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1. UK 88-3 Gururaj. The same time you allow your woman, your lady, your wife, whatever I don’t know if they’re any women and wives left in this world any more, - you will have tell me about that - but if we can allow, if men can allow men to be men and if, if men, can allow our women to be women, what a beautiful life it could be my beloveds. It could be so beautiful. Yeah. Because what we’re doing, is giving the opportunity to the men of finding their own personal self expression and at the same time, we allow the opportunity of our women to find their expression. Now here is the secret of it all, that your expression and her expression has to find a combination to complete the expression that has developed between the man and the woman. It's such wonderful combination. These things, I mean you have to think about and perhaps you can think loudly if you want to, and ask me any question about it because I’ve gone through the whole fucking works, Jesus all my life. Right. So anyone wants to ask a question which I can talk about? This was just a introduction to get you guys settled down and relaxed. This poor guru, this poor Professor, he has to, whatever. Any question from anyone? Why not, Jean? Jean. Dear Gururaj, can you tell us how to acquire the ability to lift the cloak hiding our awareness of infinite intelligence and wisdom which we call intuition? Many times we catch a glimpse we do not at the time recognise. Gururaj. Oh Jesus, where the hell did you get that from? (General laughter) Jean. (Cont’d). In the midst of last night’s Satsang. Gururaj. Very good, very good. Thank you Jean, thank you. I mean basically without going into - she phrased a question in twenty sentences but that’s not important, but the basis is this, that how do I find the basis within myself? That’s of course what was meant. Right love. How do I find the basis within myself? Now to be able to find the basis within ourselves, we try to find a definition of basis and by trying to find definition of basis, we go beyond what we are trying to find a basis. Because the definition of the basis of ourself cannot be found through analysis, but it can be realised by personal realisation. Now can we have any volunteer to just come and sit here and I can demonstrate this practically, to show you your basic self, that goes beyond any analysis but brings you to yourself, my darlings, to yourself, which is yourself and not the analytical examination of what you think you are. Please, please darlings, oh my beloveds, stop bullshitting yourself. I mean, I’m putting it into plain words. It’s not necessary. So if anyone would like to volunteer, I will demonstrate, no, no, you’re too old. I want someone younger, okay. Later on tonight, you and I will dance together. Sit

2. UK 88-3 down dear, okay. Just relax, okay. Are you feeling comfortable dear? Right. Fine. I will - your name is what darling? Lisa, Lisa of course. Jesus, my brain is gone. We are going to put Lisa through a process of recognising herself. Okay. You’ll help me with this dear. She’s a professional psychologist, this one, and we’ve got so many of these professionals around. Right. And very gently and very kindly, we are, okay, speaking with Lisa. She does not even know that I’m rubbing her shoulders. It’s only when I make her aware of it, would she realise that. Okay darling, just relax, a few moments dear. My Lord, thank you. This - she will not be able to hear it because that is not necessary, but within herself she will feel that spiritual force flowing in her. I’m a channel but of course from our Maestro, our God, that is there. Now I will make her feel such a spiritual force. Okay, darling, come on. Of course dear, yes. Your father is there with you always looking after you, protecting you. There’s nothing, nothing to worry at all, sweetheart. Come on, turn around, now immediately, before I bloody use my stick on you? God bless you, my love. God bless you ever and ever and ever, all the time, throughout your life. God bless you. Namaste. Namaste. The mastery of a Master, it goes beyond any definition. Now I will give you another small quick demonstration. Okay. Of course, beautiful darling, this is our Usha’s daughter. Okay my darling, you’re feeling totally relaxed and immediately you are going to blow your nose. (General laughter). My darling sweetheart, my daughter. Darling, I love you. Now why don’t you guys relax before I carry on with the second session? You can have a cigarette or whateve r you want to do. Have we got anything? Okay. Sure. Come on. Thank you. Why don’t you light up a cigarette? Relax, for God’s sake. Relax, you guys. Come on, what the hell, you’re with your guru, you do not need to be inhibited or repressed or depressed or nothing - look, Papa, so what? No problem at all. Where’s that stupid arse, Charlie? Where is he? You come here then quickly. Charles, give them something. Come on, oh, come on. I’m a Master of fun you know that and yet I can control every heartbeat of your heart. There’s a mike there, love. What are you trying to do, love? Charles? He always has eyes - oh thank you darling, for coming - he always has eyes for young girls, this Bastardo. Voice. Are you going to give us a song? What are you going to sing? Voice. ‘My Bonny lies over the ocean’.

3. UK 88-3 Voice. Beautiful Gururaj. Right. Come on, come on. Voice. With me? Gururaj. Of course. Stupid arse. Right. (Karen sings and Gururaj joins in). My Bonny lies over the ocean, my bonny lies over the sea, my bonny lies over the ocean, oh bring back my bonny to me. Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my bonny to me, to me, bring back, bring back, oh bring back my bonny to me. Last night as I lay on my pillow, last night as I lay on my bed, last night as I lay on my pillow, I dreamt that my bonny was dead. Bring back, bring back oh bring back my bonny to me, to me bring back, bring back, oh bring back my bonny to me. I can’t remember the third verse. Gururaj. Eh come on, it’s not complete yet. Carry on. (Gururaj starts) Singing bring back, bring back oh bring back my bonny to me. Voice. Give us something - Opera. Gururaj. Okay, something else. Right. Fine. Okay. Yeah we all agree, you don’t need to be shy. Look at my Joan there; she is so beautiful, isn’t she. Voice. Like Carmen. Gururaj. I love you, I love you. You, yes. (Karen starts singing) I’m sorry, carry on please. Voice. I’ll try and sing, I say, I’ll try and sing Aria, Puccina, Puccini Gururaj. Oh that would be great.

4. UK 88-3 Karen. It’s Bambino Carlo from............ It’s about love, it always about love anyway. Everything is - sings about love. Gururaj. That’s all what I talk about. Karen (sings) - She wanted to marry and her father doesn’t want her to marry. (Applause) Gururaj. Beautiful. More, more, more, more darling, more. Come on. Voice. Another one? Gururaj. That was very good. Voice. (Group start singing) I don’t know the words. Voice. You might as well sing something she knows. Voice. Puccini. La Boheme. Madame Butterfly. Karen. Madame Butterfly. Yes, I’ll give you. Gururaj. Okay. Oh yeah, yes, sure. Karen. I hope I can remember it. (Karen starts singing from Madame Butterfly). I can’t remember the words. Gururaj. You carry on, okay. (Karen starts singing) Gururaj. I’ll help you (Karen continues singing) (Applause)

5. UK 88-3 Gururaj. Ahh, thank you, thank you, thank you. Now I will give you something in - what language do you want? Hindi. Voices. Japanese. Hindi. Gururaj. Okay Hindi, whatever there it is. This bloody woman of mine does not look after me too well. My - they’re so lovely. Nevertheless, okay, just let me blow my nose and I’ll compose something. Now after listening to a lovely lady there with a operatic style - you understand what I’m talking about, - right; I will give you an Eastern operatic style. Okay. (Gururaj sings in Hindi). It’s not as simple as you think. (Gururaj continues singing). Now I will go through the entire scale. The bass. We got to - we come down now. (Group applauds) From the top of the tenor, from the top of the tenor to the total bass. But now you’ll have to join me all, would you, please. (Gururaj goes la la, la and everyone claps and la la’s along with Gururaj). You carry on. (Gururaj starts singing in Hindi and everyone claps along). Lead them on. (All clapping along with Gururaj singing). Oh this guru is impossible. Well it’s nice to have fun together, to feel relaxed, my beloveds. I love you all so much, as you know. It’s nice to have fun together and feel relaxed and enjoy ourselves together, and have a bit of fun and a few laughs together. That is the spice of life. If you want any curry powder to spice your food, just ask me because I can add the spice to it. Okay loves, I don’t know, it’s what? Voice. Nine sixteen? Gururaj. Fine, we can spend another half an hour together, darling? Voice. Sure. Gururaj. Sure, relax. What did you do with my cigarettes? Light one damn - what kind of wife have I got? Voice. Will you take another question? Gururaj. Alright, whatever you think. I don’t mind anything. You know I can go on and on. And you know for example this morning my wife Vidya and I we were talking ‘til about seven o’clock, was it? True. True and why not? After seeing

6. UK 88-3 each other after so many months, we had a lot of things to catch up on. And of course as most of you would know, she looks after the entire American Meditation Societies there, and things. Well she’s doing a great job, that’s true, but sometimes I have to kick her bloody arse to make her work harder. Well those are what bosses are there for, aren’t they really? Good. Do you want me to talk on? Voice. Do we have another question? Gururaj. Any question you want to ask? Right. Oh my Magsie, hello darling. Okay Questioner. Dearest Preatamji, could you explain the practice of Mudras and what Mudras are and how is their significance in spiritual practices? Gururaj. When we talk of Mudras, this comes from a great background of Patanjali and Kabila. When - the concept of Mudras and these various kinds of Yogas were composed, which generally was known as Raj Yoga. Now Mudra means being able to control one’s senses. Right. Now through Mudras, you can control your breathing, you can control your so many things. You can control your heartbeat, you can do all these things. Now these are the formations of Mudras. The essence of it, but at the same time with these Mudras, you can also control your own personal life flow. Would you like me to demonstrate and show you how I can stop my heart in one second flat? Have we got any doctor here, just to touch and show how I can stop my heart beating? Have we got any doctor round? Come darling, I’ll show you. Come sweetheart. Okay. It will just take me, thank you, it will just take me about half a minute and I can make my heart stop and then she can examine it. Okay. Just give me a little chance. I’m talking, talking from morning ‘til night, I need a minute’s chance alright? Just watch my darlings, just watch, just watch. My heart will be totally stopped and gone and she can check that. Yes. You see darling, the pulse is totally gone. Can you feel can you observe and notice that, dear? There’s no heartbeat any more. Thank you darling for helping. You see? What I try to demonstrate, that a person has the power to control his entire breathing, his heart rate, his heartbeat, his entire functioning of the body. We can do that really, Joy. Voice. Have you remembered to start it again? Voice. Your heart? Have you remembered to start your heart again? (General laughter) You may have forgotten to start it.

7. UK 88-3 Gururaj. Why don’t you come here and I’ll show you. I’ll repeat it. Voice. They want to know whether you're going to start it again, your heart? Gururaj. No. It - ah come on - (General laughter) - it was stopped and started. Thank you Anton. Thank you love. Voice. .............. (Inaudible) Gururaj. I know. That’s alright. I have sung one song to you before which I composed when I was about fifteen, sixteen, something like that. I will because of our newcomers. You understood. Okay. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit). Thank you my son. That’s right. (Clapping) We’re going to sing together. Can you help me darling? Okay, why not then. Right. Come on sweetie pie. (General laughter) Can you adjust this? These kids can. Okay. (Gururaj sings) La, la, la la, la, a, la, oh mammy, I love you, la, la, la, la, oh mammy, I love you. You were always so sweet to me, mammy, mammy, I love you. Oh mammy, oh mammy, oh mammy, I love you. You have been always so sweet to me. (General laughter) Oh mummy, oh mummy, I love you, oh mammy, I love you. You have always been so sweet to me, even when I made a poo, you bloody well washed my and now going on, the trouble you, you have taken mammy to wipe my bloomin’ shit-arse. Oh mammy I love you and I will never ever forget you. Oh mammy, oh mammy, quite, oh mammy, oh mammy I could never forget you. That - if our hearts, subject or whatever. So what I’m trying to tell you is, if our hearts can open up, to those lovely beautiful children, we can find an unfoldment within ourselves for us to flow in love. Try it okay. Try it. Try it. So lovely. You see you that are parents, please remember this, to love your children, with so much joy and so much giving that you are just so close to all of them, without even knowing but they are the children of your heart. You just cannot help loving. Just remember that please, it’s important, it’s important to our children. It is very important to our children. Give them that if you can it will help our children, and at the same time it will help you. Yes. I promise you that. I know. I don’t travel for bloomin’ thousands of miles to talk damn rubbish, but I travel all these thousands of miles to give you a message for your benefit and the benefit of your husband, wife, your children, whatever okay. That’s why I come to be with you and to love you all so deeply and totally, sincerely. Yes, of course. Look at these little ones, they are so, so wonderful aren’t they, so wonderful. Are you going to sing a little song for us, darling? Mary had a little lamb, how does that go? Mary had a little lamb and she was white - I don’t know how it goes.

8. UK 88-3 Voice. Mary had a little lamb, she also had a bear. I often saw Mary’s little lamb but I never saw her bear. (General laughter) It’s the only one I know. Gururaj. Come on, or haven’t we got any other nursery rhyme or something dear? Thank you love. Voices. .......... (Inaudible) Voice. Ba, Ba black sheep, that’s what we know. Children. We know that one Voice. Yeah, we know that, don’t we? Gururaj. Oh do we okay. Voice. Ba ba black sheep, come on have you any wool, yes sir, yes sir three bags full. One for the master, one for the dame and one for the little boy who lives down the lane. Gururaj. That’s too damn short. We got to have another nursery rhyme now. What can we think of that the kids would like? What Voices. (Inaudible) Gururaj. I mean whatever you guys can suggest Voice. Jack and Jill went up the hill. Gururaj. Yes, okay, right. Fine. Start it for us darling.

9. UK 88-3 Voice. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. Jack got them home as fast as he could ....... her when (forgot the rest) Gururaj. Now I’ve got a different version. It’s a pity I haven’t got a guitar or something. Jack and Jill went up the hill, Jack and Jill went up the hill Voice. to fetch a pail of water. Gururaj. With a pail of water. Jack and Jill went up the hill to find that pall of water but they found a pail falling down and they came tumbling after. Jack and Jill went up the hill to find that pail of water. Jack and Jill went up the hill to find that pail of water and they came down, tumbling down. Boy, let me tell you, they got pregnant after that. (General laughter) Jesus. This guru is a bloody bastardo. A bit of fun and. So you see Jack and Jill went up the hill to find a pail of water , but they never found the pail of water, they found something else, which I do not know about. I’m talking to you guys of human nature and what people can get up to. Here was a sense of purity to find a pail of water but Jesus they got up to mischief, that is bloody true. Just a pity I wasn’t there, because I would have bloody kicked their arses and that’s no lie. (Gururaj sings in English) So why, so why would we ask the question, what the question was let them do what they want to do, if we can help them ever then we will know that we are always together. So we do not want to ask the question, why. Let them live their life and let them prosper or suffer. That’s how it goes really. That’s how it goes. You see when you have love in your heart, it is felt so automatically by everyone, even by little children that could feel so close even if it is the first time that they met you, but yet they feel so close to you because your heart is filled with love. Look at this beautiful, they’re feeling so relaxed and totally at one with Papa, which they have never met before. I mean we know that don’t we? (Gururaj sings in English). Oh I love you, I love you all the time, I do not know why, but yet I love you all the time. La, la, la, la, la. Oh you’ll have to help me, darling, la, la, la (Gururaj continues singing la, la, la with the children). Come on darling, come on my sweetheart. (Gururaj continues singing with a child joining in) la, la, la (clapping). Thank you. You see how, I mean if you have any damn common sense into your heads, you can draw out grown up people and even little children, yes. You can draw them out. It’s a masterful art really, I mean. I don’t know much about it but of course I try my best. Look at this lovely young lady of ours that sang this nice song for us, didn’t she really, but look come on, we’ve got to give her applause. (Applause) (Gururaj sings la, la, la, with the children, then he changes to Jai Ram),

10. UK 88-3 Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram, Jai Ram (and the children join in with him). Come on now, you carry on (clapping) Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram. Come on you guys, together. Careful, darling. Now, now would you organise that so these three guys can do Jai Ram? Okay. (Children sing Jai Ram, Jai, Jai, Jai Ram on their own and then Gururaj joins in) (Applause). Gururaj. There you are. Please learn how to bring children out of themselves and feel they are so totally loved. Yes. That they are so wanted and so loved and whatever, the qualities of parents that could be given to our children. Look in front now, don’t you find this surprising that in front of all these, three little children can be in front of a bloody mike and give our ditty, whatever it was. Don’t you find that? Of course. How many little children can get up on a stage or in fron t of a mike and do what they have done? Really. But because they are with their Father, their Papa, they know. It’s nothing to fear, nothing to worry about and they just feel comfortable. Am I right darlings? That is the power of love. So we can portray this power of love in every moment of our lives, I mean and portray it and give it to anyone around the world and make them feel that you’re not lonely, you’re not lost, you’re not lonely you’re not lost, but our Lord is forever protecting us all. Yes. Kiss? (General laughter) Come on, he’s shy. He’s not shy anymore, now. Okay. Bless you my children, bless, bless. I haven’t got any gift to give you but perhaps Charles, we can do some shopping tomorrow and bring something for our children. We’ll do that. Okay. Nevertheless, we’ll go to the shops tomorrow morning and we’ll try and get something. Thank you. Child. Thank you. Thank you. Gururaj. Tomorrow we’re going to go and buy things for you kids okay, from your Grandfather. Yeah. You go and relax. (Clapping) They’re wonderful aren’t they? UK 88/3 Side C Gururaj. If the mother or father is wonderful, they can make their children wonderful. It’s an open secret. I mean, there’s nothing you need to involve yourself in and the world will recognise me as an intellectual genius but this is common sense. If you are wonderful to yourself and within yourself, you can provide that wonderfulness to the children. That’s how it works. It’s no great problem. I think we better entertain them a bit. And I’m talking, talking and I’m getting a little tired. Entertain them. Okay Charles.

11. UK 88-3 Voice. (Charles sings) I’m roamin’ in the gloaming on the bonny banks of Clyde, roamin’ in the gloaming, with my laddie by my side. When the sun has gone to rest, that’s the time that I love best, every moment roaming in the gloaming. Come on. Roamin’ in the gloaming on the bonny banks of Clyde, roamin’ in the gloaming with my lassie by my side. When the sun has gone to rest, that’s the time that I love best, always find me roamin’ in the gloaming. Gururaj. Come on, keep going. Voice. (Charles sings) Keep right on to the end of the road. Keep right on to the end. Though the way be long, let your heart be strong, keep right on round the bend. Though your tired and weary, still carry on ‘til you come to your happy abode, where all your love, you’ve been dreaming of will be there at the end of the road. Bum, Bum, Bum. Bum. Bum. (Clapping). Gururaj. Thank you, Charles. Voice. Come on, let’s have a few more out here. Come on, Gururaj. Come on. Enjoy yourselves. Voice. Come on, come on anybody else. You can sing. Right. Gururaj. Oh Anton, anything you guys like. Come on you relax now. Relax my wife. I’ve been married to her for ten, eleven, twelve years and she hasn’t ....... Voice. (Charles sings) There were eggs, eggs, walking on two legs in the store, in the store. There were eggs, eggs, walking on two legs in the quarter-master’s store. One, two, three. My eyes are dim I cannot see, I have not brought my specks with me, I have not brought my specks with me. There were guns, guns, bullets for the guns in the store, in the store. There were guns, guns, bullets for the guns in the quarter-master’s store. My eyes are dim, I cannot see, I have not brought my guns with me, I have not brought my specks with me. There was butter, butter, scrapings from the gutter in the store, in the store, there was butter, butter, scrapings from the gutter in the quarter-master’s store. My eyes are dim, I cannot see, I have not brought my specks with me, I have not brought my specks with me. (Clapping)

12. UK 88-3 Gururaj. Lovely. Come on Rajoo and Jasmini, come on you guys. They’re great. Come Rajesh and Jasi. Whatever. Little fun in our family together. True. Can you manage that way, darling? Okay. (Rajesh and Jasmini sing). We’ll sway, sway sway, we’ll sway, sway, we’ll play, play, play, we’ll sway sway sway on this wonderful path with thee, dear Lord, on this wonderful path with thee. We’ll sway, sway, sway. We’ll play, play play, we’ll sway, sway on this wonderful path with thee, dear Lord. (They continue singing with the same words) (Clapping) Gururaj. Luvvies. This song which I composed for you guys was what two, three years ago. Voice. On our way back from a Course, Preatamji was sleeping and we were just sort of humming along and all of a sudden he came out with these words. Voice. We thought he was asleep Gururaj. And composing this song for them. Voice. It was really pouring and the journey just didn’t mean anything. We just sang this all the way down. (Jasmini and Rajesh sing in Sanskrit) Vee gaana day jokapi ........ (Gururaj joins in with them). Voice. (Rajesh sings) Oh Bapuji, Oh Bapuji etc (Jasmini joins in). Oh Bapuji, Oh Bethaji, (Continues) Gururaj. Okay, do you have the idea? Explain that. Oh Bapuji Group. (Group sings with Gururaj) Oh Bapuji, (etc) Gururaj. (Gururaj joins in humming). Get into a damn rhythm. Group. (Group continues singing with Gururaj humming) Jasmini. It means I love you. Let us walk hand in hand together. (Clapping)

13. UK 88-3 Gururaj. Thank you to you guys. Right. Thank you love. Thank you. If we are together, I feel happy, when you feel happy and please I say to the Lord, to give some happiness within yourself, within your souls, within your thought powers, within your hearts, with whatever and please be happy. Those are my prayers, always and all the time. Yes. Gururaj. (Sings in Sanskrit). Maykaha jahwoo........Where can I go, I don’t know. (Sanskrit). There’s one thing I can explain you. (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit) Only one thing I can explain to you. Where I’m going I do not know and where I’ve come from, I do not know either. But there is one thing I can explain to you. (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit.) My path is blocked with the avalanche, what do you call it, Charles, that’s caused but now there’s only one path I can go to now. (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit). There’s only one path left for me to go to, it’s in your heart. (Gururaj continues to sing in Sanskrit) I’ve got no paths in this world left any more except in your heart. Please allow me, please allow me to enter your heart. (Gururaj continues to hum and clap and sing in Sanskrit). Gururaj. (Gururaj starts clapping) Come on, Charlie. Group. (Everyone starts clapping). Gururaj. I need some background. Group. (Everyone is clapping). Gururaj. You see my beloveds where can I go to, nowhere at all but only in your hearts, in total devotion, sincerity and purity in your hearts there is only where I can go to, where I could really belong. You must understand this. This sweetie pie of mine is bloomin’ writing all the time. Love has no meaning at all. But love itself is a meaning that is built within itself, because it defies any analysis. But to really feel the beauty within oneself of love then we can experience the beauty within ourselves. It’s true; understand it and you will be more happier for it, that’s for sure. Darling, are you alright? You’re tired? If your feeling tired we can go to bed. Voice. It’s time we made a move Gururaj. It’s only half past ten.

14. UK 88-3 Voice. Two hours. Gururaj. Who cares? There was one morning when I woke up and the sun was shining. And I looked through the window curtains and asked myself what is this light that is appearing to me. And then as I looked at the sky with the sun rising there, I realised that the sunlit of the beauty of sunlight is peering at me and I watching it, am only a witness looking at the light that is producing the light within me. You guys got to understand these things. I mean to me, it just flows naturally but to understand the depth of it, you’d love it. That’s true. You might not be able to do it with one reading, you might take a few readings or whatever to appreciate. It’s not important to me. Light me a cigarette, love, would you? You must make women work. Oh, thank you love. I was just joking, you know that. There was a time, there was a time in the middle of a gloomy day and suddenly the sun gave its sunshine. And yet in the morning I thought the day would be dark and cloud filled, but later when I opened my eyes, that sun glittered through to destroy the clouds of my mind. I don’t know if you guys can understand those things. Just to explain - a moment - darling, hold on. To destroy the clouds of our minds, is to destroy the turmoils and troubles and the thoughts and all that rubbish there in our minds. We have to do that, yes, otherwise how can anyone feel happy? So we have to get rid of this bloomin’ rubbish out of our minds. Now you can write again. When we get rid of the troubles and turmoils clouding our little minds, we can feel the true warmth of our sunshine. How many sentences have you got, girl? Have you done a sonnet yet or what? Never mind, don’t worry. Voice. ............. (Inaudible) Gururaj. What darling, sorry? Oh you might have to break it up. Don’t bother about it my dear. It’s alright. It can always be done, love. This does not belong to this part. Next. When we find the power within ourselves or the love to destroy the formulations of the mind, we will find bringing back the light which was refractured and we bring it into its purpose of fraction instead of refraction. That’s how it works really. If we live in a fractured or fractured life, what we are doing is fracturing ourselves in our mental processes - to understand what life is all about. If we are going through the fractures of the mind, we will have to try to bring us together again to find the balance that has no fracture. Yes. What’s that story of that something that sat on a wall?

15. UK 88-3 Char les. Humpty Dumpty Gururaj. Humpty, Dumpty. Charles (sings) Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again. Gururaj. Once more. Okay Charles, please. Charles (sings) Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again. Gururaj. Now that is what you people are. You sit on the damn wall and you fracture yourself and you get broken within yourself. So please, it is my prayer put yourselves together again. Humpty Dumpty, ah, okay, it doesn’t matter. I mean I’m joking with you guys but there’s a deep meaning to it, really, if you can understand, if any of our family here can understand. Put yourself together again. So stop being bloody Humpty Dumpties, man, Jesus, that you fall down from the bloody wall then all these problems of putting the pieces together. Come on. Just be yourself. Say I am Jack, Joan, Jean, whatever. I am me. That’s all and Divinity has given me the power to put myself together. Yeah. That is why that Bastardo up there is there. Voice. How did he put the yolk in again? Gururaj. Jesus. That’s a different subject. Nevertheless these forces of nature is there and you must realise this that these forces of nature is to make us together again, within ourself and not be damn fractured like a damn rotten egg. We do not need that. Be together within yourself, because that is where you are and that is where you belong to yourself, without feeling the damn stupid fractures of our stupid minds that we live in. Please, please, please remember, do not live in your stupid mind, but live in your heart. It’s a great pleasure. Yes. Are you comfortable, dear? Why dwell or dwell up there when you can be here? It will provide you greater joy. It will make you feel more happier, comfortable within yourselves, whatever that goes with it. Right. So what would happen is this, that you would get away from your mental conditioning and proceed to your heart’s essence, which you all really are. You see? We, we’re stupid idiots really; we fuck ourselves up with this mental condition. We don’t need that. What we need is that feeling of the heart and you will

16. UK 88-3 be very happy, I promise you that. Okay darling. She’s feeling tired. Okay ‘Beddie byes’. This bloody stupid guru. What are we going to do with this bloody stupid Bastardo guru? What are we going to do with him? Jesus. Charles. We’ll get somebody else. Gururaj. Are you going to find anyone else? Okay. Thank you very much. It has been so lovely chatting to you guys. It’s nice, I enjoy it. I can go on and on the whole, (General laughter) the whole night through to talk of so many different things and what have you. Okay, I suppose you all need a bit of rest, my beloveds. Thank you love. Ta. Okay darling. Namaste. END


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