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8. DK82 - 8 Translator: When a person gets a mantra, well it then last for the rest of the life or maybe – should it be changed later on? Gururaj: It could last for the rest of the life or for many lives or it could last only for one year, all these the guru will tell you. < 0:50:48.1 > I think its half past ten and I've still gotta go for supper so we’ll end the beautiful evening – half past ten – it has been a very beautiful evening together, I'm glad you have come for to me speaking to you is a sharing. It is a sharing because I don’t speak from books, I speak from that which is inside me and whatever I speak at any time, I'm only dimly aware of what I've said and it’s only the next day or the day after when I listen to the tape and I ask myself, did I say this? So therefore it is a sh aring of the soul w i thi n me with yourself. Good. Now many of you that have had no contact with our organisation might not u nderstand why we greet this way, we meditators know of course. It means that the thought , word and deed, I salute the divinity within you. Namaste!

1. DK82 - 8 Gururaj: They have handed the Danish Mediation Society, Dansk Mediations Samfund, they give me two slips that is just introductory and – and in that there are little slips of paper where you can fill in your name and address and phone number, and you would be contacted and I have been lecturing right down the road, I'm doing thousands of talks and if you are interested, please avail yourself to listen to some more tapes on various subjects. As I said earlier, if one develops a heightened awaren ess and understanding, then life could become very much more easier. So you're most welcome and of course behind the little pamphlet, the leaflet I think there are two addresses, one in Copenhagen – Copenhagen and one in < 0:02:01.0 > right. Questions? Translator: The elementals meaning for – for man – of the influence and meaning of the elementals for man – for man. Gururaj: Umm, would you like to tell me what you mean by elementals? It has many meanings. Public: < 0:03:01.5 > Gururaj: Yes, now there are thought forms and every thought you think and no thought is ever destroyed. I always give the example that an artist or a musician, composer or a poet does not need a poem or a piece of music. What happens i s this that by tu ning his mind to a finer level which meditation does, he draws to himself the thoughts that are floating around and then being conditioned by his own little mind, he interprets the thoughts in his own particular way. Good. Those are thought forms. Now the occultists believe in beings which are also called elementals and there are suppos ed to be lower forms of beings and they also believe that these lower forms of beings can possess you and attack you. Now – now having had the – having the ability to go thro ugh all the levels of existence from the finest to the grossest of the entire universe. And this I can do at will, I can tell you for sure that these occultists believes of faults. There are no elemental forms that attack yo u, entities, elemental entities, beings, they cannot effect in anyway whatsoever. Now if your mind is filled with negative thoughts, then all the other negative thoughts of a similar nature will be affected to you and make your negativities far more strong er. And the same applies to positivity. That is why we have the saying in English , yeah that birds of a feather flock together. (Laughs) what’s that about cows? Oh, crows, is that Danish? Same – same – same – same, good. Next? Public: I would like to ask.

6. DK82 - 8 the sound, a mantra is formulated because the entire universe is nothing but vibration. This sofa here is composed of vibrations . This table, these flowers, this jug, you, we are all composed of vibrations. Everything is c omposed of vibration. Vibrations can exist on different levels from the finest to the grossest . Yeah, it is like water vapour which is fine and the same water vapour can become water which is grosser and the same water can be put in an ice box and made int o solid ice, but the principle of H2O remains the same. You see in the vap our, in the water or in the ice. So seeing that everything is made out of vibration s, you are vibrations, but also in a congealed form. Fine! Now according to our scriptures we would say that first was the word and the word was with god and the word is god. So in my meditation rea ching deepest level of yourself, I get the sound and your mantra is formulated on the sound. Also taking into consideration your impressions and samskar as, your subconscious mind and your conscious mind, so it is a very specialised field. There are organisations that have the list of 16 mantras and that dish them out according to age. 20 to 25 that mantra, 20 to 25 that mantra, 25 to 30 that mantra, 30 to 35 that mantra, yeah and by using the wrong mantra or sound can become harmful. It might just be true where one mantra might just fit in with someone, but that is a mantra of hit and run. So if you have a certain problem then you go to the doctor that specialises in it. If you have trouble with your plumbing in the house, you don’t go to a carpenter and if you have a carpentry problem in your house, you don’t go to a motor mechanic. Yeah, auto mechanic, you see. So this is specialised field and thanks to the grace of god we can use it. I always say to everyone that I'm just an instrument. It’s like a p iece of wood made into a flute and he blows to it so that the world could enjoy his divine music. I am nothing, I do nothing , all that is done is by him. Next question? Its 20 past 10, little more – little more. I don’t mind how < 0:42:08.5 >. I will tell you a story – please that would be nice, she reads my mind – thank you very much. Public: Can I ask you something < 0:42:26.9 > Gururaj: While I'm drinking I can’t hear (laughs). Please. Public: When you say you meditate all the picture of the person -- < 0:42:50.1 > can you then meditate over person you don’t know anything about, picture of a girl < 0:42:56.6 >

2. DK82 - 8 Gururaj: Yes, please. Public: Do you know of any female gurus? Gururaj: Yes, I do know of female gurus and I have some very – very personal friends as female gurus, Swami Vidyanand, that’s one. Swami Amritanand, that is another. Swami Bhagwatianand, th at's another, I know a lot of them, so there are. So what this means is this that spirituality and spiritual teachings are not only confined to men, because women are also just as spiritual – oh sorry I'm going too long – yes, yeah and I can tell you one t hing that women are more intuitive than men. Spiritual qualities come mostly from the heart while that is possessed more by women. Right, while men are ruled more by the mind. So 70% women are ruled by the heart and 30%, and 70% men are ruled by the mind. Yeah, we have made a statistical study of all the o rganisations in the world and we have found that more than 70% are women. Yes, because a woman is equipped with the qualities for greater spirituality. They have greater compassion, greater kindness, greater understanding, sometimes. (Laughs) They have greater tolerance, patience, but now they have to have these qualities because they are made to give birth . God has given women these qualities in order to nurture a child and all of yo u that are mothers will know what it is to bring up a child, how much patience and tolerance and suffering a woman has to go through. The only reason that I can see that more men go in for spiritual teaching because men are more of an extrovert ed nature while women are more of an introverted nature, that's the only reason because the spirit in man and woman is the same. Fine, next question? Unfortunately my eyes are a bit sore you know with all these aeroplane travelling, yeah and the depressurisa tion in planes, it affects the eyes a bit. So please excuse me wiping them. I'm not crying (laughs) next question. I think that lady wants to say something. Speak in Danish. Translator: Yeah these two ladies are supplementing each other. Gururaj: Each other -- Translator: Don’t you think that it – that has the thing about women having the ability and – Public: -- and all the qualities, the softness etc. that you – you – you – you –

5. DK82 - 8 distinct difference s. So meditation can help people with mental problems, only if it is given by a true guru who knows. There are other organisations in the world and I do not criticise anyone, but they have a generalised form which is given just to everyone and charging very large fees for it. We, our organisat ion is not money orientated, that is why I'm a poor man. Yeah, all the other gurus are multi - millionaires (laughs). I wouldn’t like to mention names but I'm sure you have an idea. Yes, so properly prescribed meditation techniques do help. Next? While you' re thinking, let me tell you another story. This one man – Translator: < 0:31:17.2 > Gururaj: Oh dear me! I'm so sorry. Thank you very very much. There was this man th at reached the age of a hundred so he was interviewed on the television. So the interview er – interviewer asked this old man of a hundred , “What is your secret of a long life? ” So this old man says that, “It’s very easy, I just keep on breathing.” (Laughs) And then there was this other old man on the same programme who also turned hundred. So after the interviewer asking him so many questions about his secret and before the progr amme ended, he congratulated the old man, “Congratulations on your hundredth birthday and we hope to see you next year again on the same programme.” So the old man says, “I don’t think there would be any problem, you young man – interviewer look healthy en ough.” (Laughs) Good, next question? Translator: Our techniques – our techniques necessary – could they disturb the mind? Public: Are there many soul rules or rules where then – where then the different techniques? Gururaj: There are different kinds of rules and that is where we differ from other organisations. Any person starting to meditate in our organisation is initiated by me personally. I send instructions to our teachers – teachers who have been trained to teach and they teach over the techniques. They teach the people the technique. Yeah, how we do it is this that a person fills in an application form in duplicate, yeah and they send a photograph. Now I take the photograph as a focal point to focus and after focusing the mind on the photograph, I go into deep meditation. Yeah, go to the level which we call the super conscious mind and that level I meet you as I'm meeting you here now. And meeting you at that level of super conscious mind, I hear the sound, right and hearing

7. DK82 - 8 Gururaj: Oh yes, on – on anyone, anyone. Yes, only thing I must have the eyes clear. So I always recommend that if you send a picture of yourself to me with the application form, with your day of birth and things like that, you must not put on your glasses. I must be able to look into your eyes. Did Shakespeare not say that the eyes are the windows of the soul? Yes, yes. Best to tell you little story. I have little slip here where all my jokes (laughs). You see there was this church and this church was all breaking down and so the poor – sorry, there was this church and the church is (laughs) and then the church was all breaking down – um - hmm and the church minister made an appeal for funds to r enovate the church , to repair, to repair the church. So in the congregation everyone knew that there was one very rich man. So everyone’s eyes went to the rich man which is – which is quite natural because he is very wealthy. So he started stammering. He s ays “f - f - five dollars,” but at that very moment a piece of the ceiling fell on his head so he changed the five dollars and he said, “five hundred dollars.” Yeah, so the minister was standing in the corner and he was praying, “Lord, lord please strike him a gain.” (Laughs) Good, next question? Give someone else a chance, you had two – if no one has any question then you are welcome. < audio skips > yes, the end of Jesus flows from you, yes – yes, it helps other people as well, not only you. Translator: What so rt of techniques are you using except from meditation? Gururaj: Meditation and spiritual techniques, there are hundreds and thousands of them and we – practices that are given to you is what you need. Say for example, if you have a shelf on the wall, shelf and there's hundreds of bottles of medicines. Now if you try one medicine after the other, you might land up somewhere else but if you call in the doctor and he examines you and tells you that this m edicine you must have, that could cure you, like that – that is why meditational or spiritual techniques must be individually prescribed. So a true guru can al so be called a spiritual doctor, yeah. See if I can find a story of your <0:48:10.7 > . This one man went into a restaurant and what he did, he took his napkin to – you call it napkin? – serviette yeah and he puts it – puts it you know through his collar like that, you know like that, like the Italian people do when they eat spaghetti. Now the manager was watching this, such a thing we don’t do in Denmark , but he did not want to offend the customer, yeah so he called his waiter and the manager told the waiter that please go to this man and him in such a nice way, be diplomatic, right to remo ve the serviette. So the waiter goes up to remove the serviette. So it was a clever waiter, so he says, “Sir, what would it be? Shave or haircut?” (Laughs) Next? Public: When a person gets a mantra –

4. DK82 - 8 Now sonny you must behave yourself. I haven’t come thousands of miles for you to be naughty. You know I must tell you a story while you ’re busy there with that, a very rich man went to his pastor and he told the pastor, “I want to go to heaven, now can you arrange that for me?” So this pastor was a bit of a crook, he says, “Look I can do this for you, I can contact heaven, yeah but there are also lot of officials and I gott a give everyone little presents, so it will cost you 20,000 pounds, so come back to me in two weeks’ time .” So two weeks went by and the man went back to the priest, so the priest says, “While I contacted many of the min or officials, but there is one big official which I will also have to bribe, so I need another 20,000 pounds.” So the rich man gave another 20,000 pounds and you come back in two weeks’ time. So the man went back and he asked, “Did you get any reply for me ?” Yes, this – so the minister, the pastor says, “Yes, there are two parts to this bribe, firstly the place has been booked for you in heaven and – and secondly you have to leave next week.” (Laughs) Good, next question? Translator: She would like to know how – how mediation influences mental psychosis and mental syno p sis? Gururaj: Yes, it has a great effect on psychosis, neurosis and all kinds of psychiatric problems. Yeah, in Cape Town we have the Groote Schuur Hospital which is world famous Groote Schuur Hospital . It is world famous because the first heart transplant was done there by a friend of mine Prof. Christiaan Barnard , you know the name and the head of the Psychiatric Department is Prof. Lynn Gillis, chief yeah, Psychiatric Department and I visit the ho spital about three times a week. People undergoing heart surgery were very emotional – emotional, yeah all troubled, not feeling at ease , the cardiologist called me in – cardiologist, < 0:25:44.3 > yeah to put them through meditations to bring them to a calm state and they believe that if a person is in a calm state, the operation could become more successful. Now when it comes to psychiatry and psychological problems, I am very much against shock t reatment. You know what shock treatment is? Yeah that wire up and give you a shock. The psychiatrists of today know very little about the mind. They’ve only dipped their toes in this vast ocean of the knowledge of the mind. We have don e tests with about 200 patients, yeah and with a few hundred more patients Prof. Gill is is going to publish a thesis – Prof. Gillis, that shock treatments are not necessary and that specialised forms of meditation which is personally prescribed, that is what we do in our org anisation , everyone does not get the same practice. A practice is given according to the person’s need and these kinds of meditation s definitely brings a balance in the mental energies. All mental troubles are cause d by this imbalance of energies. So it is quite natural that when these energies are brought to an equilibrium, improvement occurs. We’ve tasted this of how spiritual energies can be poured into a person. Yeah, by wiring up the person onto a machine, yeah where you put on about 16 of these rubber tube all wired up to the head and then with me pouring an images to the person, it gets recorded on a graph and we could see the

3. DK82 - 8 Gururaj: Talk about . Public: – see – see – talk about in women, don’t you feel that – that the same part that the man inherently desi re as the same quality and that was one part of the question and the other lady then supplemented that question by – by saying that it – that she though t it was strange – the thought was < 0:14:51.7 > strange that man could re – if you believe in – in – in – in reincarnation and men are, could, a woman could reincarnate as man w ould and then suddenly lose all these beautiful qualities . Gururaj: Right, now – Translator: Don’t you think it has to do with the upbringing with the – Gururaj: Yeah, right fine. A man and woman is not in opposition to each other, but they are complimentary to each other. The man is always the fighter, the protector , the provider, man is more aggressive while the woman is passive. So that is why a combination – yes, you come sit here my son, come – come, you sit here, you help me. Fine – Umm, men and women are complimentary to each other. The man has a lot to learn from the woman o f those qualities and the woman has to learn from man. Now the two together form a wholeness and that is why it is a natural instinct in man or woman to fo rm an alliance between the two – togetherness, alliance. Yes, it is a natural instinct in everyone to find the completion. The purpose of man and woman to get together is just not procreation – to make children, but the purpose is to find a completeness, a unity – unity. If man can find that total oneness with his wife or his wife a total on eness with her husband, then it would be very easy to find god. Divinity is abstract while your beloved is concrete . So you approach the abstract to the concrete. I was telling some people the other day that people today don’t know even how to make love, they either make love with the mind – they either make love with the mind or the body. The mind sends impulses to the physical body and those impulses are returned to the mind to appreciate what is being done. So that making love with mind and body only am ount s to lust, right. It is not love. Real lovemaking comes about when mind, body and spirit is brought in unity by spiritual practices and then when man and woman are together, the woman disappears, the man disappears and only that beautiful orgasm remain s. You see how much < 0:20:32.6 > and man needs a woman and a woman needs a man because it takes two to tender. (Laughs)


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