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6. DK 82 - 7 circumstances and neither by environment. They could be factors which influences your mind, but if your mind is strong enough, then you do not get affected. So happiness or unhappiness is created by ourselves. When we put a greater emphasis on freewill, then divine will ceases and if we put greater emphasis on divine will, then naturally freewill will become lessened. Yet, I would repeat this to you again that man cannot live without the combination of both. Life is what we make it. So we come back to attitude. Norman Vincent Peale, the American, you m ust have read some of his books, he writes on the power of positive thinking, but I would challenge him on any platform. He says if there’s a negative thought, immediately switch it off and put in a positive thought, but that is impossible. You ha ve to neutralise the mind first. If a negative thought arises and through a spiritual practice you neutralise the mind, and it happens very quickly, few seconds, and when the mind is neutralised, it is so much easier that you could instil the positive thought in the mind – instil, put in – you see, so in the final analysis, there is nothing in this world or the universe but divine will. Whate ver you sow, you will reap. That is also very true, because it is divine will that makes the plant grow. You plant a seed by your free will, but what power is there that will give it the right amount of air and sunshine and the minerals in the ground to make it grow. Your freewill does not work there, your freewill has no power over the air or the sunshine or the mineral in the ground, you see. So look at the beautiful combination in makin g this plant grow. You planted the flowers with freewill and then again, was it really freewill in making you plant the flower? What force was there in your body that made you dig? What force was there in you to choose a certain kind of seed? And what force is there in you that made you finally put in the seed? Have you really done it or was there some force inside you that made you do it? You see, so it all boils down to one factor, everything is divine will. Without having the sense of fatali sm or pre - determination. You see how this world functions. If you study astronomy, you will find that all the planets and all the galaxies and even all our solar system and other solar systems work in such precision, the planets revolving around the sun on our little solar system , revolve very methodically – with method, but it is only man that does not behave methodically and that is the misuse of freewill. Now we’ve spoken for 45 minutes – whatever – whatever.

5. DK 82 - 7 makes the garden beautiful by the flower becoming beautiful and you are the most b eautiful flower in creation. You are not born of sin, you are born of divinity. You are children of light. You are children of divine and to find that secret, you're just taking one step forward into the dimension of god. Yeah, you – he did not make you born to suffer, yes. If we say man is created in his own image, then why is there so much misery and unhappiness? For the nature of divinity is joy and bliss and we suffer m isery and unhappiness for one reason. It is only the clean mirror that will give a true image or reflection but because of the freewi ll, we have dirtied the mirror and we do not get the true reflection. So the spiritual practices cleans the glass. It ’ s like on a bright sunny day and the sun is shining through a glass window. You will only see the brightness and you will not see the glass, you will only see the light and yet the glass is still there. You, the individual are still there but merge, become one with the light of the divine. You see, life, this is a very favourite saying of mine that “It is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple.“ Does all the world’s religions not say, become child like in simplicity, in innocence and when that simplicity and innocence is there, then the acceptance is there and the surrender is there, then you become one with the divine. Then truly can you say that “I and my father are one.” At first you start with a dualistic approach, I and you, and as you progress, you will say, “You and I do not exist,” only the oneness exists. So it means that unity is found in diversity – found in divinity – in diversity. That is the goal and aim of human life. We create so many burdens up on ourself and those burdens have to be lessened. That is why we come back, if you’ve been really -- < audio skips > and again to pay off the debt you have incurred until the slate is clean – the page is clean. So I was telling someone during the week that if for five seconds you have a negative thought, then for the next six seconds try your best to have a positive thought. Then after that being so involved in negativity you can’t throw it away. So next time you have ten seconds of negative thought, make the next 11 seconds positive loving thoughts, yeah, so now you got two in the credit balance. Yeah, so 60 seconds in an hou r and 24 hours in a day and you total it up you have a good balance, credit balance. Then you do not need to draw from this < 0:47:57.8 >. Measure it over your lifetime, then you will le ave this world a better person, more in line with the divine will. You s ee and that is called evol ution and the closer you reach divinity, the less suffering you feel. Yeah, there c omes a total change of attitude, a positive attitude, but for the mind to have a positive attitude, you need an integrated mind. Yeah, which is brought about by meditation and spiritual practices. I have a very favourite saying which I have repeated a million times I think, two men behind prison bars, one saw mud and the other saw stars. Two men in the jail in the same cell with a p rison bar, the one with the negativity could only see the gloom of the mud, and the other could see the stars with the glory of god. Two men behind prison bars, on e saw mud, the other saw stars. You do not need to say it again. You see, attitude and attitude is not formulated by

4. DK 82 - 7 have remained unproductive. Now that is not divine will. Divine will wants you to be action all the time in constructive action. So constructive action will have a constructive reaction – constructive reaction. What it means is this that whatever you sow, you will reap. If you plant tomatoes, you cannot expect a pples to grow. You see, so fatalism has caused the world a great deal of harm but if the word fatalism is substituted – substituted to the word surrender, it assumes a different meaning altogether. It means I surrender all my actions to you, you my lord. I am not the benefiter of the reaction. I work for the sake of work and not for the fruit thereof. The fruits thereof belongs to you and not to me. Now this thought will get rid of fatalism and a surrender comes about and when you have surrender, you have a cceptance for you are still governed by the laws of karma, but the laws of karma ope rate only on the relative field, it operates on the relative field of existence. Man, to find the peace that passeth all understanding, for man to find the peace that passeth – goes beyond all understanding, he has to have surrender and acceptance. It reminds me of a story of a church minister – pastor, yeah. So there was some very well known personality like me to rant, he was passing by and he, it was Sunday mor ning, so he dropped into the church . The pastor was very honoured, so after his sermon, as normal, the pastor stands outside and shakes hands with everyone. Do they do that in Denmark? Yes, good. So when < 0:34:50.4 > was going past, he asked him, “Did you l ike my sermon?" He says, “ Your sermon was wonderful, it was like peace and mercy. So much peace that I could not understand it and like the mercy o f god, I thought it will go on forever.” (Laughs) So there is freewill and there is divine will. Now if you would want to operate totally on freewill, then also be prepared to accept misery and suffering. And if you accept divine will only, then at this stage of man’s evolution, you might land up in a lunatic asylum. So the secret is to combine freewill with divine will. You infuse the divine will into the freewill – to put in – freewill is like bitter coffee and divine will is the sugar you put in the coffee. So you are still drinking coffee, but not bitter coffee, sweet coffee. So you are losing nothing, only enriching life, finding the sweetness of life. Now to be able to bring or draw upon the power, you have to find harmony within yourself. That harmony is fou nd by medi tation and spiritual practices and the principle is from the scriptures where it says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven within ,” – seek ye first the kingdom of heaven within, did you quote that? Repeat it again, thank you. Good, -- “and all else shall be added unto thee.” So the purpose of man’s life is to co mbine freewill with divine will so that the kingdom of heaven within is found. You see, now when man finds harmony within himself, then he will fin d harmony with the environment. Now it is the nature of a flower to be beautiful, but that is not the only thing it does. It also enhances the beauty of the garden, you see,

2. DK 82 - 7 different way and another in another way. Good. Why does this happen? Where the part of Macbeth could be done by one in certain way and another in another way. It depends on the actor how he could interpret the part and how deeply he would go into Shakespeare’s mind. But now what are the conditions of the mind for this happening? Occurring – it is only because of mental conditioning. Now the less unconditioned man’s mind is the finer wi ll be his interpretation. So man exists with a conditioned mind. And the conditioned mind formulates his free will. Now when the mind can become unconditioned, then man’s mind can become unconditioned through med itation and spiritual practices, then these greatest scope for the divine will to flow through – greatest scope – < 0:11:35.0 > Man require – thinks he is in total separation from divinity. Man thinks – and that is caused because he has a thinking mind. The conscious mind is only subjected – hmm unde rkasket (laughs) by his own thoughts and senses. By the senses of touching, smelling, hearing, seeing, and then these five senses we have. So these five senses are in constant contact with the environment and they have a great influence upon his mind, and the conditioning becomes more conditioned, he becomes more conditioned. Now the secret there is to find – in order to find peace and happiness he will have to combine his freewill with divine will and this can only be achieved through spiritual practices b ecause spiritual practices, although – although you are using your five senses, he will still make you detached from what is happening around you and anything happening around you, if you are not affected by it will affect you in pain or pleasure. – pain or pleasure. So it means that you have risen above pain and pleasure and you become the observer of the play of life. You do not become involved in the play, you will enjoy the play, but you will look at the play obje ctively and this in theological terms would mean that you are in the world, yet not of the world. That is what the bible says. Talking of the bible reminds me of story, they were ready to give out nuns, favourite story of mine, I've said it somewhere befor e, yeah. So these two nuns were travelling in their motor car and ran out of petrol. So the garage was half a – half a kilometre away, so they had to find a container to bring some petrol. So the only thing they could find in the car was a chamber pot (laughs) so they took this chamber pot and went t o the petrol station and filled it up and brought it to the car and were pouring in the petrol and most of you know t he colour of petrol. Good. As they were pouring in, a few young people were passing so the y stoo d there watching these two nuns, so the one young man said that, “I do not think what you are doing will work, but I sure do admire your faith.” (Laughs) So what are the requirements to combine freewill with divine will is to find a total integration within ourselves. Now the human being is composed of a physical body and a mental body and the spiritual body, but man to day functions very

1. DK 82 - 7 Gururaj: So there are quite a number that are not. Now we’ll meditate for a few moments And those that are not mediators just sit back and relax and enjoy the vibrations -- < audio skips > -- prepare lectures because by preparing a lecture, it means that I will tell you what I want to tell you, but I’d rather like to speak about anything which you would like me to speak about. So the best way to do that is to ask me a question. The more deeply philosophical it is, the better or anything. Now while you are thinking, and coming to this theatre , it reminds me of a story , a woman wrote a manuscript for a p l ay and the producer read the manuscript a bit and send it back with a rejection slip – rejected, did not want it. So this woman seeing that she wrote the manuscript, she thought it was the greatest in the world. So she was wild – crossed. She picke d up the phone to the producer and started giving the producer a piece of her mind. So the producer asks , “ Why do you say this? ” “ Well, ” she said that , “ From page 55 to 65, I pasted the pages together, and I could see you never read the manuscript because the pages were still stuck together .” And so she was going on and on. So at last the prod ucer managed to say a few words. He said, “Madam, a manuscript is like a boiled egg, I do not need to eat the whole egg to see that it is bad.” ( Laughs ) Good , fine. Who shall ask, start with question? Public: Remaining in the theatrical environment if you do consider life a divine play, what has man’s attitude does he accept his role unquestionably in a fatalistic manner or what is man’s actual role? What does he to divine out of his divine < 0:04:47.8 >? Gururaj: Yes , that is part of Shakespeare where he says that , “ The world is but a stage and we are all actors on the stage.” But the inner question behind the question depends upon fatalism or determinism where you determine the outcome of life and yet still deeper within the question, there would be is life made up of fr ee will or divine will. Translator: I can’t say so long sentences, I'm sorry. Gururaj: Yes, the deeper part of the question is life made up of freewill or divine will? And that is a question in your heart. Right? Good. Now life is a combination of both, freewill revolves around the mind. Now out of all of existence through these various processes of evolution, out of all the existence which goes through the process of evolution which wo uld include the mineral kingdom, yeah the plant kingdom , animal kingdom and the human kingdom and it is only in the human kingdom where man has developed a certain amount of thinking power and because he has developed the thinking power, he has been given a free will so that he could play his part , as in a pla y one actor could express a part in a far

3. DK 82 - 7 fragmentedly and that is why they suffer these miseries. The body pulls t his way and the mind pulls that way and the spirit is forgotten. So when through spiritual practices an integration is brought within ourselves, and when that integration is brought within ourselves, a greater harmony is created within ourselves and the ot her name for harmony is divine will. You reach the stage where nothing seems separate from you, it is no – I ask your pardon – it’s no more you and me, but it is us. Now in English if you write the word me – M - E — M – E – you have that in Danish? Yeah me, M - E , good. If you put a mirror under that word, it will reflect as we, W - E. So the me is lost. The me is lost and there remains the we. We – we (laughs) good. Now that is what integration brings about and if you regard the entire world as one wholeness, if yo u can reach the stage to regard everything to be here, then all friction ceases and when friction ceases, you lose the sense of freewill – freewill and you recognise the sense of divine will. Then you could really say what the bible says, “thy will be done.” And creating the sense within us of the togetherness of all existence, and science has also proved this that no atom is separated from another atom. There is a continuous interaction between eve ry atom throughout the universe. Now when you find that everything is connected to everything, then you will really know the meaning of the biblical injunction, biblical saying that love thy neighbour as thyself and that love is divine will for love is god and god is love. And when you are merged in this love, then every action of yours is guided by divine will. It is only because of man’s mind which I always call the cunning animal produces that ego within himself and the ego thinks, “I am the doer.” – I am – I do – but in the final analysis, you are doing the thing, he is the doer. You study your own body, there are billions of cells in the body that are functioning in a systematic pattern and you are not aware of it, your motor nerves has an automatic function, your lungs has an automatic fun ction, your heart beats in an automatic function , you do not make your heart beat. So even in the grossest physical and material sense – material sense way – so what are you doing? You can't even breathe by your own will because if you breathe by your own will, you can look forever, there you don’t need to leave this body alone, discard the body. So in everything within us, there is a divine plan, the greatest fault that has been brought into this world is fatalism, that everything has been pre - determined for me. Now there is some truth in it. Predetermination acts in this way that you got to take a certain road to reach Virum from Copenhagen – Copenhagen – good, but that is the main way which you have to go. But because of your thinking power, you might ta ke side roads and you take the side roads because of your free will, divine will shows you the straight path but y ou would take all devious paths. Say in the east they do have a theory called karma. Karma not properly understood has created great harm beca use of that theory not well understood, there is great poverty. Things are changing now but fields have remained untilled – not worked upon to make things grow. Factories


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