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1. UK 87- 17 Gururaj. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit) Bajoram bajocham, bajo bajo yayhi hayhi .................. Gururaj. Tonight, this evening I am going to give you a special gift through the mercy of our Lord. Anyone that has any problem at all, just need to come up for half a second, half a minute and whatever problem there is will be gone immediately. So please do not be shy. We don't want that. You don't be shy of your own family, do you? Early on this evening I went through a healing process with one of our people, yeh, no names mentioned and of course the problems disappeared. She's sitting somewhere around, is she? Good. So whoever needs anything, don't be shy, just come up, whisper in my ear. Any problem whatsoever. If you want a million pounds, please write us a cheque. She looks after these things, you know. Questioner. Does she sign the cheques, as well? Gururaj. No, I sign them. I would never give her the power of attorney to sign for me. These guys are shy. You see he was only six foot tall, six feet tall rather, and then I started pulling his leg and he developed two inches more. Beloved, Namaste. Voice. ................ (Whispering) Gururaj. I didn't get that. That's right, don't go away. Dammit. I've got a qualified psychiatrist there, Ramon, you all know him, I’m sure, from Spain. Let's treat that problem. My advice to you is this, find a woman that will excite you. So simple, so beautiful because a man in his life, to preserve his own personal balance requires someone who is supportive to himself and those energies that are concealed that does not find an expression has to be expressed. And that expression comes from excitation. So what's wrong with having a good old time. Do that. Next. Gururaj. What do you mean Master, the supreme Master. Voice. There's a sound in my head, on the left side of my head. I cannot hear so well....... Gururaj. On the left side. We'll fix that up now. Just take a second or two and we'll fix that. Take off your glasses, dammit. How can I treat you if you put your glasses on? Look at life without glasses. That's sound advice, I tell you. The

4. UK 87- 17 Voice. ............. (Inaudible) Gururaj. Usha would you please organise - well this is something we can't discuss, but would you please organise so that I could give her a personal healing tomorrow. Voice. Thank you. Gururaj. I'll look after that. Don't worry. No problem. Voice. .......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Who put my glasses this way? They scuff the blooming glasses and I can't afford another pair. (Gururaj sings) Om bhur bhuvah swah. Tatsavitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. My children. Come on, be happy, be happy. Definitely, no nonsense about that - excuse me, I'm blowing my nose. What do I want from my children? Is their happiness and their togetherness. So let us try. Come on, don't cry. At the end you will both be happy, I promise you that. When I see you in a few months time, when is it, March, March, March. Perfecto. Love you both so much. By the way tonight you know what you two have to do, okay. Come on. Voice. .... (Inaudible) ..... Midnight Special Gururaj. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got Voice. You can finish those people tomorrow. Gururaj. No, no. I want to see these few people and then of course we will go into Communion. Voice. You'll have to speed it up Gururaj. Okay, yah, yah, yah.

5. UK 87- 17 Voice. A minute each. Gururaj. Get away. Questioner. ..................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Kick James on his arse and chuck him out. I know you love him very much but he is causing a disturbance between you and Don and that's not good. I told you this on the phone, I think, or in a letter, I can't remember now. Right , don't allow it. We love our children so much but if they break up relationships, then tell them to fuck off. Okay. Voice. (Cont'd). But he has a problem........ (Inaudible) Gururaj. You must not worry about that. He must worry about his problem. Voice. (Cont’d). But I'm his mother and I brought him up, so it’s my fault. Gururaj. No, no. That's the wrong attitude. If a child has a problem, teach the child to look after his problem and don't you ever feel responsible for it. You did your best bringing him up and that is as far as you should go. And then leave it over to him. Right. Because if you carry on, if you carry on carrying his problem, you're harming him and not helping him. You must teach him to take care of his own problem. So you kick his bloomin' backside and tell him, you know what I mean. Voice. ..............(Inaudible) Gururaj. Okay. Within one month's time, this daughter of mine is going to become pregnant. (Applause) Voice. .................. beautiful soul. He's looked after me so well........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Within three weeks, ein, twein, trein, he's got it. Voice. ...........(Inaudible)

6. UK 87- 17 Gururaj. Next. Whoever? Hello Pal. How thee? He's a jolly good fellow. Voice. ........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Easy. Why don't you turn around and face the crowd there so that I can kick your bloody arse. Stand up. (General laughter) Gururaj. Try and take it a bit easier, my son so you won't be troubled. Simple. Voice. .............. (Inaudible) Gururaj. Do nothing. Do nothing, that's all. Now when I say do nothing, don't bend the elbow. That's nothing, isn't it? That's your starting point. Right. Bending the elbow could be very troublesome, so the easy way out is not to bend the elbow. So then the problem automatically disappears. Don't bend the elbow. Namaste. (General laughter) Such fun, oh beloved. Namaste. Voice. .......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Well this is not something for a public - arrange an appointment for her, would you, so that we can take care of the problem. Right. We'll do that tomorrow, sometime. Right. Voice. ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. It’s alright, it doesn't matter. Yes, just let me - get off drugs. Voice. It’s a battle. Gururaj. You've been using some drugs which is affecting you, which tends to make you not think straight. Get off it and you'll feel much better and please remind me to write a note to him of what he must do to help get off that stuff. I think y ou should cut this bloomin' beard off.

7. UK 87- 17 Voice. I don't want to. I think it’s a great one. Gururaj. Remind me to dictate a note to you tomorrow morning for him what to do about that little problem. Lisa. Come on. No. That's not necessary. Tell me. Voice. ........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Have you been involved with this man? Voice. (Cont’d). ........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. You've got lovely boobs, you know. (General laughter) Put a smile on her face. Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes and I could tell you more about yourself than what you've told me. Insecurity, fear, frustration, not being able to cope with yourself, these are the basics. I can go on and on and on. Right, but they are not necessary, my darling. They are not necessary at all. You are capable of everything. Just feel sure within yourself that you are the product of our Creator, that you are part of his creation and that is where you belong and always will be there. So you do not need to be scared of life, my darling, you don't need to because life is wonderful really, it is but you must learn to accept yourself. Voice. (Cont’d). How do I do that? Gururaj. How do you do that, how to accept yourself? Oh, it’s so simple. Just say 'I am myself'. That's all. I am myself. And when you say and repeat to yourself as an affirmation that I am myself, you are automatically accepting yourself. It’s very simple, very simple. Try it my darling, Lisa. Right and you're going to start just now because I'm going to be with yo u tonight in the Midnight Special and you will understand more. Right. Should I bring a condom with me? (General laughter) Oh, my darling. Voice. ................ emigrating ... (Inaudible)

8. UK 87- 17 Gururaj. Is he here? Energised ring to give her for Christopher. Good. Now we can all relax a bit. Give me a ciggy. Come on. Relax. Cockoobum. I get this problem of travelling around the world all the time. She's very jealous, be very careful, okay. So now the next step would be the Communion Practice. Now, of course, the old meditators, not old, really, I mean, but for the past ten, twelve years, whatever, right, they know the process. But to those who are newcomers, may I remind you or tell you rather, that in the Communion Practice I leave you and merge away into Divinity. Now, what you have to do is nothing. Just draw your attention to me. Do not concentrate, just gazing simply and you will go through various kinds of experiences. So, experience it gently, in a gentle way, no effort, no, no effort at all. Right, so what yo u would experience, we could discuss it a bit later. Now you've got the point clear, especially the newcomers. Just gently gaze, okay and see what happens to you or what you experience and we can always discuss those experiences a bit later. That is the process. Finish your cigarette, darling and we can get on. Have you ever tried to relax? Now there are two different effects to this - I'm just waiting for you guys to finish your cigarettes. Now, if you relax on your left arm or you relax on your right arm, there is a total different effect. Because there are polarities between the left and the right as far as energies are concerned. So, now you've got to balance it within yourself, the left and the right, and bring it to the centre. And then you would sit up and feel that inner peace, that hear t that you are. Stop yawning, dammit. You've, you'll feel, you'll feel that beautiful peace within yourself because you are consciously trying to centre yourself. And your centre is your heart, that inner-ness of you, that inward-ness of you, the core of your soul, the God-hood within yourself and that is really you. How are you feeling, Gladys? Gladys. Wonderful, thank you. Gururaj. Ah, good. Oh, we were doing some healing on her yesterday? Today? Yesterday, eh? Gladys. (Cont'd). This morning. Gururaj. This morning, yeah, whatever, I never remember anything. I live in the moment, and that's all that matters, to be able to live in the moment. You don't live in yesterday, and you don't live in tomorrow, but you live now, in this very moment. And that is how you can realise the truth, and the reality which is within you, which is you, rather. That's the

9. UK 87- 17 way we do things. You love your girl-friend, you love your wife, right, and you go to bed together. Now, you want to be together and close to her. Do you know how that comes about? Why you get worked up or what do they call that, I don't know, something like that. Do you know why? It is because of a past memory where you enjoyed yourself, assumingly of course, where you enjoyed yourself with your partner, and here, subconsciously, that memory returns where you want to experience the same thing again. That's how it works, that's the process. So, where are you living, then? You're bringing that past experience into the now-ness of life, which will carry on taking you forward, so a day later you want to do it again. Just. I'm telling you of mental processes like our Dr. Ramon there from Spain will verify. That is how the mind works. But if we can obliterate or put aside the experience of yesterday, and not looking forward to tomorrow, greater happiness can be found in life because we are now here and here and here and now, in this single moment. You see how people are so mixed up, you see how people are conditioned by the past, samskaras, karmas, whatever you want to call them, experiences. They're influenced by that, making them do things in this moment which has not arisen from this moment, but it has arisen from the past. So, what this actually means is this, that you are not living in the moment, you are living in the past. And the past is influencing the present moment. Now, by doing your practices, you could get rid of the impressions in your mind of the past and really and truly find the meaning of the present. And then you are in the presence of Divinity. Then you're in the presence of Divinity. Good. How long has it taken you to finish that bloomin' cancer-stick? Right, now, as I mentioned before, I'll be going into ..... water, thank you. Can I have some water? Is there another glass or something around? Yah, here's mine. You don't mind I'm sure. I haven't got Aids or Herpes. Mergence and emergence, what is the difference? On the one hand you merge away into Divinity, and then on the other hand, you emerge out of that Divinity which you have firstly merged into. And that is the meaning of Communion where you transcend this little physical body and go through the entirety of the universe. You go through all the planets and the vastness that is there, and you are on this beautiful journey of the spirit or your spiritual self. There, travelling on, you see the beauty of creation, you see the beauty of all that exists which is none else but the manifestation of the Manifestor. And you observe all this, so beautiful, scintillating, so lovely in its power and glory. And you keep on travelling on and on and on, seeing all the beauties of what this whole universe is made of.

10. UK 87- 17 And then, going beyond all that, you reach the ultimate who is the Creator or Manifestor. And then going beyond the entirety of universe, of the universe, you merge within that force, that power, that energy so sublime, indescribable, so indescribable. And when you merge in that, which is beyond anyone's thinking power, you become lost in that Divinity, so you merge in that Divinity, to emerge again into this worldly life and living. But to have the experience of merging there in that Divinity is a joy unto itself, because Divinity is joyful, blissful, and playful like me. So reaching there in that sphere, you don't feel like coming back, really. Reaching that upper sphere and then coming down to this shit-arse world, oh, oh, my God! That's bullshit isn't it? But we have to come back. If anyone goes into deep meditation for twenty-one days, right through, as Ramakrishna said, you will disintegrate. So we go up there and come back, and go up there and come back and so what - as long as it produces a quietude within ourselves, as long as it produces the peace in our minds, as long as the heart is titillated - I don't know how you do that. That's the beauty, that's the secret of life, titillate yourself. Ah, titillate the strings of the heart, that's what I'm trying to tell you. You know that. Titillate the heart-strings and you will find so much joy, which could be everlasting but if you try and titillate anything else it is very momentary. You all know that. None of you are such innocents are you? To titillate the strings of the heart, make the heart alive and experience, the joy which I experience all the time. Bliss. Endless bliss all the time. If I can do it, of course you can do it too. For we are not apart, we are all human, to a certain sense of course. I might be super-human - baaahh - forget it! But living in this world as humans as we do, we can do something for ourselves in titillating the heart, pulling those strings there, strings, strings, strings, yeh, pulling those strings there in the heart, feeling and listening to that Divine music of the Lord, aaah, who is the guitar or sitar of our heart. So these are the things we have to find within ourselves. And when I go on these journeys exploring the universe and experiencing the universe, hey, what do I find? I only find that wonderful glory which is there all the time. So that glory too is within all of you. But you have to find it, discover it, enjoy it, play with it and stop messing around. They didn't catch that, Usha, did they? (Gururaj laughs) Yes, the main problem of human life is this, that we mess around with ourselves and messing up others also. Why? Why must you mess around with yourself? And why must you mess up others? It's not necessary, is it? What purpose does it serve? That's stupid isn't it, really, stupid? So, the cure is this, love each other as your brother and sister love. It will prevent you from messing yourself up and messing, messing up others around you. Love one another as your brother and sister. It’s very simple, isn't it, really? It is, very simple! But the difficult part of it is this, that you, bastardos, don't do it. That's the difficult part. Do it, why not? And do you know that

11. UK 87- 17 you will gain more, ten-fold more, by loving each and every one as your sister and brother. They'll love you ten-fold more for it. And that is true, remember these words of mine, in case I have a heart attack tonight, which I won't, of course. So, give a little, ten fingers, give one, one finger, and the other nine will follow to love you. You see, these are laws of nature, which you must and you must and you must understand. Look, what is it to give off a little pinky, when you can, when you can get the other nine? How many? One, two, three, four, five, I can't count anymore, give up a little pinky and you get nine more from it. That is the beauty of life. For the Divine Father or Divine Mother, whatever you want to call It, these are labels, that Divine Father's so bountiful, give Him one little pinky, give Him one and He'll give you the others in return, without fail. I know that, because I and my Father are one, and I know what I'm talking about. But you have to try it and experience it. Oh, it's so beautiful, really. 'Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s', what's the other one, 'Give unto God which is, which is God's.' Yeah. So this means we are not going to neglect the relative and we are not going to neglect the absolute. Give to the relative what is relative, and give to the absolute what is absolute. That was a very tricky question they asked of our Lord Jesus and what a brilliant answer. 'Give unto Caesar which belongs to Caesar, and give unto God which belongs to God'. I've been through some of these trials myself, going through all these Universities round the world, and the Courses and what have you where I lecture and they try and trap me in the same way they tried to do to Jesus, Jesus. But we guys know how to get around it. (General laughter) Yeah, yeah, yeah, without offending anyone. Now remember this now very clearly, you don't offend anyone, but you defend everyone. Have you got that clear? You do not offend anyone but you defend everyone. For every person that's born in this world, I don't if you were born up or pulled down. I don't know any of these things, you know. I fell down from the skies. Remember this, as I said before, love each other as your brother and sister comes first, love each other as your sister and brother. Now why do you think, Usha, I repeated this in this way? So it could stick better in minds of men and mice. Well, there we are, coming back from this lovely, beautiful journey, to merge into Divinity, and emerging again from Him to speak to you, right, so, there's so much beauty. What a wonderful experience it is? Forever and all the time it is there. Why is it there? Because He is there all the time, every time. And if you cannot contact Him there, contact me. Yes. Why do I represent Him then? I'm His agent, you know! Charlie, right, would you look after the commissions? Ha ha ha, there. I think, okay, fine. I'll have to get, I'll have to get something into my tummy. Now, yes, yah, fine.

2. UK 87- 17 sound has gone. Yes. Of course it’s gone. Definitely it should. Right. Nevertheless, if, whenever that sound in the head should appear, right, then do your mantra or do gurushakti. No problemo. Feeling better? Lovely. Next. Voice. .........(Inaudible) Gururaj. Carry on, tell me more. Voice. ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Your problem is that you are sexually frustrated. Why don't you get fucked? Putting it in very simple terms, you need, what I meant by that, you need comfort, my darling. You need to feel more secure within yourself to release those tensions that are there. Release them and you do not need physical contact unless you want them. That's your business not mine. But of course, you know where my room is. (Gururaj Laughs) Relieve your mind of these, silly worries. I know there are problems which stems from finances and things like that. I know, darling, I can read everyone's mind here. Right, but don't let that bother you. So, if you do not have a lover, use baby oil. (General laughter) Bastardo! Oh my beloved. Voice. (Inaudible) Gururaj. Usha, I've got to make an urgent phone call tomorrow and it’s fixed up. Next. Remind me to phone tomorrow. Okay. My darling, Namaste. Voice. ............. (Inaudible) Gururaj. For what. Voice. (Inaudible) Gururaj. What kind of healing? Voice. (Cont'd). (Inaudible)

3. UK 87- 17 Gururaj. Okay. Thank you. A sip of water. It’s alright, my darling. It’s alright. (Gururaj sings) Jai govindam, jai govindam, jai govindam........ Gone. No problemo. Love you Voice. Dear Gururaj, I ................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Good, my darling. Last when this beloved lady saw me she had a cancerous, she had a cancerous problem and she wanted to tell me that the cancer is now totally gone. Good. Love you. Okay darling. You see the mercy of our beloved Lord. I'm only an instrument. She was going through cancerous problems and a simple healing took it all away. How great is our Lord, isn't He. Can we ever stop thinking about him? Eh. Never. Always have that guy in our minds in remembrance, forever and forever and forever. That's one example. And I could tell you of thousands and thousands and thousands of examples how He, that guy works. It's just amazing grace. How does that song go? Hey, Raju, Jasmini, where are you? Rajesh and Jasmini. (Start singing) Amazing grace Gururaj. Come on, take over Questioner. (Group sings ) .......... was blind but now can see. I don't know Gururaj. Come on, carry on (Group Sings) ... and grace shall set me free, I once was lost but now I'm found ........ grace. Gururaj. Amazing grace. Is it really amazing? But it, there is no sense in just thinking about it. It would make greater sense in experiencing that amazing grace. Experience it and why should you not. Do you see? This is what everything is about, to experience the truth and the totality of ourselves through that amazing grace. Next. Voice. Namaste. Gururaj. Namaste. Oh, darling, tell me.

12. UK 87- 17 And tonight, we're having the Midnight Special. Oooh, I've got a lot of visiting to do. (General laughter). Right, and would you, Usha, explain what the Midnight Special is about, so I could at least have a breath now. Okay, you explain. Usha. Right, now, Preatam meditates in his own room with one or two of the Teachers with him, and in that time, he in meditation will visit each one of you in, who will be meditating in your own rooms. And you just do your Tratak or your Mantra Meditation whichever one you feel most comfortable in. And don't expect anything. Don't anticipate anything. Just meditate normally and you may find you have some very interesting experiences. You might. Gururaj. What the hell, why not! Of course I'm going to be there. Yes, so as Usha explained to you, tonight, midnight, head on. I'll be meditating in my room and you'll be meditating in your rooms. Fine. And I shall be there with each and every one of you. And in this past so many years, people have reported, you know, their experiences and things to us, Usha, yeh, yeh, right. It's a reality brought to you, which means that although I might be on the other side of the world, there in that country called South Africa, but I'm still really very close to all of my beloveds, close to you. So tonight at twelve, the Midnight Special, cha cha cha cha cha cha cha. Right. Thank you. END


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