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8. DK - 8 5 - 2 you Allah, the Christian peo ple call you Christos, but you are only one and the same one. So all of you join me – good. < Chants prayer in Hindi > Thank you, first time you sang a hymn in the Indian language, Oh yes, they always electrify me .

2. DK - 8 5 - 2 necessarily so, but it should always be love for each other. So it promotes communication, relationships and love. Now that i s the value of chanting put to you very briefly. You know one day, I don’t k now where it was. Perhaps in St. Louis or Chicago or somewhere and I was given a room, my room was upstairs and I heard the housewife chanting downstairs and the sound was floating up to the room, so I was very impressed to start off the day with a chant. So when I came downstairs, I told the lady, one of our meditators, this is very – it's a very nice way to start the day. So she tells me, “Gururaj, I must be honest with you, you see what I do,” she says that, “I do one round for a soft boiled egg and thre e rounds for a hardboiled egg. (Laughs) Good. Now what shall we speak about tonight? Public: I will ask this question in a way for my girlfriend < 0:11:05.4 > Gururaj: Um - hmm, where’s she sitting? Ah, lovely! You're very beautiful. Public 1: Thank you. P ublic: Well, I feel myself as a part of the question so I would – Gururaj: Well, if you are a part of her, then you must be part of the question. (Laughs) Public: Beloved guruji, how – how do one know or recognise that that your – your twin soul in this life? Gururaj: Um - hmm. Twin soul, the idea of a twin soul is a fallacy. There is no such thing as a twin soul. You can be classmates studying in the same class, for example, in the various aspects of life, but one thing is very sure and it is this that say in a previous life you had a very deep bond with someone and after when you die, you just leave this body behind but the soul carrie s on into a different dimension. Now you must understand there's a difference between soul and spirit. The soul is a m ixture of your mind and spirit and with the mind being there superimposing on the spirit, superimposed – be above < 0:13:39.6 > Um - hmm, yeah, then the mind goes with all the impress ions and all the experiences you’ve gained in life and all impressions are forms a bondage. Yeah, so if there is a total strong bond between two people, then in their next life, be sure to know that they will meet each other. You see

5. DK - 8 5 - 2 wife or spouse is firstly on the spiritual level, then the mental level and then the physical level. Many people don’t even know how to make love , they are just expressing lust, that's all. Physical release which is nothing – which is nothing like any biological action like going to t he toilet. To really make love, there has to be mergence where the woman becomes totally oblivious of herself and the man becomes totally oblivious of himself and – and what exists is this vast orgasm which touches every corner of the universe. Yeah, becau se the man has lost his individuality in merging in the woman and the woman loses their individuality in merging into the man. So then that orgasm itself becomes a meditation because you have transcended your mind, you’ve transcended your body and you are merged in the one spirit that underlies both of you. So the conception of a twin soul is a fallacy . Anyone can make his spouse his twin soul and meditation gives you the strength, I've come across hundreds of cases where the people were on the verge of being divorced, they go to marriage councillors and all that but they not helped and many of the marriage councillors and therapists send – send these people to me, I teach them meditation to become more and more aware and in that awareness unders tanding develops, love develops, it grows. You see how simple it is. People today have a quarrel over the slightest little thing. So me morning the housewife, the wife is busy and the toast is a little burnt, then the husband shouted, “ Oh , you’ve given me burnt toast.” But he wouldn’t think that perhaps my wife had to leave the toast and run to the baby or for some other reason and the toast got burnt so what? That is understanding and say, “Oh don’t worry darling about the toast, I’ll have plain b read with butter and some marmalade,” and still be satisfied and happy. See, so in the relationship there comes acceptance. Acceptance of the person and acceptance of the circumstances and this require s strength as you know, which is gained through spiritu al practices. You know a meditator can be seen, a regular med itator can be seen a mile away. They have such a gentleness on their face. You see, let’s take the example of our dear Karen, look how gentle and beautiful her face is, you see there are many her e like that but then if I go on mentioning names, we won’t be finished until 12:00. So don’t worry about a twin soul. You have met a woman, love her, you're of course attracted because she is very beautiful, if I menti oned the word beautiful even before I started talking, I said, “You are very beautiful.” And develop a deeper and deeper u nderstanding of each other and things can go smooth and that's what we are made for, to make things smoot h. In the beginning there might be some problems and you face the problems, analyse them and whatever little suffering comes, remember you are learning from it. Say for example a pot is dirty in which you have cooked, fatty, then you got to use steel wool to scrub the pot. The poor pot must be getting hurt, you see. So it is also a cleaning process. There is a saying in English that in every adversity th er e is an opportunity and you learn from everything.

3. DK - 8 5 - 2 within nature there is no such things as accident. Everything is systematic and it is systematic because it works according to the laws of nature. It’s only when we have a body you know that our mind start swirling around you know and becomes confused that you’d find things tha t you would call accidents because you can only attract what you deserve . Divinity never gives you what you want, but divinity gives you what you need and that is how nature functions. People start demanding from god, “Throw me a million Kroners on my lap ” or have a 20 roomed mansion. You will have it if you deserve it, or otherwise you will get according to your need and the purpose of getting according to your need is that it is trying to evolve you because we are bound up in this force of nature that is always pulling you back home to divinity and for that, we have to work out the impressions that we call karma, you see whatever you sow, you will reap. You can’t sow onions and expect potatoes to grow. So everything that happens is not by t he will of god, he is just an energy. It is – it is a neutral energy. So anything that happens to us or any circumstances we come into has been created by none other than yourself. You see, now the same principle applies to the woman or the man that are in love with each other, because in a previous existence there was this great deep bond. So when your soul which is to repeat the combination of mind and spirit, on the other dimension it starts evaluating how you should be born and where you should be born. Yeah, that div ine energy being neutral does not do anyone any favours, it’s the energy, the stable energy, the foundation of all existence. You see, so on the other dimension y our soul works out the future birth and because the bond being so great between your beloved, she or he will also take birth at the same time you are born. In the same period, I don’t mean on the same day or same time. I can give you examples of so many of our meditators, the one lived in South Africa and the boy lived in Australia and they just me t, they lo ve each other, they got married, they got two children and I can quo te hundreds of cases like these. Because of that bond, they get together. Never mind in what corner of the world you're living in. You see, now if in a previous life there was no strong bond, then in this life you can find someone with whom you can form that strong bond. And if it ’ s strong enough, it wil l lead over into the next life. Like in English we have a saying that these two pe ople are like two peas in a pod. Have you seen, as you observe around you that a very handsome man marries a plain looking woman, and people say, “What did he see in her?” or a very beautiful woman marries not so good looking man like me? I'm joking, I'm the handsomest guru in the world (laughs) yes, and then we said, “What did she see in he r?” one thing they d on’t realise, it is not the looks, but that inner bond that existed and play itself out. Many times people ask me, “When will I find my soul mate ?” There’s no such thing as soul mate. That soul --- there only comes a soul mate if you have created that bon d in a previous life. And then through meditation, you wil l find everyone to be beautiful. Just

4. DK - 8 5 - 2 now we said an ugly not good looking man marries a very pretty woman. So when you love someone, really love someone, you are not loving the outer portion of the person. You are really loving the inner part of the person, the spirit. So remember one thing that if you are very devoted to your spou se, your man, boy, the beloved, you are loving god first and then you are loving the person. Ye s, so through our spiritual practices, we just don’t look at the outward appearance, but we get the intuitive feeling of the person's inner self and that is the sec ret of an enduring togetherness. You see in the western world you find one d ivorce in every three marriages. Why? Because the man would look at the person’s face only and vice versa. Right and the man might say, “Oh, she’s got a very cute nose or beautiful eyes, a lovely figure, lovely legs” (laughs) you see, and then that – that is not love, it is infatuation. It’s infatuation and that wears off. If two people meet each other and says, “I've fallen in love,” I don’t believe it. There would be the first attraction cause the other person might have a beautiful mind which is very similar to yours or or talents or their ways which you would love, just wears off to say it again – wears off, rubs off. Um - hmm. Love has to grow. I’ll tell you about myself. When I – when I was young, that’s couple of hundred years ago (laughs) the system was this that t he parents arranged marriages. I'm married for about 37 years and they got me married at the age of 15. So they took me around and showed me various girls and the only thing I saw of my wife, I never spoke a word to her before marriage, they have a system you're sitting in the lounge and the girl that you want to see should bring in the tray of tea. I know while she’s putting down she readily look at her (laughs). So when we got home, I saw about 30 girls, but I liked this one that I'm ma rried to. So – so just a glimpse that's all. No discussion, no love making and then marriage which is the western custom, you know they first fall in love and many of them they have trial marriages but there there's no such thing and you’d be surprised tha t there's only one divorce in 25,000. Why? Because the two, al though it’s an arranged marriage, the two people start learning about each other and then the love starts growing. You see, so falling in love is wrong, falling means falling down. In love you d on’t fall, you get uplifted. You see, so these things come about much easier if you have a bond. There are many of you here that I've known in many lifetimes, I could see right through you, yes and that is why the mutual attraction exists. You see, there are people around the world and there are some sitting here that would be prepared to give their l ives for me because of the spiritual bond. If someone asks me, “Do you love? I say, “No, I am love.” That is how people has to become. Sincerity, honesty and a deep desire to understand the opposite person’s motivation and if you really understand the motivation, you would not condemn the person. It is your understanding, so you also develop humility in the relation ship. Understand means to stand under, if you sta nd under, you express humility and humility is very – is being very close to god. So your mergence with your

6. DK - 8 5 - 2 Umm, look at the differences in qualities that a man and woman have. A woman has far greater sympathy than a man and I don’t know why they call the woman the weaker sex, it’s not true. She has greater compassion, greater caring and so much greater patience. While the man, he is the breadwinner , aggressive, he’s the fighter to keep – to bring the beans and bread home and to see that the house is well run with the help of the wife, so the wife is compleme ntary to the husband and the husband is complementary to the wife, not complement, complementary – C - O - M - P - L - E – complementary because the man is learning all those qualities of the wife and a woman is built in that way because one of her things in life is to produce children and if the woman does not have the ability of patience and love, she will neve r be able to bring up the child. So therefore you hear it said many times that a child can do without the father, but not without the mother. Yeah, so – and on the other way around, the woman a lso learns so much from the man. Why does he work his fingers to the bone if he did not care? I'm talking of normal people of course. That is how life should be and together they progress in their lives a nd find joy and happiness. If a man wants to go and see a film, Julius Caesar and the wife wants to go and see a film Cleopatra and then there's an argument. The woman says, “I must seek your pardon, I also now want to see Julius Caesar.” So what do you do in such circumstances to avoid the quarrel? I say we forget Julius Caesar and we forget Cleopatra and rather let’s go and see Hamlet or else go to bed. < Audio skips > but make her into your twin soul. And this applies both ways, two way street. Yeah, not one way street. Good. Let’s see what we have in the magic box here. You know there was a jockey who was involv ed in a car smash and got killed. You know what a jockey is? Horse race rider. So from the hospital they took the jockey to the mortuary – mortua ry, right . But they got to have someone to identify who that person is. Now that's a normal procedure. So his trainer goes to the mortuary and there were about half a dozen corpses, so the man opens up, the man in charge of the mortuary opens up one sheet and the trainer says, “No, no it’s not him.” And then he opens the second sheet and he says, “No, not this one.” And the – and the third sheet, “No not this one,” yeah and they opened the fourth sheet, he said, “Yes, that’s Joe.” Yeah so the trainer says, “He is in death as he was in life because he was never in the first three.” (Laughs) Because only in the first three where the people win money. Yeah – yeah. There’s an Irish joke, I say I've told you to breathe already seeing that we’re talking of horses. You know Brian and his friend Flynn wanted to go into horse racing, so they went to buy two horses and put it in a stable, but in the stable there was a naughty boy there you know which the – they did not see. So Brian says to Flynn , “Now how shall we kno w which horse is yours and which horse is mine?” So they cut off the main of the one horse. So this naughty boy heard that, so after Brian and Flynn was gone, this naughty boy cut off the main of the other horse. So next morning when they came to see the h orses, both mains were cut off. Now how to decide? So then they decided, “Look we cut off the tail of one horse.” So this naughty boy was there the next day also and

1. DK - 8 5 - 2 Gururaj: And I always, yeah that’s fine. If you can – good. I'm so used to mikes. You know I always tell people to open their eyes slowly but I can’t. I have to give it a jerk because my eyelashes are too long and they s tick (laughs). Now I've been asked, specially for the newcomers here to give a brief explanation on chanting (laughs). Now I've been asked – specially for the newcomers here to give a brief explanation on chanting -- < chants > -- that is the rhythm. Now the words don’t have a meaning but the words are destined to alleviate the atmosphere. It refines the atmosphere. Now if you study the words, you’d find that the duration of the words is exactly of a duration of the person’s thought. Now you think that your t hought lasts for 15 minutes or half an hour, it does not. The maximum a thought last is 8 seconds and then after there’s a gap, you continue on that thought again. Now have you seen a cinema film? Now on the screen you find continuous movement like a perso n walking across from this side of t he room to that side and that is done because of the flywheel in the projector -- projector? Good, but the film itself is made up of frames so you have a frame, then there’s a gap and then another frame and then there's a gap, that's how a film is and that is how the human mind works. Now the other advantage of chanting is this, that if you tried it out, you'd see that you are expelling your breath, you're not breathing in. < chants > breathing hard. Now the most important part in pranayama or in breathing you can say, is expelling the air rather than inhaling. So if the ex pellation is complete, then the intake of air is automatic. Now this also apart from uplifting the atmosphere, it also creates a rh ythm within your own system. Yeah, because the chanting is rhythmic a nd your expellation is complete, so naturally it will bring a rhythm to the body. Right and when the body is brought to the rhythm, it also brings a calmness of the mind. Now, the – the m ind or the body rather is a continuation of the mind . The mind is of subtle matter is the body is of gross matter, but it is a continuum. Now for example if you can picture to yourself a large painting and lets take the colour blue. Now on one side it’ll be darker blue and it becomes, you know the painter would make the blue lighter – lighter – lighter – lighter – lighter – lightest. So that is how the body you can compare with the darker blue and the mind you can compare with the lighter blue, being subtle and you must do nine rounds because it takes about three rounds to get into it. Another great benefit you will find in after you’ve practice chanting that you feel you are not chanting and the chanting is going on automatically. So with practice yo u become the observer of the chant and that will gradually teach you how to discriminate between the small I and the big I. If people, rather than getting involved in their thoughts and emotions and if they can observe their thoughts and emotions, the powe r, the hurt of the thoughts and emotion will diminish. You see, so it has so many – many great benefits and – and specially when a group is chanting together, it creates that oneness which is – which is very important because we are a family and in a family there should always be, although not, it’s not

7. DK - 8 5 - 2 that night he cut off the tail of the other horse. So next day when Brian and Flynn came in, there was great confusion that which horse is yours and which horse is mine? So they thought, “Look there must be a way out, I tell you what we do that I take the brown one and you take the white one.” (Laug hs) It’s an Irish joke. You know there were two neighbours living next door to each other with a little lane in the middle , lane, little road, little road. Um - hmm and these two neighbours they didn’t get on well together. Now one day it happened that some dogs went through the lane and made a mess in the lane. So here the two neighbours started fighting. He says – one says to the other, “You clear up the mess,” and the other one says to the other, “You clear up the mess.” So in argument – argument – argume nt they went to court. So the judge listened to both people’s stories and could no t come to any decision. Yeah, so in the court, there was this Mullah Nasreddin , so he got up and he said, “Your honour,” he says to the judge, “Your honour, seeing that your court is to make – is made to clear up things, you better go and clear up that mess.” (Laughs) You know and then there was thi s drunk man lying in the gutter. So a policeman came up to him and – yeah and he asked the policema n , “Where am I?” so the policeman said, “You are on the corner of < 0:53:29.1 > place.” (Laughs) so the drunk says, “Forget the details, just tell me which town I am in,” (laughs) yeah. You know there was this Romeo working in an office, you know Romeo? One that chases girls, Romeo, yeah. So he gives this girl an engagement ring. So this girl says, “Can I show it to the other girls in the office?” So she did that and in 10 minutes ti me she was back furious and she gave this man such a hard slap that he fell o ff his chair. So he asked, “Did they liked the ring? Those people in the outer office?” So she says in a very crossed voice that, “They did not only liked the ring, but three of them recognis ed it.” (Laughs) Now you know what a broom is, you know that you sweep? Broom? Right. So mama broom and baby broom were in the closet, you know broom – broom closet. And baby broom always kept on asking, “Where did I come from?” and the mother always tried to avoid the que stion, but the baby broom was so insistent that the mother had to answer one day. So mama broom says, “I will tell you,” he says – she says that, “One day your father and myself we swept together”. (Laughs) You see now this joke might not sound too good in Danish but it’s a play on words, slept together and swept together. Um - hmm, but here meanwhile while they were chatti ng, papa broom was just passing, so he says, “That is nothing son, I did it while standing on < 0:57:10.6 >” (Laughs) there's plenty more, w e’ll leave some for tomorrow? Tonight I'm going to – umm — make you sing Hindi language, the words mean, Rama means lord, praise the lord. People call you by different names, the Hindus call you Ishwara, the Mohammedan people call


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