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1. DK 85 - 12 Gururaj: Shall we meditate for a moment? Good. What shall we talk about this morning? Would you make this slightly louder? Could you? Is that louder? Translator: Yes, it is. Gururaj: Good. Right ! What is your question? Namaste! Public: < 0:01:07.5 > Gururaj: When a human being is – Public: < 0:01:18.3 > Translator: Also, what is your attitude concerning abortions? Provoked abortions? Gururaj: There are no human beings -- there are only human beings for if you find yourself to be a true human being, t hen you merge within the being of eternity. Have you got right ? Or any of us here to call ourselves human beings or are we not just black, blue, red beings? Now the true definition of being a human being is to find within yourself the total structure of divinity. Because divinity is being and when you become being, then you are there and you just be. Does divinity require any kind of being? Divinity is just is and he is just what we could say, be , because the very proposition to be will never lead you into being. So when you find the mergence, you are it and that it is to be. So when we come to the question of our own personal divinity, that question is a non - question. You do not need to find divinity because you are divine and if yo u are not divine, then how can that divinity exist? For he exists because you exist. It is a wonderful combination – combination where divinity merges with divinity , where the manifestor merges with manifestation. For how can the manifestor exist without m anifestation and how can manifestation exist without the manifestor ? So there is a total synchronisation between the absolute and the relative. There's only one problem , that you are not pr epared to recognise and cognise this combination. The moment you say that you are apart from god, that is the greatest illusion and when you dwell in illusions, then you become illusionary and you lose the inherent

3. DK 85 - 12 Translator: Oh I know what’ s it about. Okay. What Thomas also was trying to – to get at was when – when does the soul incarnate? When is the – the baby in the mother's life – when is it a human being? When can you call it a human being? Gururaj: Why do you want to know that? Public: < 0:21:55.5 > Translator: Jewels of Silence. He read of Jewels of Silence and there's a paragraph in Jewels of Silence about abortions which he didn’t understand so he wants to know when does the soul incarnate? Gururaj: Hmm, yeah, okay. It depends from what point of view you view it. The spiritual self of man never incarnates because it is immortal and eternal. The only part of ourselves that would incarnate is the soul, not the spirit. Now the soul is composed entirely of thought form and since the Big Bang explosion, if you have studied science that billions and billions and billions of atoms were shot forth and that constitutes evolution. Darwin had certain evolutionary theories that if I could find him on any stage of the world, I will cut him to pieces. Now through this process of evolution, these minute atoms combined with each other, they become -- they became duplicated, they became replicated and through these various combinations, this world came into being. Now because this world came into being and because of the mixture of the combinations of various atomic structures, it brought to itself various impressions. For remember that the mind is nothing else but formation of thoughts . And these thoughts with its various combinations, as I said, naturally would form more and more combinations. So now you have t o reach back to the primal atom. So all these combinations ha ve to be wiped off to reach back home. Now when it comes to your question of abortion, which is related to your question of reincarnation, abortion is murder. Murder in the worldly sense, for really speaking, you were never born. You only think that you were born. Now if we take it from the worldly sense, then abortion could be justified in certain cases. If the mother has a disease like AIDS, then it would not be righ t for the mother to pass on that disease to a child. If a mother has other diseases such as syphilis and you name it, and I don’t feel it would be right to pass it on to a child. But now let us examine the other side of the question, why did that child cho ose to pick that mother and father? Perhaps that child needed to learn her lesson. Remember one thing , and my thoughts are mostly inspirational and revolutionary. Now there’s no knowledge such as this that you will find in any of the theologies. So to loo k at it from the other side, it

2. DK 85 - 12 right o f your reality – reality. And I'm not talking of real estate agents. Your reality is you and your reality is the totalness of you. The reason why this is not recognised is because of ignorance. If you understand, if you understand English well, you will know that ignorance comes fr om the word, “to ignore . ” So you're ignoring yourself, you're ignoring your real self and because you ignore your real self, you suffer and go through miseries. I think I'm gonna charter a plane and send you to Alaska and put you all in an igloo. So once y ou live in the igloo, you will lose the ignorance. Oh I love you all so much! Understand – understand – understand that all problems you have in life are brought upon you by yourselves , because really there are no problems, no, no, no problem. Have the heart and the courage to know that we stand our own two feet and there's no power in the world that could cause you any harm. Because you , as a child of divinity, what can cause you harm? It is just your misinterpretation that cause you harm. Now let people develop the sense of not being indulgent – indulgent – indulging yourself in that which you imagine to be weakness because to feel weak is natural ly a denial of strength and if you have that divinity within you, and divinity is strength, why do you imagine yourself to be weak? So simple, regard yourself to be strong and when you regard yourself to be strong, you will become more and more stronger and that i s an irrefutable law of nature – irrefutable l aw of nature. So my beloveds, do not regard yourself as little weaklings or worms crawling on the floor, have the idea in your mind that you have the strength to face life, although the path might not always be easy but feel the strength within you to face the uphills and the downhills . And when you have the strength to face the up hills and the down hills, then you will not feel the climbing of the uphill and neither will you feel the climbing downhill. That is the secret of life where you preserve a total balance and when the balance is there, how can you be unhappy? It is because of lack of balance that you make yourself unhappy. So once the balance is created within yourself, then life becomes joyous becaus e you are not operating on the sea – sea shore but because of the balance, you are in the cent re and that centre is there within yourself. So simple. No problemo. Translator: The second part of the question was about abortions, provoked abortions. Gururaj: Is there anyone here that wants an abortion? Public: < 0:21:06.5 >

4. DK 85 - 12 might be necessary for the child to be born to a diseased person , for it might be for his personal growth. Let me talk of myself . We have three sons, my wife and three sons and th ey are far above the average IQ, yeah Intellig ence Quotient, and yet in between the three, there was one child born who was mental retarded. So I was thinking and thinking and thinking that three sons are so brilliant, they’re masters and having had their intelligence q u otient taken, they were near to 300. And yet, I don’t know where they got it from, perhaps from their mother and yet this one child was born mentally retarded and I ask the question “ Why ? ” So I went into meditation for many days to find the answer and what I found was this that he was reaching self - realisation and just needed this one experience for the clarity of his mind. Do you see? If you can understand these mysteries of life, you’ll be so so much happier and you w ould be able to appreciate th e value of life and life is you and you are divine. So why be like a fish outside the water and dying of thirst? Dive in, drink the water, drink the water of life and love and laughter. And that is the way that all success in life can be gained. You want a 20 roomed mansion, why don’t you ask me for it? I’ll give it to you. If you want 10 million Kroners in the bank, ask me I’ll give it to you. If you want two Rolls Royce’s ask me, I’ll give it to you. But ask yourself one question first, are you worthy of it? You rather give me the two Rolls Royce, because I'm worthy of it and 20 roomed mansion and – never demand, but first deserve. Then all that which you deserve will be given unto thee. It’s a simple law of nature. And the more you go in simplicity of yourself , the more you will rid yourself of complexity. The choice is yours of course. Do you want complexity or simplicity? And to make life simple is to make life joyous. And what is that favourite saying of mine? It is so – Translator: I t is – it is so difficult to be simple, but so simple to be difficult something like that. Gururaj: It is so – Translator: So simple to be difficult? Public: No, < 0:40:56.5 > Translator: Something like it.

5. DK 85 - 12 Gururaj: Um - hmm, I think she's got it right . Translator: It is so difficult – no shit – it is so simple to be difficult, but so difficult to be simple. Gururaj: Aha that's it! Now translate that. < Speaking in Danish > (laughs) oh well I think, we’re speaking for nearly two hours. Yeah. Thank you my darlings. -- < audio skips > Public: -- false identification. Gururaj: Um - hmm, understanding false identification , no – oh I've done that so many times. < 0:42:56.0 > I did not love you, I am love. To understand – to understand the meaning of life means not to dwell in false identification. Because once you dwell in false identification, then the meaning of life and of understanding is lust. So now what does one do to have identification true or false and understand it at the same time? You ask one question to yourself, “Am I false or am I true in my identification and do I understand? Do I have the discrimination to be able to understand the false from the true? ” For the very word identification , ask again, “What am I identifying myself with? Am I identifying myself with my ego? Or am I identifying myself with my god?” Now so with understanding, there comes discrimination where you discriminate between the values of falsity and < 0:46:26.1 trulity > and once that understanding is gained, I will take you to the highest – highest – highest heaven. Many people and e specially young men try to become logicians or they might become theologians , but be like me. That is forever 24 hours of the day merged away in divinity. Or that is where your ans wer lies. Please – please do not pass me by. < 0:48:19.0 > I don’t know I < abrupt ending >


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