference between a channel and a psychic? Now the common interpretation of a psychic is mediumship. Is that what you're referring to? Good. Um - hmm, now a channel, a true channel in the true sense of the word is a person who has c ommunication with divinity. He has reached the stage in his evolution whereby he can identify himself with divine forces. Now that requires a total refinement , a total refinement of the psychic self or the subtle body. Now a human being is composed of thre e bodies, the physical body, the subtle body or you could call it the psychic body and the spiritual body. Now in the – the phys ical body is of a gross matter, while the psychic body is of a subtle matter. And the spiritual body goes beyond all matter. Goo d, now when communion t akes place through the process of evolution, when man has reached, the highest height of self - realisation , he will find that he would have to use the subtle body as the intermediary. Um - hmm, the middle man, good, fine. I'm learning t o speak Danish. Good. Now the spiritual body which is so fine and ev en beyond the finest of matter cannot directly enter the mental and the physical bodies. So that fineness has to go through various stages in order for it to become cognisable. And how doe s it become cognisable? It becomes cognisable and perceptible and conceivable through the five senses which the physical body normally uses. And you know the five senses, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, touching. Smelling, touching , you got them all. G ood . He’s a very good interpreter. I don’t understand Danish but I get the feel that he’s doing such a wonderful job. Good. Now in order for this very fine energy to become cognisable as we said, it requires the middle man. And the middle man is the subtle body. Now the question arises , what is the subtle body? The subtle body of man is composed of his mental self. Now there is no difference between the physical body and the mental body. The difference is only in degree. One is gross and the other is more finer. And in the mental state or the subtle body, there are also degrees of fineness that also progresses from a grosser level to a far more subtler level. Now you all know that the human being only uses 10% of his mind and 90% is in a certain state of do rmancy. Now just below the 10% conscious mind which is gross, the other sections of 30%, 40%, 50% are also gross, but gradually becoming finer , until one reaches, through meditation, the finest level of the subtle body which means 100% of the mind. Now, to give you an example to illustrate this, picture to yourself a large panel of wood -- large panel, piece of wood -- um - hmm, now on the one end is a dark blue colour and as you progress along the path of this board of wood, you find the colour becoming ligh ter and lighter and lighter and lighter blue, until it reaches the finest colour of blue. An d that is the composition of the subtle body or the mental body. Good. So when we allow the divinity to proceed to the grosser self, the grosser mind and the still grosser body, it has to start from the subtlest level of the finest blue as we used in the example and it slowly condenses itself until it reaches the gross level and then we find some cognition because people want the conscious mind to have some idea. Whe n we do meditation -- when we do meditation, we are starting from the grosser level and approaching the finest level. And then from there we reach the divinity which is within our self.

3. DK 78 - 3 find that in all these psychic phenomena, and I have met many psychic people that come to me for advise and consultation, I have found that one portion of themselves is highly developed and another portion has remained undeveloped , and that is not harmonious development. The purpose of life is to evolve harmoniously , but ye t the psychic or the medium also serves a purpose. That is if it is a true psychic , a true psychic. Good . Now when the psychic goes into a trans, this is what happens. Um - hmm, that the psychic goes beyond the conscious mind and enters certain realms of th e subtle mind. The greater the psychic, the deeper in the subtle levels can the psychic enter. Um - hmm, now this brings us to another question. When we discard this physical body, then what goes on is the subtle body. The subtle body being of a subtle subst ance has greater endurance. And having greater endurance, it can last longer than the grosser physical body -- um - hmm, because anything at a subtle level is always more powerful. If we throw down a 2,000 tonne bomb, it will only make a big hole. But if we split one tiny atom, it can destroy a whole city. So anything at the subtlest level is definitely more powerful. So when the psychic reaches this level in the trans, it can have – he or she can have communication with the subtle bodies of people that have passed away. Um - hmm, but that is only attained by a true, honest psychic and 99% of psychics are not real psychics. Um - hmm, some of them have developed some power that when you ask a question, they have the power of reading your mind , because thought is al so a thing a nd it can be perceived -- it can be perceived. So the lower form of a psychic person perceives your thought and tells you , “ you have come to me to talk about Uncle John. ” Good, so that psychic is only reading your mind then you or would be think ing of Aunty Matilda. Now this psychic has only read your thought but made no contact because Aunty Matilda might be waltzing away happily , waltzing Matilda (laughs). Yes, that is one kind of (laughs) that is one kind of psychic. Um - hmm, another kind of p sychic pretends to you that it has made contact with the deceased. Um - hmm, that one that has passed away. Um - hmm, now in that state of the subtle body, the subtle body is very – very busy. It is busy in evaluating all its past lives. It has to evaluate its past lives because it is now preparing to take another birth. Now, the time the subtle body takes in preparing for another birth is not in our conception of time. Um - hmm, because our measurement of time is with our mind and our conception of time is contro lled by space that from the lecture hall, it will take me two minutes to walk to my room. So time and space in our conception always works together , time and space. Now, in order for time and space to work together with the conscious mind, it also has to h ave causation. Um - hmm, now time and space and causation are intertwined because without causation, there could be no time and without time, there can be no space. Now this is within the limitation of our 10% conscious mind , but in the sphere of the subtle body which is beyond the conscious mind, everything functions in a different dimension. So our thousand years might just be one second in that

4. DK 78 - 3 dimension. So when the medium tells you that Aunty Matilda sends you her best regards -- sends you her best regar ds and she’s keeping very well, she might not even be existing in the subtle body. She might have reincarnated already. So mediums that practice it as a profession for personal gain should not really be taken on too much trust. Good. Now if there is a way to contact divinity directly, if there is a way to find directly the kingdom of heaven within, why must we waste time in the middle field? Um - hmm, now you get a different kind of medium and this medium can perhaps, in very rare occasion s, can make some co ntact. But the medium not being a totally self - realised person, will have to interpret her impressions through her own mind . Now the mind could be coloured and conditioned because of the impressions gained through so many lifetimes. In other words, the con scious mind or the vehicle of transmitting could not be so pure. So if a contact is made, it has to be filtered through this impure mind. So therefore the message is distorted. I would advise everyone , forget mediums and rather contact the further. Therefo re we pray, our father which art in heaven. We don’t pray our medium which is in between ( laughs ) . Then there are other kinds of mediums. These other kind of mediums have a sincere feeling to help mankind. They are to a certain extent spiritual and they wa nt to share their love. Then there are still other kind of mediums also , and this kind of medium is the best mediu m and that medium is one who has psychological and psychiatric knowledge. Um - hmm , when you approach a medium and want to know about your dead uncle John, you have so much attachment for your uncle John that even though he is dead, you are still bothered and troubled. Um - hmm, you are bothered and troubled not only because uncle John has passed away, but because of the attachment you have for uncl e John, but mostly because you feel some guilt that while he was alive,I did not do what I had to do , and that causes all the trouble and that is why you want to know if uncle John is happy there or not. Now if the medium has the psychological and psychia tric knowledge, he will explain to you the cause of your guilt. He will explain to you the laws of karma, that every person is responsible for his own actions. He will show you the way how to resolve anything which we might have done wrong. He will face yo u face to face in the mirror and you will say, “Oh, are these my faults?” Because human beings tend to take their faults and sweep it under the carpet -- under the carpet. So the good person, the good medium who has this knowledge makes you face your weakn esses and your sense of guilt and guides you on the right path where the weakness can be turned to strength -- where the weakness can be turned to strength. Oh yes, and that is a good person that one should go to, and – and he will give you the practical w ay in how to turn the weakness into strength , for remember this that in every adversity, there is an opportunity . Good. So that is the difference between a channel and a psychic. So the psychic advisors have all these various categories and the psychic per son w ho wants really to help mankind must always be a person who is close to god. Otherwise there is no help. There is only the grace of the lord that could smooth our lives. It’s only grace, but we have to open ourselves to the grace and no

7. DK 78 - 3 stories, a young man in Australia felt he had to come to England, he met my husband Amrit, began the practices gururaj said he had to come to South Africa on the way back home to Australia. He was only in South Africa for three days and gururaj had already managed him to get him together with a young lady meditator in Cape Town (laughs). We have many marriages now taking place , about five or six in England where gururaj has just seen that those two people togethe r would be very beautiful as a married couple. On one – on one occasion he gave a rose to a young man and pointed to a young lady (laughs) and said, “ Go and propose to her.” (Laughs ) They had, yeah (laughs) and so when we heard about Dayal and Martina , th is was no accident. Something of a great plan where people who are going to help gururaj read his message in the world are coming together during these early years, strengthening their own lives in happiness. So that they may be able to share that happines s with others. Martina and Dayal through their lovely happy marriage and friendship will be able to bring so much hope and happiness to all the married couples they come in contact with. And so it’s with great happiness that guruji will do a blessing on th eir marriage and we are all here to share that very special occasion. We wish them all the greatest joy and happ iness and gururaj mentioned earlier this evening how happy he was that Dayal’s family were here.

5. DK 78 - 3 medium can do it for you. So that is the mechanics of what a channel is and what a psychic is.Good, okay? Fine. Next question? < 0:40:48.6 > Public: Actually I think you did answered what we have planned as a next question, I'm not quite sure. Gururaj: (Laughs) That – t hat normally happens, that normally happens where people come with many questions at every satsang and before questions are asked, they are answered already. Repeat that, translate that. Because I do not speak from the mind , I do not even know what I speak about. Yes, that is true. It is only day later or few days later when I have time that I listen to the tape and say, “Did I say this?” or “Did I say that?” And sometimes it comes as a surprise to me because when I sit in satsang, then the mind is not ther e , the heart is there pulsating with the grace of the lord and he pours his wisdom, not me. I am just a very ordinary person. I am, as I said the other day , that like a hollow piece of wood formed into a flute and divinity blows through the flute so that y ou could enjoy the symphony. That’s all I do, that’s a channel. Yeah (laughs). Good. Translator: We have to do the ceremony. Gururaj: Yes, we got to do the ceremony, yes. Fine, yes – yes, please. Gita, now I need to – please this be moved that side? Get someone to help you. I will hold this up Public: Unintelligible Woman: Well, tonight for me is a very happy occasion. One day when the history of IFSU will be written, There will be beautiful stories of how divine grace bought people together to do the father’s work on earth this time. We see before us sitting here two beautiful young people , a son and daughter for guruji. This story did not begin this year or even last year , but began a long time ago. I only know about its beginning in this lifetime. I' m sure guruji knows about its beginning many many lifetimes ago. However, in 1971, I went to South Africa to teach meditation, and there I met gururaj. Whilst I was teaching meditation in South Africa, I was asked to go on a special training course in Ita ly and there I had an opportunity to mention that I had met gururaj to my meditation teacher that time. I also had the opportunity to meet people from many countries including Denmark, Norway, Sweden and so on at this international course. I returned to So uth Africa and told gururaj about the people who I have met, and the following year in 1972, I went back to do some further study and teaching myself at the international courses and my teacher at that time also inv ited gururaj to come to see him. This was

2. DK 78 - 3 Now all these various gradations of fineness and grossness are still in the relative field. They are still in the relative field and not in the absolute. Now that is the composition of the mind. So when a person has direct perception, he finds the communication between the divine self and penetrating right though the psych ic body and into the physical body. Now because this divine body or this divine self cannot be explained by words, we use abstract terms like grace and love because within the whole range of the 100% of the mind, the mind is still finite because it is rela tive. And the finite mind can never comprehend that which is infinite. Now through meditation, although the mind cannot understand it all, the inner self is experienced by the meditator. Good, fine. And in this experience there is a reflection cast on the conscious mind and the conscious mind says, “ Yes , there is something , ” because the experience of divinity can never be fully explained but only experienced. This morning we used the analogy of sugar, and no one here can explain sweetness. We talked of frag rance of the flower, but no one can explain fragrance. It is like a man born blind trying to explain light. So now the person that is in communion with that divinity can call himself a channel for divinity because of the communion and this has been very we ll illustrated by our Lord Jesus Christ and Krishna and Buddha. They were channels. Um - hmm, but the channels too could become so powerful that the ir whole bodies and their minds are so permeated with this divinity in reaching the highest level of manhood, so that Jesus could say, “I and my father are one.” Good. Now that is the function of a channel whereby he could, because of his deep communion and oneness, he could use those divine energies and help his fellow men. Fine? Good. Now that is a channel. Now a psychic is a creature of different species and so -- do I have to wait for you? Oh, so I can carry on? Translator: Yes. Gururaj: Good, thank you very much. Yes, fine – fine – fine. Now, as I said, psychic is something – somebody different that only de als with the subtle body. Um - hmm and the communion is not there with divinity itself and he always remains a middle man and a middle man has no grounding on either side and therefore he remains hanging in space. Yes, yes, yes. Because he is not well ground ed in divinity and not having experienced self - integration between body, mind and spirit, the – sorry carry on. Oh you finished? Good, because he is not in a state of self - integration of mind, body and spirit, the psychic is normally not a totally balanced person. What the psychic has done is that the psychic has developed the ability to explore and use still more finer levels of the mind than the conscious mind. Good. Now having known and explored the finer levels of the subtle body through the use of that subtle levels of the mind, he or she can have some communication with other subtle existences. Um - hmm, but that is not reaching god -- it is not reaching god. Fine ! So you would always

6. DK 78 - 3 the course in Spain. And there I met a very young Danish boy, and we immediately became friends . I was asked to teach a special teaching course and a young man called Peter was part of that course , also umm Tom and Karan were there as well. One day, duri ng the teaching of that course, gururaj who was there at the time came and sat in the class. He was so quiet that Peter and the others cannot even remember him being there. After the class, he said to me, “Keep the names and addresses of all these people i n your class. You will see in many years’ time that some of these people have a special destiny.” And so over the years, Charismas time – Christmas time ( laughs ) and at other odd moments in the years, I would write some of these people and Dayal and I wrot e to each other over the years about five years, yes. In fact, I remember him working in a beer factory one time (laughs). In 1976, my husband and I were ready to tell people that we felt close to about gururaj and of course, Peter was on the list . There w as a feeling deep down inside that some of these people would just know that -- that gururaj had a great message to bring mankind. And as soon as Peter received the first letter that we sent out , he wrote to me in England and he came to England and learned gururaj’s practices. And of course you know the story from there. And now he is called Dayal . Now this kind of thing happened all over the world. At about the time that gururaj was ready to start teaching his message , a young girl in Germany had a sudden feeling that she had to come to England , she didn’t know why and she came to visit a very close friend of Amrit’s and mine and it so happened that he was in the first group of people who learned Gururaj’s meditation in England. He is now the national lead er of the British Meditation Society. It was also just by accident , divine accident Gururaj: ( Whispers ) Divine planning Woman: Divine planning (laughs) that about was it a week or ten days later? A week before gururaj was coming to Europe on his first ta lk and so Martina met gururaj , fell in love with the new master, and began the practices. And she began to do a lot of work for him in Germany, and so it was very natural that she should come to England when gururaj returned there last summer and it was ve ry natural that the leader of Denmark should also come to see gururaj in the summer. And there were so many English people that the small group of Europeans had to become friends and one day the y were walking along a corridor and gururaj sa w them together and went over to them, did he speak to you or take your hand? I can’t remember. But anyway, he – he noticed and we noticed something that gururaj d o that people seemed to get married around him (laughs) He told this, “ We are a householder movement.” for ma rried people (laughs). There are many lovely


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