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2. UK 87-5 Do you feel separate from me? And if you do feel separate from me you are creating a division and you've lost the vision, the vision of the oneness of unity. Why do you feel divided? Ask that question to yourself. You feel divided because you live in your little ego, that little egg, but when that chicken hatches, it flies out to the universe and finds unity. So you are a little egg. Crack the shell, so your spiritual practices let the little chicken fly out and find its own unity with Divinity. That is unity. If my beloved there finds any separation, it is not my fault, surely no. It is her fault in findin g diversity where only unity exists. Which existence do you want? Diversity or unity. Diversity only brings problems and makes your mind flow this way and that way and every way. But in the fragrance of unity, your mind is integrated and forever together there. So you love your Preatam, all of you? You love your Preatam. Centre your mind in your Preatam, then all diversity disappears and merges into unity. Diversity is a creation of the mind, but unity is a creation of the heart. The heart is forever. Unify it, and when you know that, even the rocking chair becomes a symphony. So, life itself is a symphony, with all its chords and compositions, whatever there might be. Why do people forget that? Look when you go to bed with your wife, let it become a symphony, and not a tragedy, when you syncopate with your wife's desires and yours, you form such a combination, where you just flow together in life's symphony. These things must be realised so that life does not become a blasphemy. Funny word this - blasphemy. A very funny word. I'd rather put it in a different way - you can add it in your dictionary. ‘Blast me’. Let me be blasted, bastard, and really become me, because when I am me I can flow to my wife in total ecstasy. That is what is needed to rid one from duality, to unity. This is practical, very practical. Blast me dear Lord and let me not be so with my beloved, I could experience ecstasy. It is so simple, so simple. But it has to be realised. Realise, what does that word mean? To be really wise, that is realise. And why have you failed in that wisdom of the wise to discard the beauty of life when it is here? Damn fools, that's what you are. Now think for yourself, is it wise to be foolish, or is it foolish to be wise? Can any of you answer that? I will tell you the answer, it is foolish to be wise, and wise to be foolish, because that is the mixture of life. So choose your way. Be wise and be foolish like I am - I'm a shit arse - at the same time you can do it the other way round. There is your secret of life. Be wise, by all means, but wisdom - here is something new to learn - who's writing? Wisdom can never remain alone without its foolishness. Tell them to shut up (some outside noise). This is a spiritual congress. Wisdom can never survive alone. It has to have its foolishness, and I am the biggest fool. So, if you include and combine the word wisdom and fool, what do you find? Foolish wisdom. I'm sure you all understand the English language, I’m a Master of it. Give me a wise fool rather than a pretender who knows of nothing at all. It is only the great man, the true teacher, that could admit to yo u

3. UK 87-5 that I'm wise and still a bloomin' fool. It requires superhuman strength, not those pedestal gurus. That requires a human being so close to you and can be close to you. Usha, you don't sit too near Jaish, shift on that chair! I'm joking, of course. You know that. Peter - he's somewhere there - he asked me to talk of my life and I said, 'Look, I can't do it in a whole long story but piece by piece I will tell you'. Shift your bloomin' chairs and rest. It was a long time ago when I was about four and a half or five years, and I ran away from home to seek God, because even at that young age the desire was there to find the Lord. And I ran away from home and went to temple to temple to temple to find Him. I couldn't find Him. And after many months they find me in a village street, frantic parents, ragged and bare, scared. (To children) Come, come, come my sons, sit here with me. Oh yes. Come, come, sit, sit here, that's my son - can you manage? Okay. I was about his size I think, I don't know, and searching for God and I couldn't find Him. I went from temple to temple to temple and I couldn't find Him. And then as I grew up a bit more and ran away from home about fifteen years later, I met my guru Swami Pavitranandaji. I'd met so many other gurus and teachers they were bullshitters, but I did learn something from them. But then when I finally found my guru, it was a strange coincidence. I was then involved in the film world, and at a Producer’s home. Light me a cigarette......there's no taste for me anymore, I've no desire. And then it was a strange coincidence when there was a holy ceremony - thank you my darling -at one of the Producer’s homes. Hey, come on sit here, come on my children, that’s it, can you get up here, that's it, that's good. My children together - and you come and sit here, sit here because there's no place up here. That's right, sit down, that's it. Are you comfortable darling, have you got a pillow for him or something? That's right. Good, good, good, that's better. People must learn to care, always care, for caring is synonymous with sharing, always. So, there was a religious ceremony at this Producer’s home, mansion, and my guru was invited there to perform the c eremony. And I was there, being in the film world as a director, producer, actor, and it all. You name it and you've got it . And then I just set my eyes upon him and he set his eyes upon me and a connection began - just that spark, like that. And that is how I found my true guru. For eight months he never even took notice of me. From University, I was very

4. UK 87-5 poor, but I had friends whose parents invited me to their homes to spend the vacation. But no, I would not go. No, I would rather go to my guru to be with him. For months and months, eight months I think, he never took notice of me. He used to shout at me. ‘Why is that piece of paper lying there? Pick it up! Why is that piece of dirt lying there? Pick it up!’ That he used to do to me, but I had the patience, through the grace of our Lord to go through it all. And then one day he just called me, ‘Come Preatam, let us sit down together and meditate together’. And we meditated for two hours together, and the two hours passed so fast that it just seemed two minutes to me. Realisation of life comes so easily. But you have to be ready for it. Otherwise it is difficult. Therefore I always insist that do your practices regularly and it will surely come to thee I promise you that. Hundreds of thousands of people around world have experienced this. Why should you not? You are also part of humanity. So be regular in your practices and you will see. The realisations that will dawn upon you, and make you free from the shackles and the miseries of life. Then you can say ‘I am now human’. All of you sitting here, you know what are you? Animals. Become humans, yes, and enjoy life, enjoy life. Being with innocent children, the lesson is love. These little children feel that love that you pour out. That is important. And the love you pour out from your heart to everyone, pure love, is felt by innocent hearts all th e time. It is there. You can pour water into a vessel but if the vessel is full of holes the water will pour out. So make your vessel solid, fix up the holes and that water of love will be retained there forever. Duality of life - just shift a bit this way, okay, duality of life is an illusion, because there is no duality. Duality is imaginary. If you and I think we are apart from each other, that is duality and that duality is created by thought, by thinking. But convert the thinking into another force and say, ‘Preatam and Usha, we are one’, then no duality remains, only oneness remains, and that is unity. So duality is a creation of the mind. It is our thought power, our thinking, that you are me and I am me and this one is that, and that one is that and all that bullshit. But in reality there is no duality, it is just a fixture, a creation of the mind that makes us different from each other. We are not different. The creator only made one creature which is totally unified with each other. Usha, you say ‘I am you, Preatam’ and Preatam says ‘You are me, Usha’. Where is the duality? It is a unity. That is the secret of Love. Voice. You've got the Initiations tonight, Guruji. Gururaj. Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. I am talking too long. Let me put my hankie in my pocket.

5. UK 87-5 (Gururaj sings), My yellow bow tie, it's so lovely dear. Give me a cigarette, damn it. A bastardo! (Gururaj and group sing Jai Ram). I haven't got anything to knock this glass with. It doesn't matter I suppose. Will that knock it? (General laughter) (More choruses of Jai Ram) Listen to what I have to say. Ishvara, Allah is the same, just described by different names, in different cultures. But He is One, He is the same. And, in His Divine Presence we live, forever we live in His Divine Presence. In what other presence can we live? He has presented this life to us and we live in His Presence all the time. Gururaj. Good. Initiations, Charles. (Ricky plays the guitar, Preatam hums along) Bass, bass, bass, bass. (Preatam sings). Take it off.... (to chela).. no, he can't take it off. You can't take it off? Voice. No, we can't. Right then I'll do it in a different way. (Group laughter). Gururaj. (Preatam sings in Sanskrit) ......You are my life and how can I live without you....how can I live without you m y love for all I have is you. ... Without you there is no life and how can I live without you. So you see if you practice that, love will always attract love. If you are innocent and pure within yourself, you will attract that love. Yes, little children can feel it because of their innocence. Yes, these are lessons to learn. Be innocent, be pure and you will find all innocence and purity will come to you. They always will. Look at this little child, so innocent and pure. Child. Boy, Boy, Boy. Gururaj. You're a boy. Oh, oh, oh, lovely boy. Do you see? Ah, here comes my other one. Ah, my darling. God bless you both.

6. UK 87-5 Now, a little talk to our Teachers and Healers. You see? Right. Okay, guys you go and sit down now because Grandpappa has to say a few words. Yes, Grandpappa. And I also want to hear me blow my nose. I've said before that if you're pure and innocent little innocent children feel it. They feel that innocence and purity and they get attracted to you. I w as telling some friends of mine that there could be twenty people in a room, and if there is a dog or cat it will always come up to me first because instinctively they feel that purity and that love you know, they feel that. It's not a matter of attachment. If a cat dies, so what? Get another cat. Because you’re a cat yourself. Child. Meow. Gururaj. Meow. Now, let Grandpa talk. Okay, and you keep quiet a little, for a few minutes alright, then you can start chattering. When you give Satsangs, you sit on my chair. You Prep Teachers that are made today - you Prep Teachers that are made today are more important than me, because you are the direct link to the public at large. I've always used analogy that - Hey, go away, come on, no. Voice. It’s not the children. Gururaj. Oh, it’s up there, it’s up there - your friends circle or whatever, to lead them on the path to Divinity. Lead them on to Divinity. For you will not only be doing them a favour by putting them on the right path, but you yourself will benefi t mo re, as Dorothy will tell you. You benefit more because the analogy I use is always this, that when you... Shut up! (Charles tries to remind Preatam that he has got to eat because of his diabetic problem). Gururaj. What does food matter, this is my food. All these people eat for me so who cares. You do not know the way of a Godly man. Voice. That's not me. Gururaj. No, you still have to learn, perhaps you will after you're dead. (General laughter). So, you Prep Teachers who are appointed today officially, I give you all my blessing, and you are a direct link to other human beings. The more people you put on the path of Divinity, the more you will benefit. And as I said before, the analogy I use, is that before y ou

7. UK 87-5 water the garden the hose is cleaned first. You are the hose, thereafter the water will go to the flowers. You see the great benefit? Every time you initiate someone you will find a surge of great energy flowing through you, and that energy is from Divinity. So by helping people on the path to Divinity you are helping yourself more, to create a greater feeling, a greater knowledge of that Divine force. Teach, as much as you can. I benefit nothing by it. With every initiation, I get a lousy ten pounds; it does not even cover a couple of scotches with a few friends in the pub. (General laughter) I gain nothing by it but I'm here to serve humanity. And you are my pals, my brothers, my sisters, to carry on the work for me. Teach them, teach them, teach, te ach, teach. Lead them on, on the Divine path, so their life could be bettered, and at the same time the more you teach the more your life would be bettered. Remember that. And this is the message to our teachers that are appointed today. And you my healers, heal. Don't expect any return and do it as a service to humanity. And when you're healing, allow Gurushakti to flow through you. Never think you are the healer, you are not. You are all instruments as I am. But the Gurushakti that flows through you, never think ‘I am healing someone’, but always have the thought in mind that Gurushakti, that Grace is doing the healing and you will would be successful. You can ask Jean and Peter and Dorothy and all that. I had some very sad news which I heard today, that there are many of my teachers trying to start their own little organisations and giving mantras to people which are destroying them. Dorothy, you're one. Don't do it, you are destroying yourself. Don't do it. It's nothing to send me a Form. If a person can't afford to send the ten pounds for filing and coverage and mailage etc. and what have you, it doesn't matter. They don't need to send it, I don't want it. But have it done through the Master. Don't start giving out your mantras which you have copied. Dorothy. I've never done that, Guruji. Gururaj. Good, I'm glad to hear that. I'm just, sorry, I'm using you as an example. Dorothy. I thought you might be. Gururaj. I'm just using that as an example, don't do that because you'll be destroying yourself. You'll be harming people because you don't know. Whoever does that, the value of a persons feelings, emotions, mental abilities, spiritual qualities, only a Master knows that. Not you, or you, you or you or you. You don't know it. Don't do it, because you will

1. UK 87-5 ...... Maestro. Good, who's going to do that at the mike? Ricky, are you going to (Ricky plays the guitar)? Oh, that feels better. Louder. You must always keep it ready, tuned for life, life must always be in tune with oneself. But it does take time to tune your guitar: and it does take time to tune your life. A little louder son. Gururaj. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit - hums a tune) .....Louder’. (General laughter). .....mee tunko chahoji.... I love you so much (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit)......my love......my love....my love .... my .... speed it up!...(clapping)... Speed it up'. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit).without you who have ....I have .... without you, who do I have in life.... Oh Guruji....Oh Guruji....Oh Guruji....Oh Guruji without you can I love. Good. Now what shall we talk about tonight? A question. This was to get you going. Have fun, a little fun, family fun. Questioner. Guruji, I wanted to repeat a question that I asked last night. Gururaj. What was it? Questioner. (Cont'd) I'd be grateful if you'd answer it tonight. I want you to talk about the stage where... Vivekananda talks about the state where the lover, love, and the beloved becomes One. I want you to talk about the stage where you move from that state of duality, separation, to the state of oneness. Gururaj. Right, fine, fine, fine, understood. That's enough, you don't need a book. I beg your pardon. The stage of oneness starts from separation in not realising that there's oneness in this stage of existence, for existence is oneness itself. You would find separation only through the division of the mind. Understand the word division, for you are dividing yourself in various factors of your life, which is non-existent, and that is Maya or true delusion. When you find that togetherness of yourself, and within yourself there is no division, for divisions are created b y the mind. Are you divided from me? The true realisation that you are with me. So that division is created by the mind and by thought of one's personal self, and that creates the division, creating greater confusion. But as time goes on, with your spiritual practices, the division disappears and take the ‘D’ away from division and you have one vision. That is Unity. Division is created only by the mind. The thinking of the mind that creates division, but real thinking, proper discrimination brings one to the oneness of your unity.

8. UK 87-5 gain nothing by it. Look, if you’re a housewife for example, you only have to send me ten pounds, for postage and filing and coverage and stationery and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay. And if you charge a hundred pounds, you've got ninety left, ninety pounds left. Out of the ninety pounds, you keep forty five pounds and send forty five pounds to BMS. Aide. We don't do that, the Teacher gets nothing, it all comes to BMS. Gururaj. Look, if a person is at home and not having a job and they need some income, why not? Voice. The British tax laws. Aide. You've got to be very careful with the tax laws. Gururaj. Oh, is that what it is, well, look, I don't know the laws of this country, but it does not need to be declared. (General laughter). Voice. Divinity always finds out. Gururaj. Right. Namaste. END


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