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1. UK 88-4 Gururaj. You can miss anything you like but please do not miss my love. That is the message and the secret of life and living never to miss the moment in giving oneself in love. Because the love itself is not created by us, no. It is a creati on or a production or a manifestation I mean I can, Jesus, compile a whole dictionary on this. But it is the manifestation of our Lord. So, every moment we must be in remembrance of that Divinity, His Divinity, that is forever and ever flowing within us all. How can we forget that? Jesus, if you do, you’re damn stupid, that’s for sure. Okay. What shall I talk to you about this morning? Have you got any question, anything whatever? Okay. Questioner. I’m asking this, I’m asking this for somebody else. It’s a question from the audience and they’ve asked me to ask it. Could you discuss - I can’t read it, (General laughter) I’ll do my best - why we experience love-hate relationships especially in relation to those who are close to us, loved ones, maybe this includes gurus, Gururaj. Why not? (General laughter) You see one has to establish a certain balance within ourselves where we can really have the sense or estimate a sense of a balance between love and hate. Now let us examine this okay, fine. Let us think why do we love and why do we hate? What o Is the composition of love and what is the composition of hate? And when we fail to analyse this in our minds then we lose ourselves in love or in hate. So we are there living this damn stupid world, okay so what. It’s not important. So we live in this world forever trying to examine the differences between love and hate, and all of you, I’m sure that you are analysing this all the time. Okay Joe, John, Jack loves me or this one as well, I mean mention some names dear, this lady or that lady hates me, what the devil does it matter really? It only matters to you this love and hate relationship because you yourself feel personally affected by it. True. Now if we can go beyond that self of ours, if we can go beyond that damn conception of love and hate then we can truly find ourselves and we will be travelling in a different sphere of life, where there’s no love and no hate. That is the message. Do not be disappointed by hate. And do not feel elated by love. If you read the Bhagavad Gita, okay you will find this where these things are nothing new to me because I created those Gitas and so what. Now the idea - you’re damn late, - never be late in life, for every moment is so valuable and why be late for that moment. So always be on time, in time and live in the moment of yourself which is time and yet at the same time, it is timeless. I don’t know if you guys can understand what I’m talking about, you know I’m very stupid really, but in my stupidity I can appeal to your stupidity. Look at these lovely children, their innocence, their love and so, so wonderful really. Right.

2. UK 88-4 So what I’m trying to say now is this, yes darling, what I’m trying to say is to find the innocence not only in our children. They are beautiful, that’s understood, but to try and find that simplicity and the innocence within ourselves. My beloveds please understand this, its important for your lives. And when we can find this beautiful innocence within ourselves, our lives can be made so much more happy. You see? So we do not try and look for any kind of contrivance or any scheming or any of this rubbish that goes on in the world. We try and find that beautiful innocence in ourselves, the childlikeness within ourselves. For you know this. Haven’t our Scriptures said ‘Be innocent like a child and only then can you reach the Kingdom of Heaven’. You know all that. I don’t need to remind you of these things. So to find the innocence within ourselves, that is the greatest achievement in our lives in finding that innocence within ourselves because our original nature is innocence but we’ve really messed it up. So we go back a bit and find that beauty and that innocence within ourselves and I promise you my darlings, I do promise you you’ll feel so much better for that and you’ll feel so much happier for that, realising that I am a little child of Divinity or I mean whatever label, you, okay, I’m a little child and as a little child I feel totally innocent within myself. I’ve no guiles, nothing. Everyone for example that I meet, to me is like a brother and sister or a Father or Mother whatever totally submitting myself, not to the world but I am submitting myself to my own inner innocence. I don’t know if that makes sense, you know sense, that inner. Yes. So we have to, I mean, look I mean its your decision, but if you want to feel happy within yourselves try and develop some little feeling of that innocence that you are really born of. I tell you this, I know, I mean, look and to discover that. What does that word mean really? Dis-cover. You are removing the cover that is covering you with false ideas and frailties and whatever. So ‘dis’ hah hah, remove the cover and discover the reality that is always residing in you. Look this guru’s body is so weak and I might not last too long, okay but please remember these words of mine. Okay. If you can digest it, why not have a good meal or else you could have indigestion and constipation, that’s your business not mine, okay. Discover the true meaning of yourself, the meaning of your life, the meaning of your living, the beauty that is there. It is just to be discovered. The sun is shining, but if you do not open the curtains, the light will not come in. Please my sweethearts, remember these things. So what we do, we open the curtains and allow the sun to shine in, into our lives. Yes. And we will enjoy and we can then truly say ‘Ah, what a beautiful day’. But if you keep those damn curtains closed and it’s dark in our rooms or in your room whatever, then how can you say that the day is beautiful. You open the curtains. (Children’s laughter) They’re so sweet these children. Wonderful. Who cut your hair? So enjoy yourselves and what the hell is this life about, really speaking what the hell is it about. You’re here today and gone tomorrow. But in that

3. UK 88-4 little period of our experience of life, we must try and do the best we can to help others to love, whatever. You know what I’m talking about. That is what we are to do, because I’m here today and gone tomorrow. Remember that all of you. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit). May jasee jivan .......... Did I have this life, and tomorrow I’ll be okay gone. Today, this moment is what I live in for tomorrow I might be gone. Remember that, please. (Gururaj continues singing in Sanskrit). Join her hand, come on, that other hand and what about you darling, come on, come on be close to your Papa, grandfather actually. True. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit. Gururaj hums and everyone claps). Come on, come on. La, la, la, la, Charles where are you? La la la la........ (Clapping continues and Gururaj hums). Charles (sings) La, la, la. Come on Irish, come on. Bavna. Come on. (clapping continues) Gururaj. Come on, you guys. What the hell you waiting for? (Clapping continues getting faster and then slower) Gururaj. Your grandfather. Come on you guys, what are you waiting for? Charles (sings) This old man, he played one, he played nick knack on my drum, with a nick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home. This old man he played two he played nick knack on my shoe, with a nick knack give a dog a bone, this old man he came rolling home. This old man he played three, he played nick knack on my tree, with a nick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone this old man came rolling home, This old man he play four, he played nick knack on my door, with a nick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone, this old man came rolling home. This old man he played five, he played nick knack on my hive, with a nick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone this old man came rolling home. This old man he played six, he played nick knack on my sticks, with a nick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone this old man came rolling home. This old man he played seven he play nick knack on my heaven, with a nick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone this old man came rolling home. This old man he play eight, he played nick knack on my gate, with a nick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone this old man came rolling home. This old man he played nine, he play nick knack on my mind, with a nick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone this old man came rolling home. This old man he play ten he played nick knack on my bin, with a nick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone, this old man came rolling home. (Clapping)

4. UK 88-4 Gururaj. (Inaudible)..........your guru... it’s one I can...... (Inaudible) That’s no lie really. This wisdom and love and life and laughter that we can experience together with us. Why not? I mean what the devil is life worth for if we cannot share some wisdom, some knowledge, some laughter, some whatever. Good. Now our wonderful friend that has come from America, come on darling son, say a few words to our English family. (Clapping) Whatever. Voice. I don’t know what to say. Group. (General laughter) Voice. Usually he can’t shut me up but when he does this, I don’t know what to say. (General laughter) Well, I was going to talk about the Courses. Is that alright? Gururaj. Don’t ask me. Voice. The vision I had talked about when I was getting up here and inviting you all very, very warmly to come and be with us in the United States. We have three Courses coming up in the Summer and they are all in the month of July and you’re all most cordially welcome. If you haven’t checked lately, I can tell you that when you go to exchange money you all win. So while you’re winning, bring your winnings and Ronald Reagan would love for you to come and help the balance of payments and help the trade deficit. Oh blimey. So exchange your pounds and come over. We are having Courses beginning July the first, through July the sixth, that is over, if you’ve never been English and never visited the States and been there when we celebrate our Independence from the Queen, you’ll never forget it. (General laughter) We do it all with a lot of love when you’re there . Gururaj. Very true. Voice. But we do have our Independence Day and you would be celebrating that in California with us, with fireworks. The Course will be in a lovely Ranch, about two hours north of California, called the Bishop’s Ranch. It’s a lovely, lovely hacienda in the north rolling hills of California and the Californians can, the Spaniards came over on masse last Summer and they were in a van and drove up and there was a lot of fun. There’s a swimming pool and it’s really hard to make chants there but you can still chant and swim and catch a lot of sun.

5. UK 88-4 Gururaj. Tennis courts and all that Voice. Tennis courts and you name it, good food. So that’s the first Course and a great guru, he’s there. July ninth through the fourteenth, if you wanted to stay or if you just wanted to come to the Mid West, there’s a Course in St. Louis which is right in the midland area of the United States right on the Mississippi River. If you’ve ever seen the big arch, that’s St. Louis. And I’m not sure where the Course is going to be there but it’s a lovely sight. And there’s a large Centr e of meditators there and we would love to have you there. And that’s from the ninth through the fourteenth. And then the nineteenth to the twenty fourth, we have the Course on the East Coast. Most of you seem to always want to go to California, but we miss seeing you on the East Coast. We’re having - so, there’s a lovely College there, named Elizabeth Town College and it’s a lovely sight not far from Philadelphia and it’s also near my home in Washington D.C. So if you wanted to visit the Nation’s Capital and visit there, it’s about two hour drive and we could drive you up. So that’s the nineteenth through the twenty fourth and Gururaj. I’ll guide Voice. Yes, most definitely. And it’s right near the Quaker Country, the Lancaster, Pennsylvania and the little carriages and there are lots of Antiques and lots of things you can do there also. So come be with us and Vidya, we’ll type up something and you can have an address and a phone number. And we’d love to have as many of you because I’ve coming over here, Jamu and Amita for many years Gururaj. Yes and Jamu and Amita and all of them Voice. Yeah and Vidya, and a number of us have come and your hospitality is always royal and it’s always, you open your hearts and your homes to us and it would give us an opportunity to do the same. And again it can never be cheaper I don’t think, hopefully. Anyway, much love and I’m going to return to my seat hopefully. Gururaj. Okay, why not? Vidya, darling a few words from you. She’s the National Leader of America, Vidyaji. Vo ice. He already said what I would say. Gururaj. Come on, it’s alright, if you can’t manage I will improvise.

6. UK 88-4 Voice. Baldev has already covered it all but I would just add that meditators would love to open their homes to you so you wouldn’t have to worry about a place to stay. You could stay free. While the airfares aren’t bad, you can usually get a round trip airfare I don’t know what the conversion rate would be in pounds, but four hundred and seventy one dollars. It’s under five hundred dollars right now. So it’s not too bad now on the round trip. Gururaj. Please come. Voice. Please come Voice. Thank you so much for having us here. We’ve really enjoyed a beautiful country and the beautiful people. It’s so wonderful to go round the world and realise there’s a family no matter where you go and to have close friends in Denmark, close friends in Spain, close friends in England. There’s so much love you know that we don’t experience so often in the outside world but we do experience when we come together with Guruji. It somehow pulls the love out of us and makes us start feeling it for each other in a way that we often don’t on our jobs at work and every day, even in our family sometimes. You know we don’t experience it quite as deeply as we do when we look at our friends in the meditation organisations. So it’s a real special experience to travel and to meet all your brothers and sisters in the different countries. What more can I say? Gururaj. Thanks to Guruji. Voice. That’s right. (Clapping) Gururaj. That is the cherry on the cake. Okay. Good. Fine. Charlie, where is, you and your crew? Come on let us give these guys ten minutes or so. Sorry of course. Come on. Bavnaji and where are my other girls. Anu and please, ah, Bente and Dhanjee. Come on you guys to entertain our friends. Look I just can’t keep on talking and talking and talking all the time. I need a bit of relief too. Come on you guys. Come on. (Clapping) Voice. We’re going to sing you a Danish folk song, ‘The Danish girl is the blonde girl’. (General laughter) (The Danes sing in Danish). (Applause)

7. UK 88-4 Gururaj. Thank you. Come here. Now how about some of our Irish people doing an Irish something, whatever Bavna. Where are you, bloody people? Where are you? Move over. Now Charlie you move your bloomin’ legs out of the way there. Oh come on, whatever, just a bit of fun together. (The Irish group sing) ‘When Irish eyes are smiling, sure it’s like a morn in Spring, in the lilt of Irish laughter, you can hear the angels sing. When Irish hearts are happy, all the world seems bright and gay, but when Irish eyes are smiling, sure they’d steal your heart away. (Applause) Gururaj. Thank you, thank you. You guys thank you very much. Now how about a few of our English people doing something. Come on. Look, Charlie is not an Englishman, he’s a Liverpudlean. (General laughter) So let him have his puddle there in Liverpool. Okay. Right. Some of you guys entertain the crowd. Come on. Whoever, whoever. Group. We want Jaish, we want Jaish. Gururaj. Oh Jaish, oh, Jaish is a master. We want Jaish. We want Jaish, we want Jaish. We want Jaish. Voice. I need the harmony backing. Gururaj. Okay, okay, I’m around, don’t worry. Voice. This is down on tape, I just can’t do this. Do I get paid? Voice. I’ll be your agent. Voice. I was going to do ‘My old Man’s a Dustman’. I don’t know the words actually. Really. Voice. I’m listening. Jaish (sings) Oh my old man’s a dustman, he wears a dustman’s hat, he wears cor blimey trousers and he lives in a council flat. He looks a proper nanna in his great big hobnail boots, he has a job to pull them on and he calls them daisy roots. Oh my old man’s a dustman, ..... (clapping and la, la they forgot the words) I say, I say, I say.

8. UK 88-4 Gururaj. Wonderful, wonderful. I think. More, more, more, more. Voice. What’s that one I sung on a Course before? I don’t know the words. (Jaish sings) O Lord it’s so hard to be humble, when I’m perfect in every way. Everytime I look in the mirror - something like that - I get better looking each day. To know me is to love me, I must be a hell of a man. Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble, but I’m doing the best that I can. (Applause) Gururaj. Thank you, Jaish. Thank you very much. What a beautiful family I have. Jesus, hah, what can I say really? I can only say. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit). You and I - come on, damn it. Come on darling. My wife is jealous but it doesn’t matter. (Gururaj and Karen sing together in Sanskrit). (Everyone starts clapping). (Singing continues). Come on come on. (Karen sings La, la la la, .......) (Gururaj sings and hums with Karen) Gururaj. You know I’ve composed so many songs and things - Jesus, being in the film business and what have you. I mean you guys know about that. It’s been so much fun, really it was. Now, now please do not allow me to mention those beautiful girlies, those lovely actresses. That’s not important. END


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