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1. UK 87- 16 Gururaj. Please sit down. Always the suave Master. Right, shall we meditate for a moment? Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Open your eyes slowly. You've got a little problem there. You will see a healing process and it will only take half a minute. That's it, that's right. Okay. Just watch this. You'll be totally still and quiet in thirty seconds. Listen to his breathing, it's becoming more and more soft now. Just by a touch. Yah, yes. You see, my beloved Healers, calm. The calmness of one's-self can b e measured by one's breathing. There. That's it. He's feeling totally relaxed now, and going to deeper and deeper stages of relaxation. What I did, to tell my Healers here, is this, that I took him through stages where he could find calmness within himself. Do you feel better my son? Voice. Yes. Thank you. Gururaj. Good, lovely, of course you should. No problem. Idiot. I love you Voice. I love you. Gururaj. I love you so much. Good. Now you go and sit there on your chair and just relax, okay, so that we could get on with this morning's programme, my darling, my son, I love you, I love you so much. Voice. Thank you. Gururaj. Good, now. No, no, he doesn't need any help any more. He can go himself. Gururaj. Hey, Usha, eh, bloody hell, you come here. I'm jealous, you know. Alright, hey Eric, Eric, yes? Eric, feeling fine? Good, right, that's what we want. A true Master works in many ways to enliven yourself through troublesome days and yet he penetrates the heart. Now, you my Teachers, is that not an art? Or is it just a fart? Give love forever, give love all the time, that is the greatest healing power that you could ever find. Forget the mind, but find that within yourself to portray in giving your love to someone who might have just momentarily gone astray. Importanto. Where are my Spanish people? Voice. Importante!

2. UK 87- 16 Gururaj. Importante! Oh ah. Oh, you see, I keep on learning all the time! Now I that keep on learning all the time, why shouldn't you guys here also keep on learning all the time? You think, you know too much. That's your trouble. Rather say, 'I know nothing' and nothing is not much. So, we would strive in life to gain greater, mucho, mucho, mucho, oh, oh, oh. That is the beauty of life to gain more and more and more of knowledge, of wisdom, of kindness, of compassion, of life, of love. And that is the meaning of mucho, mucho, mucho. Good. What shall we talk about this morning? (General laughter) Question. Questioner. Guruji, this is a question from one of our Meditators that couldn't be here and she asks, 'What motivates us and why do we sometimes wish to do dangerous things?' Gururaj. We try and do dangerous things for one reason only and any Psychologist or Psychiatrist will verify what I'm going to tell you now, we try and do dangerous things because we are afraid of ourselves. And by trying to be dangerous, we are trying to create a shield to protect ourselves. That is how you become dangerous. You, in the first place being insecure, you seek a refuge in danger. You use it as a shield to protect you, meanwhile, it is no protection at all, really, it's no protection. So then you start off being dangerous, but what happens is this, that you are endangering yourself by the thoughts that motivate you. Now what is the purpose of it? What is the purpose of the motivation of being dangerous? I beg your pardon. A bit chesty, sorry. The purpose of the motivation is the very insecurity within yourself. You are fearful of yourself and when you're fearful of yourself then naturally you will try and express it in a dangerous way. So you're portraying your own personal fears that underlies your entire personality. Now, if the personality is free from fear, then you will not be a danger to yourself or to anyone else. You see how it works? Forgive me, doctor, I'm still the master psychiatrist, you know. Yes. So to come down to practicality instead of mental analysis, it is this, what reason is there to fear yourself? There's only one certainty in life and that is death. You can be sure of that. So why fear anything at all? The idea of life, why you have taken this life, why you have born into the school of life, is to go beyond the fears that you have brought with you into your life, that burden, that load. Oh! Sometimes, I know, it's hard to carry. So getting rid of our fears and saying to the fears, 'Good-bye, F off', you will be reducing the burden that you're carrying. And by gradually reducing the burden, that load, you will find yourself becoming more freer and freer and freer within yourself. And when you become more and more freer, there's no fear. So simple.

3. UK 87- 16 So how about just deciding to yourself, here and now, 'Oh, to hell with this damn world. I know I'm stupid,' - say that to yourself. 'I know that I'm stupid, but the world could be a bit more stupider too'. So, by accepting this factor of life, you will find that you will not fear life, you will then love life. I don't know why you want to live in fear of life when you can so easily love life. This attitude or this perspective, if you develop it, will get rid from your inner self all the turmoils that have been bothering you for such a long time now. So, we chuck it off. Look it's so simple. You go to the toilet every morning, don't you, you evacuate yourself, you have a pee, eh, yeh, okay. Everyone does that every morning when they get up, get out of bed. Right! Now, how about evacuating those stupid thoughts of your mind. Shit them off, get rid off them, chuck them off as you're having a pee. Okay. So let your mind also pee. That is the secret, so beautiful and so simple. In other words, get pissed. (General laughter) Right, now get, what I'm trying to say to you in very, very simple terms, and putting it humorously or whatever, I don't know, right, is this, get rid of these negative attitudes because they are not helping you. They're not helping you. You get more and more and more mixed up within yourself, and why? Why must you get more and more mixed up? You're mixed up as you are, okay, so the process would be the reverse. Un-mix yourself, by developing a positive attitude towards life. I do not fear life, I love life. Does that make any sense? Think about it. Let me blow my nose, okay. So, remember one thing, that life itself is a process. Life is not made by you. Life comes about through Divinity and you are involved in the process of Divinity that is feeding you with His energies all the time. So, become more and more involved in the process and see the beauty of our Lord. See the beauty of our Lord that is putting us through this process of life. And when you see that, you will definitely feel much, much, much more happier. Live life, live it in love. Okay. Someone beckoned me there, what was it, Charlie? Voice. Initiations, Guruji. Gururaj. Okay. Right. You had a - Tuku, Tuku, Voice. Peter will finish off the prayer now. Gururaj. Yah, yah, right. Tuku announce it, who are the new Initiates? Voice. All these people here.

4. UK 87- 16 Gururaj. Right. They are for? Voice. Prep. Teachers, Full Teachers, Healers and Spiritual Names. Gururaj. Ah, hah. Voice. Will you finish off the Prayer, Peter? Gururaj. Give me a chance, would you, Charlie. Voice. Beloved Gururaj, father and friend, teacher of truth, channel of Divine grace, help us to unfold the Kingdom of Heaven within, which we through our ignorance think we have lost. O Living Master, guide to us the energies and forces so much needed for our physical and mental upliftment and spiritual unfoldment, so that we may become better people and reflect our inner Divinity outwardly in our daily lives. May our thoughts always be guided to purity and virtue and strength. May our minds always be filled with happiness and joy. May our bodies be worthy temples for the Divine Spirit. May Divinity be so activated in us that our needs will always be fulfilled and may your blessings be with us to bring happiness to those who are here with us today. (Group Sings) Gurur brahma Gurur Vishnur, Gurur Devo Maheshvarah Guruh Sakshat Param Brahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah Akhanda Mandalakaram, Vyaptam Yena Characharam Tap Padam Darshitam Yena, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah Shri Brahmanandam Param Sukhadam, Kevelam Gyanamurtim Vishva-Titam Gagana Sadrisham, Tat-Tvam-Asyadi Lakshyam Ekam Nityam Vimalamachalam, Sarvadhi Sakshi Bhutam Bhava-Titam Triguna Sahitam, Sad-Gurum Tam Namami Agyana Timirandhasya, Gyananjana Shalakaya Chakshur Unmilitam Yena, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah

5. UK 87- 16 Dearest Gururaj, father and friend, teacher of truth, channel of divine grace, I thank you for your blessing and spiritual practices which are to be granted to me this Fourth day of November nineteen eighty seven. I promise to try to do my practices regularly as will be taught to me and I will also consciously and to the best of my ability try to live a life of truth, purity and love so as to be worthy of your teachings. May this day be a turning point in my life for greater happiness and self fulfilment. Namaste. Gururaj. I can't move around so much, so I was wondering if you would come up. I'll have to - I put a slip in here. Raju, did you let that paper slip out or what? Oh no, here, found it. Thank you. (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit) Om prijapatay swaha ...........Om bhur bhuhah swaha agnayari parsuhaha ....... Om bhur bhuha swaha agnayara pasmay ........ Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Oh you got a bell. Thank you. We haven't got a pillow, have we? Doesn't matter, really. Whatever. Shall I compose something for you? Shall I compose something for you, quickly? No? (Laughter) Voice. She didn't understand. Gururaj. Oh, she didn't understand what I said. Ah okay. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) Daray binah, o may kaysay due, daray binah o may kaysay due ..................................... What it means is this 'That without you, how can I live when you're my love?' Oh yeh, simple. Good. (Gururaj starts lilting and humming) Do you know what purpose this served? Is to relax her. She was feeling a bit tense. I'm your father. That's it. (Gururaj continues humming) Great girl isn't she? Jesus. Voice. I wish you'd stop frightening my mike, Guruji.

6. UK 87- 16 Gururaj. You look after that. You don't want a droopy 'em, mike, do you? My darling daughter. Did you have to run upstairs, dear? Voice. Tuku did. Gururaj. You're making me cry. Now with all this air travel, it affects my eyes and you know, my nose as well. Oh, my darling. Voice. The other one has got a piece of iron on it. Gururaj. Look into my eyes, would you. Voice. That's a bit of ......... (Inaudible).......... you've got there, that's not ....... Gururaj. I understand. Peter, you don't need to help him to his chair. He can do it by himself now. Yes, of course. Yeah, come on, come on, come on. You can do it. Right, yes, yes, yes. Yeah. Yeah. Leave him alone, he can do it. Slowly, yah. Okay. Okay, good, fine. Fine, fine, fine. Always say to yourself 'I can do it' and you will be able to do it. Even a person who is impotent, he must just say 'I can do it'. You will see the results. Come on darling, you're not going to cry. Ah, em. And why not, with the father. Oops, sorry. I'm the greatest lover in the world. (General laughter) Hey, hey, come here. She got lost within herself, in her Father's love. Understood. Bless you my daughter. Voice. Nurima, Spiritual Name and a Prep. Teacher. Gururaj. Yeah, Nurima. Of course. Ah hah. Voice. Anton, a Full Teacher. Gururaj. Who's this guy? You know that new book, 'The Master Reflects', but you are the reflection of the Master. My beloved Anton. You have a shave.

7. UK 87- 16 Anton. I knew you'd say that. Gururaj. For this evening. Yeah. I tease him you know. (Gururaj laughs) So beautiful, really. So lovely. You were away somewhere else now, gone to a higher sphere of life and living. It’s good, isn't it? Of course it should be. Thank you. Namaste. Voice. ...... (Inaudible) a Full Teacher. Gururaj. No, no, no, this is impossible. Come on, my darling daughter, put your arm around me, will you. Life is made - why don't you hug me - life is made not only for living but for loving. Take good care. Do everything in total purity and love, love, love, love, love. Okay sweetheart. Right. Okay. I love teasing. God bless you my love, my daughter. Voice. Helen, Hassena, a Spiritual Name. Gururaj. Your spiritual name, Hassena, means - lets, so that they can also hear, then - your Spiritual Name Hasseena means the one that is the beauty of everything that is beautiful. That is the meaning of your name, Hasseena. Now, there is also another interpretation, 'Hassee' in Sanskrit, means to be able to laugh. Voice. ... make people cry. Gururaj. Now come on, start laughing. (General laughter) I'm terrible am I not? We got her going alright. (General laughter) Ah dear me, come darling. You don't know this guy. Love you Hasseena, love you. Hasseena. Thank you, Master. Voice. .... (Inaudible) going to be made a Healer. Gururaj. (General laughter) Oh dear me, its so much fun isn't it. Okay. Okay. I had to clear up a little blockage. Right. Okay. You'll never be troubled with that pain ever again in your life, my son.

8. UK 87- 16 Voice. Namaste. (General laughter) Voice. Last one, Full Healer. We're never going to get a guru like you. Gururaj. You reserved her for the last. Of course the cherry on the cake. Ah, I love you so, so much my darling. Ah, ah. Love you. Come closer. God bless you. Melting moments. Ah, ah, ah lovey, darling. Voice. It's Gladys now. Gururaj. It’s a quarter to one, is it? Voice. It's Gladys now ......... (Inaudible)................. You said you'd give her a healing. Gururaj. Right, I'll do it now. No, no, no, I'll go to her. Don't - oops. Your problem has a few aspects. You have a duodenal, duodenal ulcer. It’s gone. It’s gone. Another problem which is more mental problem is that you are afraid of giving up life, to put it in simple terms. Nothing to be afraid of. I'm with you all the time, don't you worry. I'll accompany you. It’s a lovely journey, beautiful. It’s okay. So there is nothing to fear, there. Get rid of the .... (Inaudible)..... So what must happen, must happen. So may the devil care. But you're going to Heaven, of course. Right. There's another problem to do with your feet. Try and keep them up as much as you can. When you sleep at night, put them on a pillow, something like that, up, which will help you with the circulation. When you get up some mornings, you would feel your toes being cold and you feel some little tingling in your fingers, that is because of circulation. So do that. Why not? You're not so old, you know, Mom. Yeah. Right. So get rid of that fear. You, I think you should be about seventy three. Gladys. Seventy six. Gururaj. Ah hah. Well, I wasn't far out. Yeh, it’s true. Nevertheless you do these simple exercises to get your blood flowing. Of course rid yourself of the thoughts that you're going to bloody die. So what? Everyone is going to die in any case. Isn't it true? There's only one certainty in life is death. So why worry about it, damn it? Ahhh. Nevertheless, I'm still going to see you around for the next ten years. Mark my words. What is the date today? Voice. Fourth of November.

9. UK 87- 16 Gururaj. Fourth of November nineteen eighty seven, you write it in your diary. So we, you and I are going to be around for the next ten years. Bah. What was the other thing I said to you? Remind me, remind me what she has to do. Ah hah, that's it. Put her feet up, that's it dear. I'm sure you'll remember or one of these girls of mine will make a note for you. Voice. We will sell her the Tape. Gururaj. Pardon. Voice. We will sell her the Tape. Gururaj. Is it being recorded? Ah yes, give her the Tape as a gift from me. Don't sell it to her, give it to her. I love you. I love you. Where can you find another guru like me in this world? Impossible. Impossible. Peter, please remind me to say a few words on new Teachers this evening. It's lunchtime for you guys. Ramon, will you bring me up? END


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