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2. UK 87-8 Gururaj. Thank you, thank you very much. Helen, Helen.... Voice.(Cont’d) Beloved Guruji, I've had so many beautiful experiences with you I could write a book, but the one I had last night, I thought I wasn't going to have anything. Gururaj. You start writing a book. Voice. (Cont’d). Yes, I'd love to, I think I should do, anyway.(General Laughter) Oh dear, I wouldn't have had this experience if my beloved husband hadn't have put the candle inside the case 'cause we couldn't use candles in the other room. Anyway, there was a lot of noise going on outside and I just thought, I'll accept it. It's part of life. As I lit the candle it was like a great explosion, all sorts of light had spread over the room. That was at half past eleven. It was magnificent; it was hitting the ceiling and everywhere. I just enjoyed it, it was so beautiful. Then I went into meditation, which wasn' t very deep but I accepted it. Then it must have been about after twelve and a great light seemed to explode in my mind, and I opened my eyes and I was drawn to the candle and, Guruji', oh, it, I saw the most beautiful golden orange lotus Gururaj. Not Guruji, call me Preatam Voice. (Cont’d) Preatam, beloved heart, I saw the most beautiful (General laughter) Oh, the most beautiful orange golden lotus opened right out, and the light was hitting out everywhere. Then, I don't know very much about Indian mythology, just what I've seen on Sinbad the sailor, (General laughter) but I think it was the Goddess Kali, and she was dancing for joy, her arms where moving about with her body, and then I looked at her and I said, "Oh, beloved heart, it's you, you're the golden lotus - you're the Goddess Kali. Thank you God for giving me this beautiful experience. I didn't put the candle out, that light went on all night 'til about four in the morning, 'til it burned out. Oh, it was most beautiful. Thank you beloved Lord, thank you. And, if I can, later on, I'd like you to explain what happened in Communion because - (General laughter) Could I carry on? Gururaj. Do. Voice. (Cont'd). Could I? Thank you. I was sitting at the back and I couldn't see you, so I sat on the top of the shelf, and something said to me, get off, you'll fall off. (General laughter) So, I'm glad I did Guruji, because as I sat down, I couldn't

3. UK 87-8 see very much, but I wanted to close my eyes, and as I did my heart just took off and knocked me from side to side. It was going very violently, and then it went into a cone shape, a very delicate golden light. And then it opened up at the top and a very fine cord linked to my head I seemed to, you're all going to laugh at this, there was a crown that looked like a wicked fence, I said thank God because I’m a common person and as I looked into, inside my head, no brains, (General laughter) but a beautiful glowing light that was swirling ever so gently around. And then you were beside me and you were caressing the side of my head which I've suffered so much pain for so many years, and that all went. And then the heart opened up into an umbrella, that was full of light and it changed back into my Mandala swirling very gently, but the heart was so violent, it was really spinning round. And then, to end it all, (General laughter) what a saga, I felt as if you'd struck a match and I was ablaze. Every cell I felt everywhere was full of heat, my hands were burning hot, my head, everything. I was being burnt up, burnt up and I thank God for it. Oh, I do love you so, beloved Christ from the moment you walked into my life, I knew who you were. I just knew. Thank you for choosing us, for everyone, thank you for listening. Gururaj. Very good. There was another experience you had which you did not talk about, I made love to you last night. (General laughter) Voice. (Cont’d). That was up in Heaven - I'm past it. Gururaj. Namaste. The meaning of Universal Presence, where your Beloved one can reside in your heart all the time, in every way and in total purity. That is important, that is how you realise our Lord, yes. That is the power of the Lord that is with you. You feel His presence all the time. I only represent that great power, which is yours. Sit down my childr en because she's trying to get some pictures, there. Sit down, my darling, sit down, that's it. We need these pictures for the press, because they're always demanding pictures you know. A reporter might come along without a camera, and their pictures are like - Can I blow my nose? Oh, shall I do that? Which hankie should I put where, the red one there, and the white one there. Child. Yes. Gururaj. Okay, right, I listen to my children, because they are so innocent, so beautiful, and that is the innocence and beauty which everyone must feel. For what is greater than the innocence and the beauty of our children. Nothing is greater. It's for us to appreciate it, and children get so neglected unfortunately; while they are the most beautiful, beautiful

4. UK 87-8 creatures of the world, so loving, so pure, so innocent. Hey look, I've been a film star for twenty years, and I know how to face cameras. Good. Some more Midnight Experiences, anyone would like to come up and say a few words. Ingrid, I had a most wonderful orgasm with you last night, (General laughter). Voice. She can't remember it. (General laughter). Gururaj. Have you forgotten it? Well, nevertheless, carry on with what you want to say. Voice. I can't beat that, but this is, what I wrote this morning. Gururaj. I'm talking of a spiritual orgasm where I opened up your heart, - not physical, carry on dear. Voice. (Cont’d). Last time you came fear squeezed me, and locked my limbs in icy chill. But this visit was gentler, a cool breeze without, in warmth the Presence entered, and fear was no more. Gururaj. Very good, huh, lovely that cool breeze that flows through one's heart, bringing peace. That is important. Next, come on. Voice. Hello, I didn't really feel anything last night, but when I woke up this morning I was so calm. Gururaj. You were so what? Voice. (Cont’d). Calm? Quiet - what you call it inside? Gururaj. Right. Voice. (Cont’d) And I want to thank you for that. Then I have a question. If you meet somebody, how can you know it's the right one for you for the rest of your life? What I mean is you could fall in love with somebody that's not gonna be the right one, so how can you know?

5. UK 87-8 Gururaj. Huh, huh, Good. That calm experience you had was that I was permeating you throughout your sleep, so when you woke up this morning you felt that wonderful calm. Now, you do not fall in love. Why fall, damn it, you're gonna destroy yourself if you fall. But, as I've said before somewhere, sometime, I don't know - I lecture round the world and I can never remember - but you don't fall in love, you become uplifted in love. Now, how are you going to decide who is the right person for you? You have to depend upon your emotions, your feelings, because love, here's a secret you must all learn about, love is an experiment. It is an experience, so go with the experience and if it does not work out, you kick his bloody arse. But, why not try the experience? He might be handsome, attractive for a beautiful lady like you I mean, that's understood, right, but it's an experience and if the experience does not work out, to repeat again, you kick his arse, that's all. There are many fish in the sea, and you can always catch the best one for you. So, if it does not work out, tell him to get stuffed (General laughter). That is the way of life. Look, remember one thing, that life has no guarantees. You can only guarantee yourself, and yourself is your personal guarantee. You go to your bank and ask for a million pounds to be guaranteed, but if you are not worthy of it then your bank manager is not going to guarantee your cheque. You are the cheque and you have to be worthy of that, and then everything comes right. So it is our own responsibility to provide the guarantee, don't demand ever of anything in life, be deserving of life, then even without demanding all your needs will be met. I needed a walking stick, because my legs are very weak because of my severe diabetic problem. And here someone turns up, Jasmini, to provide me with a walking stick. Why? Two reasons. It's because she knew my need and she had the love to give me a walking stick. You see the factors that are involved in it? Be deserving, and all your demands will be met. So, when it comes to your boyfriend, - there you are - if he is a piece of shit, treat him like shit. And you can also give him a toilet roll. You know, life can be real fun, if you know how to make it fun. What are the constitu's constitute constitu’ of fun? Voice. Constituents. Gururaj. Constituents, right. It is your mental attitude that creates misery or fun. You look outside and you find the sky grey and you say, 'Oh what a lousy day'. Huh, you can say that but you can still see the grey sky and say, ‘Oh, what great beauty’, because without the grey sky there will not be any rain to grow the food and the flowers and all that which you would eat. Attitude, attitude towards life. You can look at a thing very gloomy, and you can look at the same thing in a much more brighter light. Attitude again. I walk on the road and I stub my toe, so am I going to worry about stubbing my toe? The more I worry about the hurt toe, the more will it pain. But I just stretch them, exercise them and say, ah, that

6. UK 87-8 pain is gone. And it will be gone because every pain you have in your minds or your hearts, is controlled by your thought forces. You can take a knife and put it through my heart, and I will not feel any pain at all, because of the strength or thought, the mind power, that strengthens you to live through life, and, if it is supported by your spiritual practices, it w ill strengthen the thought power more and more and more. It is all so simple, really. All so simple. Ricky! Where are you, where's your guitar. Ricky. I haven't got it Guruji. Ricky(Cont’d). We're having it repaired, it's broken. Voice. Can Joe say something about his experience? Yes, please. Joe. (child). Well, when I had, em, my experience, I was meditating and, you came up to me and you sat down with me. And you had this candle in your hand, and all I could see about the candle was a flame and a bit of white and some rainbows coming over it. Gururaj. You're making me cry, my darling. What a wonderful experience. Very good for a young child, it is good. Do you want to say anything more? No that's it. Great bravo, come on. (Applause) Voice. Anybody else want to say anything about their experiences? Do carry on please. Namaste. Voice. My experiences would take a book also, but I just want to say that I am washed clean and I am reborn in love, thank you. Gururaj. Thank you, thank you. Oh, this is lovely my darling, you must do one for me tomorrow as well. Alright, okay, I'm gonna look after these, yea, put them all together. Voice. Is there anyone else?

7. UK 87-8 Gururaj. To be in love is the greatest experience one could ever find in the world. To love unselfishly, there's no physicality involved it is just that feeling that wells up within you, and that is Real Love. It was a good experience, my dear, very good, very good. Next. Voice. The experience I had wasn't very, wasn't particularly nice really. I had, like, a steel band tightening on my skull and great pressure, and I felt really awful, really sort of sick, physically horrible. I've had this happen before as well a t Midnight Practice, but then, this time, I was sitting up but then I had to lie down because I felt so awful. And then there was just nothing, you know, there was nothing 'til I came out of meditation. Gururaj. Good, good. Now, what I did for you last night, was removed five lifetimes of karma, therefore that band around your head gave you a release. And I do know when you woke up this morning you felt much better. Is that true? Voice. Yes. I had Caroline kicking me so.... Gururaj. Of course, of course, of course. The Master works in many ways, in many, many, ways. Questioner. First of all, thank you very much for what you are doing for my son. And then I would like to ask you, could you explain the meaning of Spiritual Names and the importance for us? Gururaj. Yes. I never give anyone a Spiritual Name unless it dawns upon me. It comes like a lightning flash. It's not something I think about or plan, but just dawns and I pass it on. A Spiritual Name is important, in the sense that it leads you on to become worthy of that name. So, it in itself is a spiritual practice. I was born with the name of Purushotam, which means, the greatest of man, and with that in mind I think I've reached somewhere at least. Puru, to be beyond the confines of otam, of man, Purushotam, the ideal man. I’m trying my best. So, therefore, when a spiritual name is given to anyone, you've got to strive to live up to it. Say, for example a name dawns on me, say, Karuna, which means mercy, then they must live up to it, to become merciful, and that is how it works. Your spiritual name has nothing to do with your mantra. Your mantra is your vibration, but your Spiritual Name is something you have to strive, for and reach up to.

8. UK 87-8 Right guys, relax, light up a cigarette, come on. Where's one for me? Now, as you are rubbing my feet, you'll feel calmer and calmer and calmer. I'm giving you my energy. I love you. Child. Your white handkerchief has gone. Gururaj. Charlie, you've got your cigar on again, you are making the whole room stink. (General laughter). Relax a bit, I don't want to tax your brains too much. Relax. More relaxed because I am pouring energies into you by the touch. Right. Of course, of course. Hair cut! I don't want punks! Rick, your guitar is broken, is it? It’s all right, it’s all right, leave it there. Gururaj. Ricky, your guitar is broken, is it? Voice. Yes Guruji, it isn't my guitar, it's John Lamb’s guitar, mine’s broken. Voice. It's my guitar, Bapuji, and Ricky's broken it. (General laughter) Gururaj. I wanted one here so I could do some paintings for you there with some background music and a song. Gururaj. It won’t? Voice. No, it won't. It won't. Voice. Not until I can fix it Gururaj. John, have you got one? Okay, get it. Right, relax a bit and have a rest. You see with us every Course is different. No two Courses are the same. You'll have wit, wisdom, and a lot of shit also. Thank you dear, thank you very much. I don't know if you have been observant enough, but eighteen cigarettes have been lit up in this room, and my one is nineteen. Observance. Oh, thank you darling. I think I'll put this out now. Massuni, are you feeling better now? Voice. Yes, I am thank you.

9. UK 87-8 Gururaj. Good, lovely, you're welcome. (Gururaj paints) Child. Has he got red? Child. He's got a bit of red, Tom. Child. Oh, he hasn't got none of this. Gururaj. Yes, that's fine, this is fine, thank you, thank you very much. Now, I've got to be able to see. Child. A bit of green, Guruji. Gururaj. Hold on my darling, right, press out some blue there, not too much. Child. I've got some green. Gururaj. Not too much, right, okay. I think we can start with that for the time being. Where's that bloomin' guitar? You know what I would like to do, is buy a sitar here and give you a sitar recital, and I think I might have told you before, tha t Ravi Shankara and I used to compose so many ragas together. He is a very great friend of mine. As a matter of fact he regards me as his Master. Louder! Okay children, you'll have to be out of the way while I get busy here, okay? (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit - Ricky plays guitar) Gururaj. Louder Ricky. It hasn't got a volume control Gururaj. Gururaj. I love you, I love you so much. Come Ricky, louder, can't you put the mike up?

10. UK 87-8 Ricky.(Cont’d) If I did that, Gururaj, the system could distort because the system's crap. Gururaj. Pick up some black for me, put it on this corner here. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit): 'How could I forget you, you're my love, you're my friend, how can I forget you'. Group joins in for Jai Ram. Gururaj. Very good, suggest any subject and I will compose for you now. Voice. Painting. Voice. Sunshine. Gururaj. Good idea, many more, come on. Child. Can me and Joe do some painting? Gururaj. Okay, my darling, you do that. Voice. I don't think it's on anyway is it? Gururaj. Ah, ah don't touch. You'd spoil the composition my darling dear. I'll have to alter this now. Now mind, please, please give me a chance here would you? (Ricky continues playing guitar) Gururaj. Where's that red now? What are you children doing to me? Yes, put that little bit there. There we are. Voice. Preatamji, yesterday Chetan did a very wonderful talk. Gururaj. On?

1. UK 87-8 Well, aren't they so loving? They're beautiful. Beauty always lies in innocence, and who could be more innocent than little children, and that is why we love them. Do you know why we love our children? Not because they're so pretty and so wonderful, but we love them because of innocence, and innocence is the greatest quality anyone can possess. We, when we grow up, we lose that innocence of life..... You haven't cut your hair yet, (General laughter) you're a punk. Voice. I'll get it cut when I go back. Gururaj. Meanwhile we're getting a hairdresser here tomorrow, so we'll have it done here. (General laughter). Pour me some water my darling. Oh, this is for my eyes. Okay, my darling, just hold on, hold on a moment, let me get my eyes clear. This one couldn't hear and I gave him a healing and now he can hear well. Child. It was that one. Gururaj. Ah, that one, that one, that one, you can hear well now, yes? Good, good, good my son. Ah thank you very much. Now, rest back a bit. I'm getting old now. I don't know how long I have to go, but, nevertheless, it's fine. What shall we talk about this morning, any question? Back a bit. I'm getting old now. Voice. We're going to have a Rapid Fire this morning, Preatamji. Gururaj. Oh, a Rapid Fire, yes, yes, sure, anything you say. Voice. And experiences with the Midnight Special. Gururaj. Right, okay, with the Midnight Special, if anyone would like to comment on it, I'm prepared to listen. Okay, there's a microphone there for you, so it could be recorded. Carry on dear. Voice. Dear Guruji, you came into my room last night with your arms wide open, and simply enfolded me in your arms and I felt the pressure of those arms, it was wonderful, bless you.

11. UK 87-8 Voice. About meditation in general. He did a group meeting like you asked. It was so wonderful people have asked for another one and he says I must ask you if he can do it. Yes. Voice. Can he do it? And our Irish friends have invited you out to dinner this evening. Would you like to go with them? Right. Usha will have to be with me. Irish, Usha and Anu. Gururaj. Does anyone know the meaning of the word syncophony? None of you would because I composed that word myself. What was your subject now? (Gururaj sings in English) Oh you are my daffodil and I will make you a pickle of the daffodil. Dill pickles. Ah, I love you so much but what surprises me this, that though I love you so much, why don't you love me? I'm sure you do love me in your heart but you do not have the way to express it to me, so you and I can dance together. Come, come, come, ah you and I can dance together and be forever there. Oh daffodil, I'm always near, my sweet daffodil, I wish I can eat you up, but it might give me indigestion you know. Wish I could eat you up and why not my dear. Yes, why not my dear? No, come on, sing, sing, sing, we’re a family, we're a party together. That’s alright, that's alright darling. I'll put it on just now, in a moment. (Gururaj continues singing in English) My sweet daffodil, I love you dear, for in my heart, I keep you so near. O daffodil, daffodil, daffodil, oh ah chi ha, ha - Come on guys! Come on! Clapping, Daffodil, daffodil, daffodil, daffodil, daffodil, daffodil, daffodil, I love you. La, la, la, la, la, do never fade away my daffodil, my daffodil. Look I acted in about forty films that’s why I should know my art. Oh daffodil, daffodil, Marilyn, Marilyn, I love you my dear. I love you so much, but we have to go? It's not one o'clock yet. Voice. They've got to get up there. Voice. It's nearly there, it's time to go. Gururaj. Yes, yes, yes, okay we'll do that fine. I hope you had a pleasant morning. Namaste. END


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