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2. DK 8 5 - 1 6 So another secret which I'm giving you now that get away from the cough, can get away from the rough and find that divinity which is so totally pure where you could live in purity and when you live in purity, it is not making puree – puree you know when you mix this tomato juices and things – because puree can only destroy your stomach, but purity uplifts you. And when you fee l uplifted through our satsangs, then you come to a realisation that I am that realisation. For nothing could stop you or anyone else from what you are and you are purity itself, but you interfere the purity with the impure mind, -- If she misses a word he lp her please, because it’s not easy to translate. – Ask yourself one question now at this very moment , Am I really impure? No, you're not. Because in god's creation everything is pure, but because of the workings of your mind, you feel guilty of yourself and it is because of this guilt that you feel fear and fear in turn creates the great turmoil’s of the mind. Please, if you can, be happy like me, totally joyous, nothing to fear, no guilt. For what must I be guilty about? Guilt is produced by improper thinking. Think properly and go beyond the thoughts and dive deep into your heart through your spiritual practices, for that is the only area where you will find purity and then you become a law unto yourself . So what are you seeki ng for? Are you trying to seek the various mechanizations of the mind which brings you in greater and greater and greater troubles or do you want to find the peace of the heart? And to find the peace of the heart, you have to go within yourself not only in meditation and spiritual practise s but in the creativity of the heart. For the heart is for her, -- do it for me as well – for the heart in its creativeness will a ffect the mind in greater happiness. I, with Jyotima were working from early this morning analysing your paintings, now as I might have said before, that the mind can express itself through words, shape and form and through colour. So as a professional psychiatrist, I coul d interpret the colours that goes through your mind. But I do not claim myself to be a psychiatrist or a psychologist or a philologist or a master of languages, not important. I am a very simple ordinary guru that teaches of peace and love. Now what does this mean? How much recognition have you found within your hearts about your guru? If you have found that spiritual force in your guru, just raise your hands, so what I do not want to teach you psychiatry, philosophy, philology and all the other ologies , but I as did Jesus and Krishna and Christ, penetrate your hearts. Isn’t that a greater job than to be a professor of so many subjects? That's what we want, to penetrate your hearts with peace and love and make you a real human divine beings. This message is so simple, I could go into technical subjects and use the board and create, you know , charts of your mind, but how is it going to help you? Will it bring you more peace and love? And is that not what we need in these times and days? So when masters com e to the world, they come for a purpose of the time. The world is proceeding to a great catastrophe and through the grace of our lord, we want to prevent this catastrophe. The world has been catastrophic from cycle to cycle to cycle, but it can be prevented and I need for a few to help me in this work for which I beg you. And when a greater balance is created, it will bring the truths which I spoke through the mouth of Krishna that when the world is in tur moil, I will take bi rth from age to age and the world is in turmoil. There are so many inventions today that could annihilate the entire planet, and not only the pla net but the entire solar system which in turn, because of the vibration will effect various galaxies, do you want to live or do you want to die? You don’t want to die, because you are too attached to your

6. DK 8 5 - 1 6 people are so selfish. For example the ana lysis of your paintings I'm doing, an ordinary psychiatrist here in Denmark will charge how much? Translator: I think it’s quite expensive if you go to a psychiatrist < 1:04:02.6 > Public: 200 Kroners an hour. Translator: Yeah something like that. Gururaj: 200 Kroners? Public: For one hour. Gururaj: For an hour, yeah. Good, I think it’s lunch time now isn’t it? Translator: Yeah, it’s 5 to 12. Gururaj: It’s 5 to 12, it’s lunch time. Good, after lunch you come up to my room my darling and we’ll fi x you up. Who would you – Jyotima will be there, who else would you like to bring with you? I’d like two ladies, whoever okay. Right and of course you can enjoy this and we’ll examine the problem and fix it up pronto. Yeah.

1. DK 8 5 - 1 6 Gururaj: I might not last too long anymore. Shall we meditate for a moment? ( Chants prayer ) Peace – peace – peace. Now your < 0:01:29.0 > the body comes and go, but the spirit, as I've said to you before, remains eternal. But do remember one thing that our love will forever be immortal. Nothing can destroy it for what can destroy immortality? Good, what shall we talk about today? Translator: There are two things he wants to ask you. Gururaj: Um - hmm, ask them one at a time. Translator: Peter wants to ask that -- Gururaj: I answered every word but you repeat it. Translator: Okay, I’ll repeat it. He said that he had been thinking a lot about this question but seeing in our coming in, he wante d to ask if allowed as well – Gururaj: He wants to -- Translator: He wants to ask, if allowed as well, is there any way possible that we could help you? You help – you help us quite much so perhaps we could get give just a bit of that back to you again. He has another question. Gururaj: One after the other. It is – could it be ever imaginal to help the helper? If you are in communication with divinity , can you help divinity? Which is not possible. The only possibility that could remain is to become one with divinity. Say Peter becomes Gururaj and Gururaj becomes Peter, that’ s the only way. For in that what - ness is the conjoin tment, a spark occurs and in life there is only one spark. Can you compare a spark with another spark? That’s impossible, because there is only one spark and two sparks merge together so Peter and guruji merges one with each other and there is the secret of finding the oneness of spirit. For the spirit is one, there is no differentiation and when one realis es the non - differentiation, then differentiation does not exist. You are sitting there and I'm sitting here, do you feel for a moment that you are apart from me? And if you do feel that apartness, then the secret of life is gone. Have we got some cough drops – give him one. This is a practical demonstration of the oneness, because when he is coughing, it is my cough. Isn’t that what our lord taught us? And that cough could be a bit rough but to find the love in the giving and the s haring, that takes away the cough and would not be rough .

5. DK 8 5 - 1 6 Gururaj: Okay, now lift your right hand and promise me that you will bring two people with you. You will be doing them the greatest favour and this you take as a vow. Say it three times, I vow -- I vow -- I vow – good. Because you’ve known the value of my message, just two people. < 0:51:40.8 > they’ll enjoy themselves. Look you have enjoyed yourselves so far, am I right? Just bring two of your friends and you will help them to change their whole attitude of life. Wh at greater service could you perform to humanity? Are you not your brother’s keeper as the bible said? Good my darling, after lunch, you, Jyotima and some lady that’d like to accompany, you’ll be learning a lot and of course you, right. Translator: We have a last question, very short one. Is it short? Henrick says that he have been joining you on many courses for several years now and he have seen people who have been meditating with you for several years to o who have suddenly dropped out. Why do pe ople suddenly drop out when they have known the v alue from all of those courses? Gururaj: The reason is this that many people come because of curiosity and they are not sincere. For if they were sincere, they would stick around all the time. I've studied every movement in the world and I've been told that they come and go. Many people want to find miracles, going to a guru, the guru they have troubles, right. They go to physicians and psychologists and psychiatrists and psychologists and they expect a guru to wave a magic wand and cure them. A guru, I do healing, yeah to help people but really I'm a spiritual master giving you knowledge, different aspects of looking at things, changing your lifestyles, meanwhile you have someone coming that is suffering for 31 years not bein g able to walk, on a wheelchair, on a wheelchair and yet through the grace of god, of course, she can walk. I told you about this just now, but do not expect to come to a spiritual master and expect him to wave a magic wand, stay away, I don’t need you, you need me. Do you see the principle of it? I am here to enlighten your mind, to open up your heart and bring you to the real love and peace which you have all forgotten about. That’s one thin g, but yet someone’s in trouble, I’ll do healing and it’s alright why not. But do you know how much I take on upon myself? Isn’t it said in the Bible that Jesus suffered for others? He took on the suffering of others. That is why I'm such a very sick man. But how many people appreciate it? Here she opened up three letters that arrives this morning with all their different problems which I went to meditation upon. But how many of the three had the decency just to put one kroner note in the envelope? I've got a wife and children at university, I've got to pay raids and taxes and rents and lights, telephones. I've got expenses also, but these people will take advantage of writing damp letters to you and not even putting one kroner and yet they expect me to reply all their questions and write 20 pages. How much postage does that cost me? You ask yourself. And not only that, they send letters of 10 - 12 pag es, closely typed, single typed, and I've got to spend hours going through them and meditating on them and not only reading the words, but also between the lines. People like me will always suffer, always. Jesus did, Krishna did , Buddha did, and that’s our life. -- Where is my hand? – I j ust had to get this special prescription for my eyes, it had cost me six pounds, and the doctor charged me 45 pounds. Do you see? I suppose that’s how the world works. Okay, so what. I teach total selfishness, but

3. DK 8 5 - 1 6 bodies, yet in reality there is – but in reality there’s no such thing as death, for all is life -- come that one yeah yeah , nitwit sit down there – and my mother – can you get a pillow for her? Okay – My mother and my daughter – when life does not exist, then the true existence of life is found, for what is the difference between non - existence and existence? There is none. Th e only word that comes between is the word “none” and none comes not from the heart or so ul, but it comes from the mind, because it is only the mind that can negate and therefore the mind finds the difference between existence and non - existence and yet it is but one. Can you prove to me now at this moment that you are existing or are you living in a dream? And yet in the dream so many things happened. You fly in the sky, swim in the sea, have trouble with your girlfriend, your – you know have nightmares, a nd you might even have sex. (Coughs) Pardon me – that dream world is your existence, for you are not existing at all. You are only existing in a dream world with these various thoughts flying through your mind. What happens to you when you are in deep slee p? Where are you then? You can only recognise yourself when you are in the waking state and also in the dream state, but when you are in deep sleep, do you recognise yourself at all as < 0:34:53.8 > yeah yeah. So you have disappeared and it is only when you wake up that you remember you went to sleep, because the waking state comes about and it brings about the memories of your previous state. So where were you then? You are living in remembrance and when you li ve in remembrance, remembrance is nothing else but a thought and what is the value of thought? The value of thought is nil and this happens all the time in your mind. Ah but when you go into meditation and your spiritual practices, then you really live in the heart which is true existence, your body is a remembrance formulated by thought. Yeah, I'm touching my daughter, okay she feels solid, but how solid is she? If you put her through a large magnifying glass, microscope then would you know that she is totally porous? And this I've experimented in universities, you’ve got al l the thesis’s written on them, but what is her solidity? Solidity, to be solid. The solidity is there in the eternity and immortality and the completeness of life, for life is solid, this body is a < 0:39:48.2 > come today and gone tomorrow. -- Rub my feet darling, good thank you. Where are y ou gonna find a guru like me? Mama you want a sip of water? Good So the duty of life and the goal of life is to find solidity, to become solid and that solidity can only be found in your spiritual self. Now what would you like to choose tell me, I’ll give it to you. Do not attach too much importance to this passing phase of a body. It will last 40 years, 50 years, 60 years, 70 years, as the bible says, three score years in ten, but find that inner self which is immortal, fine. And tha t immortality is indestructible for if immortality was destructible, then god would be destroyed like that. As I've said, I don’t know where, that you are immortal because god is immortal. You are the v ery veins and nerves and muscles of his body. It’s about ten. Translator: I think Peter have a second part of a question. Gururaj: What was it?

4. DK 8 5 - 1 6 Translator: Peter? It is a question from Crystal who is sitting there. Gururaj: What i s it? Translator: It is something that only concerns her, but so it might be a bit selfish to ask it. But Crystal suffers a lot from – she’s pregnant and she < 0:44:52.9 > certain things, the doctors says that they cannot help her but he knows that you can go out – go beyond things like that so perhaps there's a way you could find to help Crystal, perhaps with some kind of technique. Gururaj: We haven’t got a screen have we? A screen so that – Translator: We don’t have any. Gururaj: -- People don’t see or you bring her up to my room. Okay, now after lunch, right, you understood that? Explain. I was never told what her trouble was, but yet I've picked her out to come and sit here with me. Good. Now Jyotima, some lady which you would like to have with you and come to my apartment, good, and of course – what do doctors know? They study books and b ooks and books and know nothing. What do they know of spiritual forces? Here in England and other places I've been recently, a person c ouldn’t walk for 31 years, in a wheel chair, and they couldn’t cure her. I did not heal, I'm a channel of my god and he pours his energy through me to the person. There was, I think on this course, a lady with an eye problem -- Translator: Yes , that was < 0:48:46.4 > Gururaj: Um - hmm and it’s feeling much better? Translator: She’s very happy for your present, your gift, it helped right away. Gururaj: That’s god’s force. Instead of having 30 - 40 people, it’ll be so nice to have 2,3,4,500 people so they cou ld listen to my message. So of course today is the last day. So I’d like to request and ask you that on the course which is August -- Translator: Yes, we have planned that we have to write to America before we decide the dates but we have planned in August.


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