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1. DK 85 - 13 Gururaj: < 0:00:13.2 Jena Jane and K i rst a n > is to be initiated in her baby’ s name. I understood every word. Now K i rst a n let me explain you -- Translator: But Ki r s ta n is not here at the moment, she's at the house with the children. Gururaj: Ah, I’ll explain at the moment that your child was born was on the 26 th of May ’ 85 at 19:21 to which according to astrology amounts to 26. Now Jena Jane your number is 65 and Kirstan’s number is 81 so that brings us to 138 – Translator: 136 Guru raj: 136. Now with the combination of numbers and with the Om sign there so that 2, 3 plus 8 makes Translator: 4 and 5. Gururaj: 4 and 5. Now with the 31 involved in these numbers would bring 4 plus Translator: 5, plus 5. Gururaj: Right, plus brings 136 equals 148 which totals 5. My dearest love, your name is Farai – Farai and it means the most beautiful flower on earth. Farai, so may you be happy forever. God bless you. Also you ! The most beautiful flower in the world ! So that is the spiritual name of your child. Right and we’re going to initiate three teachers today. — why now -- the s e are prep teachers. The prep teachers are more important than me in the world , because they are the direct connection to humanity and it is through you that I could give my teachings and make a life more fruitful and make the life better. Now have you brought the tray? Aarti. A tray with some candles on it -- Translator: We have the candles over here guruji so we just need some water for the blessing.

3. DK 85 - 13 Translator: < 0:28:42.6 > just as you said on the last course. Gururaj: I promised your baby? Why not? Come on kneel down – kneel down now . This is the greatest blessing you could ever re ceive in life because you are now empowered to bri ng joy and happiness to people and if you bring joy and happiness to people one per cent , you will be returned < 0:31:35.1 > by 10 per cent. What is your life worth if it is just mixed up in total < 0:31:56.2 > so what do you do in your lives? Do you have a boyfriend? Have you slept with him? You have a job which is very routine and you got to bow down to your boss all the time and even if you have your own business, look at all the troubles that are involved. So if you could spend just say 2 hours a day to help others, then t w o times twelve will make your day a better day. Are you not seeking for happiness? It just not fall on your lap, you have to do something about it. Look if you go to a restaurant and you spend 2 hours having dinner, how much is that going to benefit you? Nothing at all. It will only give you indigestion because of the food you are not used to. So what we need in this world is peace. Let us do the best we c an, just two hours a week , and try and make t his world a more happier place – a place. Do it because you and you will benefit by it. Denmark is in a very terrible state at the moment. I was speaking to your Minister Finance and your Minister of Economics and all the various other departments and they tell me that we have a deep recession. Yeah, an economic breakdown and I discussed these problems with them , if you study your last balance sheet, you will find the various discrepancies. So you, look I'm an i nternational, but you that are citizens of this country , must do your best to help your country to bring it to greater stability. You see, that is your duty. – I’ll just blow my nose – so my children you have a great duty to perform for you can help to bri ng greater peace and stability to our Dansk of a country. So I bless you and do your best. A teacher can only be a teacher if the teacher teaches. If they do not teach, they are not worthy of being teachers. Do your best. Do your best and you will find so many rewards in return. I know exactly what your problems are and what you're going through your mind, I know too what your problems are and what is going through your mind. And I know what your problems are, of what is going through your heart. It’s so simple. I would, all you meditators to learn the art of life , and examine the inner workings of their heart and the workings of the mind. It’s not difficult. – my pardon -- oh dear me! My heart is ever filled with love because that’s the only thing I know. Because when you go beyond the mind and transcended, where can you exist? Only in the heart. Fine , good . Now where was that naughty < 0:43:05.3 > my darling? Translator: We are going to initiate the golden thread < 0:43:13.5 > golden thread yet .

6. DK 85 - 13 person has passed this stage of reincarnation, he becomes a totally free man, the living liberated. In Sanskrit we say J ivanmukta and when you reach that stage, you become a law unt o yourself because being a J ivanmukta or the living free, you become a law unto yourself and when you can become the law unto yourself, then in that freedom of life you become one with the living god. Translator: It’s quite late and people have to go to their < 1:06:57.3 > Gururji, you promised people that you would explain about the pain -- Gururaj: Oh oh oh oh ! Thank you for reminding me. Now this – this is called Kumkum which was created 10,000 years ago. Now when a true spiritual master implies that kum kum to your forehead, th en it opens up your ajna chakra. Now opening – opening up of the ajna chakra means that you develop a greater awareness. So this – this evening has been my gift to you. You will feel yourself a totally different person tonight or to morrow morning and when you develop a greater awareness, you will be more conscious of consciousness. That is the first step that one has to pass through. That’s the first stage one has to pass through to attain divine consciousness. Because people are existing only i n the lower section of the mind, but there are other levels like the chi t ta, the intellect, the ahankara, which is the ego self. Right and then the vastness of the universe that penetrates it. My job is to bring to you that vastness of the u niverse so that you could recognise the various levels of your mind and yet go beyond these levels and then where will you go to? You will go to divinity itself and there you’ll find that beauty and that happiness and t hat joy, the ecstasy, the bliss – par don me – indescribable but experienc e able. That's where I would like to take you to. You’ll have to help me down a bit.

5. DK 85 - 13 Anthony wants to meet again with Cleopatra and what benefit is there to that? No w, if there was any benefit in going into past lives, you will be in total misery because in the past life you might have been a murderer, a rapist, a rob ber and bring this back to mind, is it going to make you happy? The greatest gift which our lord has given us is the gift of forgetfulness and your life becomes more happier when you're able to forget. You can take it in this practical value of life, right you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, right and he or she < 0:52:40.8 > (laughs) and then night and day, week after week, months after months, year after year, you will think of him or her. What fulfilment will you find in there? Say my girlfriend is gone, she leaves me tomorrow. Am I – am I going to go on for months and years and years thinking of Jyotima? It will only hurt me. You see I just touched my heart and it rings the bell in hers. (Laughs) it won’t help. The best solution would be to cut the thread which has to be cut and then you decide in your mind that Jyotima’s Pritam has left him and Pritam has left Jyotima. That is the way to get rid of your misery and not try and go into past lives which means nothing. Can you prove to me that you had a past life? If you can prove to me that you had a past life, I will answer every detail of your past life. Senseless, right ! Now to be se nseless is also to be sensible and wh en you develop the sensibility within yourself t he senselessness disappears. So always be mindful – pardon – always be mindful and full in the mind, but never be mindless for – sorry – sorry – uh - huh -- < 0:57:55.6 > because in English < 0:58:05.2 > means something else. So you do not become < 0:58:27.3 > , you don’t become mindless and you neither become mindful, because when your mind is filled with all these thoughts that go around driving you crazy (laughs) and when you go bananas (laughs), you would not pos s ess any < 0:59:50.7 > or the Indian Currency , A n nas and that means bananas. What about the Annas ? Well I do know one thing, Anna s is a coin that's used in India, Rupees and Annas . Hmm, now when you become bananas, you will not have any Annas (laughs) . What is the principle that we are discussing this ev ening apart from our jokes? Come on. Remind me. If you could remember your question -- Translator: It was about past lives. Gururaj: There is no reincarnation, there is only incarnation. Because “ re ” means a repetition, but you do not need that if you have one incarnation in i t s totality and completeness because when the spirit reaches his net weight, it does not require reincarnation and people that fiddle around and diddle around with reincarnation is just living in a men tal world which is not existent. Now there is a principle of reincarnation , but reincarnation can only occur when you are impure. When you reach the purity of the divinity that resides within you, then reincarnation is not necessary. Because you merge into divinity and divinity does not reincarnate. When a

4. DK 85 - 13 Gururaj: Right. So we’ ve done this, scratch, good. Translator: Maybe we should ask the se people who haven’t brought the golden thread to line up so they can walk faster. Gururaj: Yes, because it would be difficult for me to go through the various aisles. – Thank you dear. Good. Now have you got the threads? Translator: Yeah, well Danjee have – well he’s preparing < 0:44:11.6 > you just sit – you just sit, people will come up to you. Gururaj: Right, okay. Thank you. Good, you're helping me a lot – because it’s difficult for me to go around but – I would be lost. Translator: Actually I was going to suggest a very short session. So maybe we c ould have a very short question. Gururaj: Any question? And do not limit me to the time. Translator: Hans is asking, you often hear people talking about reincarnation that they can remember past lives, but nobody had ever told about being animals, for example. How does that fit in? Gururaj: You're too damn curious! (Laughs) Why mu st you exist in your past life and know rather your present life? For to find the animalism that existed in your past life is not going to help you in your human life. So simple ! Now how many years ago have you lived or how many thousands and thousands of years ago have you lived in your past life? Answer me that question. You haven’t got a nighty? Translator: No (laughs) an idea. Gururaj: Do never bother of your past lives because they would mean nothing to you at all. You are just being curious in wanting to know your past life. Now there’s not a single woman in the world that would like to go into her past life and imagine herself to be Cleopatra and there’s no man in the world that exists that could go into his past li fe and want not to be Mark Anthony. So Mark

2. DK 85 - 13 Gururaj: Candles on a tray – yes my darling. < 0:07:33.3 > smaller ones? Oh, okay. Wave the lights around < 0:08:26.9 > look I’ll show you how to – I’ll show you how to do it, you will have to help me. < Chants prayer > -- Okay , wish we would have those three smaller ones through – doesn’t matter, they’ll watch. [ <Chants prayer – whose hand can I grab to yours oh my lord. You're a complete god. You are <0:13:18.5> you are the <0:14:07.5> of my soul and you are the lord, so dwell within me. I <0:14:2 0.0> of your dwelling that reside within me. You are the epitome of compassion. You are the one that gives me your blessings. I praise you – I praise you my lord for ever. I'm so <0:15:55.2> be kind to me and give me knowledge of love. You are forever existent. You are the lord of all creation. I praise you lord. Where can I found that compassionate and yet in my prayers <0:18:26. 8> of such a small mind and such small understanding. <0:19:12.3> you are the entire existence of this world a nd you are the prana, the life force that <0:19:51.6> exist within me. You are the <0:20:32.8> of my heart and you are the one that takes away my problems. You're my protector my lord. Take away all my sins, all my nega tivities, all my wrong thoughts, take away all that is not conducive to meeting thee. Make me ready to meet you, for in meeting you I will know the truth of your love and knowing your love can I <0:22:38.7> but being in love, increase my faith in the belie fs I've developed. Let me dwell – dwell more – more the bhakti, the devotion that I could always find that is simply one, that is thee. Come – come – come and join my heart for in joining the heart we will definitely know each other’s hearts. For if you ca nnot know your heart, how will you ever be able to know that. It’s impossible. – pardon me. Yeah, now this last stanza I think -- <0:27:32.7 > ] What’s next? Translator: < 0:27:47.0 > Gururaj: Oh, oh thank you. Three — three – three – three. Translator: < 0:28:19.8 > Gururaj: They can. Translator: They can? Gururaj: Yes.


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