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3. UK 77- 25 Questioner. I find that the heart rate increases a lot during the chanting. Gururaj. Your heart rate increases, that is when you go faster. Questioner(Cont’d). Because of the beat of the chant, Gururaj. Because of the beat of the chanting, you will notice that in the chant, of course there's an undulation like the waves going, and with some people the whole physiology of the person goes into rhythm with that chant. Yes. Questioner. If we do the chant, how can we count without ........ (Inaudible) Gururaj. It doesn't matter really, it doesn't matter. It’s nice to have beads. Questioner. Where can you get them? Gururaj. Well in London somewhere. I suppose BMS Office would know some addresses where you can buy. Voice. Yes. BMS Office can get some. Gururaj. Yes, good idea. Good idea. Yes. Now do you normally have little breaks? Coffee time, okay, then we get together.’ Questioner. Money causes so many problems and yet we cannot do without it. Most of us, (General laughter) most of realise the value of giving but when it comes to giving money, we feel an inner resistance. Gururaj. Why? Why? (Gururaj laughs) Questioner. (Cont’d). Those - were you asking me? (General laughter) Gururaj. No. I'm just trying to anticipate your question.

4. UK 77- 25 Questioner. Those who have no money to give, feel that they are in a sense failing if they cannot give Gururaj. Which is not true. Voice. (Cont’d.) To each of us, our own needs come first our own survival is most important and in this day and age, money is survival. Questioner. (Cont’d). That's not true. (General laughter) Gururaj. It’s beautiful. (General laughter) Questioner. (Cont’d) How can we as individuals overcome and release the binding influence of money? How can we recognise the hold which money has on us and how can we let go of this hold? How can we come to recognise that by surrendering all to Divinity, we will be taken care of? Gururaj. Lovely article! (General laughter). Do you know Ajay writes so beautifully that he sent me a article he wrote and of course I had it reprinted in one of the South African magazines. He writes very, very beautifully actually. Gu ruraj. Yes. Now, yes, money. Do you know that while you were taking a walk outside there and breathing, you were paying for breathing because you pay rates and taxes to have the privilege of breathing. So everything that happens in life is always interpreted with some form of economics or related - Ajay's question was on money. He tells me he's just inherited a million pounds and he doesn't know what to do with it! (General laughter). Yes, as I said that even to have the privilege of breathing God- gi ven breath that everyone is entitled to, everyone has to breathe, to take in prana within himself and thereby have life. And even for God-given privilege, man charges man for it. So when you take a walk outside every time you take a step, just remember that you’re paying for it in taxes. Aide. Guruji, I have to tell you this story, the city of Tokyo has the worst air pollution problems in the world today. It’s so bad that for instance when a policeman you know one who is directing traffic, he can only spend two hours directing traffic then he has to go into a room where he sits and for the next two hours he breathes pure oxygen in order to recover from the effect of being out there in the fumes. It’s really bad. And do you know that they actually now have vending machines

5. UK 77- 25 all over in Tokyo which literally sell air, they sell oxygen. You go to the vending machine, you put a coin in and out comes a canister of pure oxygen for you to breathe. Gururaj. Can't we export some of that to Tokyo for BMS funds. Yes. Aide. Imagine Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola Air. (General laughter) Gururaj. Yes. Beautiful. Beautiful. And of course if you go to the Sahara desert, there'll be another slot there, water. Yes. So God-given privileges are also to be paid for. Unfortunately since the Phoenicians invented money, they did this world great harm. Before money was invented, there was an exchange, that you have need for bread and I make bread, and I have need for shoes. I give you bread and you give me shoes. What a beautiful exchange it was. And that exchange, which we know as bartering was in its truest sense a wonderful sharing, that let me look after your stomach and you look after my feet. Look at the whole beautiful concept, the lovely idea that brought so many people together into a very, very close family where each one felt responsible to look after the needs of others. Now that was a wonderful system. And then they started using stone flints as money and then of course the latest thing is paper, paper. Imagine paper buying people's lives. If I want to have a heart operation, fine, I needed eighteen thousand pieces of paper just to get myself treated. Paper to exchange paper for a heart. How ridiculous? Yet the whole system is based upon economics. Everywhere you go, everything you do, every foundation, every political system, every church system is based upon economics. And you would know very well that the most wealthiest organisations in the world are church organisations. And this is a fact I know from South Africa. The wealthiest organisation there is the Dutch Reform Church, who in turn controls the entire economy of the country, by controlling the Government. And this happens in most countries of the world. So today economics has become the thing that controls people's lives and people's destinies. Good. Now the two of the wealthiest companies in the world would be the Church Company and the Insurance Company. Right. The Insurance Company tells you that have faith in money to provide for those that you’re leaving behind. Now the ideal is very great. But if with that policy they also try and sell you some faith in God, that would be the greater policy. And yet we would find that all those things based on economics are those that are thriving. Now that is an unfortunate situation for example to listen to me to that which wells out of my heart, it is given so freely without any reward, expected reward, except to cover expenses, without any expected reward, yet you had to travel hundreds of miles to get here which would cost - cars and buses and trains right had to pay for this building and things like that. So there is nothing that can

6. UK 77- 25 be attained in this world without money. Because the whole world is geared around the principle of economics. But seeing that the world is geared round economics and seeing that we cannot escape the position, what is the best we can do in the circumstances? That should be the question. Good. Those that have, are not always those that want to give. There are many that haven't and they have such a great heart they want to give and give and give, but they haven't got the economic means to give. Now once that feeling rises in a person wanting to give and yet not having it, that feeling is more important than of profoundest spiritual value than the person who has given. Because the feeling, the love is there. Of course it is always prefixed by the biggest word in the language, 'if'. If I had it, I would give it. But yet forgetting the if, that person has such a feeling and a love that if should have it, he'd even give his life. Now that giving comes from spiritual value and not from economic value. Now if a person has five million in the bank and gives fifty thousand, it won't affect him at all because that would be more or less the interest he earns in six months on the money he has invested. It is not going to affect his capital at all. But if a person has ten pence in his pocket and out of the ten pence he gives away five pence, that five pence is worth much more than the fifty thousand given by the rich man. Do you see? So it is not the amount of money that is given that is so important. It is the love that is given that is so important. And love can be given in so many different forms. I can be given by service. It can be given by moral support to a good cause. And of course it can be given in terms of LSD, money. Some, not the other. (General laughter) Yes. So the whole thing as far as a spiritual movement is concerned, we have to shift the attention from the economic side to the spiritual side and when the spirit is willing the flesh must not be weak. Right. When the spirit is willing, the flesh too will find the strength in whichever form, as I said in service in time, in wanting to help with various things and if there is money in the pocket, that would be given because the spirit is willing to give. Now when a person gives, he must firstly be fully convinced in his heart that what I am giving for is for a good purpose. Good. If he's not convinced in his heart that what he gives will not be properly used then that does not become giving. That person should not give at all because he is giving with doubt and not giving with love. And yet man's mind must examine the situation, must examine the situation in a manner that what I am giving would be used usefully and for the betterment of my brother. For I am my brother's keeper. Good. We have some very beautiful people on this Course that gave scholarships from their heart to those that really wanted to come on this Course and could not afford the means. And these people that had willingly gave, so that I, because I have, I have the privilege of sharing the togetherness, sharing the wisdom and that person hasn't got the

7. UK 77- 25 money and is unable to share. So let me be of some assistance so that that brother of mine can also share. Look at the dignity, the profundity, the spiritual value of such a person. Good. Now these are the qualities we look for in a spiritual movement. When Ajay asked the question of money, now as far as I'm concerned, if you give to buy a centre or you keep on carrying on in a rented place, to me it would make no difference. No difference whatsoever if you have a rented place or if you have a place that is bought. It is yours not mine. And if you come to the position of being able to buy a Centre, that Centre must be bought not in my name, it is bought in your name. It is yours, yours, yours. I have nothing to do with it. I will come whenever invited to come and talk to you of whatever we want to talk about, to impart to you with whatever little I can. Good. So what people do here must feel that it is their own responsibility not only to themselves but also to their brother man. And the more we can help our brother man the more we are helping ourselves. Most of you must have read this book by Victor Hugo, 'Les Miserables' where this person steals a loaf of bread and goes through a terrible amount of suffering. And there is this one incidence where he hides in a church and then when he leaves the church because of some necessity or some quirk of the mind he pinches a pair of candlesticks, silver candlesticks from the church and gets caught. So the police questioned him and asked him where he got it from and of course he had to tell he stole it from the church and the policeman took this person to the church with the candlesticks to verify the statement. So the Father in charge there said few words. Now I read this novel when I was a very young boy, but I was touched by the profundity of the words said by that Priest that up to today there's not a single day in my life that I do not remember those words. It goes through my mind all the time as if it was a mantra. He said to the thief "My son life is made to give and not to take. Life is made to give and not to take". Good. So we know every Scripture bears out in testimony to this statement that he that gains is the loser and he that loses is the gainer. And this is applied to the spiritual field. Our movement as we all know is a spiritual movement for the unfoldment of the spirit in man. And if there because of the situation we are in, money would be required to carry on with the movement and those that can give should give, if they feel it in their hearts to give. Now many people have the idea that nature supports. Nature supports by all means very true, but what are we doing from our part to allow nature to support. Nature supports in other words is half the statement. We forget very conveniently the other half. What are we doing to allow nature to support us? Good. Nature is not going to you know let it rain tomorrow with all five pound notes. No. No. But nature can send its rain and ask us to till the field so that the corn could grow and that corn is converted into the five pound notes to pay the rents of BMS. So that is our part that we have to play. Good. Now it is always so, and I have stressed this to the Counsellors over and over again that no one must be turned away because of lack of money. If

8. UK 77- 25 the sincerity and the love is there then someone else will step forward and the person that has not been able to donate anything to the movement, you'll find someone else donating double and this happens. This happens everywhere. So therefore, to come back to Ajay's question, that money is a necessity and those that can only give with love must give with love because only that offering, giving there's a better word for giving and that word I call offering. It is an offering made for the benefit of others and in wanting to benefit others we benefit ourselves so, so much more. And as I've always said over and over again, if we give one ten is returned to us in some form or the other. It is a law of nature an irrefutable law of nature that could never be denied or that could never be cancelled out. So when requests are made, however they are made in whichever way they are made, let us take the true spirit of the request. Let us take the true spirit of the request. Let us take the true spirit of the good intention behind it and when we understand the good intention behind it, then we will know that we are only really giving for ourselves, so that BMS could have its own asset instead of paying hundreds of pounds away in rent every month and that is just going away, going away, going away. Rather have your own place on which you could put a deposit and the rent which is just being thrown away now, can go towards paying off the mortgage, so one day the place becomes yours and you have your own place to operate from. So there too we are applying, we are applying the law of economics. Good. And the law of economics also tells us how to be economical, how to be economical, that means to save the waste. Like this, like this for ordinary householder he has a house for which he pays rent. Now if he works hard for a little while and gets the deposit together and that same rent can go off towards the mortgage. Right. And eventually that house will become his and not only for him, for his children. Now our generation would be using the facilities that we have created and how thankful would our children not be to us for having left them a Centre, which they can operate from. You see. So it is not a question of acquisition for the sake of acquisition. It is a question of perpetuating certain ideals not only in our lives but in the lives of our children and their children. For once the foundation stone is laid, once there is a Centre. When you have a rented house, it is so easy to move away from it and then just forget about it and go and live in a Hotel. But when you have a purchased house, you are going to think very, very deeply before you're going to sell that house and you will always sell it for greater good, not lesser good. So when appeals are made as I said before, never mind how they are made, let us go beyond the surface words and go to the intention that's behind it. And I know which I heard of afterwards that the appeal that was made which such great love and such wonderful, wonderful intention, with all these thoughts in mind that it is not only for today, but for our children and their children. Good. So those that can help, please do help. And it is for you not for me. I come and go.

9. UK 77- 25 I'm coming in January if God spares and if he doesn't spare I will still meet you in some other lifetime. Okay. Right. So take it in good spirit. Let no one be hurt. Take it in good spirit. Because the intention is good and pure and spiritual a nd for a spiritual purpose. So let us remember that, that we want to help ourselves and with the helping of ourselves we are also at the same time helping others. And that is the way of evolution. That is the way of going nearer to God. As I've said many times in talks that to most people God in an abstract conception. Now we have to concretise that abstract conception into its value here and now upon this earth and I have found that the best way I could serve Divinity is to find Divinity in man and serve man. When, when the Lord said that man is created in his image, this is what was meant that I being abstract represent myself on earth as man and let man be regarded to be in my image so when he serves man he will be serving me. Now that image does not refer to shape size or how fat you are or how thin you are, or ho w tall you are or how short you are. The image that is spoken of is the spirit because the holy spirit, the Divine spirit has to be in each and every one of us to function. So when serving man, we're serving the Holy Spirit and that is how we are serving Divinity. So this is - I would have not liked to. Yes. Good. That's besides the point but seeing that the question came up from Ajay, I had to answer and I can't refuse answering questions. But the point, which I am trying to drive home, is the spirit the request and the spirit of the offering. And that is important and that makes us spiritual. Yes. Okay. Next. Questioner. Guruji, you've given so much wisdom and love in these meetings, it seems that if we could only fully know all that you've said so far then we would not need to ask any more questions but we do need to keep asking and learning from your answers, each on our own level. What I would like to know is what is the best way for each of us to benefit from your advice or to put it a little differently, how can we best make use of what you have to give us and then as a second part of it, is there any one particular piece of advice or wisdom that you would suggest we should remember above all else? Gururaj. Oh yes. Oh yes. Now today is the last day and I suppose the last Satsang of this present Course. Now in these five days, six days, these five days that we've been together and perhaps in these five days I've spoken to you ten times and in the ten times I've spoken to you, we've gone into the various deeper levels of the mind, deeper levels of logic and philosophy and metaphysics. Good. It’s been a communication. Fine. But what I have given is only one thing, only one thing have I given you and that is love. That's all, nothing more. Forget the mind, forget the philosophy, forget the wisdom, forget the logic, forget the lot. Good. Just remember that I have given only love to my capacity and that's all. And there's not a single one of you sitting here that has not felt my love to be sincere. Don't cry love, tears coming from

10. UK 77- 25 her eyes. I've only given love. And where there is real love shared between people then there is no artificiality. Can anyone here stand up and truly say that I have not been sincere in the giving of this love to you in any way in every way I can? Yes. Good. Now what do I expect in return for it? What do I expect in return for the love I give you and I don't only give it to you now? Don't you start crying too now. (General laughter) Tears of joy, beautiful, beautiful. Sunita come sit lovey, sit. Now we are all going to start crying now. I'm going to cry now too, have I got my hankie with me? Yes. I've got my hankie. Good. What do I want in return for the love that I can give and it is not only giving while I'm here with you, it is the giving, the offering rather - giving is not the word - the offering of love to you all the time, all the time. Since you have been initiated, there has been created a spiritual link which many of you feel not only with the mind but there is a tangible feeling, not only in concept but in reality. Many of you write to me ‘Gururaj, thank you for your love’. And I say, look its not me I'm just a channel. It’s Divinity at play and I am perhaps instrument in the great cosmic game. That's all I am. And my job is to give off be a channel, like the analogy I use is of being like a flute; a piece of hollow wood and Divinity plays its Divine music through that flute. So, the symphony you hear is not me, I'm just the wood, the symphony is His. And it is He that has created this flute to pour this love to you. I am mere man. Good. I have my physical needs, mental needs I need a bit of rest also. I need to sleep a little. Right, I need to eat, to drink water, to go to the loo. Yes. Yes. That's all. But it is the grace of Divinity that can flow through us. So all the offering has only been love and what I expect in return for it is that you extend this love to those around you. That's all. That's all. Ramakrishna one of the greatest realised souls at the turn of the century said "That if I can take one person to salvation, then my mission of life has been fulfilled". And I do agree with him. Yes. Just one person to self-realisation. Because we aim at self-realisation. Right. If we aim at jumping over the moon, we will at least jump over a higher little bush. So if the aim is high we can achieve much more than if the aim is low. Right. So the love you have received in so many different forms and I have hundreds of your letters. Please keep on writing to me. And unfortunately having a monthly mail of over two thousand letters, I just can't reply to everyone. It is impossible. There are limitations of the body and of time. Keep on writing and every letter is read by me. Throughout the day there are interviews with people and throughout the night I prop myself up in bed with pillows and I start reading all your letters and sharing your woes and troubles and joys. And as every line is read, many times I can't read anymore because the tears well up. My handkerchiefs are very big, very big handkerchiefs. Like I remember a very touching incident I stayed in Liverpool and I forgot my hankie behind, so this lady tells me that for the one you left behind, will you please accept as an offering of three. So sweet isn't it. Look at the thought behind it. Look at the love it is really touching.

11. UK 77- 25 Questioner. When you were coming to England ....... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Yes. Yes. As a matter of fact this pair of socks is an English pair of socks. Someone saw me shivering and says 'Look Gururaj, you are shivering, let me buy you thick socks'. See. So all these little things are, you know all the letters you write - and I don't only read the lines but so, so much between the lines. Sometimes through the grace of Divinity, I could only touch the envelope and know, know in the sense of knowingness what is going through your heart, through you mind, through your body. And every moment is a moment to me of prayer and it just wells up automatically. I don't know how it happens. Don't ask me the mechanics of it; I am just a channel, just an instrument. I am nothing, 'N-o- t-h-i-n-g', I'll spell it out for you too. But in the nothing, there is a thing that is beyond me and I'm grateful to Divinity to that thing that is beyond me, to go through this nothing and make me useful to my brother man. So every time a letter comes I read between the lines. I feel the very thought. I feel the very impulses of the person because of the spiritual link between us and immediately prayers go forth and they well up and may they reach, I always say let these thoughts reach home to the person, to whom it is directed and invariably perhaps without exception I am not to judge. I do not judge never, ever, that they would reach home to the person concerned and may they be happy, that's all. So these are the things that happen. So the only thing I have done is talked of love really, in spite of all the deep philosophies and things. And what I want in return is for you to share that love, because everything is contained in that love. All of relativity can be interpreted in the terms of love. All of Divinity, all of the absolute can be interpreted in the terms of love. Because when man loves, it’s not only his body but his mind and his very spirit is involved in it. Because it is only through sincere love, that man can really function in totality. When love is there then all the selfishnesses go away. All the selfishnesses go away and we become selfless. The ego disappears in the warmth of love. Good. You have blocks of wood of different shapes and sizes and some of the wood could be rotten too but you put it in the fire and when it burns, it burns in one fire; it burns in one kind of warmth. It gives off one kind of light and that is the sacrifice of mine ....... part of him, part of his nature. S o what we are striving to do is to allow love to become part of ourselves, part of our nature and then finally we become love. And when we become love, then we have become everything for which man is really born. We have achieved our purpose in life. We have achieved the goal of life. We have reached home. And funny enough all the nicest words are four lettered words, home, love, these things. Yes.

1. UK 77- 25 Gururaj. That when you understand the meaning of it, these are called Bija Mantras, Seed Mantras which are taking certain gross levels to its finest seed level. And once we know the meaning of it, then our minds would not go into the kind of meditation we want but the mind would go into contemplation. In other words you would remain on the mind level and the thought and the meaning of it would be swirling around in the mind. So therefore we do not really think of the meeting, the whole idea is to get lost in it. You were really lost in your chant. Beautiful. Beautiful. Mary, okay, fine? No problem like the other day? Problem gone. Good. Fine. Yvonne, feeling fine? You're not too fine. Good. We'll have a discussion with you later on. Good. Are you still in meditation? Voice. ............. (Inaudible) Gururaj. Let's get out of the meditation a bit more slowly and not get out of it too fast. Questioner. When you finish the meditation on Aum Shanti, Shanti. What is the Shanti, Shanti, Shanti mean? Gururaj. Peace, Peace, Peace. Okay. Gururaj. The chanting, it's always nice to do it if, in a group wherever possible. Questioner. If I can't get to a group? Gururaj. Then you can do it on your own. And what is very useful too is sometimes you find your mind just filled and clouded with thoughts and you just start off a chant to yourself and you'd be pushing out the thoughts. So in other words your mind cannot remain a vacuum, so you fill it with the chant and you find the mind slowly becoming so, so peaceful. So that is one of the uses of it. So you can do it alone yes. Questioner. Five rounds? Gururaj. Five, seven, nine, eleven, thirteen, seventeen. (General laughter) As much as you want really, want really, as much as you want.

2. UK 77- 25 Questioner. Why the odd number? Gururaj. I really don't know. Whoever? Questioner. What happens if you find out the meaning of your mantra? What should one do then? Gururaj. Do what you want to do. Do what you want to do. Yes. And then of course if you do know the meaning of your mantra, try and transcend the meaning and just don't let the mind remain there on the meaning. You know there are three sections, concentration, contemplation, and meditation. Questioner. I don't know the meaning. Gururaj. Good. Good for you. (General laughter) Aide. I wanted to ask a question of the people here. How many have found that sometime chanting during this week that right in the middle of the chant, there's been a spontaneous welling up of tears? How many found that happen? Very good. Very nice. Yes, anyone who has spontaneous laughter? How many sometimes sometimes have found it rather difficult to distinguish between the two? Okay. Gururaj. You know we have in Cape Town - I don't know if I told you this before - we have a meditator whose name is Vijay and this fellow when he did the chanting, he always used to stress the 'Vi che che', you know it sounds something like Vijay. (General laughter) Questioner. When one's doing the chanting on one's own, one just go .. Gururaj. Yes, if you're doing it in a group and doing rounds then it’s always best but now if you’re alone and if you find the mind crowded with thoughts and you would like to get away from them all, you just keep on chanting, it wouldn't matter. Questioner. Can we use it as a walking mantra and use it then freely? Gururaj. It can be used in the bathroom as well. (General laughter)

12. UK 77- 25 So that is all. What do I give? Love. I love that's all and share that love with others that's all I can ask in return. You don't even need to love me. Forget me, it’s alright that's not important. But as long as you love your fellow men, as long as you love your environment, that is important. And by that, the quality of life improves for you and for those around you. And meditation helps to be able to express that love. And love can be expressed in laughter and in tears. Someone mentioned tears just now. Thank you very much. I appreciate you all so, so much. So, so, much. You just never, never know so much. Perhaps as we progress more and more in our meditational practices, we might appreciate it more and more. And then one day when I walk in here again perhaps some years, then you would not say, ‘Here comes our guru, here comes he that is me’. Love joins, never separates. Thank you. I must go now. I feel too stirred. Okay. Excuse me. END


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