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7. DK 85 - 7 del 1 Then there were these two nuns driving in the car and they got stuck without petrol, gas. Now the garage was about half a mile away and – and they need a container. So they searched the car and the only thing they could find is a chamber pot, a pee pot. I know the English people use that very much under their beds . Do they use that in Denmark? No? Very good. Because it only creates fleas. (Laughs) Right, so the only thing they had in the car was a pee pot and so the two nuns took a walk to the garage. They filled up petrol in the pe e pot and brought it to the car. Fine ! So they wer e pouring the petrol in the car, but at that time a few young men were passing and they were standing there watching the nuns pouring in the petrol, so the one man sai d to the nun, “Madam, I don’t think this will work, but I really admire your faith.” (Lau ghs) good, we’ll have a break for coffee, yeah (laughs).

4. DK 85 - 7 del 1 suffering of spiritual masters like Krishna, Buddha, Christ was not their own sufferings, but they suffer because of the suffer ings of others. When in reality there should be no suffering at all; your inner nature is joy and bliss -- joy and bliss, but you have, in order to enjoy that and recognise that, you got to go beyond the law of opposites. I was talking about it this week, yeah that the law of opposites will always exist – always exist. If there’s black, there must be white. If there’s night, there m ust be day. If there’s pain, there must be pleasure. And people mostly are not joy seekers but pleasure see kers. You see, they want pleasures of their physical organs and pleasures of sight , of hearing, smelling, touching. In other words, pleasures are of the realm o f the senses, the five senses, as well as pain. Be sure to know and this is an indisputable law that if for one week, one day we find pleasure, then the next day, the next week, we’re gonna find pain. It is li ke a seashore going up and down. So in order to rise above pain and pleasure, you move to the centre of the seashore where the seashore does no t go up and down. How do you move to the centre is by systematically diving within yourself. And this has nothing to do with religion. If you're a Christian, I would say become a better Christian, if you're a Muslim, become a better Muslim, a Hindu a bette r Hindu, a Buddhist, a better Buddhist . In other word s, become a better human being and then you won’t find the imperfections. You see and when you reach the centre of yourself through a systematic, scientific process which is very easy, then you reach the land of joy which is above pain and pleasure and joy is perfect. I used to know a girl called Joy, that’s an English name. I thought she had so many faults, yeah, but when I eradicated my faults, I couldn’t see any faults in her anymore. So the imperf ections that we find around us in the world is nothing else but the projection of our own minds, like in the example I gave you of the tree in my garden. Now why must the mind be in such a condition to see imperfections? It is because of your thoughts an d the experiences you have gained in this lifetime and many other lifetimes if you believe in it. Now this has created impressions in the sub - conscious mind and the sub - conscious mind contains a lot of pigeonholes, pit y they are not used for pigeons but th ey are used to store all your impressions. So if any experience you have or anythi ng you see , he a r, touch or smell, immediately the lower mind sends its transmission to the sub - con scious mind and there the file of the impressions pulled out and then that is compared with the object that you're seeing, hearing, feeling, touching, etc. And then you would say that this is a dog, because you have the impression of a dog in your mind. But if you allow all those impressions to annihilate itself, or rather chuck them off through spiritual practices , then you are making direct contact with the super conscious mind . So you have the conscious mind, the sub - conscious mind and the super - conscious mind. So if the super - conscious mind – mind you I'm giving you a generalised idea, last night we went into very deep details. So if the sub - conscious mind is made clear, then – Um - hmm, then the light of the super conscious mind shines through directly into the conscious mind without any obstacle. So therefore the sub - conscious mind could be the greatest obstacle

1. DK 85 - 7 del 1 Gururaj: Shall we meditate for a moment? And those – Um - hmm, and those of you that are not meditators, we have some visitors here, and we of course welcome to the visitors. Umm, those that are not meditators, close your eyes and very gently have your awareness on your breathing. Do not concentrate on the breathing, but just a gentle awareness. Good. Open your eyes slowly and stand. For th e new people that have come to -- come here for the first time, the meaning of this greeting is that with thought, word and deed, I salute the divinity within you. And those of you new people that are here the first time, I never prepare a lecture because if I prepare a lecture, it means I will be telling you what I want to tell you. So therefore, I always leave it open to the house to ask any question they like so that I could talk about things that you want to know. Good, so let me hear some of your profo und philosophical questions. Public: Well, < 0:04:51.4 > . How do we make ourselves more perfect and also help others at the same time? And do we have to use gyan yoga in the process? And will this be of any spiritual value to our personal pathway to god - realising? Gururaj: Hmm, very beautiful. Public: < 0:05:11.1 > Gururaj: Will you translate it for those who don’t understand? I understood every word. (Laughs) Now the first part of your question was that we are imperfect and how can we become perfect ? And that is a fallacy. You are perfect as you are. If we believe divinity to be omnipresent, and divinity is regarded to be perfect, and the very word “ omnipresence ” means that is present everywhere. So how can you be imperfect? Good. Now the conception of imperfection comes only from the mind because the mind is not functioning in totality and to make the mind function in totality and recognise yourself as being perfect, we do meditation and spiritual practices. So dive deep with in yourself to the kingdom of heaven and find yourself divine within. So when you find the divinity within you, you recognise the divinity in everything around you. You see, now finding this divinity all around you, it has its own way of expression and the primary expression you would find is love for everything , and therefore our scripture say, “Love thy neighbour as thyself . ” And how can you love your neighbour as yourself if you don’t know yourself? You know the scriptures also say, “Man know thyself. ” You see, so the goal of man’s life is to know himself and the real self is not your body or your mind, but the real self is his spirit which energises the body and the mind. So the imperfections that we think we have is because we do not allow the inner s elf to express itself outwardly .

3. DK 85 - 7 del 1 body fit like any other kinds of exercises. Although one advantage it has over physical gymnastics so that it also massages – massages the inner organs. But still it’s a very small li ttle portion of yoga. Now gyan yoga is the yoga of knowledge and wisdom, yeah and through gyan yoga, one could achieve or change one’s mental attitudes. It gives you some understanding of the reality of life. But that understanding is not enough because th at understanding is just intellectual in the mind. Proper understanding is that, like food, you eat the food, t hen you digest the food, but that is not enough. That food must be assimilated into your entire system. Then only is food of value. So when a knowledge and wisdom is assimilated within one’s system, then automatically and very spontaneously you develop a different attitude in life. It makes you thing – see things very differently. I’ll give you an example, in my garden I had a tree wh ich had a very awkward shape. So a very good friend of mine tells me, he says, “ Gururaj, why don’t you have this tree cut off? It look s so ugly.” So then I started explaining him that , “ Don't look at the awkwardness of the tree, but regard it to be abstract art.” You see, and then h e started appreciating the tree. So after a few weeks when he visited me again, and to play the fool with him, I said, “You know you were right that day when you said I must cut the tree, I'm gonna have the tree cut.” So h e say s , “ No , no, no gururaj, it is so nice.” (Laughs) And that is the job of a guru. To make you look at things with a different attitude, a different perspective. Now for the new people that are here, I have a very favourite little stanza of mine which I' ve quoted many – many times, it goes like this, “Two men behind prison bars, one saw mud and the other saw stars. ” “ Two men behind prison bars, one saw mud and the other saw stars.” You see they were both in the same circumstances , in the same prison cell, but one could only see the gloom of the mud, whil e the other could see the stars, the glory of god. Right . Because of t heir different mental attitudes, the one’s mind is permeated more by the divinity within him so he could see the beauty, whi le the other has blocked the flow of divinity within him. Okay. So we can be in any circumstan ces and still see beauty in it. If you realise you are perfect, then nothing is imperfect. People might have some faults, but that does not m ake them essentially imperfect and the imperfections are because of misunderstandings within themselves . So when you can see goodness in yourself, you will see goodness outside yourself and when you see the goodness outside yourself, to repeat again, you w ill start loving everything. You develop gre ater sympathy, greater humility, great er kindness, greater compassion. You know one thing is very funny which I observed, say you're walking on the road and some other person slips on a banana peel and the react ion of most people, they laugh. Right . Is that true? You see someone slip ping on a banana peel, he falls, we start laughing ha ha ha (laughs) and because of that principle, Charlie Chaplin made millions, because he knew the normal human min d. If I see someone slip on a banana peel, I would feel hurt knowing that poor person got hurt. That’s compassion, that’s love. The

5. DK 85 - 7 del 1 in making you think that you are imperfect. You see, now the super - conscious mind could be compared to a clear glass and the light of divinity could shine through in its full force, directl y into the conscious mind so that all your thoughts are good. Every action you perform is good. People that are new here can ask some of our old meditators a nd teachers that are around me that you just think of a thing and it happens. Now – now – now when I came down here, I asked Jyotima to make me a cup of tea, but the milk was in < 0:37:37.7 Danjee’s > room and Danjee’s room was locked. So I just thought I must have milk, actually I said it to her and immediately Danjee just turned up and I said, “Get the milk from your room.” Just happens, it just happens. From here I'm holding a course in Spain – in Spain, Espanol and then from there my next course from there would be in England . So here a lady from America, I told this story to the others, here from America she wanted to come to the course in England , but she tried so hard and could not get a booking, and the earliest booking she could get was nearly when the course was over. So s he phoned me, to South Africa, so I told her don’t worry Vidya, you go to the travel agent tomorrow morning first thing , even before you wake up (laughs). So she went and this travel agent said that “Just this morning someone cancelled a ticket and you can have it.” You see how simple it is, how universal the mind is, where you can send a thought from here and it reaches thousands of miles away, only if you have that purity. Tonight , for example , for the meditators, to remind them again, we’re having the midnight special. I'm saying this to remind you people again that quarter to 12:00 you will start meditating in your rooms, no parties tonight (laughs) fine. And I will be in my room meditating an d you will see what experiences you will have. Yes, we’ve done this in America and in England with tremendous success. Bhavna you were on that course I think, were you? And of course the next morning people started talking about the experiences. Yeah, so j ust when the course was ending, one lady comes up to me and she says, “Gururji, I couldn’t say this in public to you, ” so I said, “You got any problems? ” So she says, “No problem at all, but during the midnight special, something happened.” I said, “What h appened?” So she tells me that “ The experience I had was that guruji you were making love to me.” Oh my god!! (Laughs) – come on!! You know for the new people that are here, we have a motto that originated in America, the three L ’ s that stands for Life, La ugh and Laughter . Look everything in the world is laughing, celebrating and every moment should be a celebration. Look at the trees swaying in th e wind , they're celebrating, the wind blowing through the leaves, what a beautiful symphony, it ’ s a celebration to look at the grass swaying in such a beautiful dance, and everything, by the way the grass does not do disco dance. And what is this other one that breaks your back?

2. DK 85 - 7 del 1 If a perso n keeps on repeating to himself, “I'm a sinner,” “I'm a sinner,” “I'm a sinner,” and that is one of the greatest lies perpetrated on people by all the theologies. And the reason they did that is when they found t hey cannot keep people in ch urch with love; they try to keep people with fear , that you are a sinner. You see, so when it comes to any organised religion, and it is because of the fear implanted, people go to church. They talk of eternal damnation . How – it’ s a contradiction of terms, if god is omnipresent, then where is the place for eternal damnation? You see, so if you say you're weak, you're weak, you're weak, you will become weaker. It is negative affirmations which you yourse lf are implanting in your mind, but if you say to yourself, “I'm strong,” “I'm strong,” “I'm strong,” you become stronger. I said this – this in some lectures somewhere and I lecture around the world and I – well I gave the example of a French man called < 0:11:58.2 Emil e Koehl > . He opened up his first clinic in France and the only treatment he gave was affirmations and the formula was very simple, that every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep, you repeat to yourself over and over again that I am feelin g better and better and better. < 0:12:42.5 > (laughs) I never said it ’ s a butter – butter . Do you see ? And he has been very successful, yes so if we think we are imperfect, then be sure to know that is just a very small fraction of your mind that is operating. And as I explained you last night on the chart, those are functions of the lower mind and then feeling that we are imperfect, we always find imperfection in others. If something goes wrong in our lives then we start blaming others. The h usband blames the wife and the wife blames the husband, yeah right – right and then if we can’t get away with that, because sometimes when the husband starts blaming the wife, she picks up the rolling pin, yes and then when that can’t work, then we bl ame our teachers, our ministers, pastors. And when we can’t get away with that, we blame the guru and still if we can’t get away with that, we blame god. God is a divine neutral energy; he has nothing to do with your perfections or so called imperfections because t he neutral energy is very just. Why should one person have all the good fortune in life, having all the things he needs, and another person does not even have a slice of bread to eat. That’s nothing to do with god. It has only to do with you your self. You create your own circumstances by the thoughts you think. Doctors have proved that – that a 100% of physical illnesses are caused by the mind and those spiritual masters that have the ability, could see through a person’s mind and tell you what physical ailment you're going to suffer in three mo n ths ’ time . As a matter of fact we did that this afternoon on a lady and told her what was going to happen and we alert him. Um - hmm, now as I said before, imperfection is a misconception of the mind. Now you mentioned gyan yoga which is the yoga of wisdom . Yeah and yoga means to be in union . It is so misunderstood in the west when you mentioned yoga that you turn yourself in awkward positions and put your leg around your head and all that. That is only a very small portion of yoga which keeps your

6. DK 85 - 7 del 1 Translator: Break dance Gururaj: Break dance (laughs) . So for the new people that are here, I would like to say that you find with us the deepest wisdom you require and I also make it fun, because wisdom or philosophy or metaphysics does not < 0:44:37.9 > dry as dust. You see, so now he re we come back to imperfection, you are not imperfect. If there are any problems in your lives, remember those problems have come about to teach you something and life itself is a school to learn, or otherwise you would not be born here. There are only ve ry few people that do not get born again and those are the self - realised men or women. Because they’ve got nothing more to learn and then you have the avataras like Christ, Krishna, Buddha, we were talking about it this morning. Umm - hmm, they get born, they don’t need to, but they get born for the purpose to help others and teach. But 99.999999999 stop me -- percent of people are born to learn. So regard any problem a something that you learn from. No problem can exist if it has n ot the solution built in it. For in every problem, the solution is there. You see, in every lump of sugar there’re sweetness’s there. And then its’ nearly an hour. Now it’s a bit of laughter time. What – what we are going to do < audio skips > is break – yea h, 10 - 15 minutes break and then we meet agai n and we leave the session open, yeah, for any questions you want to ask. Anything you like and how to bake a cake, or how to do your hair or what kind of makeup you use, which – which really you should not (laughs). You know this young man was very bored with his job. He was a digger. So he went to ask an elderly person , so he says, this elderly person says that you should not be bored with digging is one job, we always start from the top (laughs). You know these two men were drinking in a pub and so the one says, “ Oh come have another drink.” So this fellow says, “ No, no, no . ” So this other frie nd says, “What are you? A man or a mouse? ” So this fellow replies, “I definitely am a man, because my wife is afraid of mice.” (Laughs) Then you see this lawyer – this lawyer had a TV set and something was wrong and so he phoned the TV man who came and this TV man just fixed up the television in one minute. So the lawyer asked, “How much do I owe you?” So he said, “500 Kroner.” So the lawyer says, “So much for one minute work ? Look I as a lawyer don’t charge so much for a minute.” So the TV man repli es that “When I was a lawyer, I didn’t charge so much either.” (Laughs) you know – you know village – village, small village, city man was passing and he wanted to know the time, so the only person he could see was a milkmaid milking a cow. So he said, “Ex cuse me miss, could you tell me what the time is?” So what the milk maid did was lifted up the cow’s other and said, “It is 10:45.” This man was surprised; he said that “By lifting up a cow’s other, you can tell the time?” So the milkmaid explains that, “When I lift the other, I could see the clock of the town hall.” (Laughs)


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