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3. ES Hemisferios.Dios personal-impersonal-01 Big Bang Theory. Now because of this explosion everything shot forth in all directions and that is not manifestation, that is creation. So all theologies lead us to the point of creation but not manifestation because manifestation is a further step. Very good. So that is why theology teaches us that god created the world, and – and theology also says that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Now science would deny this because they maintained that it took millions and millions of years of this gaseous matter to condense itself, even this very earth planet took millions and millions of years to cool down so that there could be growth of life. Good, but science is right on a very lower level and theology is right on a higher level. Now what we call days could have been seconds. So the creation of this universe was in six seconds, for that very primal explosion when the gaseous matter condensed so much, but it had to explode, that happened in six seconds. So religion is right and when we say god rested on the seventh day, it means that that very explosion, the gaseous matter had to have time to condense itself further to rest. So from this primal self, in the force of this explosion, evolution occurred and in this process of evolution we are a product right in the middle, at this moment, in that force. So now gas is also matter and with it condensing itself more, it became mineral first in tiny specs and all those specs combining made vaster and vaster amounts of material. Now this material coming from that primal explosion and this very first manifestation from the manifestor, the impersonal god contains within itself the consciousness of the impersonal god. So we come to the conclusion that manifestation is consciousness. So that very consciousness is in gaseous matter as well as in solid matter. When we see a piece of stone, we think the stone is dead, but the stone is alive. Because within that stone there is so much motion and that very motion is life. For that little stone contains within itself millions of atoms and the very existence or life of an atom depends upon the nucleus and electrons and protons whirling around inside it. And that very motion within the stone is life and consciousness. So whenever you see a stone, have great respect for it, for it also has life. Now it is the nature of consciousness to express itself in its fullness and added with the force of the explosion which in turn is evolution, the consciousness of this stone has to expand more. So from that primal or primary consciousness in its evolution assumed plant life. Now it has been proven, as some of you would know, that a plant has feeling. Experiments have been made where plants, various plants in a room were wired up to an electronic machine and when one plant was burnt with a cigarette, all the other plants felt it also and it was recorded on the machine. Right, so here in the stage of stone, mineral kingdom, because the same consciousness exists, there is a oneness from each stone to another stone to another stone, but a consciousness undevelops and without feeling. So the next step would be the development of feeling in the plant kingdom and the very idea of the pain of one plant being felt by the other plants shows the oneness of consciousness between all plant life. Now, this consciousness still has to expand more, so it ex panded into the animal kingdom and the expansion brought about additional qualities in the animals and the major quality was instinct. The – some form of higher animals are nearly like human. You take a dog, for example, the master is still three or four blocks away down the street and the

4. ES Hemisferios.Dios personal-impersonal-01 dog senses my master is coming and it runs to the gate. And this is the experience of anyone that owns a dog. So developing this instinctive ability was an expansion or an unfoldment of the same primal consciousness. Bu t consciousness having by its nature, the totality of expression cannot just stop at the animal level. It has to go to the next step from the feeling level to the thinking level and that is how man came about in this process of evolution. Now remember that this is not the sole right or the monopoly of this planet earth alone, this is happening in so many thousands and thousands of planets in the universe. As the primal cell has the ability to duplicate and replicate and multiply, so too this earth also has multiplied – multiplied itself and there are thousands and thousands and thousands of planets earth in the universe just like us. So remember when you think of your friends on this world, remember you might also have some cousin like you on some other planet. (Laughs) You see, what I'm trying to point out to you is the oneness of everything and how everything is connected. I'm sitting here and you are sitting there and you think there is a space between us, but there is not because we are all connected with a very fine matter which the eyes cannot see. Now up to the stage of man, everything has been going on the mineral, plant, animal with the force of nature, with the force of evolution and very naturally. We can never say that this rock or stone is imperfect. We can never say –

1. ES Hemisferios.Dios personal-impersonal-01 Gururaj: -- then after the morning he was tired and left it, then the inspiration dawn ed. So what happened there? That the left hemisphere of the brain, the thinking part of the brain was given a rest because the left hemisphere of the brain is the analytic al , thinking, verbalising brain, but the right hemisphere of the brain is – is the intuitive part of the brain and meditation teaches you and helps you to form the connection from the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere. It works on neurons and electrical synopsises and through meditation those impulses become more powerful so that the analytical brain could grasp the intuitional part of the brain and the intuitional part of the brain has a connection with the universal mind, the universal mind that contains all the answers. So all these great inventions never came from analysis or the thinking mind, it is only when these great men stop the thinking processes and just left it, the solution dawned. That is how discoveries come, that is why there’s a common saying in English that if a certain thing has to be done, you say, “Let me sleep over it.” Right. It means that let me not think about it now, let me get it out of my thoughts . And this is everyone's experience. If you – if you try very hard to remember someone’s name, you can’t remember it but you just forget it and then suddenly you remember. Do you see? Good then, we can end tonight. So there was this -- this man who , someone went to him and he says, everyone – it’s a little joke – everyone went to him and said that – someone went to him and said that everyone put their noses in your business, is there similar saying in Spanish? Translator: Yeah. Gururaj: Similar saying? Translator: Yeah similar saying. Gururaj: Yeah that they put their – everybody put their noses into your business. So this man says, “I don’t mind because I'm a handkerchief manufacturer.” (Laughs) Okay then. ( Another audio starts ) --- This Englishman, there was this Englishman, American and a Spaniard. So while they were talking one evening having a few drinks, they asked a question that if we should wake up tomorrow morning and find ourselves to be millionaires, what will we do? So the Englishman says he’ll buy a farm and the American says he will go to Paris and have a nice time, but the Spanish man says that, “I will go back to sleep again and see if I can make another million.” (Laughs)

2. ES Hemisferios.Dios personal-impersonal-01 Good, what shall we talk about today? I think there was a question, what was the question? Will you repeat it? Was that a question or a lecture? (Laughs) Translator: The question is, if in the beginning everything was perfect, how the perfect degenerate into the imperfect? How can that be possible? Gururaj: In the Sanskrit scriptures there is a beautiful stanza, a Shloka, it says that from fullness comes fullness and all is fullness. So if divinity is perfect, man asks himself where does this imperfection come from? Now the question remain, is divini ty perfect or is divinity imperfect? Now, to answer this, we will have to go back to primal creation. Now there are, in reality, two gods, the impersonal god and the personal god. Now the impersonal god is a totally neutral energy subtler than the subtlest and finer than the finest and totally still. But within the stillness, as this flower is being still here, it still has the ability to give off fragrance. Now this fragrance that is given off by the flower is not created by the flower, but it is the nature of the flower to give off fragrance. Now the nature of the impersonal god, which we can’t really call nature but for the lack of language we call it nature. So it is the nature of the impersonal intangible god to manifest. So the impersonal god does not create but the impersonal god manifests. Now the first form of manifestation was in the form of vibration, very subtle vibration. Now wherever there is vibration there has to be motion and because of the inherent motion in the vibration, it started becoming grosser and this very grossness of the vibration in turn condensed itself into gaseous matter, as science has proved. Now, you must remember what the bible says that first was the word and the word was with god and the word is god. So the primal vibration is the word. Now this word changed itself by gr ossifying itself into gaseous matter. Now as this gaseous matter condensed itself more and more, it became so condensed that it could not carry its weight any more like a cloud, when it becomes heavy it has to rain. So – so as this gaseous matter became more and more condensed, there was only one way for it, it had to explode and this explosion sent forth all the various forms of atoms that created this universe. Now, it is the nature of the atoms to duplicate itself and replicate itself and multiply itself and in this process of duplication and as you would know that all cells, like even the amoeba regenerates itself. So the one cell started becoming many cells. If man can know the entirety of one cell, he will know the whole universe. Now this has been proven very recently in a kind of photography which is called holography. You might have heard of holography, you have it in Spain? Yeah. Now holographic picture that if you break the picture into just one small little piece, the entire picture is contained in that one little piece. So in the plate of that picture every little grain contains the entirety of that picture. So the primal cell has within itself the ent irety of the universe. We are the product of this vast explosion which scientists call The Big Bang. You might have heard of The


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