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5. DK 85 - 9 Gururaj: Oh yeah, I've got to do mine. Public: Well, right now I saw it on your hands also < 0:28:32.9 > Gururaj: Yeah, now in that this coming art of meditation, this happens so automatically and I'm not even co nscious of it but what it signifies that it is a giving of a benediction, a blessing to all of you. And that is why – that is why you being more sensitive, picked up that energy in the for m of colour and lilac or purple, it’s a bright – it’s a bright you know light, purple which we call lilac. You see the divine energy, according to one’s mind c an be exp erienced through sound, through colour and through feeling. Very good . Anyone else? Translator: In the beginning she felt that her head grew twice the size – Gururaj: Aha, talk in Danish and she can interpret it, so for the benefit of all. Translator: Sh e saw you as a negative picture. Gururaj: Right. Translator: And it moved about, and then it sort of gathered and then it turned into gold < 0:30:45.8 > Gururaj: Moving? Very good. Translator: Just as, just as when the sun goes down sort of. Gururaj: Um - hmm, sunset? Translator: Sunset, yeah. Sort of melted away for a minute and then it returned again.

1. DK 85 - 9 Gururaj: -- To most that is unknown and whoever have taken the journey has not come back to tell you out. You start off with traversing your conscious mind and through the layers of the other levels of the mind, subtle mind, you're hurtling through space. The intense beauty of the scintillating stars and planets all working in such beautiful precision and you witness the birth and death of all these stars and planets and how beautiful it is just light – light – light and the light becomes so fine that the norm al human eye could never see it, you can only see it with the inner eye and when you see this beautiful creation or manifestation around you, a joy wells up so so much and you can only cry that there’s so much beauty in the world, in the universe and you travel through all these galaxies and you reach the point when this present universe came into being. Since the sub - sub atomic particle , you see your entire existence as you have gone through the process of evolution and then you even go beyond the universe that is created. And you going in an area filled with total blackn ess , an indescribable vastness and then as you're there for a little while, you see a pinpoint of a light that is so luminous that you cannot describe it. And then as you go nearer and nearer the light, you merge into that light and you become that light and you don’t want to come back, you want to stay there because if you, when you start travelling back again from there, you no tice again all t he fluctuations of the universe, all the expansions and contractions and you start feeling sadder and sadder that why could there not be that stillness which I've been in that light. Because the whole universe is in a state of fl ux, creation, destruction, preservation then you come back through all th is long travel and you come back to the human body and you look around you and you see the faces of your beloveds. How much turmoil you see in their faces, their hearts, the suffering s, the miseries , petty troubles, big troubles, you know the past and the present and the future coul d all be seen at the same time and you feel sad, you feel as if all the troubles of the world was just like a big rock that you could just lift up straight way and instantly you rid the whole world of their troubles. Unfortunately it cannot be done, it can only be done in stages, only in stages. Because this world is governed by certain law s of nature and even god cannot interfere over the workings of the law of nature. So you come back and see all the problems . Here at one moment you are in the highest form of joy, and the next moment you come down in this little body and observe the sufferings of people. It hurts but the re is hope and everyone will overcome their sufferings and misery, that I promise you – I promise you – I promise you. If people are sincere on the paths towards divinity, and get filled by that energy, the problems diminish. The more we put into it, the quicker it diminishes. If you put one teaspoon of sugar in your cup of tea, it will be so sweet and if you put two teaspoons, it will be more sweeter. So this means that everything depends upon us how to make our lives more and more swe eter. Proper understanding, proper perspectives, proper attitudes, acceptance of that which we are facing, doing our practices which will

6. DK 85 - 9 Gururaj: Um - hmm, beautiful experience. Now why you saw the negative, for example if you put a film in a projector, you got to put it upside down, you know the head down and the feet up and when the projection is produced on the screen, you see the right way up. Right. So first you started with the negative and developed it into the positive, that is why you saw the gold. What was the other experience? C an’t remember. Translator: It was melting away and then it started all over again. It look like a sunset. Gururaj: Right, it’s the brightness of the glow of divinity there in your heart. You've gone through many – many lifetimes evolving and you're reaching the stage where all the motion of evolution is settling down in that beautiful sunset. Very good, very good. Translator: She just saw you as covered in gold and white and < 0:33:18.7 > between white and gold. The whole room was filled wi th gold en < 0:33:25.8 > Gururaj: Ah, how many of you people had that experience of seeing me filled with gold? Oh, most of them, yes, very beautiful. That is aura I emanate, yeah sometimes white, sometimes gold. When you see pictures of saints, I mean those are just pictures done by an artist and you always have an aura around the head, you’ve seen in pictures. Now that’s the same thing which is just portrayed by artists, but here most of you had seen, it’s a real thing. It is the radiation of the spirit. That’s right. Beautiful. Next? Public : I've got the same but I just wanted to < 0:34:45.1 > Gururaj: That explains how illusory and how impermanent this body is. Yes, there is another force that cannot be seen with the human eyes. This body is just like a flash of lightning and we think the sixty or seventy years we live is such a long time, it’s not and I'm sure I must've said before that you know that in eternity this lifetime is just a flash and of course the message in this that because it is so impermanent, why worry about petty things? Anyone else? Translator: You have had this cold thing in the beginning of the communion and after a while she couldn’t cough even though she want to, but she felt big vibrations in the chest and in her throat. She just wanted to know that < 0:36:58.9 >

3. DK 85 - 9 disappearing, that is a very true experience because I am out of the body and being merged, the inner spirit being merged wit h the entirety of the spirit of the universe. The cobra you saw is a very holy sign and if you study the pharaohs of Egypt, they always had on the cap the cobra and the same thing you find in all eastern cultures. If you look at the symbolic picture of Vishnu, you’d find him, you know with the hood of the thousand headed cobra. This now, this signifies pro tection that you are protected and Vishnu is lying in the lap if the cold -- cold cobra and the hoods, a thousand hoods are protecting Vishnu, who is the preserver of the universe. That is the preserving principle. There are three principle i n action all the time, creation, preservation and dissolution . Those three principles go on all th at . It’s a very beautiful experience. Good. Next , don’t be shy. Public: < 0:21:10.3 > say what I experience? Gururaj: Yes, please, say it in Danish first, I think and then you say it in English so that I can understand. Public: I ’ ll say what it was in English. At first I saw – it’s all faded away so I didn’t – I saw various faces -- Gururaj: Yes dear, translate as it goes on. Translator: But he has already translated. Gururaj: Oh yes, of course, yeah – yeah. No but what I mean is translate my replies. Right, when you saw me fading away, it’s a true experience because I, normally in communion , become totally non - conscious of the body. When I'm in that state, you could put a knife through me or a bullet through me and I won’t even feel it, because the consciousness is not in the body. Um - hmm carry on. Public: Well yeah, and the faces were so radiant. I saw a very beautiful lady sort of Thai lady, very beautiful with black hair. And I also saw a sadhu < 0:23:41.8 > and I saw a sadhu with beard with the hair sort of – Gururaj: And a moustache down? Public: Yeah, like that down and I've had that experience earlier < 0:23:56.7 >

4. DK 85 - 9 Gururaj: Yes, now what had happened there that of course in other lifetimes I had taken on birth as a woman also to teach . You see when a person goes to that level of the impersonal god, then you go through all the lives you’ve taken on in a moment. Yeah and whenever you see me with that you know beard drooping down, that is when I lived in the body of Laozi, the founder of Daoism. So you naughty boy is going into my past lives. (Laughs) yes, carry on. Public: And I saw also a funny body, not human body, I don’t know wh at it was, it was very strange. So a larger head and then a small tiny – thin – thin arms and I s ort of in a bluish light. Gururaj: Hmm Star Wars (Laughs) that is I think – I think I spoke about it of – o f living in different dimensions. So you saw – so you saw me in a different dimension living, very good – very good. Where the shapes are not like ours. Yeah, for example the human shape will soon be changing on this earth too. That in about 25,000 years, yeah, you won’t have five toes with only four. One toe is totally unnecessary and in that ti me, you will also be developing, humans yeah, will also be able to develop such a high mental stature that there wi ll be non - verbal communication . I'm even doing it done. I think of somebody , I say “Look come around, I want to see you, ” and here the person would come. I want a cup of tea and I just think of tea and here Jyotima is coming in with a cup of tea without asking her. Like that -- like that, but this will become a common experience in time to come. Hmm, and? Public: < 0:27:55.6 > sort of a -- a pause where nothing really happened and then you move your hands like that and < 0:28:02.7 > spread and when you < 0:28:04.4 > in your hand like this, it sort of began to glow in a purple pink. Gururaj: Aha, yes, yes. Public: < 0:28:14.2 > moved around it sort of , my hands became hot also in that light began onto my hands and it became warm, glow in that light also. Gururaj: Um - hmm, explain. Translator: He has already translated them.

7. DK 85 - 9 Gururaj: Well, I don’t hear your coughing, but what happen ed , the energ ies that were emanated in the room stopped the cough -- stopped that. T ranslator: During the communion < 0:37:31.0 > and she felt as if there was electricity all over her body. Gururaj: Yes, that’s the power imparted to you my love, because it give you a peaceful feeling inside you, beautiful, peaceful , interpret that – good. Translator: And then he looked one of the rest of the meditators and he could < 0:38:37.9 > and then she felt all of you were just < 0:38:45.9 > Gururaj: Which I did, I think. < 0:38:52.4 > desire so I turned my head from here to – good – good. I spoke today after this morning's satsang to three ladies, she and < 0:39:25.8 > that they have a certain spiritual thing in them that they must become teachers. Two things will happen, they will be benefitting themselves and they’ll be helping other people. And the analogy I gave them was of a hose pipe water in the garden. The water first cleans the hose pipe even before it reaches the flowers. It’s a great blessing to serve humanity and put them in the path of god. It’s a great – great blessing. One teaching is worth 50 meditations because you’d feel – because you will feel that gurushakti or divine energy flowing through you to th e other person. Yes, yes, yes. Good. We can talk on the whole night I'm sure, all of you had experiences, yes you were crying just now, good. Umm, when I did the benediction, the blessing, how many of you saw a light coming out of my palm towards you? So you the purple, you saw the < 0:41:48.4 > very good – very good. During communion how many of you felt a warmth or a peace in your heart? See, everyone ? Well, it’s not me, it’s his energy flowing through me to you. See. Hmm. Talk in Danish and then – Tra nslator: I'm not sure, he says, but I seem to feel rather than see – Public: I'm just sure that – that between your hands < 0:42:51.8 > Gururaj: To the other?

8. DK 85 - 9 Public: Yes, there was some energy. Gururaj: Yes , yes, so tell them that. Yeah it’s flowing all the time but when – when you feel – yeah that when you are feeling, you kn ow because of the divine energy, feeling calm and peaceful inside and warm inside, then you can see things or hear things, you know the fiv e senses becomes more sharpened. Translator: She saw your hand like this so she thought light was coming out in your mouth instead of your hands. Gururaj: Yeah, yes – yes, same thing, very good -- very good. Very good. Translator I also heard a sound going as if it was thick ocean or something – Gururaj: Roaring of the ocean. You see on the spiritual path, now you must remember this that all people have five senses. Yo u know hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, all that , right. Now in different people, some par ticular sense is more d eveloped. In some people the sense of seeing is more developed and in some people the sense of hearing is more developed, tasting, smelling is more developed. Did any of you smell beautiful fragrance in the room? No? That’s a very difficult one. It’s a difficult – it’ll come – it’ll come – it’ ll come – it’ll come – it wi ll come. Yeah, good. Shall we end the day? Fine !

2. DK 85 - 9 develop humility, kindness, compassion, we become total human beings and then only do we develop the Buddha or Krishna or Christ consciousness. When Christ said, “No one goes to God bu t through me,” it has been so misunderstood. It actually means that reach the stage of my consciousness and you can become one with god. You see, that everyone has the ability and it is so simple. I think I have said this before, but say for example for five seconds you have a negative thought, so next seven seconds you have a positive thought, so you have two in the credit balance. Next , ten seconds as a negative thought, and then for the next twelve seconds have a loving positive thought. For another two seconds in the credit balance makes it twelve. Right and as you go on, at night when you go to sleep, you know the day has been well lived because there has been more posi tivity than negativity. So you have a credit balance and you times that by 30 days for a month and 12 months for the year, and life improves. The quality of life improves and your practices give you the strength to do that. There is nothing in this world t hat is impossible. Now you that know English, impossible spelled I - M - P - O - S - S - I - B - L - E, now the I - M is just a negation of the possible. So in the impossible the possible is there. So if you put an apostrophe between the “ I ” and the “ M ” , then you will say “ I'm possible. ” You see, very simple. Good, now if any of you would like to discuss any experience you had during the communion practice, you're welcome to talk about it so – so I could explain you what it means. Yeah someone make a start. Translator: Well , I would like to start guruji. Gururaj: Okay. It’s the quiet before the storm. Translator: I felt tremendous heat running up my spine and the next was that you disappeared totally and only golden li ght was left. After a few moments of that, you came back, but you had changed into a cobra – a snake, a cobra, but I only saw the head of it, it was so staring at me and then I closed my eyes and I only saw a vast blackness and suddenly, I don’t know who it was, if it my own voice or somebody else’ s , but suddenly < 0:17:03.5 > infinite god or something like that and – Gururaj: You just say that in Danish so that they could understand. It’s a beautiful experience. Actually you travelled a path with me during communion. Umm – the vast blackness you saw is not black, but it is light which you saw. It’s like a negative. So you saw the reverse side of the positive, but yet you could never have the positive w ithout the negative. Good. When you saw me


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