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2. UK 86- 19 Voice. Yes, yes. Gururaj. Tell me, what do you want? Voice.(Cont’d) I don't know. Just happiness and Gururaj. Happiness and Voice.(Cont’d) Peace Gururaj. Peace, quiet, tranquillity and to be happy together. What do you want of life? Voice. Could I have the same as he has? Gururaj. Is that not very beautiful? It's called sharing where she said to me now, ‘Can I not have what he wants to have?’ And so be it my beloveds. So be it, my beloveds. God bless. You can stand up. You can kiss if you want to. Everyone shares with us the love we have for you and may your life forever be joyous. Right. So says all of us (Clapping). Carol. Healing for Carol? Carol. What's your problem, Carol? Carol. I don't know what it is called. .... nerves to be locked up. Gururaj. Who told you that? Carol.(Cont’d) The doctor in Canada Gururaj. Told you that the nerves are blocked up Carol.(Cont’d) Locked up. Gururaj. Locked up. Ah hah. I haven't got any keys on me

3. UK 86- 19 Carol.(Cont’d) Maybe my .................by this. (Inaudibl e) Gururaj. And from the vibrations I see you do get a pain down this arm, Carol.(Cont’d) No. Gururaj. Or is it down the other arm? Carol.(Cont’d) No. The legs Gururaj. It’s a reflection going through from the arms here to the legs. Just stretch out one leg. Let’s see. Yeah. Now while I'm doing this, stretch your leg once again. The pain from your leg is gone. Carol.(Cont’d) Yes. Gururaj. So simple. Let's do the other leg as well while we're at it. Come closer, darling. Stretch the other one. Good. Fine. There's a little tension here. Carol.(Cont’d) That's right. Gururaj. That's right. I could feel the radiation. Carol.(Cont’d) Could you? Gururaj. Good. Yeah. We're getting rid of that. Now would you like to do cha, cha with me? That pain is gone. Try, just lift up and down a bit. Okay. Right. The pain is gone. Carol.(Cont’d) Yeah. Gururaj. There you are. You'll have to help me, I'm an old man. You get up first. Okay. That's it. Exercise.

4. UK 86- 19 Carol.(Cont’d) Okay. Thank you. Gururaj. No, we're not finished. (Clapping). The Master is always a Master but sometimes he functions a bit faster. Ah, Jan has got an ear problem - where is it baby? And you divorced me. Ah Liz, my luvvey ducks, come, come, come. Which is the problem? Okay. Just sit on my lap, my sweetheart. I'm getting old now. (Gururaj playing with the children) (General laughter) Did you hear the kiss? You heard the kiss. Another one and another one. (Gururaj starts singing) I love you, my love. I will always do. Are you going to sing with me? I love you my love. I will always do. For you will never be far away from me. I love you, my love. I will always do. For when we are together you and I could always say I love you. Okay. Fine. Your ear is going to be okay, darling. Ah. (Clapping) I tell you what his problem was. You see there are three parts top the ear, the outer drum, the middle drum and the inner drum. And there was a little infection in the middle drum and we've cleared it up. No problem. No problemo. It is so simple. You know earlier on we had a meeting with the full teachers and I showed them techniques of - Peter, yeah, John, yeah - I showed them techniques of healing and of course arriving - ah. What is that love? He's trying to teach me something, be patient. What is this? What I do with it? You press that and what happens. I know I press other things and I know what happens. That is lovely. Moving up. Come on, that's better. Off you go luvvey. Good. What shall we talk about tonight? Question. Questioner. Beloved Guruji, as everything in the universe consists of energy and as you have said this energy is neutral, Divine energy and works on attraction and repulsion, what is the difference between white and black magic? Gururaj. Very good, Inoo. Lovely. There is no white magic and there is no black magic. These are just but machinations of your own mind thinking in a white form or thinking in a black form. That creates your thoughts forms from white to black or black to white. And yet it is totally neutral, for energy is neutral depending how much or how you use it. All this business you have round the world of talking of white magic and black magic means nothing at all. There's no such thing at all. It is to use your God-given energies and energy is God and God is energy. How you use it in your practical life that could bring a value to it. So what do you want from life? Do you want it to be valuable, invaluable or valueless? You have three choices. Now when we talk of white magic, what do we mean by white? We mean light. And when we talk of black, we mean darkness. So what do you want in life, light or darkness? It is your choice found through the three methods I've just mentioned to you.

5. UK 86- 19 When a person reaches some form of realisation unto himself or herself, there will be no discrimination. Now why don't you try and do one thing. Take your white paint and take your black paint and mix it together. What colour do you get? Grey. There you are. Do you want the grey? Do you want the black? Do you want the white? What do you want? So stop mixing up your emotions and your feelings between white and grey for they cause that disturbance which becomes grey and you find your day filled with gloom and gloomy. I would rather prefer neither white nor black and mixing them, I don't want the grey. But let life forever be filled with sunshine in its own brightness and you glow, bathing in that sunlight which is neither white nor black and neither grey. But then on a lovely evening with your beloved one, caressing beautiful hair, caressing her heart or even touching elsewhere, take that walk in the moonlight, so cooling, so comforting and moonlight is neither white and neither grey. Do you see the point? You have to rise above it all and start learning to appreciate the sunlight and the moonlight and then you could really say that I am now walking in my Lord's way. When are you guys going to learn to start to walk? You're not walking. You're not even talking. You're just meandering and limping around through life. Why and what for, when you have these legs and these feet to walk? Why limp? And why go astray? So be steadfast with your feet firm on the ground and say forever to yourself, 'I am marching on in my way'. (Gururaj sings) 'Onward Christian Soldiers marching as to war'. Carry on, carry on, carry on. Come, come, join in, join in, join in. 'Onward Christian Soldiers marching as to war, Jesus, going on before (All singing) Onward Christian Soldiers marching as to war where the cross of Jesus going on before'. Come, come, come, come, come. That is the way we have to march through life. Now when we say onward Christian Soldiers marching as to war with the cross of Jesus going on before, what do we mean by that? We don't go to war. Never and no. You're fighting the battle within yourself and you’re marching to yourself within yourself to get rid of the conflicts that are there. And who has created these conflicts? No one else but you, you, you, you, you. All of you has created the conflicts within yourself. So what do we have to do with conflict, we unconflict it. Another word for your dictionary. Even this blooming thing shivers as I talk. So conflict is produced by the thought processes of our own minds. And that is what could bring you happiness or unhappiness. But if you could bring the balance as those Christian Soldiers and they march steadily, firmly within themselves, then the war is gone, the enemy runs away because they are so firm in the march. The trudging feet makes the enemy of conflict go away. And when you do this through your spiritual practices you will find all the conflicting enemies that are created by your mind. They will just float away. They will be destroyed and then you start marching with strength, with love, with peace, with tranquillity, with stability. Stop shaking, damn you. You see? That is really the secret

6. UK 86- 19 of life to make yourself stable and surely each and every one of you here are able to become stable. And remember that stable does not only belong to horses. How can you bring a horse into your heart? It’s too blooming large. But that stability and that stable is there in which you could bring that horse power into your heart and reflect it out again to others that need the stability which you have found and help them to find it in them. Isn't that the reason why you're born and yet trudging along you feel yourself so worn through the sufferings and the miseries and through all the vicissitudes of life. Make life very colourful and yet in the background there is that colour that is forever stable, the colour of love, the colour of Divinity which is colourless and yet you fill the canvas with all the colours of your thoughts which are meandering all the time. So what we do is this. Let's enjoy all the varied colours of life but always be in remembrance of that stable colour of Divinity which never, ever varies. It is only the surface that varies like the waves on the sea. They go up and down and up and down. Yet diving just a little under, you'll find the ocean so calm, so quiet and that very quietude makes us wonder of the glory of our Father. Why just travel along on the waves of life, on the surface waves? Try sometimes through your meditational practices, through Gurushakti and that little, and you'll find calmness and not the surface calamity. So from calamity you come down to calmness within you. Try it and you will see. Be regular, for that is the only way you can become free from all your problems. That's the only way we can, where you can throw the world aside. That's the only way you can throw the world aside and say that I have now really found the way. And then you will always realise the truth of what Jesus said 'I am the way, I am the life and I am the truth.' I told this to you two thousand years ago and you have forgotten it. Idiots! Perhaps I might be telling this to you a bit differently. It is not what I want to understand. I don't need to understand. I know it. But you have to understand the meaning of the way, the meaning of life, and the meaning of truth which is forever there. What more can I tell you, my beloveds? What more could I say? If you in your ship are aground, may the waves, the currents of the water bring you above the ground when you are aground. That depends totally upon you. Tonight is the last night of the Course - To, To, Tony, is that right? Tu, Tu, Tu, Tu, TU,Tuku. And of course tomorrow we'll have a Satsang tomorrow and it will be mostly goodbyes but tonight - we have time still, do we? I want to impart to you a very, very precious gift. It is the blood of my life which I shall be giving to you, to know the way, to know life, to know love, to know how to laugh, to know how to cry, if you want to. And that is the truth.

7. UK 86- 19 The whole theme on this Course I think has been based upon truth. The meaning of truth, what is truth and how can we find truth. So be true. So be true unto thyself and then you will know the truth of our Father, through his Son, here and now in this earth, on this earth and not in heaven. There's no such place. Be true unto thyself and realise the truth that is within you. Seek it not anywhere else for it is there forever and always with you. Good. Could I have someone to assist me? (Gururaj gives an Ajna Chakra Blessing to everyone present.) (Rajesh and Jasmini start singing) Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Ishvara, Allah, Christus, Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Jai, Jai Ram. Gururaj. Now to get through one hundred and twenty people of course, we backed it up and you know we try to be a bit faster or else we'll take three or four hours. But do remember one thing and this as I said earlier is my gift to you. I have opened up for you, your Ajna Chakra, that source of awareness - you can tell me about it tomorrow if you wish to - by a touch. It’s an incision for what was lying dormant and you'll feel far greater and greater awareness within you. You will. You see for example, when you focus your eyes, you're only focusing it to one spot. But how about the periphery where you can look, for example at Anton, right, and see the whole room at the same time. So in that focusing, you also observe the totality of everything around you. You know I've visited thousands of homes of our chelas and there could be a dozen people sitting in the room but the animals in the house, like cats or dogs, they always come up to me. Always. Do you know why? Because they have that instinctive quality within themselves, that innocence within themselves to be attracted to innocence. So you see how even an animal could recognise innocence and you that are supposed to be human beings, fail so much in seeing it. As I've said somewhere, sometime, some talk, some country, I can't remember, that even if Jesus Christ should walk down the road, they'll arrest him for vagrancy. But who's the real vagrant? Not He. You. You're drifting away from the true purpose of your life. And the true purpose of your life is to find yourself. 'Seek thou within. Be still and know that I a m God'. And in that twenty minutes or half an hour of meditation, you'll find that stillness within yourself. And that stillness could create and bring forth to anything that you want to desire. That is how with the power of that stillness, you can brin g any thought you have, to its fulfilment. It could be economic, healthwise, money-wise, whatever, any-wise and you can bring it to fulfillment. But first you've got, you've got to, you've got to, you've got to, you've got to develop the stillness within. And that you can do through the practices which is given to you by your guru.

1. UK 86- 19 Gururaj. You can put on this light now if you wish to. I didn't want my meditation to be disturbed. Are we all here? Are we still waiting for others because we are starting a bit earlier than usual? Dorothy, you come here. Sit there, darling. While meditating for an hour or two, was it, the mind was projected to you entirely. And in that projection I found all of you to be so close, so close, so close within me. I would like now to feel that closeness with me. Good. Just try if you can, to follow my breath. Try and combine it. (Gururaj breathing) Did you get the rhythm? (Gururaj taking breaths) Have we got any doctor here in the house? Have we got a doctor here? Come, I will show you now how your heart can stop palpitating. In other words, I'll show you what death is all about. Have you got a stethoscope? Dr. Joe. No. I can hear it. Gururaj. You can do it without. Gururaj. Has anyone got a mirror here - your little purse whatever. Good. Thank you dear. Why don't you clean it? I will show you - our doctor's here - I will show you how to stop breathing totally. (Pause) I was dead and became alive again. So you see the eternity of life itself? You can die at will. You can stop your heart at will. You can stop your breathing at will. So there you are. So all this bullshit here, damn it. Can you get it, Dorothy? Thank you. This belongs to Bavna, I think. You happy? You satisfied, dearest Doctor? Come here, kiss me first (General laughter & Clapping). You see what you have to do with women, I'm talking to the men now, let them not boss you, you boss them. You tell them what to do. Because they could be so sly and cunning. You know. Dr. Joe. Guruji, I wouldn't have kissed you if I hadn't wanted to. (Laughter) Gu ruraj. Lovely. Right. What's on our programme? Oh the Wedding Blessing. Would you organise that, Dorothy. Jenna and Kirsten. (Baby crying) Okay my darling, it’s alright. Kneel down there. Okay. Closer. (Gururaj starts chanting in Sanskrit) ............ Lord in whatever name you're called, we're always bowing to you. You are the one that makes us live, makes us love, that makes us laugh. And through our Lord's blessings you will always be together and be happy. This blessing comes from your guru. Good. Your hand and your hand on his. What do you want of life? I'll give it to you. You understand English?

8. UK 86- 19 Perhaps, most, many of you might have realised this and some of you will still realise it as a power of Gurushakti, of the grace that comes to us, through our Father which art in Heaven. Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven. I will add on to that. Thy Kingdom does not need to come, it is here already. It’s just for you to realise it, to experience it and that is how you will glorify His name. I think next time I come to England again, - when is it, in March, is it, - I must bring a whole bundle of walking sticks and give you each and every one so that you don't stumble and fall. You climb up the stairs, even as weak as you might be or are, who knows, but there's a rail, banister. Hold on to the banister and you won't fall. I am that banister bringing the message to each and every one of you of my Father, my Papa, who's not only a Papa but also a Mama. The Manifestor and the manifestation are none apart. They are the same. And you are so intertwined with Them that you could really find the sameness with Papa and with Mama. If you can understand these words of mine, you will so easily flow to that which is Divine. And understanding this, where do I go? I'm going all the time and I do not know when or why. Yet I will not ponder the wherefores or the therefores of life, I will just flow through the purity of my heart and of my mind. So go on and on, and on and going on, find life mixed in its own little play. You will find unmingled in life's play an d neither in life’s sway. And that is the true way. Hah. So all this just means one thing, discover yourself. When you go to bed, why do you cover your head with a blooming blanket? Take off the blanket and start breathing. Uncover yourself to discover the beauty which is life. Okay. Okay. It’s fine. Ah this beauty, yes, this beautiful thing. END


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