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6. U S 83 - 24 Now that is our method of thinking. Now, through a proper personalized method, not one bottle of medicine for every disea se.... Because every person is a unique being. There's no two people alike, as there are no two finger prints alike, hmm? And, when a personal from of meditation and spiritual practices is given to you, to suit your needs, hmm? That is what a true spiri tual master does and not these wholesale mantra supermarkets. They make the business of it. They make the millions. True gurus like me starve. They don't know where their next meal is coming from. Right. So in our system around the world, all practic es given are totally individualized. You do nothing. I go into meditation. I go into that superconscious state where everything becomes one. And I reach you there, and evaluate you your evolutionary state, your emotional state, your physical state, an d after all that evaluation, a set of practices is brought about for you so that you could find the peace that passeth all understanding. What I do as a spiritual master is to bring you not to God of your conception. But, I bring you to yourself. What r eligion in the world says, "Man, know God". No, they say, "Man, know thyself." And by knowing thyself, you will automatically and very spontaneously know and experience God. We do not want a conceptual God that is formulated in our minds. But, oh, he mu st be blue in color like Krishna, or sky blue pink, wearing gold ornaments, and I don't know what all. No, those are conceptions, man made conceptions. But when you discover yourself, when you discover that inner force, when you discover that joy within, then you go beyond all the conceptions. Because these very conceptions are governed by the samskaras or the impressions in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a memory box of all the experiences since the present cycle of the universe began . And with any little happening in day to day living, you draw back on those experiences and make comparisons. Now what I teach is this: that you do not make comparisons. You go beyond those experiences. You will reap what you sow is a true saying, bu t on a very low level of evolution. If you plant potatoes, you don't expect onions to grow, understood. But that is on a very mundane level. But you can go beyond the entire structure of the subconscious mind and reach the area of the superconscious min d, which is still. Be still and know that I am God, huh? So our philosophies are not contradicting any theology whatsoever. But what I teach is the real, true meaning of what the theologies have taught over these thousands of years. So, by bypassing th e subconscious area of the mind, you bypass all the samskaras and reach that area of stillness, the superconscious level of the mind. And when you reach the superconscious level of the mind, that is so clear that the light of the impersonal God shines thr ough. The energy in its full force shines through the superconscious level, and the force is so strong that it banishes the darkness of the subconscious mind and it enters your conscious mind. So that, very spontaneously, every thought you think, every a ction you perform, would be a good action conducive to your evolution. And then those actions formulates your living pattern. So you can say that my living pattern is totally governed by the impersonal God via the personal god, via the

8. U S 83 - 24 You were just u nfortunate that you were caught." Hmm? You were just unfortunate that you were caught. So forget that. And be thankful to divinity that you are in this prison. It will give you a greater chance to dive deep within yourself and make yourself a better p erson. [END SIDE ONE] I was a fellow came to see me at my center in Cape Town, South Africa. And, he had been in jail for five years. So, he tried to get a job. But wherever he had to tell the truth, because sooner or later the boss would find out . So he had to say "I'm an ex convict." And he couldn't get a job. And yet when I spoke to the man and meditated on him, I found him such a highly spiritually developed person. He had used his time in jail to really dive within himself. He came out a clean person. That being in jail was a wonderful bath to him, cleansing him, hmm? But nobody would give him a job. I had connections. I phoned a few firms that I knew and fixed him up with a good position, hmm? And he still is there for several years n ow and getting promotions every year. So you see. There is an adversity. There is an opportunity in every adversity, huh? It's just how we use it, and what emphasis we put on things that's important. But to remember this, that you are divine. You ar e sinless. For the real divinity within you is beyond all sin. It is beyond all suffering. You are purity itself. It is only the experiences that you have had that has created these veils, this opaqueness. So that the clarity of yourself is not seen, an d with spiritual practices you slowly remove these veils so that you could face yourself squarely in the mirror and say, "Truly, I am divine." Then what will happen to you is this: All your fears will vanish. All your feelings of insecurity will vanish. All your feelings of inadequacy will vanish. All your guilts will vanish. All your jealousies will vanish. Covetousness will vanish. All these things that bring on greater and greater conflicts will vanish. And then you will say, "I am divine. You are divine. The universe is divine." You will lose that sense of me and mine, for all is thine and I am thee. So the free will gets transmuted into divine will and you live with divine w ill in divinity. That's the living God. That's the difference betwee n the personal god and the impersonal God. The personal god is the totality of this universe. The impersonal God is the energy which energizes or gives momentum to the personal god that functions. So God, the personal god, is a mixture of everything, an d everything is good. The sun shines hot and draws water vapor, which forms into clouds, hmm? And down here it is dark and dismal. And we say it is dark and dismal. And then the clouds must disperse in rain and we see the sun again. In the first place who made those dark clouds. The sun's heat the sun, hmm? So is the sun a part and parcel of the water and the dark cloud, hmm? Do you see? So this entirety is but a process. It will the sun, the light will evaporate the water into water vapor and it will become dark, hmm? And it's the same force when all the water vapor becomes so heavily laden that it will bring the rain, which in

9. U S 83 - 24 turn will grow the food you eat, huh? Make these flowers beautiful, huh? It would not be beautiful if we did not have those dark clouds. There would be no rain. Do you see. So everything is so beautiful and systematic. Only thing we think of the dark clouds. That's all we think. "Oh, what a dull day today. So miserable. But rise above that. It might be so miserab le from down here, but go up in the airplane, the sun is untouched. Your inner self is untouched by any cloud that surrounds you. So, that is about an hour now. Shall we have a five or ten minute break to stretch our legs and after that, we'll have a lot of fun. What we'll do is a rapid fire question and answer session. And then you can ask me of anything you like. Even how to bake a cake. [SESSION RESUMES] GURURAJ: You can ask me anything you like. You know this husband came home very tired. And of course he just barely managed to get into the door. And he got in and flopped down on the settee. And, uh, his wife came to him with a glass of cold water and said, "You look very tired today, darling." He says, "Yes. It was a tiring day. All the c omputers broke down and we had to do our own thinking." [LAUGHTER] Questions. Hmm. Q: I hate to start the question again. But, what is the purpose of all this our existence to begin with? Has man reflect ed on that? Why did God create all this... f or us to go through if we are God? G.R. : Beautiful! The entire universe has no purpose whatsoever. It is eternal, immortal, was, is, and will be. And that which was, is, and will be has no purpose because God has no purpose. He just is. So, therefo re, I said we do not live in a creation of God, but we live as a manifestation of God. And the things that you go through is nothing wrong at all. If you could only realize that everything that happens is a divine happening. If th e mind could be unpat terned from sorrow and misery, then you will find that sorrow and misery does not exist. It all lies in your mind. If you walk through a dark street, and if you are afraid of muggers, every little stump or every little post box might seem like a mugger lu rking around to attack you. Your mind. Meanwhile, while there are no muggers. And so. But you have a purpose. And your purpose of life is to merge that individuality of yours into that universality. That is the en d and aim and goal of you as an indiv idual being. But when you come to this realization of the inner self through proper forms of meditation, you will discover that I all the time have had no individual being.

10. U S 83 - 24 I come from nowhere. I go to nowhere. I am here, hmm? Nowhere. Shift the w t o the left now here. For what do people do? They live in the past. All the thoughts of the past, they are living today. Auntie Mary said and unkindly word t o you three weeks ago and you are still living it now, in your mind. And if you don't live in t he past, you are projecting your thoughts into the future. But not living in the now. And what I teach is how to make you live in the now. What is happening to you at this very moment? Do you not feel at peace or joyful in your heart at this very momen t being with a spiritual master? How many of you feel a greater calmness and peace, while you have been with me for this past hour? Put up your hands. Practically everyone. You see. It's a pity I can't live with you all the time. [LAUGHTER] That's qu ite possible. We've got to accept things that come from up there. Like this minister of religion. He was stopped by the traffic police for speeding. So, as everyone would he started arguing. He says, "Look, I don't see any radar radar, radar, radar I don't see any speed traps. Then how can you say I was driving over the stipulated limit." So the policeman says, "Do you see that helicopter up there? He's been timing you." So the minister looks up at the helicopter and says, "Well, give me the ticke t. Anything that comes from up there, I accept." [LAUGHTER] The next question. Hmm? Q: I would like to know how do you feel about people who have to fight in order to have their rights. And how do you feel because I'm pretty sure they would like to b e in peace. I'm pretty sure they would not like to fight in order to have their rights and their peace and their land. How do you feel about some countries oppressing another country in order to (G.R. Yes.) [UNINTELLIGIBLE] How do you feel about this? What should will be our situation, because I do believe in being in peace, but I do also feel like we have to, as human beings, to do something in order to keep peace in the world. G.R. : Yes! When injustice is done by man upon man, it could create great suffering in people. That is very true. But that is on the surface. I feel differently. Whatever injustice is perpetrated on me, I bless that person. Perhaps I deserv e it, hmm? Perhaps I deserve it. If someone has been unjust to me, I say, "O .K. Good luck to him. God bless him. Did that great man not say, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." So, you ask me how I feel. I don't feel. I flow with whatever happens around me. And be one with the flow. For, if you are doing any inj ustice to me and I find you totally at one ment with me; if I find the unity in the diversity, if I realize that unity in diversity, then who is being un just to who. I am being unjust to myself for you are not separate from me. I have found that unity t hat unity consciousness that embraces you and the entire universe within my arms. You see.

11. U S 83 - 24 So fighting does not help. Fighting does not help. Loving helps. If you want to kill, kill. But kill with kindness. Yes. If you want to be angry, be angry. But be angry with anger, and not with the object of anger, for the subject and the object is but one. So. As we go through our spiritual practices and we find that unity consciousness, then everything is all right. Then, if they would hang me on the cross, it's all right. Crucify me, okay, it's all right. Or like Krishna being shot with an arrow. It's alright. Or like Buddha being poisoned, hmm? It's all right. [Danan Sahasvrati?] being poisoned. It's all right. So what's the difference between me and the poison? Nothing. And what am I losing? I'm losing nothing. My spirit is immortal. It was never born and it could never die. Why do I add so much importance to this little piece of flesh and blood. And its c hemical value is only $1.25 and with inflation, it might be $2.00. The emphasis should be upon the reality within yourself and not the superficiality that surrounds you. And that is how you get rid of anger, of hatred. And the min d and heart could never remain a vacuum. It has to be filled with something. So, as you fill it more with love, less there would be hatred. If you can picture to yourself two wedges. Hmm? Wedge thin end to broad end, thin end to broad end, which would form an oblong. Now, the thin end of the wedge, where there is negativity, the bottom one, which is broader, would be positivity. So that's how you progress from the greater negativity to lesser and lesser. So that you end up with more positivity. Life is one. There is onl y one life. And that is the truth. That is the way. Let's see if I can find another joke. Yes, people grumble about marriage and this, that and the other. So this fellow went back to the marriage registry. He says, "Sir, could you please look up your books." So the man looked up the books. And says, "Did you really issue me a marriage license?" He says, "Of course it was a marriage license." So he says, "Well, I'm living a dog's life. I thought it was a dog license." [LAUGHTER] Do you know this other young girl who was talking, you know, to her beloved. And he said to her, "Oh, my beloved, I love you so, so much. Look, I'm not as rich as Jack, but I want to marry you. Now, Jack has a yacht and a private plane, and he's got a mansion and twenty one Rolls Royces, and all these things. I have nothing, but I love you." So the girl replies, "Well, that's fine. I know you love me. But please tell me more about Jack." [LAUGHTER] Next question. Q: Excuse me. GR. : Uh Huh. Q: You mentioned befo re. Kill if you are going to kill, you kill with kindness. How can you kill. I mean. I don't understand. How can you kill someone with kindness?

12. U S 83 - 24 GR. : Ah! That is the paradox. When you feel the kindness towards the other person, you'd kill the fe eling of hatred in yourself and in the other person. That is called killing with kindness. So killing, do not take the word literally, but figuratively. But if you are kind, and loving to the person, the person will lose his or her hatred for you. Do y ou get it? [HE LAUGHS] Next? Yes. Q: Some people, on the same point, think that great nations become great powers because of the idea of power over someone who is religious, that follow God. And they come into power that way because the meek bow down and they chop their heads off, and... GR. : That has always been, if you study civilizations. In India, for example, it was not the kings that ruled the country. They did apparently, but they were ruled by the priests. The Brahmins ruled the Shatriahs (sp?) and the Shatrias (?) ruled. So that was power. To hold power in their hands. If you studied the Egyptian civilization, you'd find the same and in many, many other civilizations. It has always been the same. This world, therefore, this message which I am giving to you is very important. This world will remain the same. It is none different than the time of Krishna or Buddha or of Christ. There's always been this greed and lust and power struggles all the time. Therefore, I said now recently i n Canada over a T.V. show that I did, that you cannot uplift the masses, but you can uplift them on an individual basis. For it is the units that form the whole. Yes. You know, this Scottish...Scottish people, you know I don't know why there are so many jokes about Scottish people. Are there any Scotsmen here? No. Good, fine. [LAUGHTER] Always... Always jokes about Scottish people and their stinginess. You know. They are very thrifty and they don't like to spend money. So the Scotsman's wife was ill . So they went to the doctor. And the doctor advised, "You must please take your wife to a seaside resort so that she could regain her health. She must have the salt air." So what the Scotsman did, next day, he went to buy a herring. And every morning , he used to wave it in front of her nose. Salt air. [LAUGHTER] In the back there. Q: The other day you mentioned something about the avatara. How does an avatara differ from a spiritual master, a realized man? GR. : That question would take a whole evening to answer. Nevertheless, let me put it briefly. I am your servant. I am here to satisfy any question you have in mind. Umm. A self realized man is a person who has gained that unity

13. U S 83 - 24 consciousness, that has found the Atman and the Brahman to be one. Hmm. He's away from diversity and found unity. While the avatara, which is the sum totality of the universe, takes birth, not by force. The self realized man has taken bir th to learn to reach the stage of self realization. The avatara is self re alized. He is the totality already. And he takes birth, as the Gita would say, "When an imbalance is created between good and evil, I take birth from age to age to bring about a balance."That is the difference. One has to take birth, the other takes bir th by will. I've made quite a number of tapes on the subject, on the avatara, and if you'd ask Mary Beth, she could lend you or sell you, whatever, tapes on the subject. Q: Those of us who have Christian backgrounds, since they've been into the Eastern philosophies for a couple of years, are suddenly looking at the mystics with a different eye. At first we were in fear that if we were to do any advancing, we would have to go through all that suffering. And now we are beginning to wonder if all that suffering was necessary. And I'm wondering if a lot of the suffering isn't in hanging on rather than in the letting go. GR. : That is true. Joy and happiness does not lie in belongings, but in belonging. Yes. In belonging. Always. And if someone sh ould ask me, "Are you a Christian?' I will say yes. If someone asks me "Are you a Hindu?" I will say yes.. If someone asks me "Are you a Muslim?" I will say yes. "Are you Buddhist?" I will say yes. Because the talks are based upon truths. Things I n ever speak from books I've burned them a long time ago. And if I do read now, it is just to see what modern thinkers are thinking. Hmm? It is when I destroyed all my books that I knew the real meaning of life and of unity, Hmm? And then all dogmas wer e discarded. So, therefore, I can very truthfully say that I'm a universalist. No difference. Nothing. Q: God spoke the Vedas. And I think the Vedas is what would you say rules the earth? The truth of God is in the Vedas? GR. : Well, I personally have found a lot of discrepancies in the Vedas. If you would I've done about 3000 talks and if you'd listen to some of the tapes, you will find where my teachings ...not... when I say "mine", please forgive me. I've got to use the personal pronoun in order to express myself, hmm? But the truths that has been given through me, for example, far exceeds that of the Vedas. Now you have the four Vedas which you know about. And of course one Veda is called the Rig Veda the first o ne. So you see the Vedas were also rigged. [LAUGHTER]

14. U S 83 - 24 You know, this woman charged her husband for divorce. So the judge asks, "Why do you want to divorce your husband?" So she says, "Because of His careless appearance." So the judge says, "You don't divorce your husband for careless appearance. You could always influence him to dress better." So she says, "Your worship. That's not what I mean by careless appearance. He only makes an appearance at home every two years." [LAUGHTER] I saw in a religi ous paper so called of some organization you have in America. And I don't find it in very good taste, really. It said something about nuns. That, why do nuns always walk around in pairs? It is because the one nun sees that the other nun has none. [L AUGHTER] And I saw this in that journal you showed me this morning. I was quite surprised, but it was a laugh. After all, everything is a laugh. Everything is a divine play. Divinity's joke. You had your hand up just now, yes! Q: I have a question about the state of the world. Do you feel that the state of the world is going to be the way it is, the way it has been the way it will be. It's going to be the same. I don't think that we should become complacent about it, but you have just been tell ing us that the only one we can really do anything about is ourselves. GR. : True. We cannot be complacent about it at all. For example, someone attacks your home and you believe in non violence. That does not mean that you must not have self defense. Someone attacks your home and tries to attack your wife and children, naturally you are going to defend them. That's your dharma. That's your duty. You have to do it. So you do not need to be complacent. Last year, I think it was in November, I was invited by the World Peace Conference on how to bypass the nuclear energy threat. The conference was held in Boston, and of course people from around the world were invited and I was one of the people invited. And in the end, we could not arrive at a sol ution. And I said that all the governments, the powers that be have so many billions and billions invested in nuclear power that it would be difficult, you know, to stop it or to tell them to throw it all away. Q: Where would they throw it? GR. : Yeah , where would they throw it? Yes. Where would they throw it? You see. So that would be difficult. So, therefore, with the technological progress of the world, of man's mind, if their hearts could become more opened, hmm? If they could really experien ce true love within themselves, then they will not use their minds, their technologically developed minds, for destructive purposes. And that is why I go around the world teaching the message of love and peace. Hmm?

15. U S 83 - 24 Q: In the Age of Kali, which we are i n ... Chela: What's that? Q: The age of confusion. GR. : Confusion and darkness. Q: Right. With this age though, man is being acted upon by Maya, illusion, (GR. Right), which is a very negative force. So, ultimately, there would be a catastrop he... GR. : There would be. Now, I could tell you one thing. Round about the year 2050, there's going to be such a great explosion, a catastrophe rather, that will not only destroy this planet Earth, but it will affect the entire solar system. A nd no t only the solar system, but quite a great part of the present galaxy that we are in. I've been saying this for the past 15 years, and just two years ago, Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize twice he also came out with the same theory, through his.... I said this through what I've received in meditation, through the mystical point of view. He says it through, you know, his studies of physics, and quantum physics, and what have you. Yes, so that is where we are heading for. But remember that's a tende ncy. And it can be averted. Mass destruction can definitely be averted. Chela: And that's when the avatara ascends. I mean, he's here now, I think. Somewhere. [LAUGHTER] GR. : Naughty boy. You know, this guru was going through a hot town, like Chicago. And was feeling very thirsty. So, he passes a saloon. And he drops into the saloon, and orders a glass of milk. So somehow the bartender made a mistake, because people very seldom go to a b ar for milk, you know. So the bartender made a mistake and added some punch or something to the milk. So this guru drank it, you know, he sipped it. And a few moments later, he looked up to the heavens and said, "Oh lord, what a cow!" [laughter] Questi ons. Yes. Q: O.K., I have two questions. They are simple ones. I feel like the first one is silly.

16. U S 83 - 24 GR. : Nothing is silly. Q: No, I know. GR. : No sincere question is silly. Q: O.K. Sometimes I am wondering. How am I going to kill the bugs in my apartment. You know, sometimes that's the greatest problem I've got. And now, you know, this summer in Chicago, we've all got a lot of bugs. GR. : Bugs. Q: And it's bothering me. How do I get rid of my bugs? GR. : Well, that's very easy. Inv ite me to your apartment, O.K.? And I shall do there, and do all my jappas and mantras, and they'll go all away. Q: Please call. [laughter] I would be delighted. GR. : I'll send them to Nirvana. You could do it yourself with a swatter or something. [laughter] Q: Everybody is [unintelligible] for wanting to get rid of my bugs. O.K. The other question is, all of a sudden things are moving out of this fast, but it does create a confusion. We talk about the soul being part and parcel of the universal god, and the fact is, we talk about senses and feelings and everything that confuses us. But yet supposedly, if those senses are not a part of the original part and parcel, how do we get involved in all that in the first place. GR. : Yes. Now, the thing is, you have been conned. Q: That's what I'm wondering.

1. U S 83 - 24 THE FORM AND FORMLESSNESS OF GOD / RAPID FIRE GURURAJ: ...To be obstructed by the beauty of the flowers. I never prepare a talk, and the best way we do things I don't know if the introducer to ld you is for you to ask me a question. Whatever you like. The deeper the better. And I shall take it from there. Q: There is a great movement in the United States that says the supreme personality of God has form. The Vedantists say that the supre me personality of God is formless. Should man worry about that or no? GR. Should one? Q. Should one worry about that? GR. Forget it. Don't worry. God is both with form and is formless. There was a lecture I gave somewhere I do about eight months of traveling a year around the world lecturing everywhere, so I don't know where this question was asked. But someone asked me, "Can you show me God?" and I said yes. You see that mirror at the bottom of the room there? Go and look into it. And whateve r you will see in that mirror is God. So, divinity is not only eminent, but imminent. In other words, if we do regard divinity to be infinite, then he must be residing in every cell of your body. And this is what the Western society has to learn today. That you are divine. The ancient concept that, "I am a sinner, I am a sinner, I am a sinner," will only take you to greater and greater weakness. It will make you repeat to yourself over and over again that, "I am... That's quite noisy, isn't it? Pu t it off? Uh huh. [Pause] No. We haven't got a mike. It doesn't matter. Mind you, it did go very nicely with "om, shanti, shanti, shanti" just now. Ah, that's better. Yes. Then later we can switch it up again. So, if God is omnipresent, then he is present in every cell of your body. So, how can he be separated from you. And, having the concept that you are weak, you would become weaker. The very concept of sin breeds in you what we call guilt, and that is the greatest disease in the world not he art disease or cancer disease is the disease of guilt which is produced in your mind and which forms barriers, and these very barriers become the obstacle in you, knowing within yourself, realizing within yourself, that you are divine. So, the formless Go d is there. But the formless god is a

2. U S 83 - 24 neutral energy, hm? Like there's so much electricity in water, which we know as hydroelectric power. But you need a generator to bring the light in this room. So the generator is the personal god, while the elect ricity contained in the water is the impersonal god. Now to define this further. That which is impersonal does not create the personal god, but it is the nature of the impersonal god to become the personal god. As it is the nature of flowers to give off fragrance or fire to give off heat. Fire does not create heat, but it is its very component. The heat is a constituent of fire. So this very imperso nal energy, hm, which controls nothing it just is and to reach the impersonal god, one enters the fiel d of total isness. (Ah, that's better.) One enters the...I'm soft spoken and I don't have a mike either, so this will be O.K. We'll cool the room down in a moment without that. So the impersonal god is an isness. Indefinable because it is attributeles s. The impersonal god cannot be called kind or compassionate or merciful or whatever. Any good which you would want to attribute to it. It is a neutral energy like electricity. You put it in a refrigerator, there'll be coldness. And the same electricit y in a heater would produce heat. But now because of its own self, hm, it translates itself firstly in very fine matter. Matt er which modern microscopes has not yet discovered. A very fine matter. Now what is the nature of that very fine matter. The nat ure of that very fine matter is mind. So the primal manifestation of the manifestor the manifestor being the impersonal God, and its manifestation is the personal god. So now this matter, this very fine matter, which we could call mind has to express it self again for the entire universe is nothing else but a process going on and on and on in various cycles. One cycle begins and ends. Then another cycle of the universe begins and ends. And that is why we call that eternal. But within that eternity, th ere are these various cycles that go on performing and performing. And the process itself is the personal god. Now, in the very expression, the personal god too, in his expression, finds itself duplicating and replicating those very subatomic, sub, sub, sub, subatomic particles so that it becomes more and more solidified. Hmm? First in the mineral kingdom, then the plant, then animal, then man, then the superman who has become one with the personal. And after becoming one with the personal, he merges a way into that energy called the impersonal. So now this personal god that we talk about, hmm. is you, you, you, you, you everything is the personal god. And, because its first composition is mind, we could call it consciousness. So the totality of consciousness of the personal god is the totality of himself. So that if you do not wish to call him the personal god, we could call him consciousness. But now this consciousness resides in so many different levels as far as you the individual is concerned. Hmm? You have the little conscious thinking mind, then you have the subconscious mind and at its finest level, you have the superconscious mind, which is at the highest point or the finest point of relativity. So, when the Bible says, when Jesus says, "No man goes to the Father except through me." And that is correct. What is really meant there is that you've got to reach the superconscious level of yourself, hmm, which represents the personal god. You bring about in yourself through

3. U S 83 - 24 meditation and spiritual practices that so that you could reach the superconscious level of the mind, which is the personal god. You've first got to become that Jesus or the Krishna or the Buddha before you can merge away into the impersonal. So this is what is meant by the scriptures. Now, problems arise in the mind , for that personal god is problematic. The personal god cannot exist without being within the framework. He has to be in the framework of the law of opposites, hmm? And the law of opposites will always be there. You will have heat and you will have co ld. You will have day and you will have night. So here you are on the seesaw of life, hmm? Up today and down tomorrow. That's down, yes. Up today and down tomorrow. I always seem to do up. And this does not require faith at all. This is a personal ex perience that can be gained by any human being. Talking about faith. There were these two nuns, and they were going on a trip and they got stuck without petrol. You call it gas in America. They had no gas in the car. So the garage was half a mile awa y. But now to go and fetch the gas they needed a container. So they're rummaging through the car, the only container they could find was a chamber pot. You use the same expression here? Chamberpot? So that was the only container they could find. So t hey took the container, walked to the garage the gas station and had the container filled with gas. And they came back to the car and were pouring it into the petrol the gas tank, hmm? So here at this time, two a few G.I.'s, marines, soldiers, were p assing. And they were standing and watching these two nuns. So the one approached the one nun and says, "Madam, I do not think this is going to work, but I do admire your faith." [LAUGHTER] So even the personal god does not require faith. You say believ e this and believe that and have faith in this and have faith in that. That now in today's modern age, modern technological age, has become obsolete. What I teach of is experience. Experience the personal god. Do not believe and do not have faith. And through spiritual practices and meditation, you experience that Kingdom of Heaven which is within. So man today more than ever before requires to experience that personal god. And he can. He can by transcending the law of opposites. Man's true nature is joyful. Hmm? These contractions and expansions that keeps this universe going, are not made of the essence of pain or suffering. Man does not suffer at all. He thinks he suffers. And then he thinks that he thinks that he suffers. Hmm? So what do w e do in such a case, hmm? The energies of the conscious mind has to be balanced up. Because one thought pulls this way and another thought pulls that way and another goes in a different direction altogether and here you are in conflict. And all conflict is regarded to be suffering because of your personal experiences which you have had in your lifetime or even in previous lifetimes perhaps, if you believe in that. So here you dip into the subconscious mind. And if you see a rose, how do you recognize i t is a rose? Because you have seen a rose before. So you dip into the subconscious mind and you draw out from the cubbyhole ah, the picture of the rose. Ah, yes , this is the rose. Or that is a glass. Glass. Sorry.

4. U S 83 - 24 So. There's two kinds of language s which I am trying to study: Americanese and Pekinese. It's a whole lot of class and glass and ass. And oh, oh, gore, blimey! You know, the motto of the American Meditation Society is "life, love, and laughter". And if you can laugh, don't think it on ly exercises your lungs, but it also ventilates your brain, if you can laugh. Because it's exhalation and inhalation and all those cobwebs can disappear in one sincere laugh. For the entire creation, the entire manifestation, is laughing all the time. I t is celebrating all the time. Hmm? These flowers, these plants, everything is celebrating. Like I always say, "Listen to the wind that blows through the trees. What a wonderful symphony. It is celebrating. Look at the dance of the leaves is swaying s o rhythmically. Ah, what a celebration." But man does not celebrate, hmm, because his emphasis is on the conflicts that are in his mind. This means that his subconscious mind, with all the experiences or impressions he has gained has become very pattern ed. Very patterned in certain ways of thinking so that if one overcomes these patternings...you cannot destroy the patternings. Nothing in this universe is destructible. I said in a talk the other day that even your body when you discard it even your b ody is not destroyed. For the various elements that compose your body goes back to its original sources: water to water and fire to fire, and dust to dust, and rust to rust, and etc. ether to ether and so nothing is destructible. So therefore t he persona l god is eternal, you are eternal, because you are a personal god, and the impersonal god too is eternal. So here, where should the conflict be. The conflict is, because of the erroneous ideas that has been perpetrated upon the minds of man: the idea of separation. That is the basis of all conflict. Every day people go to church or to mosque or to a temple and the prayer basic prayer is always: "Love thy neighbor as thyself." But how can you love thy neighbor as yourself if you feel separated from y our neighbor, hmm? If you feel that your neighbor is an alien, hm? While this entire universe is one mass, hmm? Is one vast ocean with the waves going up and down and up and down. And you stand on the seashore and you find the waves so rough. It's a s tormy sea, you say. But if you go up in a helicopter, they don't seem rough any more, hmm? They seem smooth. So, if your emphasis is on conflicts only, then only would you suffer. If your emphasis is that I am separated from everything else, then you h ave suffering and misery. But if the mind, the little conscious mind, can just but think and science even proves this that this plant and these flowers are connected to each other. They might seem to be apart here, but there are millions of atoms conne cting this into one totality, one supreme whole, and you are not different or apart from that totality or wholeness. In other words, man must learn to live holistical ly, in wholeness. Then only could you experience the joy that you really are. Then only can you experience the beauty that you really are. Then only can you experience the God that you really are. For the nature of all nature is joy, exuberance, bubbling, ah. Be like the river flow and flow and flow. Not against the current, but with the current of life. And as you flow with the current of life, you will experience more and more of the personal god, and your problems cease, hmm? The water that flows over logs in the river or rocks. Does the water feel

5. U S 83 - 24 hurt? No it does not. Because t he water does not think. Man thinks and the mind is a cunning animal when it becomes individualized, hmm? So, when you realize that the individual minds are but like bubbles on the pond, all little bubbles composed of the same element. For once the bubb le burst, you are back into the pond in the water that made the bubbles. So burst! Hmm? Die! Die! Why live a life of the living dead, hmm? Rather die unto yourself so that thou can live, hmm? And this death does not mean a physical death which I'm tal king of. Let this mind, let those erroneous thoughts, all these concepts, die. Free the mind, for it is these concepts that keep you in bondage, hmm? Keeps you in bondage, these concepts. What is your concept of the personal god? Various theologies hav e various concepts. The Hindus might believe Vishnu, a god with four arms. The Christians might believe an old man with a long beard sitting on the throne somewhere up there in the sky. I don't know why He chose the sky. He could sit at the bottom, t oo. At least He'll get a better view up. [Laughter] So, as in all other religions, too.... For example, the Islamic religion says and I've quoted this before it says in the Koran that in this life you must not take a drink, you must not have women, an d live a good life. And your reward will be that when you pass away and go to the other side if there is another side you will have rivers of wine flowing and you'll have these Houris, beautiful damsels, dancing attendance upon you. But then what about the women. They don't talk of that. Will they have really handsome men dancing attention upon them. That they forget. Yes, male chauvinism, hmm? You see. Life is so so beautiful. It is absolute joy. Here I bubble over with laughter and joy all the time, twenty four hours of the day. Even in sleep I am aware of everything going on around me. And what I have achieved, each and every one of you can for I am no exception, hmm? Perhaps I might have worked harder, and perhaps you are too damned lazy. B ut why be lazy, hmm? To find your own fulfillment. Full fill ment. Have the proper emphasis. The attitude of mind that, "I am divine." And flow. Let life flow like the river. The water's the same at the beginning, the water's the same in the middle , and the water's the same at the end of the river. But yet bubbling. Singing its way along in such joy, in such peace, hmm? So! The turbulence created in your mind is by your own self and no one else. The impersonal God is a neutral force. The personal god is not a neutral force. It is the activating force that keeps this universe going. In the personal god you will have attributes. Of punishment. He will punish you if you do something wrong. Or he is kind and merciful, compassionate, and people li ke to have the conception that the personal god is kind and merciful and that's why we pray, "Oh, lord, have mercy upon me." Why should he have mercy upon you, do you see? We want something for nothing. We want to do business. But, oh, Lord, if you do this for me, then I will donate ten dollars charity to the Salvation Army or the Blind Society. But you do this for me first, hmm?

7. U S 83 - 24 subconscious, via t he conscious mind, then the thought patternings, etc., and through my physical actions. And then I do not believe in God, but I become a living god. And that's what I'd like to see in the world living gods. You are all livi ng gods, but you just don't know it. That's all. And, this defies all mental analysis. It has nothing to do with the left hemisphere of the brain that analyzes, but more to do with the right hemisphere of the brain where the greater intuition lies and more directly connected to the superconscious level of yourself. So then you experience the totality of the universe by experiencing the personal god. And by experiencing the personal god, you can automatically submerge or merge away into that impersonal God, that energy, divine energ y. Call it what you want to. These are just labels made up by man, hmm? All labels. Fine. Someone said this is a table so we all call it a table. Someone might say that's a plant and we all call it a plant. Because someone has said that. So these a re just labels. They could have called this table a plant in the first place and we would all be calling it a plant, hmm? So these are labels. But we go beyond all labels. And life is a happening. Let life happen. Flow. Hmm? If you say, "I must take a bunch of flowers home to my wife tonight." O.K. And you have to walk two blocks to go to the florist to buy the flowers. And you say, "Oh, in this damn heat!" To walk that distance to the florist to get these flowers, it becomes an arduous task, a duty for you. But if there is true love for your spouse, you'll go fetch those flowers and the heat could be five times more and you will not feel it. Because of that deep love you have you very spontaneously act. Most of our actions we do in life are preme ditated. They are premeditated. Most of our actions are premeditated. So you might start with premeditation in performing right action. But it must eventually lead you to spontaneous right action. For with the realization that would dawn in you, with t he unfoldment of the divinity that is within you, everything is good. You'd see, even in the vilest murderer, rapist, thief, robber, you'll see the sparkling divinity. I had once a prisons program her e in Washington. Washington was it, Vidya? V: No, Vi rginia. G.R. : Virginia. Which program was that organized by the Pentagon people? V: Lorton, a men's prison. G.R. : A men's prison. Lorton. Yes. I went there. Asked by some of the chiefs there. They asked me to come and give a talk to the prisoners that were there in this prison. Long term prisoners. I told them, "You have made a mistake. O.K. How many have not made mistakes?

17. U S 83 - 24 GR. : Right. Now. Now let's take the word confusion. You've been conned. Take away the conned and find fusion. The answer will be there, in taking the con away from confusion. Um. I can find another joke. **** END ****


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