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2. SA76-16 lives. No man should really suffer. Man suffers because of ignorance because he does not want to bring out the divinity which is within him and which is his birth right. It is his birth right to unfold that divinity so that could permeate every breath he takes. It could permeate every step he takes in life and everything else in all his relationships they would shine this one beautiful quality of that deep love which is only he and he only known in so many ways and in so many words, but the word that I love best to describe that divinity is love. So when I read this on this question and then of course lot of children had made little paintings and the poems and which is so – so beautiful and enjoyable and this letter from Preity cause such a stir there of the deep understanding of 11 year old meditator. So we can see – we can see that if – if a child’s mind can grasp these understandings and feel them, because here every word is so powerful, so so powerful you can – you can hear it come – it comes so –from deep within. This is not the work of a mind, thinking mind, it is the work of some inner power that just pours itself out perhaps through the mind. So the mind here is only an instrument and we that meditate regularly will develop far deeper and deeper understandings and not only develop understandings, but find the peace that passeth all understanding and that is what we want, that is what we want in life, the peace that passeth all understanding because we not only gain peace, but we become peace and that is our birth right. So peace, love, god, all these terms are synonymous, they all mean the one and the same thing. So I say again, please do meditate regularly, it is for your own – own benefit. There are such divine forces at work that through these practices you awaken that which is dormant of you. You awaken the beauty that is dormant. Most people live a life, a beautiful bud, but that bud has to be fed and nourished, cared for. That flower bud has to be nourished, cared for, nurtured so that it opens up into the beautiful flower so that it would be doing its dharma. It would be doing its duty in life by opening itself and also by making its environment beautiful as well. So these are the things we aim for and I’m so happy to say – so happy to share this joy with people now growing rapidly throughout the world. This is the message. In olden times, say 2,000 years ago, if you told a person, you must believe, you must have faith. They listened to that. When times changed, the same eternal truths are brought about in different ways, basically all truth is one. 2,000 years ago we could say, “Believe and have faith,” and people were prepared, their minds were of that level to accept this, to believe and to have faith. Today the wor ld has changed. The world has changed if you ask the younger generation to believe and have faith, they would tell you straight, “You’re talking nonsense what must I believe in? Why must I have faith?” This is the answer you will get. But if you put the same teachings to them in a manner suited for today, you talk to them about the construction of the universe which is nothing but vibration and vibration exist in the subtle level and it exists in the grosser level as well like vapour and ice but the essence is the same. The H2O I always talk about and by

3. SA76-16 telling them this in a scientific manner that a person can, through meditation, go deeper and deeper and deeper within oneself and touch this subtlest level of oneself, the subtlest vibration of oneself, then they would be prepared to do that. Right and by touching the subtlest level within our self, we are contacting divinity. You see, so the meaning is the same and by them having the experience of being able to touch the subtlest level, explain to them in scientific terms and methods given to them scientifically. Once they have this little glimpse, then they start believing and they start having faith. You see. So the message of truth, the message of divinity will always – always – always eternally remain the same. There is no difference, but as times changed, the message has to be given out in a different form and manner so that people can understand, not only understand but then they would accept, and when they accept, then they would practice and when they practice, they benefit themselves and when they benefit themselves by unfolding themselves, all joy of the universe is theirs and that is the way. So the message we give to the world is none different than the message that was given 2,000 years ago or 2,500 years ago or 3,000 years ago. It’s exactly the same. Okay? That’s the short talk. Fine (laughs). Good. Public: Guruji, I’d like to < 0:12:53.2 > ask question, but some little experience happened yesterday and < 0:12:59.7 > Gururaj: (Laughs) Thank you. P ublic: Now a friend of mine, I attended his funeral yesterday. He died after he had a cancer – umm -- < 0:13:15.4 >and he had come to found relief that everything was a chemical reaction and when he went into the ground, that was the end of it. What came to m e at the funeral yesterday watching all his family crying their eyes out which they should have done while he was ill. Now he’s < 0:13:39.0 > happy. – Umm – was the fact that when he left his body, if he were right, he would never know , but if he were wrong, if < 0:13:52.5 > Gururaj: Yes, that is very true – that is very true. Yes, there are people who would only accept that which the five physical senses can perceive. Seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, right that is all that they would accept because they are so limited, they are so limited to the physical selves and the mind is none other than physical too. It is just a difference in degree, it is all still matter and those are the people which we tend to call materialists. Fine. But whoever says that I am a materialist, I say good, very fine, you are a materialist. Now whatever you call material, I call spiritual. No difference – no difference. Whatever you call material, I call spiritual. In your own body which you call to be material, there are systems

4. SA76-16 fu nctioning there. There are millions of universes in your own body where each cell has its own proper place, where each cell functions in a certain particular way. Now what do you think makes those things function in a certain particular way? What puts order into that? Then he says, “Yes, that is true. there is a system.” I say, “Ah, what you call system, I call god.” Right, good. What you call system, I call god. So we agreed. So he is a material spiritualist today (laughs) yes, yes <0:15:44.3> good. Next? Public: Gururaj, if the soul < 0:15:50.2 > Gururaj: Of course not. Public: Therefore it would be an experienced part of his karmic experience to realise what it was to live without understanding of it? Gururaj: That is very true. That is very true. Therefore even the bible says that do not condemn the sinner, but condemn the sin. Right. Now the – although this might not be sinful or sinless or whatever, but the principle behind it is this that if man does not realise that there is a higher power, if he does not want to accept it, please we must also regard that to be part and parcel of his training. Part and parcel of his training to reach greater heights. Yes, because it does happen that the world’s greatest sceptic can become the greatest believer once he has a little experience. Today people want to experience first and then believe and have faith later. Olden times it was the other way round. Through their belief and faith they would experience something. Today no, they want to experience. If you give them a cup of tea, they want to taste it first to see if it is sweet. But they would not take your word at look your tea has already been sugared. Right. Now – now that is the mind and mentality of this modern technological age. That is the mentality of this modern technological age where everything has to be proven in a test tube, otherwise it is no good. Good. So all the advance technology has brought to us, has it really evolved man? Has it really benefitted humanity? No, it has not. It has not. Evolutionarily they remain the same as they were 5,000 years ago – 5,000 years ago and so therefore we have devised the systems whereby oh you want experience first? By all means we give you the experience first and then see what follows. Then we leave it to you if you want to believe or if you want to have faith. We leave it to you entirely and that is the mind of the world today because people are more and more operating on the level of the mind and less and less on the level of the heart. Now that is where our system differs from most of the systems in the world where without practices these are simultaneous development of mind and heart. The heart feels the joy and the mind appreciates the

5. SA76-16 joy. The – the heart feels it and the mind appreciates. So therefore this is the message of today, age old, but presented in – in its modern context as I said. Yes, good fine. Anyone else? Public: Could you tell us something about intuition? Is it emotional or intellectual? Gururaj: Aha, beautiful! Intuition is – intuition is neither intellectual and intuition is neither emotional. Although the intellect and the emotions play a part, but the part emotion and intellect play would be the part of instruments. They would be instruments through which intuition is portrayed. If we could use the analogy of a flute, right, the flute with all its holes in it that could be regarded as the intellect and it could be regarded as the emotions. Good. But intuition is a beautiful breath of air that flows through it, that is intuition. Now to reach intuition, to find proper intuition is to reach the level that is deep within us. At that level, the subtle vibrations existing in all mankind comes – becomes intuned with all vibration around him so that tuning in is intuition. When you tune in to the subtlest level within one self and everybody has experienced this, everybody has had glimpses of this where just without logic, without intellect, intellect is logic, without intellect or without feeling, they just know something is right. In other words, intuition is also knowingness. Now that knowingness is interpreted by us through mind and heart. That intuition is interpreted by us through emotion and intellect. Now how clean and how pure is the – the heart and the intellect has a lot to do with getti ng the full impact of the intuition. Now there are certain moments when the heart is still, when the intellect is still, the mind is still and the feelings are calm. They reach a stage of tranquillity and then that is the time where that inner voice or the intuition just rushes forth without rhyme, without reason, it questions not and neither does it want answers. It just does. It just does because it is just is. It is and it just does. That is the intuition. Now through meditational practices, we bring that lovely level of calmness to ourselves, to our minds and the bodies and we give into the intuition its full range of play. Then it plays and in its play, it answers those questions which the mind or the heart might not even know or could answer. It would be like this little essay from Preity where the deeper self of one just pause out and the mind cannot yet explain it to her. So the purity, the innocence, the child likeness that comes into our lives through these various modes of living or practices, that is how we allow intuition to reign full, to govern us and if we allow intuition to govern us, if we allow the purity of intuition which is synonymous with divinity, if we allow that to govern our every action in life, then the intellect and the heart can do nothing else but just obey. Then the – then the feelings, the emotions and the mind becomes slaves, they become slaves to this higher power which is intuition. Yes, and that is why when a person reaches a high stage of evolution, he functions more on the intuitive plain. He functions more from that level where everything he does just seems to be right. Every step he takes just seems to be in the right direction all the time because he is entirely guided without using the intellect or without

6. SA76-16 using emotion, he is just guided in a direction which is according to the laws of nature and his flow with nature is a natural flow. It’s a spontaneous flow, it’s a coordinated flow. Yes, yes, a coordinated flow and a harmonious flow. So then life really becomes joyful because we allow that which is higher than ourselves to take us over in his hand and we just become a slave of it. We regard the mind and the emotion as instruments like the reed, the flute and this divine melody, just play straight, bring harmony within the flute and to all those around that are listening. So the vibrations – so the vibrations that is produced through our intuition is always and always will be in harmony and in tune with the vibrations around us, always. And that is how – that is how people achieve, great people achieve greatness. When I say great people I mean spiritually unfolded people. That is how their greatness is to be known and the greatness is to be measured. How the intuitive flow just flows and flows and flows and every word said, every word spoken, every thought that is thought in the mind is just harmony – harmony – harmony and nothing but harmony and harmony is love. So intuition has such a wide range that produces harmony, it shows us the truth and it effects our intellect also in its contemplations of the truth where it is automatically and spontaneously guided into thinking right. So we have right thought. When we have right thought, our actions becomes right. Good. Now thinking and acting would necessarily have feelin g and the feeling aspect of man, because of this overpowering surge of intuition, is also affected and guided thereby. So action, thinking, feeling, act in harmony become one – become one – become one. It is the same fuel, it’s the same fuel that –that goes through the carburettor of the motor car, same petrol that works each and every pistons in the engine that gives it power. So that is intuition. That is the real feeling within us. That is even beyond the range of feeling, the real truth within us or the real reality within us. That is intuition and that is where we want to reach. That plain –that plain. But to reach intuition we got to have tuision in meditation (laughs). It’s 12, shall we call it a day? Public: Yes. Gururaj: I’m not feeling too bright. Okay fine. Public: < 0:27:28.8 > Gururaj: Shall we have our shanti path, the hymn of peace? (Chants shanti path)

1. SA76-16 December 1976, Satsang 16 – Satsang 16, 4 th of December, 1976, Satsang 16 Gururaj: (Chants prayer) let us discuss a few things, it’ll be nice. Yes. Oh by the way while I was there in England, at some hall a woman asked a question about children. So of course I answered that we have children’s techniques. For example this little young man over there would <0:01:41.5> yes of course I answered the question that meditation is not for adults only, but there are special children’s techniques – yes – where there are special children’s techniques and where the children grow in far greater tranquillity where they could apply themselves better to their school work and become nice little children to have around (laughs). Nevertheless that very day, that very morning I had to see a little essay which Preity wrote and so – and just that night this question about children should be asked so I had the letter in my pocket and I want to read it to you. Yes, this shows what great understanding 11 year old child could develop. Let me read that. “With your third eye you see god. The end and beginning of new man is eternal life. There is none further and no higher stage. My eye and god’s eye are one and the same one in seeing, one in knowing and one in loving. The more and mo re gross and is rooted in love, in god, he is ever ready to welcome any struggle, any trial, adversity or suffering and offer that willingly, gladly and joyfully with love. Strong wine, fat meat, peppery things have no real taste, real taste is plain and simple. The song of birds, the voices of insects are all means of carrying truth to the mind. My body is god’s, my mind is god’s, my self being is god’s. All one blow into nothing and no one and if I am not there, I know who is.” It is beautiful understanding of the 11 year old meditator. How these understandings dawn through meditation is a process that could never really be explained. When a child of 11 could use such words, where all seeing becomes one and where the individual eye, the physical eye in this sense and god’s eye become one and now we as human beings can not only look through our eyes, but through the eyes of god. With the beautiful understanding, the deep philosophy and she goes on to say that it’s all one. The one in seeing, the one in knowing and it is he, the one in loving. Oh yes, and the more we grow and get rooted in love, the more are we closer to god, because when we have the strength of the inner self, when we, through our meditations draw out the divinity that is within us and then because of that strength we welcome any struggle, any trial, any adversity or suffering and – and offer that willingly, gladly and joyfully with love. You see, so how we gain now how a child could perceive this, conceive this, it is his will. It’s – it’s miraculous. The child of 11 to develop such deeper understanding and then she goes on to say here that there is divinity in everything, everything existent is just filled with divinity and so poetically she says the song of the birds, the voices of insects are all means of carrying truth to the mind. So the observation all around us, everything around us brings to us only one message and that message is of divinity who resides within us and it is through our meditational practices that we can bring out, we can let that divinity flower in our


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