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7. DK 82 - 4 Translator: Y es, I've told < 0:49:36.6 > Gururaj: Oh < 0:49:37.6 > first class! Good, until tonight.

2. DK 82 - 4 Translator: These long sentences and my brain is too tired I think I can't – Gururaj: Let us put it in another wa y, let us put it in another way, right. If you have a small hole, hole yeah, then a little su bstance will go through and if you have a big hole, then bigger substances will go through. You see, so if the brain is less developed, then little of the mind will go through, and if the brain is more developed, then more of the mind will go through. So – so man has, I might have said this here or in England or somewhere that man has the capacity to be the master of the whole universe, because the universe is nothing else but mind. People of theology would call it the thought of god, the thought of god or otherwise his will. Um - hmm you see, so this is the true interpretation of the mind. It cannot be divided, it cannot be added onto and nothing can be subtracted from it. When a poet writes a poem, he is not creating the poem and neither is a musician when h e is composing a symphony. All these thoughts of the poetry or the notes of the symphony are floating around in the universe. So by developing greater awareness thorough spiritual practices you attuned yourself to the one mind and that is how you draw the material for your symphony orb your poem or for your picture – for the picture. That is right, that is called inspiration. You see, so everything is existent in this one universal mind. Now the univer sal mind is not created by god but it is an emanation o f god. It is like the flower, it does not create fragrance, but it is the nature of the flower to give fragrance. So it is not the nature of fire to create heat, it cannot create heat, but it is his own nature to give heat and that is how, from divinity, t he universal mind came into being. Now to reach the totality of divinity or the impersonal god, one has to reach the totality of the mind and this totality of the mind is the personal god. So one first has to the reach the personal god and from there you m erge away into the impersonal god. Now the personal god being composed of mind, at its finest level it has all the qualities we ascribed to god. Like kindness, compassion, justice while the impersonal god is beyond qualities and which remains just as a pur e fine energy to energise the mind, the universal mind which in turn energises the universe, we call its galaxies and planetary systems, yeah and all the solo millions of solar systems of which we are one small part which is not in comparison as big as a g rain of sand and yet on this grain of sand 4000 million people are living. So you see how insignificant you are and yet in spite of the insignificance you – carry on – in spite of the insignificance you have all the significance of divinity. That is the mi nd, yeah, good. Next question. Public: < 0:16:46.0 > is that the heart or the mind? Gururaj: The?

4. DK 82 - 4 always have to be careful with our thoughts because if good thoughts can rebound back tenfold, then hateful thoughts also rebounds back tenfold. Yeah, so if you want to be the gainer or the loser depends upon you. Now your thoughts for a person that has passed away does not reach that person. Yeah, the reason is this that you are – the person that has passed away is living in a differ ent dimension where thought forms and thought forces are very – very much finer while your thoughts are very much grosser. So the grosser thoughts cannot reach that finer level. The only person that could do that is a very highly developed person spiritual ly, yeah. Now that spiritually developed person has the ability to make his thoughts into a very fine form and that finest would be compatible with the finest of the person of another dimension. So when you pr ay for someone that is departed, those prayers does not help that person but it helps you. Unless through meditation and spiritual practices you have reached a deep level of refinement in your mind. Then those thoughts of prayer from that fine level will have an effect, helpful effect. Um - hmm. Now the highly developed person spiritually his thoughts will always be of love, otherwise he could not be highly developed. You see, so many times people try to take up psychic and occult studies, the mind can be trained to go to a different dimension but it cou ld cause a lot of harm because if your intentions are to gain psychic and occult powers, then it means, it shows that you are not a highly developed spiritual person. To a highly developed spiritual person these powers come but he would observe them, enjoy them, like walking through a beautiful garden and admiring the flowers but he d oes not get stuck with the flowers. He admires them, enjoys the fragrance and moves on while the people with psychic and occult things in mind, they get stuck there and their s piritual progress is stopped. Now when a person has passed away to the other side, the person t hat remains in this world should not grieve, should not grieve. There is not a single theology that tells you that you must grieve for that is a stage necessary to everyone. One has to leave this body, the only certainty in life is death. You see, so never grieve over those that have passed away, they are gone to a finer dimension. It is a period of rest for the individualised soul where it can work out all its pr oblems and prepare to take another birth and all birth after birth is always progressive. Some religions believe that if you have lived a bad life, you will be born as a cat or a dog or a cow, this is not true. We believe in progressive evolution, yes beca use whatever experiences gained are gained for your progress. Um - hmm, t here are certain cults in India, very small cults that celebrate when a person die s and cry when a person is born. We have all k inds of thoughts in this world and all kinds of cults, bu t what we believe in is progressive evolution where man goes f rom better to better to better – interesting very interesting – very nice, very nice – good – good. Right next? Public: Is mathematics a < 0:31:49.6 >

1. DK 82 - 4 Gururaj: I’ve had quite a few requests that instead of taking one question and speaking for an hour on it, we should have a rapid fire session where everybody will have a chance to ask your questions with shorter answers. Good, who will start? You can ask anything you like, even how to make chapattis and bread or anything or vegetable curry (laughs). Fine . Translator: Would you please tell us about love? Gururaj: It’s a big subject, we’ll come to that a bit later, next question? Public: Gururaj in spiri tual movements they always used the word mind and some in that way or < 0:01:39.9 > Gururaj: Good, fine. Many people have, when a person is not too well mentally then they say, “ He is out of his mind.” Now that is a very false statement, false statement in the respect that the mind is not restricted to the brain. Um - hmm, now the brain has the capacity to e xpress the entirety of the mind. Why the brain has the capacity is because this brain, organ we have weighing two and a half pounds has 12 billion cells – 12 billion and out of the 12 billion cells, we are only using 1 million part of the 12 billion. So in other words, all the other cells of the brain are lying sleeping. Now through spiritual practices, those brain cells can be awakened because there the min d is as vast as the universe and the universe is composed of nothing else but thought forms. Um - hmm and thought is also matter on a finer level. It is this very thought, if it becomes condensed or solidified, which we know as matter that we can touch, see, smell, etc., so everything you s ee here, this chair, this table, this microphone is nothing but thought , but thought which is congealed. It is like water vapour which if made more congealed becomes water , the water becomes – the vapour becomes water and i f it is frozen, it becomes a solid block of ice, but the principle behind the vapour, water and ice remains the same, H2O. The same principle applies to the mind, the mind is universal and is as vast as the universe and this is one thing which many people don’t understand that there is only one mind. People think that this one’s got a mind and that one’s got a mind and that one’s got a mind and that one's got a mind, that is not true. Why it becomes or is seemed to be individual is because – yeah it is beca use how much of that one mind can be portrayed through our brain. So the individual mind is only due to the capacity of man to put through as much as he can of the universal mind and that is why we call it individual. Translator: Excuse me guruji, but I c an't – I can’t – Gururaj: I'm going too fast.

3. DK 82 - 4 Public: < 0:16:52.0> Gururaj: Akashic record, yeah that is the mind. Public: Thank you. Gururaj: That’s mind, that's mind. You are a theosophist, oh yeah you have to be, that's why you talk of occult, good – good – good. Translator: There was a question about love. Gururaj: I’m gonna leave that now. Translator: She says that she understands when you send out good thoughts you do good, when you send out bad thoughts you do harm. She want to know when you lose a relative who’s very close to you and she’s saying such – there’s only a very – very small dividing line between her and the relative and she asks could she do harm – no, could she do harm to the relati ve when she is not feeling well and – and maybe stop his progress or something like that. Gururaj: A relative that has passed away or still living? Translator: Yes, yes passed away. Gururaj: Passed away. Good. You can do no harm to th e relative who has passed away. Um - hmm but you can do harm to people that are living on this earth and that is what healing is all about, by sending good healthy thoughts to a sick person, you would concentrate healing powers directed to the person and the person will feel better. Now if it is a weak person, mental ly weak or extremely sensitive and you send hateful thoughts to that person, it will harm that person also. Therefore one always has to be very careful with our thoughts and the reason is this, becau se thoughts reb ound back on you. It is like a ball you throw against the wall and it rebounds back. So if you send ou t a thought of love for someone, it rebounds back to you tenfold. Yes, and it is – it is very logical that the thought you have sent out and bouncing agai nst an object gives it greater momentum to come back. And the same thing with a bad, hateful thought. Yeah, so as I said, we

6. DK 82 - 4 interpretation or my personal opinion. It means that there are positive and negative energies in the world and without both kinds of energies, this world cannot exist. Now by negative I don’t mean bad, this light that is burning must have the positive and the negative current to make it burn. Yeah, so men and women are the two opposite poles to make this world come into existence although – although a man and a woma n has different characteristi cs, but this very difference in characteristic s, they are complimentary. They are meant to be supportive to each other. A man has qualities of strength, he is the breadwinner although – although things have c hanged a lot in the world today, he is the go - ge tter, the protector, and other such qualities which you know. A woman has the qualities of patience, tolerance, all giving and more compassio n, more softness and tenderness, I want to learn Danish, I find – I find it very sweet. You see, so now these oppos i te qualities are to be combined therefore they are complimentary. From the woman the man would learn the kindness and the compassion and from the man, the woman would learn to have strength and courage. You see, so a wholeness comes about in the relations hip of a man and a woman and wherever the r e is a compatible relationship – balanced – balanced relationship, there the spiritual progress is faster. There is another kind of religion in India where there’s a statue called ardhnarishwar – ardhnarishwar, I' m teaching you Sanskrit, good. Now this statue represents half male and half female. The reason is this what it really means that these two forces, male and female must be combined, yeah , and we find this in everyone, in every man there is a little bit of woman and in every woman there is a little bit of man. You have only been born as a woman because the female qualities were more dominant and you're only born as a male because the male qualities were more dominant. But if you are born as a gay, I don’t kn ow (laughs). So this is the symbolism, now I don’t know why they always refer to god as a male, why not refer to him as a female? Or a combination of both these energies? But it is just a psychological reason and many of the writers of the scriptures have been males, yeah so they praise themselves, yeah yes, so the personal god is just pure energy containing both the elements of male and female. Um - hmm, the other reason why god is always portrayed as man because – because man is definitely regarded to be a greater actor force while the woman is a passive force and this is demonstrated in everyday life, yes, I mean every form of life, even in love making, the male is the active while the female is more passive. Therefore the active element is referred to as m ale. We pray everyday, “our father in heaven,” it is just as valid to pray, “our mother in heaven,” say good, next? Public: < 0:49:25.6 > Gururaj: Oh 20 maybe 25 past, we’re having a group photograph taken, have you arranged for the camera?

5. DK 82 - 4 Gururaj: I'm not a mathematician, I'm a ma n of god, but mathematics is true where you can equate many problems, where you can equate many – many problems that cannot be solved with words, because words are inadequate to explain certain phenomena’ s of the world. Therefore people like – (laughs) – w ords are inadequate to explain many of the phenomena’s of the world. Therefore people like Carl Jung and Adler – Adler and many other psychologists try to explain phenomena in the terms of symbols. Mathematics are also symbols, you are a student of mathema tics? Public: No, I'm – I don’t know if < 0:33:46.3 > Gururaj: M athematics always rely on logic. Now if mathematics was the way to find the truth, then all the thousands and thousands of professors of mathematics in t he world would be realised men, but I t hink many of them are more mixed up than us. You see, in the field of spirituality you have to go beyond logic because in that field two and two can make five and five and five can make eleven. Who can analyse heart? Who can analyse love? We can desc ribe i t, but not really know it. There is only one way and that is by experience. Why I did not want to answer your question now what is lov e is because its a vast subject, it would take me more than an hour to ta lk about it. So would you mind if we – if I spoke about it in tomorrow morning satsang where I could devote more time to it? Okay? Good. Next question. Public: I have a question about the Bible, it is said in the bible that Eve was created from Adam’s bone and I have often wondered why it is so and how this parable has aroused? Gururaj: Yes, thank you Eve (laughs) this little story I don’t know if I told it in Denmark. You see when Adam and Eve were existing, yeah, then Adam had to go hunting to bring home food, good. Now it is said that Eve was made ou t of one of Adam’s ribs – ribs. Now sometimes Adam used to come home late from hunting and men here too do that, they visit the pub first before they come home – it’s just men -- Translator: Can someone – someone say that loud? Gururaj: Good, but Eve wa s also a lot jealous when Adam used to go out every morning and come late at night. So Eve thought, how can I find out what’s happening? So every night when Adam used to go to sleep, Eve used to say, “you must be so tired.” So she used to rub his back ever y night. But the real thing she was doing is counting his ribs (laughs) in case he made another eve somewhere else (laughs). These things are very symbolic, they must not be taken literally and I for one never try to interpret scriptures because everyone h as their own particular interpretation. But I could give you my


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