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2. DK 8 5 - 1 Gururaj: Um - hmm. Public: It’s about god - consciou sness and unity consciousness and devotion. I formulated < 0:10:14.3 > how the transformation from god - consciousness to unity consciousness come about? And it’s not devotion to god just the most sublime form of attachment a nd the fine illusions overcome? Gu ruraj: Beautiful! Public: There’s another aspect to it. What about the – the astatic man that’s enjoy that can overtake one when thinking of god Krishna or you or some other incarnation. Please throw some light on its nature and well, personally I can bec ome completely mad when thinking of Krishna and just jump around and cry and laugh and – Gururaj: Divine madness. Public: Yeah (laugh) Public 1: Yeah, would you please translate into Danish as well? Public: Oh yeah, yeah. Gururaj : Very good, that’s chapter one. Now chapter two (Laughs). Good. Now to develop god - consciousness one has to have the sense of duality. Now that would imply the I and thou principle and you find yourself separate from god. Now when a person develops god - co nsciousness, at the same time you develop a universal consciousness because god is universal. So that is one of the steps on the path and in god - consciousness you develop Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion. Now there are many paths that lead to god. It’s li ke rivers coming from different directions and ultimately becoming one in the same ocean. Now, yesterday one of your magazines reporter came down to do an interview with me, good. And this is what I explained him that we normally start a person off on the path for which he has the temperament. Now ancient psychologists have discovered that basically t here are only

6. DK 8 5 - 1 days, start singing, start chanting and you're in ecstasy and that ecstasy rises even beyond your feelings and emotions because it comes from beyond the mind and only translated from that beyond to your conscious level. Do you know that this little brain that weighs two and a half three pounds contains 12 billion cells? A nd we are only using 1 millionth part of the 12 billion cells. 1 million is a fraction of the 12 billion cells. So through spiritual practices, more and more cells are opened up. Even Einstein only used one - eighth percent of his brain and he was supposed t o be a genius. By the way there are only two kinds of people I know, geniuses and geni asses (laughs) – I think most of them have understood, yes so that is the basis of your joy and ecstasy. For example, I told you of that I’ll just burst out singing, com pose poetry on the spur of the moment , that is divine madness, Krishna madness, Christ madness, Buddha madness, call it what you want to. Yes, because they’re all the same. There – uh - hmm – there is only one consciousness which from time to time as it is sa id in the Gita where when evil arises, that consciousness take physical shape in the form of Krishna or Buddha or Christ to teach and to lessen the evil in the world, to make less the evil in the world. You see, so therefore if you are a bhakti yogi or worshipful by nature, there is nothing wrong in having a focal point. Even your own husband or wife can be your focal point. If the husband, wife loves the wife intensely, then through the concrete you appr oach the abstract. Yes, so when you reach a certain stage, you are not only aware of the whole universe around you, but als o you are welling up with love and you feel that inner peace, you become stable. Like that poet Rudyard Kipling, English poet, he wr ote the poem, “If” and in that poem, I can’t remember the exact words and some of the words are these that the whole world can go crazy around you, but you are standing still, yes. Now that is the secret of life. To find the peace, as the bible will say ag ain, to find the peace that passeth all understanding, understanding is from the mind, peace is from the heart. So to find the peace that passeth all understanding you become one with the consciousness and becoming one with the consciousness, the consciousness, you become that consciousness. Good , yeah. I think it’s time for a few laughs and it’s to be joyous and express the joy. In America we have the motto, the three L’s, “Life, Love and Laughter” – laughter. You know there was a doctor and this doctor was very busy in his p ractice and he was getting old, so he too k a younger doctor as a partner. So now the elder, elder doctor had to take the youn ger doctor a round , they had to make some calls, medical calls so < audio skip > so when this thermometer came out, being wet it slipped out of the old doctor’s hands and fell on the floor. So – umm -- the old doctor bend down to pick up the thermometer, so the old doctor tells the patient that you must stop eating chocolates. So when they went out, the youn g doctor asked the older doctor, “Why did you say that? Stop eating chocolates?” So the old doctor replies, “When I bent down to pick up the thermometer I saw a lot of chocolate paper under the bed (laughs).

4. DK 8 5 - 1 little I to the higher, bigger I that is in with you. And when you find that, you are in unity consciousness. Now the experience of unity consciousness is this that you feel yourself to be divine, blissful, joyous, because that is your true nature and that is what the scriptures say, “Man know thyself.” And when you really know yourself and have become one with yourself, then you’ll find that divinity in everyone. In every little worm crawling on the floor, you will find divinity. Yes, you will find divinity in this mike, you will find divinity in this chair, in this table you will find divinity. You think this table is standing still ̧ it’s in motion. There are millions and billions of molecules revolving around in there all the time, when you not only see the life in the table, but even feel the life in the table. That is unity consciousness where you feel atonement, you feel at one with everything. So now you have progressed from a – the conceptual god of the m ind that you have created to become the living god. You see, and that’s what we want. We want living gods walking this earth, not some of those guys flying in the air. Because that is ab stract. Now the reason why you need a personal god is that so you can focus your mind. Yeah, and even if you do not believe in a personal god, you have the practice of trat i c which was out concentrating develops concentration by a simple method of focusing the mind. You see, and it is only the concentrated mind that will help you from fragmentation to integration. Yes, now by fragmentation we mean that one thought is pulling that way and the body is pulling this way and another thought is pulling that way. So 99% -- 99.999% of the people live fragmented lives, in other words, in bits and pieces. But the integrated person functions as a totality. And when you function as a totality, every action you perform will be dynamic. It will have power because it is supported from that vast reservoir of energy that is within you. And to repeat again, life becomes smoother. You can ask those that have been close to me all over the world that I just need to think about the thing and it happens. Thousands of people arou nd the world has experienced it. I’ll give you the example of one American lady, she runs, she’s in charge of America, Vidya, she was coming t o the English course, but couldn’t get tickets, all booked out. So she phones me to South Africa, she says, “Guruji, I tried every thing and I can’t get a ticket to come to the London course. The only time I can get a ticket is when the course is nearly halfway finished .” So I told her, I meditated . I say I will meditate for you and tomorrow morning you go to the travel agent you will get a ticket. So the next morning she went and she got a ticket. You see, so as I said before, the mind is a very powerful instrument if it is integrat ed, now coming back to the question, if people ask me, “Do you believe in god?” I say, “No, I don’t beli eve in god, I know god because I’ve made him or he has made me a part of himself.” In other words you have merged into that divine energy and that is unity consciousness.

5. DK 8 5 - 1 You see, now the human mind is as vast as the universe and you have a memory box in your sub - conscious mind that will – that knows everything that happened since you were a primal atom. Now can you imagine that grace? You know your brain is only – weighs only two and a half to three pounds, yet you have all the knowledge in there since the universe began, it is just to tap into that energy and everything that I will speak to you about on this course will not be things of book knowledge, but of things which I ha ve experienced myself. Therefore I never prepare a talk. You ask any question you like yeah and in the one minute of meditation I'm in touch with the super conscious level of the mind that knows everything. So any question you ask, I tap the super consciou s level of the mind and your answers are there. You see, now who would not like to, in our audience here, who would not like t o develop that ability? So meditate – meditate – meditate. Yes, so the second part of your question was we talked of god - consciou sness and unity consciousness. Public: It was about that state of ecstasy that one could get into I'm thinking of -- Gururaj: Yes, well I think that is answered already where when you develop that or unfold that unity consciousness, you are aut omatically in the state of joy and your awareness is vast. Then you could see nothing wrong in the world, everything would just seem right to you because you will know the meaning of the law of polarity. Everything has its opposites. Like day would have ni ght, white would be black, rain there will be sun, but you enjoy everything like when I came here to Denmark and in England i t was also below zero and quite a few people ask me, “Don’t you feel cold?” So I say, “What’s wrong with that? It’s alright.” Y ou s ee, because you appreciate it, you’re unified with the snow outside and when the sun shines, you’re unified with the heat of the sun. Melt away into that beauty and everything is so beautiful. All the mess in the mind is cleared up and you develop a greate r – that’s a subject on its own, but to mention it, you develop a greater synaptic control between the left hemisphere of the brain and the right hemisphere of the brain and the left hemisphere of the brain is the analytical side that calculates while the right hemisphere of the brain is the intuitional side and it has a direct connection with the heart. So through our spiritual practices there’s great synaptic control between both sides of the brain and most people has had some glimpse of this experience. Most of you must have experienced, you think of someone, Aunt Grace is you know -- you're thinking of Aunt Grace and you do know whe n you will see here, but here you hear a knock on the door and Aunt Grace has com e. Yeah, most people have had that experience. That means for a brief moment you know there was a balance there between the left hemisphere of the brain and the right hemisphere of the brain. But through spiritual practices, it can become permanent. So when that occurs in the brain, you experience that joy, you can ask them that we’re close to – many times I burst out sinning joyful you’ve seen this in these past two

7. DK 8 5 - 1 So now when they went to the next house, it was the turn of the young doctor to do examination. So they went to the house of Mrs Lovely Body. So naturally the usual thing again, blood pressure and puls e and thermometer. So – so when he took out – the young doctor – took out the thermometer, it also slipped out of his hand and fell down. So he bend down and picked it up and then he told the lady that , “Please don’t be too close to the church.” So when they came out, the old doctor was a bit angry, he says, “Why did you say this to the lady?” So the young doctor says, “When I bent down to pick up the thermometer, I saw the priest under the bed.” (Laughs) And then this one fellow, you know, who was a bit loony – crazy, he went to see a psychiatrist. Now t he psychiatrist gave him a test. So the psychiatrist drew four straight lines and he asked this man, “What does this represent?” so the man replies, “It r epresents a woman’s lips,” and the – and the psychiatrist d rew you know four angular lines, what does this represent? So the man says, “It represents a woman’s hips.” And then the psychiatrist drew two circ les, what does this represents? That represents a woman’s breasts. So the psychiatrist thinks a while and he says, “I know what your problem is, yeah, that you are pre - occupied with sex.” So this patient got w ild and starts shaking his fist. So he says, “Doctor, how can you say that to me when you are the one that drew the dirty pictures ?” (Laughs). Now here in this asylum, you know the loony bin? Asylum? Yeah, so this one loony, crazy man was taking a walk in the grounds with one of the nurses, meanwhile a seagull was flying across, a bir d, seagull and splattered on this loony’ s eye (laughs) so the nurse says, “You just wait here , I'm going for some toilet paper.” So this mad person says, “Don’t be stupid, by the time you bring the toilet paper, the seagull would be flown kilometres away ( laughs). You know this boy says you know to his girlfriend, “Let’ s get married or something,” so the girlfriend says, “We’ll get married or nothing.” (Laughs) Good. Now its lunch time 12:00 o’clock, do enjoy your lunch. Good, fine, see you this evening and then from tomorrow we’ll start various programmes and workshop and things like that.

1. DK 8 5 - 1 Public: < 0:00:03.2 > Gururaj: Oh oh I see. Aha! Well, as I was saying. It’s so good to be here and see so many old faces and so many new faces and it’s such a pleasure to be amongst you. Now normally I do not prepare a talk, what we do is ask the audience to ask any question they like, even how to bake a cake. (Laughs) Good, shall we meditate for a moment? -- < chants prayer > -- open your eyes slowly – Namaste. Now most of the new meditators might not know why I greet this ray, it actually means that was thought word and deed, I salute the divinity in you, because – sorry – move in just a second would you? -- Yes , because each and every one are potentially divine. Yes, and the purpose of our organisation is to bring that divinit y out of you, draw it from the kingdom of heaven within . So therefore when it is drawn out of you, then it will penetrate your daily active life and with regular practice, you’d find life becoming mo re and more joyous and happier and you have all the energies of the universe within you. It is just a matter of using a systematic process to tap the energy. So everything is in you. I’ll tell you little story. There was a man who used to go to a restaura nt every day and he used to by a tin of Coca Cola. So every morning he goes and orders a tin of Coca Cola and then he takes out a can opener from his pocket and opens the tin. So the shopkeeper was performing this performance every day and – and his curios ity was growing more and more. So one day he approached this gentleman and says, “Excuse me sir,” so this man, the shopkeeper said that “On the tin there’s a pull tab which you pull, then the tin opens.” So this man, the man that drinks Coca Cola replies, he says that “pull tab is only for people that haven’t got a can opener.” So through our practices, we are opening the can with the pull tab of the mind. Now the mind can be the greatest obstacle to self - realisation and it could be used as the greatest help towards spiritual progress. Therefore I said in the beginning that everyone is potentially divine and being divine, there’ s no necessity for suffering and as you progress on this spiritual path and become more and more happier, you’d find suffering ju st to be an illusion and that illusion is created by wrong thinking, b y having the wrong perspectives – forkert – wrong – in Afrikaans language is the same word, forkert. Hmm, there’s a lot of words that are very similar in Afrikaans and Dansk, Danish. Yea h, because they are all from the Germanic origin. Good. These few introductory words, I said them so you can have an idea how the course will flow. We’re going to have many practices on this course, like the golden thread initiation, then we’re going to practice Yoga Nidra and then the communion practice – um - hmm and quite a few other things. Good. Now let me have one of your profound philosophical question. Public: I have a question.

3. DK 8 5 - 1 four temperaments. The person that has an enquiring mind and an alytical mind will naturally start off with gyan yoga, the yoga of knowledge. The person who is devotional by nature, he will start off with bhakti yoga and a person that believes more in action, do good be good, we start them off with karma yoga. And then of course we have raj yoga which is a combination of all these paths. Yes, and that is what we teach mostly, because all these different paths, as I said before, becomes one as you progress. Um - hmm. So you’d find, if you study theology that they, the theologists always have bhakti yoga, they have the basic principle of I and thou. Now many people have different concepts of god. In the Hindu – I'm sorry – in the Hindu religion they picture god with four arms or six arms. Among the Christian people, man y of them believe that there’s an old man sitting up there in the sky somewhere with hundreds of bookkeepers sitting around them, sitting around him and would sit down and take notes, “:oh, John did this today.” Or “Yan did this today.” And then the old man goes through the books and makes judgements. They even believe in the pearly gates, we got to go through this gate where S aint Peter – is it? – is sitting. So this one man died and he went to the pearly gates. So this Saint Paul, you know they – they use computers nowadays. So he sat down pressing this man’s name and his name wasn’t there. So he says, “Sorry sir, you can’t co me in, your name is not on the computer, perhaps you might have to go to the other side. You know the hot side?” Yes, so this man said, “I’ ve lived such a good good life, so I'm sure I should be here.” So then Saint Paul went to the big computer and he pre sses the man’s name and then the name came up, so he comes back to this man, he says, “Yes, your name is on the computer but you are not du e here for another three years. So you’ll have to go back down to earth and come back after three years. But by the w ay, who was your doctor?” (Laughs) yes . So to get back to the original question, you develop a certain belief in god consciousness, but that belief come s from your personal conception. It is your mind that conjures up a god with six arms or a old man sitting on a golden throne. So your mind, the conscious mind is very small, it’s only a fraction of this vast universal mind that everyone possesses. Now how can the finite mind ever comprehend that which is infinite? By the way it’s her first time sh e is translating so if there’s any word she misses, all of you participate – it’d be nice, it’d be good – you tell them that. She’ s doing a good job (laughs). I will understand you not today, tomorrow (laughs) < 0:21:14.3 >. So god is a conceptual god made by man. Good, but if god cannot be found even in duality, in the I and tho u, even if god cannot be found in duality, how can he be found? You fi nd god inside you, you feel him, you experience him and that is the area not of the min d, but of the heart. And when you find that feeling, that realisation within your heart, you know he and you are one, like Christ had said, “I and my father are one. ” And it’s not only Jesus that have found I and the father are one. By father we regard it as the higher principle within us and the little I, the me, the little I is you. So on the path you proceed from the


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