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1. UK 87- 19 Gururaj. What a beautiful Guy - he tried to blow up Parliament! What does this mean? Well, I know one thing for sure, that my wife - where is she - she's my Parliament. You didn't catch that. Right, look, you try to blow yourself up with dynamite and the greatest dynamite that could ever be is the dynamite within you. Why not explore that and blow that up, and then you're truly a Guy Fawkes. And folks please remember that you are nothing else but Fawkes. You are the guys that control your lives. Who else can control it for you? No one. So by controlling your lives, do not blow up that parliament. It's not necessary. Blow up yourself, that power that is within you. That is what is really to be blown up. Remember, you are nothing but a balloon. You blow up the balloon but also learn to understand to prick it, so all that false air within yourself can slip out and then the meaning of the false air in the balloon is gone. Do you need a hanky, dearest? I'll give you mine. So you see, what I'm trying to say is this, that we are filled with blooming gases and false air. Now all of you at any time can step up to me so that I could pin you fellows and get rid of those gases which you are filled with. And what are these gases? False thoughts, wrong understanding, not recognising the true value of your life, not knowing who you really are. False gases. Let me prick them out of all of you, so you can all come here, pull down your pants, or your panties and I'll prick you to get rid of this, of the false gases. For you are being gassed by that nuclear force of stupidity. Come here, come, you, you, you, Blondie, come here, sit here. My feet are very sore, rub them, darling. So right, now here is the point, if you are gassed by stupidity, then why not become gassed by sublimity? You see it's so easy to change over, but you don't seem to understand. Stupidity is sublimity, so you step from there to there. How do I do it? Like that, something like that. (General laughter) So we step over from stupidity, stupidity to sublimity. Isn't that where we really belong? To live in our sublime selves, instead of on our stupid selves? Should we bloody be there rather than up there? Look at the difference, there and there. Now this is the way how we reach the truth of ourselves. This is the way how we reach the Divinity within ourselves, for that old chap is always there. Yeah, he's there waiting and waiting and waiting for us, isn't he with so much patience and saying, 'Oh my children, please come home, please come home, my children, I'm waiting and waiting for you'. That's what that old man says. Good. Question? Questioner. Beloved Guruji, as a newcomer to meditation and my first BMS Course, I've been greatly moved by your teachings, your wonderful sense of humour, and the vastness of your love and concern for your children here and around the universe.

3. UK 87- 19 comes around you. And by not being able to accept the circumstances around you, you are lost. So, when you can truly and really accept everything around you, then you become a real human being. You see, these are teachings that are so, so important really, so important, where you learn the idea of acceptance of whatever there is. And if you can't, you are rejecting, and when you reject others, remember one thing for sure, you are rejecting yourself. So why should you reject yourself? Accept yourself and not reject yourself. I don't require this at all. It's just a, it's just a form of demonstration to show you how to relax in your own way, to accept yourself. I'm a master psychiatrist and here, Dr. Ramon will bear me out on that. Please try to accept yourself, whatever you do, remember it is you, you, you, you, you. Now will someone please call those four bastardos that walked out there? I'm not only a Spiritual Master, but also a spiritual mentor and I know how to kick your backsides. And I would not hesitate a single moment if I can help someone. What is wrong in relaxing with a cigarette? And these, three, four people there, took offence, so go to hell with them! Bloomin' hell! Shall we care, even Charlie smokes his cigar. Now, what I'm trying to point out is this, be yourself. Be your natural self. Do everything you want to do but everything in moderation. Did you watch me smoking that cigarette there? Look, look, I just took a few puffs, that's all, which was moderation. But I tried to show you so that you must become relaxed. And by you being more relaxed, you will absorb more of what I'm trying to tell you. So these guys were, they had tension, tension, tension. Why? How can you absorb when you are feeling so intensely tense? I think it was a good lesson there. Right. Question. Questioner. This is a question from, okay, this is a question from Concha which I will read because of the English. Beloved Preatamji, you've said in one of your Satsangs that what you think is real is not real at all; that what you think is unreal is true reality. Could you speak us about this? Gururaj. Thank you, Concha. Where is she? She's somewhere around. Oh, there you are. Okay. Now, you want to know the difference really of the factor between reality and unreality. What is real to you? Right, you as a married, devoted husband will sleep with your wife and you would find that to be reality and that reality which you seem to find to be real, is nothing else but sensuality. You're involved in the five senses which I've explained so many times before, which all involves physicality. So, where is your true existence? In your physical self, or is your true existence somewhere else? In your physical self, you will find sensation and sensuality. But in that other self, there's no sense nor sensuality and you go beyond it all to find the meaning of your true self, which exists within you.

4. UK 87- 19 Now, you would ask the question 'What is my true self?' Your true self is not the physical being, not the body, not the sensual being, and not the senses, and neither, any sensitivity. Your true self is beyond it all. It is an area where you find that inner self, and that inner self is your real self. What this means is this, that you, in your search for the freedom of life, you're finding your soul, your inner self. You must write this book, I'll dictate it to you, 'In search of the Soul'. And searching for the soul is actually trying to find your inner self, which is the soul. So, when it comes to practical living, what it means is this, that although you're involved within your senses, senses, self, involved in your senses, doing this, that, that, that, that, smelling, touching, tasting, you know all that, although being involved in that, you still have to go beyon d that. So, here we marry two things together which are so important. We marry the physical self with the spiritual self, and we can then really appreciate the beauty of the physical body. She's rubbing my legs, I appreciate that, why not? Then we would be able to appreciate the physical body with our spiritual body which is body-less. So here, it's such a simple solution, where you combine something which is body-less with something that possesses a body. So, what is important there? The body or that which is not the body? Both are important. For, how can you appreciate that which has no body with that which is a body because that which has no body can only be conceived if you possess a body. So both are important. Both are there, and it depends so much in your conception how to combine no-body into your body, no body into your body, and make it a reality to live in the combination of the relative with the absolute. That is the secret of life. That is so true. I don't know how much you've understood what I'm trying to tell you. But to find that combination of no body in the body, then you become some-body. These are things that we have to learn, my beloveds, these are the things we have to learn in life, to combine those two aspects, to become some-body, which is yourself. Some-body. Just analyse this word. You are 'some' body. Now, when you say to yourself that you are some-body, it really means you do not know yourself. 'Some'-body; who is that some? And that formulates within ourselves to find ourselves that some-body. And that could answer the question, 'Who am I, what am I, what am I doing here? Who is that some-body?' Reflect upon it, enjoy it, and think about it, it's worthwhile really. If I'm some body, who is the some, and who is the body? Ah! Thank you. Woman! Voice. .................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Do that, please. Voice. ................. (Inaudible)

5. UK 87- 19 Gururaj. Are you organising that, darling? Please. Where are you, darling? This ring we borrowed from Amita from America, okay. Just look what happens. That was Amita's ring which I borrowed for a few moments. Bastreet. There was so much Shakti given. You felt it. Tell me. Yeah. Voice. Yes. Gururaj. Of course. Of course. Thank you Amita for borrowing your ring to me - lending. You see how it works, that Divine energy, that Divine force of our Lord. How wonderful it works. I do nothing, so ignorant, I know nothing, I am nothing at all, but He is everything. We just used a ring there to demonstrate to you the power of His love. It works well I think. So, there are so many things we have to consider in life. There are so many things you have to consider in life, if you do not feel cocky, why don't you? Because you have not analysed your cockiness and if you don't, if you're frigid and feel that coldness there, we've got to analyse that coldness that would be there perhaps. I don't know about this. But did you ever try to have a clitoral examination? You can always come to me! Please don't. (General laughter) This is just to make you laugh, you know. I don't mean anything by that, you know that. No man and no woman ever need to have those feelings of being frigid or imcompetent. These words are out of my dictionary. Look, I do it three times a day, I know. (Gururaj laughs) Voice. .......... (Comment inaudible) Gururaj. Well, that's true, I can't anymore! Right now, what I'm trying to tell you is this, please feel yourselves to be competent and not incompetent. Do you get my message? Yes, say to yourself, 'I am bloody great, seven and a half inches, eight inches'. I don't know. Right. Say 'I'm there, dammit' and you will feel better, really. You will feel better, I promise you. Voice. It is for the ..... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Because, yah, yah, do that. Right. Send Concha to me, I'll show her how. Right. Now, if you have that - we're coming to a very important point - you have the, if you have the self-confidence within yourself, then there is no disappointment but you have an appointment, but just don't overdo yourself. Ah, so few have understood us, you know. There, that is how life can be lived, my darling. Yes. That is the way and sometimes, even if you have to use baby-oil, do

2. UK 87- 19 Gururaj. Just hold it, can I blow my nose? Questioner. (Cont’d). It does go on. Gururaj. Thank you dear, okay. Carry on please. Questioner. (Cont'd). Okay. One matter puzzles me and that is about the smoking break that you have at Satsang. The majority, the majority of people here are non-smokers some being affected by the smoke, including myself and it's been pr oven that cigarettes are harmful not only Gururaj. Oh fuck off, please! Questioner. (Cont’d). No, honestly, can I carry on? What I wanted to know was, is this one of your lessons in teaching us to live and let live? Gururaj. Yes. I'll tell you the secret of this. Thank you very much, thank you. You see during talks people tend to become, to become tense, so I get rid of their tensions by allowing them just to relax. Now people have various different kinds of habits and I will never deny them of their habits. Right. Now, this little girl there found it offensive. Now, why did she find it offensive? Is it not her own perception, because she's not caring for other people around here? She's selfish. Yet I am self-less. So, relax, have a cigarette. Come on let's have one now. (General laughter). Kick people in their blooming arses, that's for sure - of life and living. Now lady, if you do not like the smell of smoke, get out! Questioner. (Cont’d). Thank you, Guruji, I don't like the smell of the smoke, and I stopped on medical advice. Gururaj. Right, I'll teach you medicine! Questioner. (Cont’d) Teach me the Pranayama that you do, so that it doesn't harm your lungs. Gururaj. That was good. That was good. Good. Now, out of one hundred and twenty people here, four people did not like the smell of smoke, so go to hell! You see, the whole thing is to teach people which they could not understand, those four, they could not understand the meaning of life. And the meaning of life is to be able to accept whatever there is that

6. UK 87- 19 it. Why not? Look the whole idea is to make your lives happy. Do everything you can to make your lives happy in good relationship with your wives or your girl-friend - I don't know what the hell you do with yourself - right, but nevertheless, the idea is to have that wonderful deep good relationship with your partner, whatever. Okay. And if you don't know how to do it with your partner, send your partner to me. (General laughter) I'm joking of course, you know that. Oh, where the hell are you going to find a guru like me? (General laughter and applause). Look, in short, what I'm really trying to say, I love you all so, so much. I love you all so, so much. Shall we shut up shop? Yah, I think we'll close up shop now. Someone should have the keys. Right. END


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