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1. UK 82-8 Gururaj. What shall we talk about today? Questioner. Beloved Guruji, I have read this question many times but it still you’ve spoken of the coming of the Avatar that great blessings will be bestowed on those who are able to be in his presence, who have ears to hear him, eyes to see him and know him in their hearts. On several occasions in the last six months, talking with friends about the coming of an Avatar or Christ spirit in human form, my friends have discounted the importance of such a coming and the value of knowing and working with such a man. They say the Christ spirit is all around us now for us to call upon. We are all Christs, they say. Why is there any need for a further incarnation? I know somewhat why they say what they say, but I cannot agree. However in answer I cannot seem to fully express the joy I feel in my heart at this coming, the inestimable value of finding the Avatar, knowing him and learning how to accept and love myself by accepting him. Can you help me put into words for my friends the message I want to convey, the burning I feel in my heart, the way to explain the joy of his presence among us all on earth and the unique opportunity for all mankind to make giant steps of growth, in this time? Gururaj. Is that chapter one? So what is the Christ spirit? The Christ spirit is a universal consciousness that was, is, and always will be. That universal consciousness, in the present state of evolution of mankind remains abstract. Now, with the limited resources we have on hand, how could one capture within ourselves that universal spirit that was, is, and always will be? When we talk of a universal consciousness, which we could call Krishna consciousness, Buddha consciousness, Christ consciousness, these are all labels, there is only one consciousness. But now to capture that, to recognise that what would be the requirements. Firstly, we would have to ask what is that consciousness. How come that consciousness known to be omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, how could that be captured into our lives? What gives it its omnipresentness? It can only be omnipresent because it is eternal, that which is never born and that which would never die. What is the necessity of that vastness to embody itself into a little frame? What is the necessity? That consciousness can be captured by man, by highly evolved man who has found himself to be one with that consciousness. That consciousness although omnipresent, is obscured by us and it is not through goodness of man that that consciousness embodies itself. That consciousness can only embody itself because of the so-called evil in the world. So it means this, that we draw onto this planet earth that embodied consciousness. That embodied consciousness does not take embodiment by its own accord. We are the ones that draw it to us. As everything emanates, the human being emanates a certain kind of thought force, which in occult language is called aura. So a city, a town has its own aura because of all the thought forces that are in that town. A city has its aura; a country has its aura. The world has its own aura. Now that aura or that emanation creates the condition, creates the attraction for that universal consciousness to embody itself for one purpose only, is to bring about a balance.

2. UK 82-8 For example the Gita would say that ‘When evil rises and injustice is done I take birth from age to age’. Now that ‘I’ does not mean the body of Krishna, or the physical frame of Jesus. It means that universal consciousness. Do you know the problem that universal consciousness has to go through to embody itself? From that vastness, it has to go through all the processes of retrogressive evolution, not progressive evolution, but retrogressive evolution, going through all the various kingdoms that we know of, mineral, plant, animal and then to man. Now that is the real suffering of Christ, not the things that happens in the world. Not the oppositions he had, the Sadducees, the Pharisees, the Sanhedrins, the Zealots, the Romans. That was no suffering. Because a highly developed spiritual person, he takes these things with a pinch of salt. It does not matter. But from this vastness to bring himself down to our level, that is the real suffering. And we draw him to us by the imbalances that are created in this world. He does not come of his own accord, but because of the imbalances, we attract him to bring about a balance. You'll always find in the world's history, over thousands and thousands and thousands of years, that when these imbalances occur there has to be a counter balance. This world has always been one of conflict. The entire universe operates on conflict because you have these conflicting forces like matter and anti-matter etc were not there then this world, this universe will just collapse. It will have no existence. So, it is in Sanskrit the three Gunas in play, Sattva which stands for purity, Rajas the activating factor, and Tamas Inertia. So Rajas activates Sattva and Tamas in its conflict to keep this world going. But there comes a time when Tamas or inertia or ignorance or darkness takes precedence and becomes prominent and then that balancing factor is needed. So, from this vastness of the universe, going down through all the gradations, that universal force comes down in an embodied form. Now, this universal force is in each and every one of you. It is there, but in latent form, in dormant form which can be awakened. For if everyone had that awakening, there would be no necessity of that universal force to take on a little frail body. You will see in history that all these great Masters that represent this universal force, only start teaching after the age of thirty. Because going through this vast strata of different evolutionary stages, it too, he too ha s to open himself and recognise himself to the extent that I am that universal force. And therefore he has to go through the motions and the life of like any ordinary person until he realises, until he develops the awareness, until he finds out, unti l he finds the answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’, and he discovers that I am that universal force. Now, how to recognise a person of that stature? That is the question. If Buddha or Jesus would be going down the road, he would be arrested for vagrancy. A great, great spiritual man might pass you and you might not know him. Why?

3. UK 82-8 Is because your awareness has not been sufficiently developed? And as I would say over and over again that the only way to develop that awareness is meditation and spiritual practices, whereby we could recognise who the person really is. We find somebody to be good because we only know part of him. And we find someone to be bad, to use common terminology, there's no good and there's no bad, to use the common terminology, we project ourselves on to that person. The person has certain qualities which are conducive to ours and we say he is good. He might have other qualities that are not conducive to us because of our non-recognition of it, then we say he is bad. The recognition depends entirely upon us. It is we that can know or not know, depending upon the extent of our awareness. So from this vastness of the universe, of the universal spirit is embodied in totality, in that little frame which we call man, five foot six, five foot seven, five foot ten, whatever. Now, the teachings he would give might be hard to accept because we don't understand it. And that is why Jesus had to speak a lot in parables. But one thing is sure that from time to time these Avatars or Incarnations, great Masters must make an appearance. For this world will function the way it is functioning now and it will carry on for billions and billions of years? So although that one universal force descends to us , it can assume various different forms and we call that universal being by different names. There, to repeat again, consciousness is only one, consciousness is all pervading and he that can express that consciousness to the fullest is the true representative of God, true representative of God. Now when we say God, we do not mean the impersonal energy we spoke about, we mean the Personal God, the activating that force that is in the universe, which in turn, the Impersonal God is but a manifestation of the Impersonal God, such as heat is a manifestation of fire. Coldness is the nature of ice. And because of this connection, we call the Avatar the son of the Supreme God, because it is His emanation. Now, the Personal God can only represent the totality of all that which is relative, from the grossest level to the subtlest level. From the conscious mind to the superconscious mind, conscious mind, sub conscious mind, superconscious mind, through all these gradations, he has found the totality in him. He was born with that totality and after a period of time, he recognises that totality. So he is the man of harmony. And any man that is integrated, the man of total harmony in the various aspects of his physical, mental and spiritual self is the true representative of the Divine, the Impersonal God, that Divine energy. So, it will happen again and again and again. The next incarnation that will come to this earth and I said this in England about five years ago, will be six thousand years time. Six thousand years. You'd have to wait for him for six thousand years. You have to have that faith. Talking of faith, there were these two nuns who got stuck on the road without petrol and the petrol station was about half a mile away. So they had to get petrol. They looked in the car and the only thing they could find to bring petrol was a

4. UK 82-8 chamber pot. So they took the chamber pot and went to the garage and had it filled and came back to the car. So they started pouring the petrol into the tank, but at that time some of the sailors were returning back from the Falkland Islands, (General laughter) returning back from the Falkland Islands. They stopped and they were watching these two nuns pouring this petrol in. So the one got up and said ‘Mother, I don't agree that this will work, but I certainly do admire your faith’. (Gururaj laughs) An Avatar or no Avatar, that's not important. That's not important. What do we mean by the Saviour of mankind? Your karma, you will have to work it out yourself. Whatever you sow, you will reap. You will reap. You plant parsley, you won't get celery. That is true. But then why do we call the Avatar a Saviour? He shows the way. He does not remove your sins. When we say he removes your sins, it means he shows you the way how to remove your sins. He shows you the way. He shows you the life. He shows you the truth. For there is only one way and that is the truth. And living in truth is the only real life. So the Avatars do take minor incarnations and in the minor incarnations, they prepare the way until he comes with his full force and then we recognise him. Ah, that was a Christ. That was a Christ. That was a Krishna. That was a Buddha. But this recognition always comes too late. While the poor fellows are alive, you know how we have treated them, you know that. It’s only afterwards, a hundred, two hundred years later, we realise ah, what did we do? Do you see? So the highly developed spirit that which is the personalised emanation of the Impersonal always sits on the fence. He can merge away into the impersonal and never want to embody himself again. But no, he being responsible, the Personal God being responsible for this universe does not want to merge away. It's like a King, he cannot afford to run away to the forests. He has to be there to rule his Kingdom and go wherever he's required. That universal force has so much power to incarnate himself, in various parts of the universe. Don't think this world is unique. There are thousands and thousands of worlds just like ours, and millions and millions of people just like us. So wherever this force is required, the force is compelled to go there and he can be, he can embody himself in various places. We in our own small way have experimented on this where one person is seen or contacted in so many different places. I have been told these stories. I saw you in my home last night or another says, you took a walk with me. Exactly the same day, same time and yet I was six thousand miles away. You see. So who attracts that? Who taps into that consciousness? You. You tap into that consciousness and whereby you materialise that personage. Likewise, we have materialised Krishna or Jesus (Gururaj coughs - someone pours water) Thank you kindly. For the great spiritual man, the man of God, for him there is no death. It is all life. Being shot with an arrow as Krishna was or

5. UK 82-8 being crucified as Christ was, means nothing because they do know and I've said this before, that even this body is eternal. After he's dead, it goes back into its original elements, not a single atom can be destroyed. And of course the immortal spirit could never be destroyed too. So they do not recognise death. They come for one purpose. They come to free mankind from their sufferings. Now those sufferings cannot be alleviated immediately, but the seeds are sown. The seeds are sown so that in time they germinate. Some times we add a lot of importance to so-called miracles, so- called miracles, making a blind man see, or a deaf person hear or a lame person walk. It's a very, very simple thing. It only has to do with mental energies and nothing to do with the spiritual self. These mental energies can manipulate matter. If the person is strong enough, the Master is strong enough, he can manipulate matter so that the imbalances can be corrected. But that is a great disfavour the teacher would be doing to his chela. It is a great disfavour. If a person is blind and the Master makes him see, it is a great disfavour because that blindness was caused by that person's karma. And what the Master is doing by manipulating the subtle energies, activating them, he is only postponing the effect of some previous karma. So that person in the next lifetime will still have to pay for his karma, perhaps not in the form of blindness perhaps in some other form. So we must not attach very much importance to the socalled miracles. During the lifetime of Jesus there was only one person that became enlightened and that was Lazarus, only one person. Raising from the dead has been taken too literally. Its real import is, its real meaning is that he rose from ignorance unto light. Enlightenment. It does not mean physical death. But Christ led him to enlightenment and that is the real life. What are we? We are the living dead. We are dead actually. You are nothing but parts of some unreal dream, an unreal dream. So therefore we have to arise, awake and stop not 'til the goal is reached. That's the main teaching of Masters. Arise, awake. Do something. Dive deep within yourself through meditation. Find that peace and that joy, which we call the Kingdom of Heaven within. That is the message. That is the life. We are asleep, all our sufferings are but dreams in a sleep. You go through nightmares and when you wake up, you say ‘Oh, it was only a dream’. But for the truly awakened man, there is no suffering. Christ never suffered at all. He was jolly and jovial. He liked his pint. He used to dine with the moneylenders and the Pharisees. Yes. We think he suffered, with our understanding. And yet he was a man, man mixed of so many qualities, so many qualities. To quote the words of Shakespeare, he was a man mixed of so many elements that the world could stand up and say he was a man. The Son of man. For man too is non-else but Divine. Man, every one of you and I've said this over and over again, ‘Thou art Divine’. Do not think you are sinful. In the eyes of Divinity there is no good and no bad. All is equal. But it is us that see goodness and badness and sometimes we wholly misinterpret things. Yes. Our neighbours don't like us, so the neighbours call us bad. We are disconcordant with them. There was this knock on the door and the lady opens

6. UK 82-8 the door and there was a little man with a black bag. He says ‘Madam, I'm the piano tuner’. So she says ‘Yes, we have a piano but I didn't send for anyone to tune my piano’. He said ‘I know madam, but your neighbours did’. (Gururaj laughs) So we are ruled so much by what people say. We are ruled so much by what the neighbours say, what others say. It’s nice when people say be like Christ, be like Buddha, and be like this and be like that. I say be yourself. Then only will you find the truth. Go beyond all dogma and once you get out of the narrow channels of dogmatic blind beliefs then you will know the universality of that spirit. Then you will see that spirit in all for all are made of the same substance of that Christ consciousness. Do you see? Crucifixion, resurrection, all these things have to be understood in its truest context. The cross, what does it symbolise? What does it symbolise? The vertical is the absolute, the horizontal is the relative. Let the vertical and the horizontal be so combined, so that they could function in a wholeness. And that's what we'd need in life, is to infuse the absolute into the relative day to day in life. But then we are walking Gods on earth. Now this is what the Avatars come to teach. They teach of strength, they teach of courage, they teach of love. And love is the basis of it all. How else could that intangible God be made tangible? Only by love. And they show us the way how to express that love. Not from the mind but from the inner core of one's personality. But one has to touch the inner core. One has to dive deep down through meditation and spiritual practices, through prayer etc. so that that inner source can be tapped and allowed to express itself in our day- to -day life. That is what the Masters teach, nothing else. Philosophy is good for the philosophers, wonderful mental gymnastics. I've said this before if all the Professors of Philosophy, they had to study every system, they’d know all the philosophies of the world, but they are more mixed up than us. So it is not the superficial mental knowledge that would make you appreciate and understand the Christ spirit. It has to be felt. It has to be experienced and our practices are the ways to experience that. And once that experience is gained, your entire being lights up in joy. Then nothing matters because you become so non-attached that nothing can hurt you. No praise could elate you or blame could deflate you. So these are the eternal, simple messages of the Avatar. And we attract this force onto this planet when a great imbalance occurs. In other words, we force the Avatars to come to this earth and therefore it is our duty to recognise them and serve them, live their word and to live their word and do whatever we can to propagate that word. People talk of heaven and hell and all these things, there all but just here. It is all in the mind. I think I said during this week that whatever you believe in, that you will find elsewhere. I gave you some examples of the rivers of wine and the Hooris of the Moslem belief. So whatever you expect you will get, you will see because it is all made up of mind.

7. UK 82-8 There was this football fan and he was an avid football fan, he would never miss a match. So one day he was talking to his Minister. He says “Please tell me Reverend Father, is there football in heaven?” So the Minister says, "I really don't know". So this fellow says, asks the Minister, “Look, you speak to God so often, will you do me a favour and ask him, if they have football in heaven”. So a week went by and the Minister phones this chap and he says “There are two things I want to tell you. That there is football in heaven, and number two, they have reserved a seat for you in next week's big match”. (General laughter) There's nothing in this world that has done more harm than the churches. They've created so much conflict, because the true message has not been taught. They have been more bothered on organisational matters, how to stabilise the business. And there has been nothing else that has done more good than religion as well. Churches, the frictions we have today, if we follow the words of the Masters, the words of love, why should there be frictions. This lady goes to the Post Office she wanted to buy stamps to put on invitations for her daughter's wedding. Stamps for the invitations of her daughter's wedding. So she asks the chap behind the counter in the Post Office, she says “Give me two hundred stamps please”. So the fellow asks, "In what domination?" So she says, "Dear me, has it come to this now? So, I think you rather split it give me a hundred Baptist and a hundred Catholic”. (General laughter) You see. So, all these conflicts arise so unnecessarily. What we try to find is not the outward trappings and ritualisms and what have you of churches. We try to find the underlying truths as has been taught by the Avatars, as has been taught by the Avatars. We use the word Christ spirit. Christ, Christos in Greek means Priest King. He was a Priest, He was a King, but far greater than that was the universal consciousness embodied in that little frame of a body. And it is forever alive. The pool of water would become stagnant if there are no currents in it, and no bubbles bubbling up. So therefore all these bubbles in the form of highly spiritual sons of God will come again and again and again to teach when time is necessary. In today's world it is so necessary in this technological age, with its nuclear and all kinds of inventions, leading this planet to destruction. It will not only affect this planet, but the forces are so great that it will affect the entire solar system. Today we try to preserve peace by armament and not by love. So the true teachers of today, if there is an Avatar here on earth, he can only teach you of love and that love brings peace. You see? All along, all along, in the course of history, that was the only simple message given. Love, love, love. And yesterday we spoke about the subject or the day before yesterday how to engender this love, how to bring this love to the fore so that ‘Love Thy neighbour as Thyself’ could be made a reality. Then conflicts cease, where people become less touchy. Because that brings conflicts. A great understanding is needed. A great understanding is needed if we can see the other man's point of view, or stand in his boots. Because no one is really so bad. No one. A lot of people are misunderstood, therefore, they are regarded to be bad.

8. UK 82-8 So the necessity of an Avatar will always be there. The turbulence in this world will always be there but the even if a few can be lead to greater peace then the teachers work has been well done. To take everyone to enlightenment is an impossibility. That could never happen. For then this world will not exist. And many an enlightened man in history does not want to live. He only lives because he has some duty to perform. That's why he lives. Otherwise he does not need this world and all its upside downs. He knows that region of peace where he can forever reside. Okay. I have spoken about the Avatar from different angles in different talks. Try and get some of those tapes. Today I tried to adopt a totall y different angle to it. Okay. Any question? Questioner. ............. (Inaudible) Gururaj. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. There is, definitely. Can't you feel him? I do everyday. I feel him everyday. Perhaps you will. Meditate more. Another short question. Gururaj. Oh yes of course, yes. We ought to stop because that will take about fifteen minutes and then its lunchtime. Oh, so it ended quite nice. A man of God always acts very spontaneously. END


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