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1. UK 88-9 Gururaj. This old man. Our Lord is for ever there. We do not need to wait for him, because he is forever there, and always there, all the time forever and ever, throughout infinity and eternity. Please remember this. You guys know these things, I do not need to remind you of it, but of course any remembrance of our Saviour is important. And may that remembrance be there all the time in our minds, and our hearts, so that we could realise over and over again within ourselves that our Lord is forever there. You understand these things, I'm sure you do. Oh my Lord, beloved, beloved, beloved Lord, my beloved Lord, may your blessings forever be on my children. I am nothing else, I'm a poor little shit- arse, okay, so what. But may I please through our Lord’s grace, be a messenger, to give you a message of love, of his love, and of his Divinity, all the time. Please my friends, my beloveds, help me to do the job that I'm trying to do. So we love and love and love, for the entire meaning of life can only exist, if we know the meaning of love and how people can love, and really find that unity and Divinity in love. I don't know, mad, mad, bloody guru, so what the hell. But to find t he unity within ourselves, to find that Divinity within ourselves. And when we can realise that unification or the unity with the essence of our life, with that Divinity, then you will know yourself. Please my darlings, I'm not going to be around very long anymore. But please, my sweethearts, my darlings, my loves, I mean, do realise that there is only one thing in life, which is important, important in anyone's life, is to find love. And to find love, is to find, is to find God, because love is God, and God is love. So here, please think if you can, life, love, God, is all the same. Life, love, and God, is the same. So therefore I ask you please, to find that unity within yourselves, to realise those three principles - what was it? Life, Love, God. And if you can realise these principles within yourselves my darlings, oh my beloveds, Jesus, if you can realise the meaning of this, you can truly find yourselves, and can truly find the peace within yourselves. Now can we analyse the meaning of love? Any of you guys do it, why must I carry on and on and on and on, for what? Love, L is for living, fine? ‘O’, ‘O’, is when we overdo ourselves, ‘V’ is when we , - I don't mean the toilet, I mean, we is to know what we are, and ‘E’ is that ‘E’, there, that Divinity. Remember these little things. Okay. (Gururaj starts humming)..............I am your Preatamji..........Come on guys........ (Group starts to clap, to Gururaj's humming)........Charlie........Okay, can you relax?....... Charles. (Sings and hums - various rhythmic noises made)............ Gururaj. Charlie! Come on .......... (Group clapping in time to rhythm) ........... (some music also from piano) .......... ...

2. UK 88-9 Voice. Hey, hey, Conga. Gururaj. Thank you, you guys. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Okay, right. Where's my wife? Oh, there she is. Oh that is lovely , thank you love. Okay. Right. I think we'd better get down to business, which - every Course is a different Course, and every Course has its only special quality. I mean, look we guys have been together for so many years, but on every Course, or every Satsang or this that, we, with your help together, we've always produced something different. Yes, because look I can go on lecturing and lecturing, lecturing. But there is also a matter of participating, right, where you can be together in our family, and i n the family feeling. It's such a lovely happiness doing that really, isn't it? Pal, you'll have to help me with this now. Come on. You! Come on, my friend. Of course it's a ...... (inaudible) .... My darling wife, please forgive me. Gururaj. (Sings) We have always been together, (Someone singing along with Gururaj) we, we will always help each other together. We have been friends for so many years, and we will remain together. Oh, my friends we will always be together, - tenor - we will always be together. My friend, I have loved you for so many years. Oh my friend, I will never forget you. Oh, my friend, we will always be together. So we can sing along helping each other in life's songs, so you my friend will always be together. (Group clapping) You see the creativity of life, formulates itself even without trying. My beloveds, you don't need to try, you just need to flow. Jammuji, come on, join us. Jammu is great. Jesus, can you perch yourself somewhere, wherever. Come on you guys, entertain the crowd. Voice...........(Inaudible) Gururaj. I can always Voice. Now this is, this is one of my favourite GR jokes, in fact two of them, if you like the first one. And I've picked these out from listening to some of his old Satsangs. And one of them, the first one, my very favourite is a Fozziler Din joke, and it applies to us all. And Fozziler Din had an appointment with a very famous philosopher to discuss a matter of deep

3. UK 88-9 importance, and the philosopher had set an appointment to come to Fozziler Din's house at three that afternoon. And sure enough Fozziler Din in his absent-minded way, forgot the appointment. So the philosopher appeared and knocked on Fozziler Din's door and there was no answer, so he went into an instant rage, and wrote, 'Stupid fool' on the door, and stalked off back to his own house. Well Fozziler Din came home ten minutes later and immediately saw the inscription on his door, and ran over to the philosopher’s house, and said, ‘Oh please kind sir, forgive me, I came home and saw your name on the door and immediately remembered the appointment’. (General laughter) And this is Gururaj. You carry on. Voice. And this is one for our Irish friends. There were two Irish nuns who due to their meritorious conduct had received special dispensation to go to the pagan country, the United States, where in fact they were warned ahead of time that the denizens ate dogs. And so they arrived in the United States, with some trepidation, but their curiosity was really peaked to see, and actually experience eating a dog as the Americans did. So they were walking down the street outside Gururaj. Hot-dog! Voice. (General laughing). Well, they wouldn't know that at the time. So there happened to be a store next to the convent where they were staying and they saw these things. And one turned to the other and said ‘Sister, dare we?’ And they said ‘Why not?’ So they went in and each got a hot-dog, and they didn't know that it was a hot-dog - were our local customs. And they got outside and one of them opened the bun and said ‘Oh quick Sister, look what part of the dog did you get?’ (General laughter) Gururaj. Oh come on, Jammu, entertain my children. Okay, carry on. Voice. .... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Come on, do a song or a ....whatever you guys feel like you doing, whatever, you’re supposed to help him. Voice. Can I have a lady up here to sing ‘Love and Marriage’? I need a companion for this one. Gururaj. What do you need?

4. UK 88-9 Voice(Cont’d). A companion. Love and marriage Gururaj. You need a kick up your arse! Voice.(Cont’d) I know. Thanks, Bernie. Can you get closer................................ Laurie & Bernie (sing) Love and marriage. Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage. This I tell you brother you can’t have one without the other. Gururaj. Love, don't go away, please do not, my darling. Charlie, why can't we? Charlie! Why can't we have a trio, or a foursome or whatever you think would be fit, if you can fit yourself somewhere ........right, Charlie dear..........oh come o n do something..... .... Charlie. .......... (Inaudible) Laurie (sings). Sisters, sisters, never were ..............la, la, la, sharing, caring............etc. Gururaj. Right a little interval. Okay. Vidya, my wife, what do you think I should do? (Gururaj starts singing in Sanskrit) ................... Vidya. Vidya, Vidya, Vidya....... (Gururaj continues singing), (Group clapping) This is a little dedication to my beloved wife. Okay. Now can I dedicate a little song to you guys? Would you like that? Okay. Charlie, fine, be comfortable, you guys, fine. (Gururaj sings in Sanskrit). (Group applauds) My darlings it is so beautiful, just to compose. Now these things aren't prepared as you all know, but they are just spontaneous expression, to express my love to you guys. Okay. Meanwhile they can do something, I need a bit of rest, don't I? Charles. I tell you what; I'll tell you a joke.

5. UK 88-9 Gururaj. Okay. ......... Charles. This captain, spacecraft was flying over the jungle, and he turned to one of his assistants and said, ‘Hey look at this place down here, round, looks you know green and uninteresting’. ‘Hang on’, says the what, the co-pilot, ‘There's somebody down there in a canoe. Quick get down and have a look at him’. So they went down, and there's a guy, a black guy, a little loin cloth on. And he's sitting in his canoe, and going along saying ‘I yoko, I yoko’. And the space captain says ‘Hey, this is unusual. Zoom that guy up and let’s have a look at him.’ They zoomed him up to the aircraft, said ‘Hey, let’s take half his brain away and put him back and see what happens’. So they put him back in the water – ‘I yoko, I yoko. ‘This is fantastic, bring that guy up again’. Up he comes, take another half of his brain away, took it away, put him back in the water. ‘I yoko, I yoko’. ‘Get that guy up here, take all his brains out, all his brains out, put him back in the water’ ‘Oh Danny Boy, the pipes...’ (General laughter) Gururaj. I'll give you a bit of relief. Thank you darling. (Gururaj sings) There was a time when I wondered for a while if you really loved me, and yet you said something in a simple, simple smile, ‘That Preatam, I love you all my life’. From then on we went together, all the time, and since that day, we have been smiling with each other all the while. (General applause)) Come on, that lovely daughter of mine, come on gives us something. Aide. Karen? Gururaj. Please, come on darling. Can you organise something? Charles. What's your name? Karen, something operatic, eh? Karen, something operatic? Gururaj. I will tell her, hold on. You shut up! Yeah I will. You and I are going to do an Aria from La Traviata. Karen. (Sings) ‘There’s a place for us’. (Someone playing the piano). (Gururaj joins in the singing)

6. UK 88-9 Karen. ‘I feel so Pretty’. I’m going to sing something from La Boheme. Gururaj. Okay alright because I know the whole lot, okay. Karen. (Sings operatic piece from La Boheme) Gururaj. Thank you darling. Gururaj (continues singing in Sanskrit). Of course this was in one of the Rajas which I composed. You understand Rajas. Okay. Now let me give you something. Group starts clapping and piano being played. Gururaj. Are you okay my wife? Come on please let us have a little fun together. A woman is always on my left hand dammit. Someone sings ‘My Love & I’. The water is wide I cannot swim over ......... Group sings ‘Messing about on the River’. Group sing Porgy & Bess. Group sings ‘I am Sailing’. I am sailing, I am sailing, cross the sea, I am sailing stormy waters to be near you to be free. I am sailing, I am sailing,.......to be with you to be free. We are sailing, we are sailing stormy waters to be near you to be free. Gururaj. Okay. Thank you. END


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