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2. UK 82-9 Questioner.(Cont’d) Spiritual Magnetism from the Masters and the Gurus who maintain this is possible, it must pass on to the chela. If and when it passes on to the chela, how can we utilise........ (Inaudible) Gururaj. Ah beautiful. Beautiful. A true guru or a true Spiritual Master would always radiate a spiritual force and the more receptive the chela is the more will he feel the spiritual force, or the spiritual force will encompass him even if he is not aware of it. So, that is how a true link develops between a guru and a chela. I've given a lot of talks on that relationships and there are many tapes in the library. But one thing I could emphasise again that the relationship between a guru and a chela is something like a love affair. It is a love affair where the love is so consuming. Many of the Eastern gurus they talk of worshipping, I disagree with that. There's love and devotion and that is not only one sided. It is totally mutual. It has to be mutual. Because as in any love affair, it can't be one-sided. It has to be mutual if it is true. So, the spiritual force a true guru radiates is definitely, it definitely affects the chela in some way or the other. Like the old saying it has to rub off. Okay. Fine. You can speak from there and I'll repeat the question. Questioner. Gururaj, is the taking of marijuana................................ (Inaudible) Gururaj. Good. Is the taking of marijuana conducive to spiritual growth? It is not. It blocks the spiritual growth. You can get some kind of experience through taking these drugs, but that is not spiritual growth. Drugs can take you beyond your conscious mind and take you into other realms of the mind, which they normally call trips. Now there could be bad trips and there could be good trips. For example if it is a good trip and through drugs you deaden the conscious mind and go into deeper layers of the mind, where you discover, you experience certain things fine. But when you come back from that trip, you are the worst for it. So, therefore it is harmful. It destroys so many thousands and thousands and thousands of brain cells which are so necessary. While in spiritual practice, you are awakening the dormant brain cells and the two and a half pound brain you have in our head contains twelve billion of the cells. You are using a very small portion of it. So with spiritual practices we awaken those cells that are dormant. And by awakening those cells that are dormant we allow the inner self or the finer mind, the mind at its deeper and deeper levels to come through more and more and more and thus give us a greater amount of awareness. Now, drugs do not do this. Spiritual practices awaken, while drugs deaden. So, those experiences gained by drugs are of no value whatsoever. They are not progressive, but retrogressive and very harmful. Because those experiences in drug taking gives you just a momentary lift if you wish to call it that and then after you're out of it and it wears off, you feel absolutely terrible. You get hooked on it for one and you can't do without it. That is why governments of the world spend

3. UK 82-9 millions and millions of pounds on rehabilitation centres. Druggies, junkies as they are called become useless to society. They do not perform any worthwhile service. They should not be walking on this earth, for any man or woman that walks this earth, God's earth should be a useful member contributing at least something to the world's welfare, contributing towards love. While drug takers don't do that. They become drop outs. While spiritual practices, they make you a more responsible citizen. It makes you love your neighbour as you should love him, in varying degrees according to your development. And the experiences gained in spiritual practices or spirituality, remain permanent. You cannot detract from it. It is always an upward trend, while with drugs the trend is downward. So you might have some organisations advocating this and they are very clever business people. You get them hooked and they are with you all the time. Fine. Questioner. .................... (Inaudible.) Gururaj. Yes. Yes, there is. Now there is a campaign not only in England but in America as well where they want to legalise Cannabis. Fine. They say that it is not habit forming and this view has come not only from the layman but also from the scientist. Now I am against legalising Cannabis. The reason being this and I've seen this with my own eyes that a person that gets high on Cannabis becomes very reckless. He does not altogether lose his senses like a drunken man would. A man gets totally drunk and he flops and he sleeps. With the use of Cannabis that does not happen. And I've read in papers throughout the world where under the influence of Cannabis so much violence and criminality has been perpetrated. Firstly, all these things that give you a lift, is not necessary. If done in moderation for a little fun, little joy of it, okay. But with Cannabis smokers, it has been found and proved that if they take two reefers a day, that's what they call it I think? Reefers. I know the language because I deal with a lot of these druggies and through meditation they lose their habits. I've unhooked many of those that have been hooked. They, today two after a little while they want four of those cigarettes and it comes to six. And I've seen people, druggies that cannot perform their days work without first having their pot. (Gururaj laughs) I know the language don't I? So, now with that smoking of Cannabis, when they don't have sufficient and they want a high, they include alcohol. Show me one; in South Africa it’s called Dagga, D-a-g-ga. Now with the smoking of Dagga or Cannabis, show me one person that does not drink liquor as well. The two seem to be closely associated. So when Cannabis and alcohol is mixed, the person is taken into the realm of sheer madness. So young people are campaigning to make that legal. Cannabis can be very helpful, if it is administered by a doctor. For example it is very good for a person with asthma. Yes. It helps. But not as a habit. It has to be totally well controlled in a clinic. So even with Cannabis, you have these drop- outs. They become irresponsible. Some do with liquor as well. The advantage with liquor is if they exceed the amount,

4. UK 82-9 they become totally helpless in everything, in their work, in bed, everywhere. Do you see? So, I would not recommend the legalising of Cannabis. But mind you today so many things have started to become legalised. Homosexuality is to be legalised, abortion is to be legalised, Cannabis is to be legalised. I don't know what the world's coming to. And all just destructive. It's destructive. Next. Questioner. ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. When you're faced with mental illness in your family or friends, the first step naturally would be to consult a competent Psychologist or Psychiatrist. The person has to be given the utmost kindness, care and love. That's the only thing you could do. You could do your spiritual practices and like, Gurushakti and direct it to them so that some little hel p could be had from them. There's one tragedy, I work with a lot of psychiatrists and they call me in many times to see people. The tragedy is this that when the psychiatrist cannot understand the problem of the patient, the first thing he resorts to is shock treatment. Some people have been benefited by it, but they are not sure how it will benefit. It could be very, very detrimental. Now, how can we teach a person who is insane to meditate? That answer please God, I would like to find. In America at the present moment, we have started a very big prison's program where our teachers are going to the prisons, we've had permission from local authorities and the prisoners are being taught to meditate. Where literature is given, tapes are given where they listen and I'm glad to say, well its only one or two prisons we have started off and just now recently. And one of our teachers there, Vidya Anderson, she is charge of that program. And quite a number of prisoners have been benefited. Mental illness is caused by a disturbance of mental energies. That is all. How to bring about the balance again is the question? How to bring about that balance with a person who cannot reason with you? In South Africa, in Capetown, we have a mental hospital, it’s called Falkenburg, mental institution, and I've gone there very often with Professor Gillis, who is the head of the Psychiatry Department. And I said let us try a yogic method on your patients. So, the one, and we did quite a number of cases. As a matter of fact we've only done about fifty so far because time. We have to do about three hundred in order to publish a proper thesis. The patient is wired up all over the head on to a machine that takes the readings and we found that when I touched, with my hands, the patient at certain points of the head there were changes in the graph. Where the imbalances were, they seemed to have levelled out. And then the same patient was tried again without me touching and those imbalances were shown again but to a certain lesser degree. So this means it has to be a continuous therapy about six, eight, ten consultations perhaps and some balance can be achieved.

5. UK 82-9 Now this is done because the guru imparts a certain spiritual energy. He is a channel and he gathers from universal sources those energies and imparts them to the person concerned. Now, this spiritual energy has the power of bringing balance to any kind of imbalance. But as far as mental patients are concerned, it would take time. But if you have a person that is mentally afflicted at home and that is still not admitted to an institution, that person will require a great amount of love and understanding. And if the patient, the person in the family does not benefit, you surely are going to benefit by giving that love by that attention, by that service, by that sacrifice. Perhaps, who knows such an ill person is God sent to you for your spiritual evolution. So all the finer qualities start developing in you. You pray, you meditate for the person, you serve the person, you sacrifice everything. It is a tragedy. But if we look at it from the other angle, it could bring us very much closer to God, for God also resides in that person who is mentally affected. Okay. Questioner. .................................. (Inaudible.) Gururaj. Yes. You encourage them. Those that are hooked on drugs, show them the benefits of meditation because there's not a single druggie, there's not a single alcoholic that would not like to get out of the habit. Alcoholics have to drink compulsively and every drink they take, they hate, they hate it. They just can't do without it. The entire physiological system, biological system, psychological system cries out for it. Before they were called drunkards. But today science has proved that they suffer from a disease, it’s a disease, it's an imbalance. It has a lot to do with the glandular system. It has a lot to do with the psychological make up. And the same thing applies to junkies. Same thing applies. Now a good talk over a period of time perhaps if they could be convinced to take up spiritual practices, their need for these various drugs would be lessened. There's nothing wrong in being a social drinker, but there's something wrong if it becomes a disease. There's nothing to have one or two drinks as a night-cap. As a matter of fact doctors today recommend that for heart patients. Have one or two little scotch's they say. That's good. Do you see? But it has not to become, one has not to become hooked on any of these things because that becomes an illness. It is a disease. If these people can be encouraged to start meditating and not meditating alone, listening to some tapes, gaining new understanding of life, what responsibility to life is all about. How precious life is. For we may not come this way again. And be born into another planet. We go through the door (General laughter) Yes sometimes when we think about this, it becomes quite brain taxing, it taxes the brain. Talking about taxes, you know our British flag reminds one very much of taxes, red white and blue. When we talk of taxes, we get red. When we get the tax account, we get white and when we pay the bill, after we pay the bill, we get blue. (Gururaj laughs) Yeah.

6. UK 82-9 You know this little child at school, the teacher asks "Which of the Ten Commandments has only four words?" I'm sure all of you know. Right. "Which of the Ten Commandments has only four words?" So the child replies, "Keep off the Grass". (General laughter) Good. Next. Gururaj. It's nine o'clock. What time do you want to start your? You fixed it for nine fifteen and for how long is the break? Twenty minutes and then we have the marriage blessing ceremony and handing out of blessed objects. And then of course all our talented artists are going to appear. Good. Now, I think we can fit in another question. Questioner. .... (Inaudible) Gururaj. The lifespan of man is regarded to be three score and ten. That's our belief in the West. The belief in the East is that your life span is a hundred. In India for example if someone wants to bless you he'll say, "May you be the father of a hundred children and live for a hundred years". (Gururaj laughs) Good. Life can be indefinitely prolonged. In Afghanistan, I can't remember the Hunsas, there is a place where a man of a hundred is regarded to be a youngster. They do mostly farming and things and it is on a graded scale. They run up and down. They have certain foods that they eat and certain foods that they avoid. Now these things start from childhood. Now if man can start all these things from childhood, he can live for a few hundred years if not more. And if he's a spiritual giant, he can still extend that physical life of his, he can. There is a Yogi in India who's reputed to be running around in the Himalayas and he's supposed to be about twelve hundred years old. Now I don't want to live that long. So this regime, this programme has to be started from childhood. Not after living a very hectic show business life like me and having had a heart operation, it's too late. It has to be started from childhood and life can be prolonged to a great, great extent. Then what is the sense? We need a change, we don't want to put on the same suit every day. You'd like a change of clothes. You don't want to have chicken everyday you want fish sometimes too. Next. Questioner. ..................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. The traditional mystery schools I know nothing about. There are mystery schools and mystery schools teaching you certain esoteric teachings. You have, oh I could name a hundred of them to you. They all develop a certain kind of occult philosophy mixed with so much mumbo jumbo and in that mumbo jumbo they work out certain fantastic theories. They talk to you of various stratas, of various kinds of heavens and with all different kinds of Deities ruling those heavens up there and down below as well. Are they really necessary? What are those mystery schools going to help us? Our message is just pure plain and simple. Our message is harmonise mind, body and spirit and experience the joy of

1. UK 82-9 Gururaj. I've had several requests today that instead of having a long talk, we should have another Rapid Fire question session because there are many people that would like to ask questions and then don't have a chance to put them. So if you feel that, that should be it, let it be so. Questioner. Guruji, ......................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. What? Questioner. ................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. In this world you'll always find certain groups of people of light nature or very similar or in a very similar stage of development and if there is a deep bond between two people, say boy and girl, they might be living in any corner of the world but that bond of a previous life will definitely draw them together and they will meet. Because when the soul or the subtle body is in another dimension, it will definitely formulate plans to be born in such circumstances where this would be possible, where it would become possible. The overriding factor of that deep love that existed in a previous life would rule the entire formulation of its rebirth. So the man and the woman, the boy and the girl will definitely meet again in this lifetime. When it comes to people generally, you know as the saying goes birds of a feather flock together, this applies to human beings as well. Two people might not meet eye to eye on secular matters, mundane things but yet within there is a compatibility of spirit. And because of this compatibility of spirit, people from say all parts of England or the world would be drawn together in a common cause. There could be obstacles in the way, such as childhood training, or various other things, but in spite of that, if that compatibility is strong enough they will meet. They will be drawn together for this common cause. Next. Questioner. Guruji, spiritual magnetism from the Masters and a guru such as yourself Gururaj. Sorry, Ron, would you speak English? Questioner.(Cont’d) In English or Spanish, Guruji? From the beginning Gururaj. Slowly, so that I can catch it.

7. UK 82-9 Divinity, experience the Kingdom of heaven within. And by experiencing that, you'll automatically express it in your environment. You become happy and you make the environment happy. It is the nature of a flower to be beautiful. But that's not the only thing it does, it also enhances the beauty of the garden. Message, so simple, filled with sincerity, honesty, purity and love. So, who wants all these theories of those mystery schools? They confuse you more than anything else. They give it so many different kinds of names, in the Arcane School, the Theosophists and so many, many more. Anyone can start up a mystery school tomorrow. You just get hold of about twenty or thirty books from all these various schools. Read them, tear out the pages of the books, juggle them together, right, and just pick out from there. Put it together and you have a new mystery school. So simple. We don't need that, we need love. I never encourage people when they want to attend all these seances and all kinds of things which are mysterious. The real mystery to be found is in the question, 'Who am I?' That is the real mystery that has to be solved by man. Enter that mystery school which is inside here. Find the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven inside. There lies the truth and the beauty. Otherwise mystery schools you find in lunatic asylums too. (Gururaj laughs). Yes, those people that are in lunatic asylums also dwell in their own mysteries. They do. They're not non -thinking beings. They have their beliefs too that I am Nehru, and I'm King Arthur. Some woman might think she is Cleopatra. Yeah. You see they have their beliefs also. Valid to them why not, valid to them. You see. So why enter all these madnesses when all the beauty lies in simplicity? I've said this many times before, that 'It is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple'. Do you see? Yeah. Now this one Church Minister was travelling the road and he was stopped by a Traffic Cop. Is that what they call them in England? Traffic Policeman, Traffic Cop, that's American isn't it? Fine. He was stopped for speeding. So naturally as anyone else this Minister starts arguing with the patrolman and he says "No, I wasn't doing more than seventy at all". He argued and argued and argued. He says, "Look, how did you know that I was speeding doing more than seventy? I don't see any Radar systems around at all". So he says "No Sir, you were timed-trapped by a helicopter patrol". So the Minister says, "Alright then I would never question anything that comes from above". (General laughter) Do you think it's time now? Okay. Fine. END


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