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3. UK 86- 18 Gururaj. Teaching Questioner. (Cont’d). Yes, is that a good way to go? Gururaj. Yes. Very good. Questioner. (Cont’d). I thought so, good. Thank you. (Laughter & Clapping) Gururaj. Forever follow the path to which you are inclined. Forget the guru, he’s just a bull-shitter and in the beauty that he could give to you, remember it will always remain your duty to give of yourself to others and yet remembering that which is the truth of life. When you fail in your duty to what you should be, then you have failed life. And when you fail life, remember it will always bring to you the complexity to avoid yourself. Who are you avoiding? No one else but yourself. (Gururaj continues painting) Where’s my ........ Where’s .......... (Inaudible) Questioner. Beloved Bapuji, can you learn me how to understand what art is about? (General laughter) Gururaj. Learn to speak proper English (General laughter) Could you learn me what art is about? No, my beloved. Could you teach me what art is about? Get some more clean water, darling. (Gururaj continues painting) Hard work, isn’t it? Thank you dearest. Clean water, clean water. Okay. Fine. Now that is only the background. Life is an art. Everything you do, every breath you take is an expression of the life is within you. When you breathe, do you not find that in your very breathing, you find something inexplicable. What makes you breathe? Tell me true, what makes you breathe? Answer that. It is your love that exudes itself from you. We got to give this thing a moment or two to dry. So when in life’s pleasures or pains, we carry on, don’t we? There’s only one thing to gain is to know what life is all about. So will you please stop and never shout. Shouting produces greater pain but to surrender and just know this now, that life is there and never in vain. You know all you guys need some injections in your veins to give you the Shakti of love that comes not from me but comes from above. Let’s see how we’re getting on here now. Questioner. Guruji, can two personalities reside in the same body and could you speak to us about non-attachment? Gururaj. Beautiful. One soul can never reside in two bodies. That is a total fallacy because everyone has a certain individuality. And if you lose that individuality then you will discover the meaning of total mergence with the person you

4. UK 86- 18 love and when love is there then why do you have to really care if you are merged or not because mergence with your beloved takes care of itself. You do not need to be conscious of it because once you become conscious of merging with someone then the beauty of mergence is lost. You’re just there forever. Do you see? So lose the consciousness that she is she and I am I. Is that necessary? You don’t need that really. You just need to flow and be you. Come here, Jyotima. Stand up, take off your shoes, damn it. You see women have to be ordered around - we are men, chauvinistic. (General laughter) You hold that, would you. Now you hold her in your arms. Aide. I thought this should be art and inspiration. Gururaj. Life is an art. Aide. (Cont’d) That’s right. Gururaj. Everything in life is an art, even lovemaking. Aide. (Cont’d) I knew it was coming. I’ll see you later. (Laughter and clapping) Gururaj. We can’t leave it half done, can we? You look at her beautiful face. Another time. Aide.(Cont’d) It takes two to tango. Gururaj. The message which I’m trying to tell you is this, flow with life as the painting flows. Be there, be aware of ever y touch of your fingertips and know that you are there. I’m the greatest lover in the world. (inaudible) .............. teacher of life. I could take your frigidity away from you, all your imperfections, just by holding your hand. Aide. (Cont’d) Thank you. Gururaj. You see what we are trying to tell you about is this, that there is a beautiful message of life and love. (Gururaj sings) ‘So let us sing away

5. UK 86- 18 Aide. (Cont’d) No Gururaj. Ah, spoil sport. Let us sing away. Aide. (Cont’d) ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. (Continues singing) Let us sing forever and remember the day, for this day we shall make to be everlasting through eternity and in this day I will find my way. (Clapping) Thank you. Questioner. Guruji, Gururaj. Sir. Questioner. (Cont’d). Last year and the year before Haley’s Comet passed over or it came close to the earth. Gururaj. Is he talking about compost? (General laughter) Questioner. Haley’s Comet, Comet, Haley’s Comet. Questioner. (Cont’d). Haley’s Comet. Gururaj. Haley's Comet. Let Haley go to hell and the Comet too. (General laughter) Lovely. Questioner. (Cont’d). Right. There was a lot of natural disasters and this idea that Haley's Comet brings natural disasters about was poo-poo'd and yet during the last twelve months we’ve had the Chernobyl disaster and the Shuttle disaster and quite a lot of natural disasters. Is there any connection between the two? Gururaj. Yeah. Very good. The greatest connection you could find with Haley's Comet is when you go to the toilet in the morning. (General laughter) And please don’t forget to wipe your arse. (Gururaj continues painting) This is not a question of menstruation, please forgive me. You see the whole theory of Haley's Comet and all those various Comets that go

6. UK 86- 18 round, they’re always - their droppings when birds fly around - don’t get it on your head. No one caught that one. (General laughter) Let us just forget it all. Voice. Coming back to the Midnight Special Practice, I wanted to tell you a little about what I experienced. Last year Gururaj. Oh please, I experienced it also. I had a wonderful orgasm. Voice. (Cont’d). Oh that’s great. You didn’t leave anything for me this time. (Gururaj laughs). Well in Easter last year, I had a beautiful experience while we did the Easter meditation and actually I saw Guruji physically in our house. And it was a very similar experience last night but there was a lot of sound as if something was materialising in the air. And it was a very deep meditation as if communion had continued for the rest of the night. I know that there’s a Danish woman in the audience, she didn’t want to go up to the mike, so I’ll tell you about her experience. She saw a very beautiful castle which was surrounded by a blue aura and she saw a waterfall but not with water, with flowers in all different colours. She also sensed that somebody, someone put a hand on her chest close, to her heart Gururaj. That was me Voice. (Cont’d). Well I know but I’m not supposed to explain it. So that was her experience. What was the castle she saw? Gururaj. The castle she saw comes into being by what she becomes. Whoever this person is, she wants to find greater and greater ............. (inaudible)............ for herself and it was symbolised by the castle she saw. Now this is symbolism. If you study Jung and Freud, - he was a fraud by the way. So going to symbolism you will find so many things that become manifested in thought forms, symbol forms, coloured forms and every form which is nothing else but a projection of your own and it is very good. You don’t need to be sorrowful about it, talk about it or do anything about it. You just float in those symbols, you just float in those thought forms, but remember one thing and this is very important, become the observer of the thoughts. Become the observer of the symbols that are .......... (Inaudible) for symbols are representations of all the impressions, Samskaras in your mind.

7. UK 86- 18 Now try and do what I’m doing. It’s wonderful relaxation really. Take your symbols and get a few paint brushes and just flow with the symbols and you will soon discover the meaning of ...... (Inaudible). For no psychologist - and you know I’ve got so many thousands and thousands of psychiatrists and medical practitioners and psychiatrists that are my students - no one can interpret for you which you really are. You are the only person that can interpret yourself. I, your guru could only give you guidelines and then I leave it to you what you yourself have to do. And wake up. You have slept for so long. Wake up and become worthy not to anyone else, but become worthy of you. You see how much joy this could bring to life, if you feel not unworthy of yourself because that only produces guilt and befuddles your mind. Wake up and if you can’t, I’ll come around and kiss you, kick, kick your bloomin' arses. Aide. Would you excuse me Babuji, we have an urgent message from the organisers, the following vehicles a Saab LGL 669P, Fiesta C361 BRV and a Toyota B708LLN are stopping emergency vehicles entering the premises. If anyone here owns those vehicles, will they kindly move them immediately? Thank you. Voice. Beloved Guruji, the experience that I had last night in here was continued when we had the Midnight Special. When I was here in the evening I got a terrible pain in the back of my back like as if my heart was trying to breath and it was really bad and it was like backside indigestion that’s the only way I can explain it, instead of being in the front it was in the back. Before that I had a very, very faint beautiful smell of incense. Well while this pain was going on I sort of went under, I wasn’t looking at you, lately I just sort of want to go and meditate. So whil e this was happening I saw this sort of what looked like a butterfly in the centre of my forehead and it was like a dark, dark bluey-black, and very gentle rays of yellow white and the pain started to get better and I came too but then it broke up. So when I was outside I was doing an awful lot of burping rather like a baby being patted on the back. Then when I went we went into meditation I had a great calmness and a rather lovely feeling but the heart was really struggling to breathe and I had a lot of pain. Then all of a sudden, I saw your head on my shoulder, no body, it didn’t matter, just this head on my shoulder rather like when the pussycats cuddle up to me when they know I’ve had a little bit of upset or I’m tired and you, just your lovely face. I looked at you and you’re smiling away and then it went very old, rather like Gandhi but it wasn’t. And you had no teeth and then it changed into a swan with a golden beak. And then the most incredible thing happened the whole heart I felt immense power as if I could have gone out and conquered the world. It was immense, it just filled my heart. And it was like as if it just tore it open and I had a great breath and I was breathing, breathing, I couldn’t stop breathing. I don’t know how long it went on for and I was just taking it all in. Well it was just beautiful and I just seemed to be breathing and then all of a sudden I started to sing my head off. (Side one ends)

8. UK 86- 18 Questioner. And I find that a lot of people say they would prefer to hold to their old traditions and not be open minded to the new teachings. And I find that a lot of people say that they would prefer to hold on to their old traditions and not be open minded to the new teachings and I feel that when they have the old traditions so long and in the old traditions they have all the problems that they have today, as I had. Can you say something to us about letting go and maybe accepting new traditions? Gururaj. Just go, that’s all. So when you allow yourself to go, when you allow yourself to go, remember one thing happens, that you will surely know that in going, you will feel that you are gone. For where are you gone? Gone from yourself in the totality of oblivion and when you become oblivious of your life and your loving then you will find the true meaning of what it is all about. ...(Inaudible) (General laughter) Ah luvvy ducks, how are you today? Now you come here. Come, come, come, come, come, come. Naughty, naughty. Sit. Your experience of the Midnight Practice, please do carry on. Ah you just keep on talking, I’m listening. Questioner. Guruji, ........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Oh yes. Questioner. (Cont’d). It seems not to be more experiences. This is another question. Are Aids, is Aids a collective punishment? Aids, the sickness, Aids, it’s all over the world in this time, not because I have it, (Genera l laughter) punishment. Voice. Guruji, what he said was, is Aids a collective punishment? Gururaj. Is it? Stop fucking. I’ll sign that later when it dries up a bit. You see you’re leaking. (General laughter) Don’t you give me Aids. Thank you love. I better protect myself. She might just give me Aids. Thank you love. Aids has become a great problem in this world today. It ruins the entire self. You lose all the immunity of bodily strength and you become so prone to all kinds of diseases. It is weakening, it’s debilitating. What is the remedy? Scientists don’t know yet. They’re trying so hard to find the cure for it. This virus that is there, never, never, never be - I’m talking to the men now here - never, never be with any girl whose name is Iris, she’ll give you the virus. (General laughter) What did you do last night? Did you sleep? Hah.

9. UK 86- 18 Voice. I did. Gururaj. You did. Then why are you yawning? Voice. I’m always yawning Gururaj. You do. Can you tell me the reason for it? I can aid you (Gururaj laughs) Oh but you don’t require any Aids. We have healers to whom I’ve given the power of healing, I mean He has, I’m just an instrument, I pour it to them and it can be very successfully done. There is no scientific explanation as yet but there is a mystical explanation through which you could help the person and rid them of that disease. So what do you do really? You aid the Aids. Have you caught that? You aid it remedially, you’re helping them and I think we have a Full Healers’ meeting, Peter, five thirty? Peter. Six o’clock. Gururaj. Six o’clock, right, where I will show you some techniques Peter. Five thirty Gururaj. Is it five thirty, yeah? Fine. At least I’ll have a chance to have a little snoozy and I will show our Healers how to help people with Aids and you’ll find it very wonderful. You can do it. I’ll show you what to do which medical sciences cannot do yet. You transfer a certain force, a certain power that rubs away that disease of Aids because it is becoming a greater and greater and greater problem in the world today, all over the world. And those Healers of mine that are in this room, I would teach them, I would love to teach them the art how to get rid of it or to alleviate the problems of people. Am I not my brother’s keeper? Remember that as much as you can help others, the better you would be for it. So you that are teachers, teach, teach. Take my message to the world as many as you can. Now many people have asked me, pardon, why must I blow your ears by blowing my nose. So you cover it. Consideration, that gentleness, that loving touch, caring for each and everyone. Now all of you that are here, many Teachers are here or even if you’re not Teachers, how are you going to spread the wisdom of life and love? Many of them ask me ‘I can’t teach because no one comes to me’. Well that’s rubbish, ruubbbish. They don’t come to you, you go to them. Do you see everyone is going to form a queue, a line as the Americans say, at your doorstep and say ‘Ah

10. UK 86- 18 teacherji, teacherji, will you initiate me, please? Teacherji, teacherji’. It’s bloody rubbish. How many of you have ever thought of a simple idea, that one hour a day, I’m going to sit down to write letters. Sixty minutes and you do not need to compose different letters, you just have one letter, I could dictate it to you now. So in sixty minutes you can send off sixty letters. Where do you find the names? Use your telephone directory of your area. And say ‘Beloved Friend, I write to you this personal note to tell you of my experiences. I have been so blessed by the Grace, you word it yourself of Divinity, that I feel I should share it with you. This is my name and this is my telephone number and it would be so nice if you could pop over to have a cup of cha with me’. And you’ll find they will come. And while having a cup of tea, they could listen to one of my tapes, do a bit of meditating, give them the experience. And that’s how you will increase this movement. That’s how you will make it greater and greater and greater. So simple. One hour an evening, that’s all I ask of you. In that one hour, you can write ten letters, twenty letters whatever. Now you multiply that, ten times thirty is three hundred, is it? Right. That’s one month’s, times twelve would be how much? Thirty six thousand. Right. Now if a hundred people is doing that in one year Voice. Six hundred thousand Gururaj. Six hundred thousand people will know the message of the love I give to you. Now the response will be twenty percent. Now what is twenty percent of six hundred thousand how much? Voice. Hundred and twenty thousand. Gururaj. One hundred and twenty thousand. Do you see? It is all up to you and I told you, I don’t know when, that I haven’t got many more years to live. It’s up to you to spread the good word and all my lectures and things - I’ve done about five, six thousand talks and lectures round the world. But it’s up to you guys, to spread the message of love and joy and you can do it. One hour a day. Is it going to kill you? No. It’s going to make you survive and that one hour you sit down writing letters, you’ll feel so regenerated within yourself, you’ll feel that force of Gurushakti within yourself. Because you will know you are doing something to help others. And when you realise this, is it not possible for you to regenerate yourself? Total love, total giving. One hour a day, that’s all I ask of you. So do it. It would be important not only to others but also to yourself. Now last night’s Midnight Special, most of you have had some experiences. I know I was there in your room. You had the feeling of a certain presence, yes? Put up your hands, it’s a good exercise too. Yeah. Mostly. Yeah. Some of

11. UK 86- 18 you found your room to be lit up in gold? Right, yes. True. Good. How many of you felt that I was in the room? Yes. Lovely. Good. And I caressed your forehead so softly and gently. Right? Good. This guru is only a body which has no eternal value. But the spirit within the guru is always there, immortal, forever existing. So when you do your Gurushakti Practices, just try and realise that the spirit, the eternal spirit within me is the same as the eternal spirit within you. And that is how you will learn to know who you really are. When my guru gave me my spiritual name, Gururaj Ananda, Ananda, Ananda, Bliss, Bliss, Bliss, Bliss, joy and before this week is over - we’ve got how much more - tomorrow, one day, I’m going to impart that Ananda to all of you. You’ll see. It’s not only saying or believing, it is experiencing that joy. You’ll see. We might do that tomorrow, Tony, John? Fine. And that would be the gift that comes from me to thee. Get rid of all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, it’s just bull shit. Right. Because you are too self conscious, self, the small self, become more conscious of the bigger self which is really you. And I can’t stop telling you that you are Divine. You are it all. You are existent and existence is eternal. It’s so simple. But you’ve got to understand. Why do you think I travel thousands and thousands, thousands of miles round the world teaching, teaching, teaching? To make people understand. To open their minds up to greater awareness and to open up their hearts to greater devotion and love. Can anyone of you here tell me, ‘Guruji, I hate you?’ Even this thing is starting to shiver (General laughter) How can you hate love? It’s a contradiction of terms isn’t it? You love love. You see? And that is what life is all about. That is what will bring you that tranquillity, that peace within yourself. And then you will look at the world in its true perspective. All hatred all anguish, all trials and tribulations must disappear because most of these things are really imaginary, created by your own stupidity. (Gururaj coughs) It’s the climate that’s given me a bit of a chest. I still have my heart by the way, just the chest that’s bothering me a bit. You see my beloveds, tomorrow you’ll be getting the greatest gift of life. Write to me whenever you can and tell me of the changes that has been brought into your lives and your lifestyle. So bear with me. Tarry there in your heart and be still and know that you are nothing else but God. He cannot separate you from Him because you are of Him, in Him and forever with Him. You understand? I’m so glad you all came along to this Course, it’s beautiful being with my family. And you're part of the family of the world. Any country you want to go to, you just give me a buzz and I’ll put you in contact with parts of our family throughout the world and oh you’d be so well looked after. Anytime, pick up your phone. I don’t write letters. I haven’t got any secretaries and I can’t even type, I can just talk a lot of bullshit you know. Wherever you want to go, there will always be someone to meet you. Just one phone call. It’s done. The first place I want you to go to is within yourself. For

1. UK 86- 18 Gururaj. This morning’s Satsang is going to be in Chinese. (Gururaj speaks in a strange language) ............... (Chinese sounding) A bit of fun (clapping). Thank you. Now what have we got on the programme today, Tonyji, Tuku, Tuku? Midnight experiences, rapid fire answer and questions and oh yes, please remember this, the Full Teachers be up in my lounge, the Full Teachers, and you will see how I initiate people. I want you to go through this experience how it is done. So it’s for five thirty is it? Oh meeting room. Right. You organise that, would you, Tonyji, Tuku. Fine. Now while you are speaking to me. The body is getting old, isn’t it? Yeah, I’ll tell you which ones I want. .... (Inaudible) That’s fine. Right and orange here. Good. Give me a yellow. Okay. ..... organise for a moment ..... (Inaudible) Now please ask me any question you like. This is rapid fire and while I’m doing this thing-a-bobs, I will speak to you on any subject you like. Good. Very good. Questions, questions? Questioner. Guruji, Gururaj. Carry on carry on, I can hear you. Questioner. (Cont’d). Guruji, I wonder if you are not able to surrender yourself because you have the being of being a worrier, can you be defeated? Gururaj. If you’re not able to surrender yourself to anything else, why don’t you just try to surrender to yourself. For there’s nothing else in this world that could give you the joy in that total surrender which life could bring to you and make you forget all the wiliness of life, for there could never be anything else that you could ever do. There’s nothing else that you could ever do that would give you that pleasure which you are searching all the time, are you not? Give me the tissues. Good. Next question. Questioner. Can you explain why some of us don’t seem to have experiences in meditation? Gururaj. I can’t hear you love, say that again please. Questioner.(Cont’d) Could you explain why some of us don’t seem to have experiences in meditation? Gururaj. What was that? She’s Danish you know. (General laughter)

2. UK 86- 18 Voice. Guruji, she’s asking why do some people not have experiences during meditation? Gururaj. Experiences are totally unimportant because once you get wrapped up in your experiences, you lose the beauty that life could bring and when you lose experiences of what life could really bring, then you will lose the joy of life. So why just don’t you try to sing and sing and sing? People are so orientated to find experience, for no experience could really be there and how important are those experiences for you if it does not bring to you the joy, the life, love (Gururaj continues painting) which is deserving of you. Do you want experience? Is experience really life, those glittering lights. Come here my love, come here and sit. You want experiences, do you? Tell me of the colours you see. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. What do you see? Voice. Black with red Gururaj. With red. Good. And in the red do you not see sparkles of silver, darling dear? Voice. (Cont’d). Yes. Gururaj. Hah. Tell me of the specks Voice. (Cont’d). Blue and green Gururaj. Yes. Good. Good. Carry on, keep on talking. Voice. (Cont’d). Red lines, black Gururaj. Red lines. They’re just not black but there’s a vastness, it feels as if you’re moving in everything, vast field. Now you talk of experiences. There you are. How important is that? Not important at all. I’ve just analysed your mind. (General laughter) Thank you. Questioner. Guruji, can you explain to me how a man who is searching for the truth maybe can be more connected by being a teacher of your, teaching your

12. UK 86- 18 the place there is open, so wide open like a virgin bride waiting for her beloved, so shy, so modest. But she’s there forever waiting to receive you. Understand the truth of life through these analogies, understand it. It’s on to one now, I think. Oh my darling, she was sitting here. Oh, beautiful. I think it’s a bit chilly outside, I better put this around me. Now to find the perfect balance, one must not be longer than the other. Find that balance in life. Namaste beloveds, enjoy your lunch. END


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